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We interrupt your regularly scheduled Sockathan to bring you Mephistopheles, who just plain AWESOME. So here, have a mass picture post of him. <3

 i like drawing his facial hair a lot and I totally don’t have Mephi talking to one of my OC’s, who works in Hell’s 5th circle. NOPE


Requested by @puredreamist

Pairing: Scott McCall x Reader
Word count: 430
Warnings: None

You started to heavily pant after finally arriving to the lacrosse-field. You saw Scott sitting on the bottom bleachers, shuffling with his feet.

”Why the hell did you want to meet me at the lacrosse-field of all the places in school?” you asked as you approached him. He mischievously quirked one eyebrow while looking at you.

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To the Four of Us (Part Fifteen)

premise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things. 

words: 1,662

warnings: nothing really besides a bit of swears

a/n: this started out light but gOT REAL EMO REAL FAST IM SORRY

all chapters: x
tags: @heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @newyorkyoucanbeanew @lafbagxette @justafangirlwithanavy @iamgrayfox @ordinaryornate @schuylerjoon @angelica-peggy-eliza @trashyperson101 @crazydragon15 @geespilots @marvelous-hamilfan @5p00kygh05t @panda-powers @and-maria @schokoobananaa @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @aham-threw-his-shot-away @hesitantcat @lafeyettegunsandships
dedication: @imdiggingdaveed for making sure im taking care of myself what a sweetheart!!!!!

soundtrack song: Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran

full soundtrack: x

sorry this one’s a bit shorter, yall, but i’m getting up super early tomorrow and this is all I had time for! Just so ya know, I MAY be able to update on Saturday, but that is the absolute earliest chapter 16 will come (sorry!!). 

let me know what you think!!! & message me if you want me to tag you in the updates!

By the time George made it to New York, it was the middle of the next day—apparently flights didn’t often depart from Virginia to NYC in the middle of the night on Fridays. When he made it to the hospital, where Alexander was put for safekeeping, he found his son sound asleep in the hospital bed, which had somehow mutated itself so that his head was angled downward and his feet were sticking up in the air.

George noticed that Alexander didn’t look as bad as he’d been expecting. Well, at least not from the side that he could see. He sat down on the edge of the bed and tucked his son’s hair behind his ear, surprising himself by feeling slightly melancholic.

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Today’s Fugue Feast prompt is AUs and I have been waiting AGES with bated breath for this one to update because it’s everything I ever wanted and I need to know what happens next.

So antonsokolov if you read this….please take pity….I need more milkshake shack AU.


Harry ends up in hell by mistake and Louis is the devil and Harry is like: “I dont belong here” Louis would be like “yeah that’s what they all say” so Harry decides he needs to charm his way out of there

so he starts telling Louis all his bad knock-knock jokes and bad puns and calls him Loucifer and Louis is losing it because let’s be honest, he doesn’t hear a lot of jokes down there

and somewhere along the way they fall in love and Louis wants to let Harry leave because he loves him and doesn’t belong in hell but Harry doesn’t want to leave anymore so in the end they rule over hell together and torment the people with bad jokes

Tabimatsu Mie Story 1

EP 001: FURAMENKO to Mushi Otoko / フラメンコと無視男
EP 001: The Flamenco and the Ignored Man

As always, anything in asterisks (**) is something spoken (usually by Karamatsu) in English c:

I feel like I’m going to die translating anything Kara says because all of his lines consist of horribly spoken English and a whole lot of fluffy, complicated Japanese words

Osomatsu: Karamatsu, what the hell are those glittery things?!

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Fanfic: A Kiss to Begin It

Day one of Sockathan Week; we start it with a kiss…

Title: A Kiss to Begin It

Author: @kita-the-spaz

Rating: Teen

Summary:  Jonathan wasn’t sure what the hell— pun intended— was going on with his personal demon, but Sock had definitely stepped up his annoyance game to a whole new level. While Sock had never really had any appreciation for the concept of personal space, he’d been doing a lot more than simply invading Jonathan’s personal bubble lately.

