what will you gain when you lose

When the DM leaves for 5 seconds

Cleric: I pull down my pants to show [Warlock] the scar on my butt.

Sorcerer: Yeah, [Barbarian], you have a thing for scars, right? I roll to persuade you to lick it. (Rolls a nat 20)

*DM enters to the Barbarian licking the Cleric’s ass while the Sorcerer, Warlock, and Fighter are losing their shit*

DM: I leave for 5 seconds and have to come back to this… you know what, [Cleric], make a wisdom saving throw to avoid gaining a level of madness.

Black Lab {Sentence Starters}

  • “I wonder why I’m so scared.”
  • “I know I’m not forgiven, but I hope that I’ll be given some peace.”
  • “I didn’t mean to push you.”
  • “Are you gonna leave me leave me now?”
  • “I didn’t mean to argue… didn’t mean to criticize you.”
  • “There are things I regret. That you can’t forgive. You can’t forget.”
  • “There are rules I had to break.”
  • “I always need you near me.”
  • “I know I’m not forgiven, but I need a place to sleep.”
  • “How does it feel to break me like you do?”
  • “I know you’re sick of me now.”
  • “Tell me why some things are out of reach.”
  • “Is there something you’d like to do tonight?”
  • “You’re scared of what you lose…or what you might gain this time.”
  • “How does it feel when I’m alone with you?”
  • “I have nightmares. I have dreams of you gone.”
  • “You don’t believe a word I say!”
  • “I don’t know what I’d do if I was walking here without you.”
  • “Maybe I’m making the whole thing up.”
  • “How does it feel to be like you?”
  • “I love you more than I should." 

Top Left: 2015 April
Top Right: 2015 October
Bottom Left: 2016 April
Bottom Right: Present

As I said before,everything takes time,both losing and gaining weight … And I take it slow when it comes to losing weight …what I am trying to say don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the result or progress in a short period of time. You will eventually see the effort you have put into it is worth it.

Be Patient and Persistent! 😊

I can do it. You can do it. We all can do it.💪

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Names are important. Names hold power.

At what point does a name lose its power? When you transition? When you have it legally changed? When you stop responding to it?

False names are common when people live with or near the Gentry. If I gave one my deadname, what would happen? At what point does my true name gain power?

And what of those with many names, over many years? Not those who hide, for one reason or another, but those whose very identity is so unstable that they cycle through names like pages on a calendar?

If a Fair One knew my name before I let it go, would they still have power over me?

Motivation can be a bitch.

Life has up’s and downs. Your motivation will do the same.
When you lose motivation sometimes you just gotta get real with yourself and accept the facts. You need to get determined instead, you need to be ready to grind it out even on those lazy days.
When your motivation returns in a couple weeks you’ll be happy you stuck it out because you maintained momentum and your progress is what will continue to motivate you to keep pushing. I call it the “reaping the benefits phase”, it varies for everyone but it can mean you got your “newbie gains” or dropped a pant size, maybe you hit a PR or finally feel properly nourished and it’s all making your whole day better.
Motivation comes and goes but you can make it through. The more you progress the more you’ll realize that your not reaching for a goal anymore but relaxing into a whole new lifestyle. One that you’ve created for your self, your true self. Self love, fitness, health. All that is benefiting you body, mind and soul.
Maybe that’s cliché but I feel more in touch with the self now that I’m taking control of my lifestyle. This process has been long but it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. That alone keeps me motivated. I’m better now. I’m stronger now.

And I will become my best.

Are you Living or Merely Existing?

If you want to really live, and not just exist, then try and work on the following:

1. Love other people in a selfless way. Even though you may get hurt, or you may suffer disappointment, overall you’ll gain more than you ever stand to lose.

2. Learn to notice and appreciate Nature - and spend more time outdoors as it’s good for your health.

3. Take chances. Although it’s clearly stupid to throw caution to the wind, we thrive and grow most when we seek to stretch ourselves. So take a risk, branch out, and try some new experiences.

4. Find your passion. Althought it’s good to experiment and to try different things, we also need to discover what our true passon is …and then invest ourselves and our time in that.

5. Sort out what’s important from a low priority … then eliminate time wasters, and focus on essentials.

6. Deal with the scar tissue that’s stopping you from living. You don’t have to live in fear of being hurt again. Arrange to see a counsellor – and get the help you need.

