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Obligatory annual photo (with a shitty phone camera). So, 34 now - I think I can start to officially call myself middle-aged lol.

What I want to say to younger peeps at this “mature” age is that take your time. Don’t stress and worry that you’re 20-something (or younger than that) and not knowing that you’d do or what you’d become. I’m 34; I have NO IDEA what I will become when I “grow old”. I have no plans made. I honestly don’t ever know what’s going to happen the next 6 months or so. 

I have wishes and dreams, though, as those are always important, both for your well-being and for your natural creative energy. For the next personal year I wish to write - a lot. I wish to travel more. I wish to finally start to collect bigger tattoos. I wish to draw more and earn more money with it. I wish to be paid for what I love to do. I wish to continue playing games, enjoying comics and cartoons. I wish to grow more and contemplate things even deeper. I wish to be even more happier, more often than I already am. I wish to keep up with my dreams even when others wouldn’t agree. I wish to continue enjoying whatever I do enjoy regardless of others opinions. I wish to listen to more Billy Idol. I wish to get diet back together and thus get my allergies calmed down. 

Thanks for sticking with me one year - some of you have stayed a lot longer than that! Thank you for that.


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[[no one can convince me that Lance wouldn’t take this rivalry all the way along into a developing relationship.]]

Keith saved him from being sucked out into space and in the heat of the moment Lance may or may not have gone for a full on hug? And then Keith squeezed back with so much force and his heart totally out-racing Lance’s? Like he actually had to show off his strength right now? Oh it is on.

The kitchen is completely empty at whatever time it is when Lance wants nothing but a nice packet of juice, but when he turns around Keith stands there. And he brought his stupid hair. They end up talking under one of the windows in the corridor which can be excused because no one is there to see it. It only gets weird when Keith goes quiet without doing the polite thing of staring literally into space. Nope, instead he’s looking at Lance with this expression of wonder on his face that really shouldn’t be there after an extensive summary of the Die Hard franchise. Maybe Keith thinks Lance made all of that up. Maybe Keith thinks he’s a genius. In any case, he must have done something impressive because Keith’s face is super close and then he’s kissing Lance. By the time Lance gets the hang of it it’s already over and Keith pulls back, but not before he’s making this small sound against Lance’s lips as if Lance’s repeated failure actually does something to him. What a jerk.

The whole hands and mouths stuff a few weeks later is pretty awesome, no doubt about that. And it’s almost cute how dazzled/focused Keith looks during it. Almost. Not like Lance is going to forget that he’s in this to win. But then Keith gasps out his name and does something with his wrist and suddenly Lance is coming, toes curling on the sheets and his head ringing with it. When he stops seeing stars and his vision un-blurs, the first thing he sees is Keith’s smile. Typical. He’s also doing it wrong because his face is way too soft and happy. At least Lance can do being smug so much better.

The first time they sleep together, Lance has got a pretty solid plan on how to win the upper hand. Because seriously, this has been going on way too long and so far Keith has a better score which just isn’t right. So he’s going to romance the shit out Keith and see how he likes that. No expenses spared, Lance is going the whole nine yards with candles and flower petals and atmospheric music. Only the ship seems to consider fire in close quarters a not so romantic thing and wet flower petals tend to stick everywhere and the music turns out to be a recording of whale noises. Not like it really stops them. It’s all looking pretty good for team Lance until Keith has to go and start crying. Not like actual sobbing, but his eyes are all wet while he’s looking at Lance like the whole rest of the universe has just stopped existing and it makes Lance’s stomach drop with emotions. Quiznak.

Lance just knows Keith’s going to say it and it’s so lame. They’re not even getting ready for battle or doing anything that’s even remotely an epic setting for something like this. They’re on cleaning duty for crying out loud. How could he ever be fooled into thinking Keith was better at romance than him?

“I love you!” Lance says as quickly as he can get it out and then drops his broom to throw his fists into the air. “Haha, check and mate, my friend.”

Keith has the decency to look completely floored by being beaten for once, mouth still open: “You do?” Then he starts smiling. “I love you too.”

Lance collects his broom, feeling very pleased with himself: “You can say what you want, but this victory is mine.”


“I didn’t say anything.”

“Right.” Keith goes back to sweeping. “I actually wanted to ask if you’d like to move into my room.”

Oh it is so on.

My tips for workout motivation!