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since Simon said that he bets that Alec is going to blow off jace (no puns), can I cash in on that bet. Cause all I want in episode 6 is for Jace to call Alec and for Alec to be like ‘hell no bruh, I wanna stay here with magnus instead’. And then I want Alec to have drinks with Magnus and have a large smile on his face because he’s finally happy for the smallest time. 

Alec wants nothing more than to be there for Jace, no matter what the situation Alec went against the Clave rules only because of Jace. Now it’s time for Alec to do something for himself, let himself be happy, let himself enjoy his life and most importantly let him behave like a teenage for once. So I do hope alec blows off jace that night, I do hope he spends it with someone who looks at him lie he hung the moon and this is all I wish for.

Snow danced through the bitter air, blanketing all of London in pristine white. Simon had convinced Baz to come with him to Hyde Park for a walk; despite the cold, Baz accepted his invitation.

“There’s a lot of me out here,” Simon suddenly said, flashing a lopsided grin at Baz.

“What?” Baz asked, lifting an eyebrow.


“Holy Hell, Simon,” Baz groaned. “That was possibly the worst pun I’ve ever heard.”

People who continually call Lenalee “useless” demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding of her characterization, her powers, exorcist powers in general, and the manga as a whole. 

  • She was kidnapped because the Order wanted to utilize her powers. That’s how valuable they are - she was separated from her brother, tortured, and traumatized as a result, and not for the sake of “useless” powers but for the sake of what the Order deems as critically necessary. 
  • She is Komui’s valued aide, and not just because she’s his sister. Lenalee is a rational, logical, and intelligent person, and sometimes one of the few people capable of bringing order (no pun intended) to the science division. All hell would break loose without her help (and it has, on occasion). 
  • She is the first exorcist to defeat a level-three demon. Why do people conveniently forget that? It was a large chunk of the route-to-Japan arc. Besides being the first exorcist to singlehandedly defeat such a threat, she also saved her ship. Without her, no one would have made it to Edo. 
  • The first point is manifested again when the level four appears. Lvellie (or however you spell his godforsaken name) desperately needs her powers. She sacrifices her safety (and pleads to the god that she’s professed to hate numerous times) to save her brother and her loved ones. Allen couldn’t have done it on his own; it was the momentum behind Lenalee’s agile movement that enabled Allen to kill the level four. 
  • There are countless small but detailed examples of her competency and critical value as an exorcist in the Rewinding Town arc, and all the events up to and including the road to Asia arc. Of course she cannot use her powers for a long time, but this is a result of her fight with the level-three which, as we all know, was a necessary fight. 
  • It’s not a coincidence that she can’t use her powers for a long time! It’s parallelism at it’s finest here, folks! Her injury parallels Allen’s injury; both of them could not function properly for the longest time and thus their weapons were effectively useless. However, after toil and endurance, /both/ of them get through it, heal, and end up gaining more powerful weapons (their innocence synchronization levels go up dramatically, as do the functions of their weapons, and Lenalee’s innocence becomes crystalized). If you don’t condemn Allen for being immobile for so long (as you shouldn’t, because he too sacrificed himself to protect other people), then why are you condemning Lenalee for what is effectively the same situation? When they both had the same amount of help and the same number of people trying to help them?
  • Oh, I know why. It’s because those who hate on Lenalee for expressing genuine emotions or doing the /exact same things/ that the men in the manga do are misogynistic. It’s 2015 and you people are still hating on Lenalee for the most idiotic things. :)

I get that some people are dedicated bamon and bonkai shippers but you’re all looking ungrateful as hell in these tags–I’m mad I even have to say this but fr Bonnie Bennett is a character that gets scraps. She never gets the time of day and now we’ve been given a ship that has some real meat in bonenzo and rather than focus on what’s real life (enzo is no slouch: he’s attractive when his hair is laid pun intended, sexy voiced, intense, loyal and I for one was charmed by his character last season during that Augustine arc) everyone’s bittering up the tag with lamentations on a ship that’s cold in the ground and a ship that the demon writers of this show would rather die than give us. Let Bonnie have nice things… Like do you really want babygirl to be celibate for 3+ yrs of this timeline¿ that’s petty.