7. Laugh more and often as it’s good for your health, it oils relationships, and helps you gain perspective.

8. Eat more chocolate (although limit your intake). Indulging in some chocloate will help to boost your mood. Also, too much self-control can slowly drain your energy.

7 Important Lessons for a Successful Life

Failure is a door to new opportunity.
Know that when you’re loosing something, you’re on the way to gaining something else at the same time and if you have hopes and dreams, what you gain, after losing something else is much better.

(Except from the book The Spiritual Laws Of Money by Daniel Marquez avaiable on Kindle and Google Play Books)

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This may sound like the stupidest question you have ever heard- but what are stretch marks and how do you get em?

its just what happens when your skin stretches, you get em from losing or gaining weight or going from child meatsuit to adult meatsuit, ive never met anyone who hasnt got any

you can get em p much anywhere but i can do a quick ref of the most common places if u want :o

Teaching and Speaking

You held up another card, this time with the word “food” on it. You desperately searched Kyle’s eyes for any sense of recognition. “You say this when you want something to eat, Kyle.”
He bit his lip, looking from you to the card. He knew what he wanted, he just couldn’t form a sentence to communicate that. “Fo-od.”
“Good!” You exclaimed, picking up another card. You paused to smile at him, gaining a small smile in return. Maybe bringing him back wasn’t such a good idea. It wasn’t comprehendible for you to compare losing him to only having this much of him.
Kyle stopped your thoughts, taking the card out of your hand and setting it down on the bed. He moved closer to you and rested his head on your shoulder, closing his eyes and wrapping his arms around your torso. You smiled and leaned your head on his, enjoying the moment of relief from Supremes, prissy movie stars and teaching your boyfriend how to speak. How many witches your age could say they had that to deal with? Then again, the world of witchcraft was never easy or simple. Kyle was your relief and you were grateful for him. You were glad to spend a few hours each day helping him in return for his kindness to you.
Suddenly, he sat up, ruffling through the cards you had gone through. He picked up the card with the word “love” on it. He pointed to his heart, then yours. “I love you, (Y/N).”
“I love you, too.” A smile crossed your lips as you pulled him closer to you, kissing him. You were getting used to this Kyle, and knew he’d be back to normal soon enough. Maybe your life wasn’t so bad.

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My biggest piece of advice in regard to education is to not take it for granted. Knowledge and education are something that you will never lose - once you gain it, it’s yours forever. Many people in the world, especially girls, have very limited opportunities when it comes to education. As such, knowledge has become such a priceless gift. It is the key to achieving your goals and dreams in life, no matter what they are.

Story - Gain Followers Quickly!

Gain Followers Quickly!

You shrug it off when you first realize it. You even make a joke about it on Twitter.

“The amount of followers I have right now is the same as what my scale said just a little bit ago lol”

But as you think about it, it may have been true longer than you think.

When you started gaining last year, you had about 200 followers, didn’t you? That can’t be right. You decide to test it, hopping on the scale, 259 like yesterday, then blocking a few bot followers to take you down to 255. You figure it can’t work, and it’s not a big deal to lose bots anyway, what’s the…


The scale stares back at you. 255. Your belly looks just slightly deflated.

Your cock twitches. Is this real? Can it go the other way?

You’re feeling giddy but don’t want to seem too desperate, so you spend the rest of the day thinking of easily retweetable phrases, researching into the best times to post, and ask a couple of your friends to retweet your good pictures. “I know it’s vain, but I just want a few more followers.” They’re a bit confused but follow through to help you out.

Something goes a bit viral and you gain 10 followers, putting you at 265 by the end of the night. You look in the mirror and see a slightly chubbier face staring back at you.

You jack off in the mirror right then and there.

Something recessed in the back of your mind breaks, and you lose everything but the will to get bigger at any cost.

You take more and more revealing pictures. Cock. Ass. Anything to get more followers. You post tweets saying ‘I’ll do anything any new follower asks of me.’ It gets popular. Requests flood your DMs of new followers - videos with toys, personal stuffing videos, burping videos, videos of you talking how fat you want to get. You can barely keep up, and the followers keep coming when they notice you keep piling on pound after pound.

300. Then 350.

You work less and spend your day editing content to be posted throughout the day. Gifs, more videos. Reposts of those formerly private request videos. Stuff that you would never want to post publicly before, back when you still could still feel shame.

Still getting fatter. Your thighs get huge, rubbing together when you waddle to the kitchen for a snack. Your ass is much more mesmerizing for your adoring fans to watch when it’s double the size.