So, you want to work out. But, oh no! You’re feeling a little unmotivated? You don’t know where to start? It isn’t always helpful to hear “just do it,” even if it’s a little bit true. There are times where we all feel unmotivated and that’s why we need to be dedicated, let out a deep sigh, and just do it.

It’s more mental than physical. Now, I know what you’re thinking. I know exactly what you’re thinking.


How do we become dedicated? It can take weeks to months for a habit to solidify so how do we break down a few of these mental barriers to even get there in the first place?

You don’t need a gym: A lot of people get stuck on “where” before “how” and there are a number of reasons why a gym membership is actually an inconvenience or out of budget for many individuals. There are also people who find the gym absolutely boring. That’s fine! Our bodies already come equipped with cardiovascular machinery and can be used as a resistance tool. Our own homes, parks, and backyards are perfect places to workout and with the addition of a few small, affordable tools you can even up to ante without ever setting foot inside a gym.

Small steps before big leaps: If you’ve never worked out before or simply need to get more active in general; then don’t worry too much with whipping your ass into a protoplasmic pile of goo quite yet. We’re all beginners at some point in time, and you need to let yourself be a beginner. The risk of injury is high for a beginner and that’s the biggest mood killer of them all. Don’t pop in a “Maximum Hardcore Power Shred 9000X²” DVD and expect to come out of that experience with a positive outlook on the days and weeks to come. You probably have some idea of where your fitness level is at, so be generous and be forgiving. For some people, fitness starts simply at taking more stairs and walking longer distances around town and that’s absolutely great.

Write out a plan for the day: At night, I often write in my phone’s little “sticky note” application what I want to do at the gym tomorrow morning and what weight, sets, and reps I may want to attempt them at. Not only will it help you zone in and focus on the task, but you’ll be thinking about your workout in advance as well. Having a plan will reduce the number of “unknown variables” so you can just get started and stop second guessing yourself, a life-saver for the anxious. 

Set out your workout clothes and supplies the night before: No matter when you’re planning to workout, just be ready well in advance. Don’t get stuck in a situation where you’re frantically trying to slap things together, getting stressed out, and only to discover your shorts are dirty and your water bottle has mysteriously been stolen by gremlins.

Try a different time of day if you’re stumbling with your current one: This one is dependant a lot on personality and the mercy of your schedule and home life. Understandably, some people have less flexibility so it’s not always possible to switch time slots around. This was personally my biggest game changer, though. I used to workout in the evening but by the end of a day my “introvert battery” was clocked and more times than not I said, “it’s blanket time.” Morning is my favorite time of day and I’m fresh when I wake up, so I started going in the morning. It sounds obvious but it honestly was the best thing I ever did.

Find an exercise that genuinely excites you: The best workout is one that is fun for you to do, not the one that burns the most calories. Don’t waste too much time on running if you’d rather have your toenails ripped out with a pair of rusty pliers. There are a million ways to get a workout, so shop around!

Switch it up and be open to trying something new: Having a game plan in place certainly is a pillar of success, but a good dose of spontaneity can give you that twinge of excitement you’re looking for and even introduce you to new workouts you never guessed you’d like. Personally, I’d love to try a Zumba class sometime!

Try a podcast or audiobook instead of music: Only continue your playthrough a little before a workout, while working out, and a little after a workout. If you’re getting somewhere juicy, guess what? Gotta workout.

Do something if you’re not up for everything: Making a good habit and becoming dedicated isn’t about having all cylinders firing at max 24/7. That is the key difference between motivation and dedication. If you don’t feel like challenging your personal records today, that’s fine. Pick a comfortable intensity, pick a nice small chunk of time. Also, going for a walk is an absolutely marvelous workout. It counts. It all counts.  Feeling like a shut in today? Keep a jump rope and a yoga mat around. Build a list of Youtube videos you could do on that rainy day. Get some bodyweight routines in or jog in place a little. If you’re sore, just stretch. Doing a little bit of anything will uphold your habit and your dedication. Some days we achieve, other days we survive. 

Sometimes rest days are announced, not planned: If you’ve been getting into the swing of things but wake up feeling sick, exhausted, or have unexplained pain take the rest if you really think you need it. You’re not “skipping the gym,” if you seriously need the rest. Try as we might to have a super tight plan, sometimes we have unexpected issues. Rest is also necessary.

@unfcking Ask and you shall receive! I hope you find something helpful here.