And of course, your belly. You still get the most joy from rubbing and slapping it for the camera; but it’s not really for them. It’s for you, and your insatiable need to get bigger.

Nearing 450 now, in a very short amount of time. You can’t really go to work anymore, you’ve outgrown most of your work clothes, not that you’ve really noticed. Most of the rest of your life has seemed to…fade away, you spend your days idly checking twitter thinking of more content to post, eating, and playing with your ever growing body.

Another like, another retweet, another follower, another pound.

Suddenly it hits you. Why bother waiting for people to find you? If followers is what you need…

You spend a day running errands, using some of your savings to buy a reinforced bed, officially quitting your job (the looks your coworkers gave you, panting and sweating as you slowly sauntered to the counter to tell them will always be etched into your mind), buying lots of extra food for the week.

You ask your followers who’d be willing to take care of an immobile blob full time, and get some serious interest. You should probably wait until you have a solid answer, but ever since the plan popped into your head you don’t want to spend another minute being small. You want to be fucking massive.

Finally, you’re ready. You barely sleep that night, so giddy for the day you’ll become what you’ve always wished. You wake up early, and get to work.

You use the rest of the money you had saved to buy followers - scammy for sure, but a follow’s a follow.

As the bots do the work, you decide to close your laptop and and enjoy it, enjoy the sheer pleasure of becoming fatter and fatter before your very eyes.

It’s warm. And tingly. You press your fingers into your belly as flesh begins to engulf your hand completely. You rub your moobs as they begin to grow large and flop heavily on your ballooning shelf of a stomach. You look down and already can’t see your dick, but you decide to try and race your growing fat pad to get off one last time. As you stroke your shrinking cock, you feel fat envelop your fingers and start to moan. How many gainers get to feel this wonderful feeling? You’re just stroking the tip now as your massive upper arm fat and globular chest begin to restrict access to your dick. As your thighs swallow the remaining space between each other, you cum into the underside of your belly, the overhang completely covering your pubic area permanently.

You feel huge. And soft. And hungry.

You’re still growing.

18 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Turned 18.

1. Only surround yourself with people who support you and love you and keep you positive and happy. They’re the ones who will help you succeed.

2. That boy does not really love you, he loves how you take your clothes off and how you kiss his neck and how you never seem to question why he only texts you when he’s drunk and lonely.

3. It is perfectly acceptable to tell the people who are only dragging you down to fuck off.

4. Learn how to love yourself. Honestly, everything will start looking up when you do.

5. Missing one night of homework will not ruin your GPA, we all need a break.

6. You will not graduate with the same group of friends you had freshman year. You will lose and gain plenty people, it’s just a part of growing up.

7. Go to concerts, explore who you are, do not let what other people think determine who you are.

8. You will get your heart broken several times, ice cream truly is the best medicine but, so is cursing his name and burning everything you own of his.

9. When your best friend calls you at 2 a.m to tell you she’s in love remind her that she said this last time too and you don’t want her to get hurt.

10. Become friends with your teachers, it may seem lame, but they will be the best ones you ever make.

11. Do not be afraid to dye your hair or cut it all off or grow it out.

12. You will not be the same person you were when you were 14 on your birthday. You will have grown in more ways than one.

13. People will leave your life at the worst times.

14. Do not give second, third, or fourth chances.

15. Therapy is not stupid and going to it does not make you weak.

16. Always ask for help when you need it.

17. Don’t start smoking cigarettes, they’re expensive, they kill you,  and i promise, you will get addicted.

18. Forgive but do not forget. Or, don’t forgive at all, sometimes you just need to accept that people do not deserve forgiveness.

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USA- I have always been the fat girl. When I was 15, I lost a crap ton of weight. Like 175lbs. I was still a few lbs overweight, but I felt amazing. People said things like "I always knew you were pretty." I had issues at home and got depressed. I've gained all the weight back (minus 35lbs or so) and I'm starving myself back down to the size I was. After that I will lose even more weight to give everyone (including myself) what they want. I'm a lard ass. Love your blog btw.

Thank you, good luck with losing weight it Honestly is suchs an awful feeling to gain the weight back you have lost

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Dan, do you have any advice on how to live when you desperately don't want to?

Yeah. Make a reason to be. I’m not somebody who believes we get second chances. I am also not somebody who thinks people should just quit before they are ahead either. I could take the whole “ everyone will miss you route,” but you already know that. However! What I will tell you is that if you think you have nothing to lose then you have everything to gain. Life’s gonna beat the snot out of you. Life will not guarantee you society’s definition of success. What life will guarantee you the chance to succeed in the pursuit of happiness. It’s up to you to choose to obtain it by any means necessary. If you feel that you truly don’t want to live then I challenge you to face and conquer what ever is bullying you out of that desire like so many others have, because if you do then the next time you hear the same question you just asked me YOU will stand where I am now. Had I quit you would have never heard these words from me.

Okay wow I just had like to best headcannon ever. 

Imagine this - Tony Stark as a single dad

I mean just imagine

  • Tony keeping his daughter who is even smarter than him in regular high school so that he can keep her out of the company conflict as long as possible
  • them having cute father-daughter quirks where instead of saying “i love you” they say “i like you" 
  • tony being an adorable mush-mush and kissing his daughter on the forehead
  • tony calling her kiddo all the time and being a funny sarcastic young at heart parent 
  • them rocking out to AC/DC while building robots or rebuilding tony’s classic car collection
  • when Tony goes missing in Iron Man 08 events, Rhody having to pull Tony’s daughter out of class to tell her what happened - queue heartbreaking reaction scene 
  • Tony telling Yentzer that he has a daughter and yentzer saying "so you are a man who has much to gain and everything to lose" 
  • Tony being rescued and an adorable reunion 
  • Tony asking his daughter why she never asks about her mom and her saying that she never saw a reason to
  • Her hanging out with the avengers and getting to meet cap and romanoff and everyone thinking that she is the most awesome-sauce kid on the planet and her outsmarting her father in front of his "co-workers" 
  • Tony showing up to boys’ houses in the iron man suit to scare the shit out of them 
  • during Avengers 2012 its not only thor who gets a moment with coulson about a loved one being relocated somewhere as a safety precaution 

the possibilities are endless and i cant believe i didn’t think of it before honestly i wish there was more art or something of this. wow im in love with this headcannon

My follower count is increasing so much each day and I’m at such a lose for words at how much that means to me. 

I’d love to do something special when I hit 2000 but I don’t know what to do. You guys have any ideas? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Perhaps a Seb spam, or maybe you guys could submit what Seb means to you and I can post it. Give me some ideas. 

Thx. I love all you guys!!

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Future Islands   Seasons

people change/but some people never do / when people change / you gain a piece/but you lose one too…and we crave whats gone…

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Due to some health issues, my doctors have advised that I lose some weight before top surgery and even starting T. I've run into a problem with exercise, however, because I can't get myself to go to the gym and have no access to anything I need to lose weight/gain muscle at home. I'm wondering if there's any tips for exercising with a large chest? Or is it more likely that I'll just have to deal with it? I've done some research but nothing has really worked/felt safe. Thanks!

When it comes to losing weight, diet is actually the most important part. Its like 70/30 diet to exercise (maybe even more). The main loss is going to come from what you are consuming. Exercising basically just increases your allowance and allows you to create caloric deficits whereby weight can be lost but you dont have to do intense exercise for that. If you work on diet alone you can lose a decent amount. I always recommend MyFitnessPal for this as you can monitor everything. It will tell you how many calories you should be taking in to obtain your desired level of weight loss and you can add exercise to it as well. Using that is how I lost the weight I needed to to undergo surgery

Exercise can be as simple as going for walks. You dont have to go to a gym or use any specific equipment. There are plenty of routines you can do at home without needing any equipment, things like push ups, sit ups etc. Also look into HIIT routines, they are recommended for losing weight fast and are easy to do anywhere with no equipment. Chest wise there isnt too much you can do about it while exercising as you dont want to be wearing tight binders while under exertion. You would need to use something looser to be safer. If you are just doing stuff at home you may not have to worry about your chest if no one can see you


My biggest piece of advice in regard to education is to not take it for granted. Knowledge and education are something that you will never lose - once you gain it, it’s yours forever. Many people in the world, especially girls, have very limited opportunities when it comes to education. As such, knowledge has become such a priceless gift. It is the key to achieving your goals and dreams in life, no matter what they are.

“Vinnoth Krishnan sees his pictures differently than most do. He relies on his talents with math when he’s editing in Lightroom— it’s the only way he can figure out what colors go where. He thinks of his photographs as paintings, in a way. ‘if you lose something, you gain something else,’ he tells me”.