I Hate Loving You

Request: “Hey there! Could you do a Newt x Reader where they are roommates and at first it’s kind of a love/hate thing but then they fall in love - though they don’t admit it. Then one night the reader brings home a date (because shes trying to move on because she thinks Newt won’t ever want her) and Newt gets jealous and scares him off. Then they finally admit their feelings? Thanks!! X”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1469

Warnings: implied smut

“Newt!” You called out, gripping an empty milk carton in hand. “Newt come here!”

You heard a tussle from the bathroom, and a couple mumbled curses, followed by the rapid slapping of bare feet on tiles.

“Newt, what have I told you abou-“ You paused, suddenly becoming flustered as the shirtless man emerged, his expression anxious. Your eyes lingered around his heaving torso, his toned abdominal muscles contorting gently with his breathing. You chanced a glance down at the towel wrapped around his lower half, your eyes widening in embarrassment as Newt smirked bashfully.

“You were saying?” He uttered gently.

“Just… try not to drink all the milk next time.” You spoke with your eyes cast downward, fingers awkwardly tapping on the marble bench top.

He chuckled, running a freckled hand through his wet locks.

“I’ll do so when you stop eating all of my caramel sweets.”

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It’s funny, the anon hate sender calling ME a joke while hiding under anon. Attack kids in crisis, and then tell me how much of a joke I am for calling you on it. Who has more balls, the anon coward or the person who stands behind EVERYTHING she says?

You’re probably are unable to follow my logic. Let me help. Me. I have more balls than you. You’re the joke.

Fun talk. 

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Tag nine people you want to get to know better

How old are you? 27

Current Job/Dream Job? Current: Full time construction worker, part time furniture delivery.  Dream Job: Already had it, United States Marine. Now FDNY 

What are you talented at? I hate this question…

What is a big goal you are working towards?  Becoming an FDNY EMT, first step to becoming a NYC firefighter

What are your aesthetics? A deck overlooking Cape Cod Bay, a cooler of Allagash, an old chocolate lab named Gus and a clambake

Do you collect anything? Matchbox cars, but not for years. I have eight years of gear and milsurp in bins stacked in my room

What is a topic you are always up for talking about? Food

What is a pet peeve of yours? Commies

Good advice to give? Be a good American, live free and allow others to do the same

Recommend three songs:
Sonic’s Rendezvous Band - City Slang
Jerry Jeff Walker - Desperadoes Waiting on a Train
Theophilus London - Humdrum Town

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That meditative state when all becomes clear and you know what comes next; When insight energetically bursts through windows of the mind and motivation fills the core. This is what I see, this is my mind.

         If you are seeing this, take it as a sign that you are on the right path, or thinking correctly at this time. Don’t give up hope and don’t give up on yourself because opportunity is manifesting for you. Spread confidence today, the world is yours to take on. Love and healing to you, blessed be. x

I want to write probably a million pages of meta because I’ve now spent two months thinking everything through and it’s like it’s starting to make sense to me and I want to share that, but guess whose real life insists on intruding upon my quality time with Sherlock and John.

For now though, just…

I’m on TV. I’m on kids’ TV. I’m The Storyteller. I’m … I’m The Storyteller. It’s on DVD…

(Literally on DVD)

I know you two. And if I’m gone, I know what you could become, because I know who you really are: a junky who solves crimes to get high, and the doctor who never came home from the war.

veenia  asked:

Did you expect Kurotsuchi to become a kage? And what is your Opinion on her?

Well I saw that she had a high position within the Hidden Stone, and as we didn’t really know too many others from that village, she was always in contention in my mind. I’m glad she did take the position though, because I absolutely loved what I saw from her, she makes my top 25 characters :)

Loot - Part 4 - Jim Kirk

Part one / Part two / Part three

Word count: 2,486
Warnings: language, mentions of abuse/injuries

A/N: another long part filled with nonsense. this part really got away from me tbh, it’ll be totally back on track soon. it just doesn’t feel believable to me to have something intense happen every time (although, arguably, believability is shot to hell when you’re writing about a sci-fi franchise). i wanted this story to be more about the reader and their feelings and jim and his feelings. i hope his feelings toward the reader are obvious without me having to point blank write them– like i hope you can tell through mannerisms. anyway, i’ve had a trying week and apologize if i missed some typos. lemme know if you wanna be tagged! ENJOY AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK

The artifact was becoming a pain— something you could say literally after the ancient hunk of metal scalded the skin of your palm and wrist, and something you could say figuratively after you were forced out of your oven-like temporary quarters more often than not for the past three days.

According to a drunken, loud-mouthed Ensign Chekov, the Enterprise had flown through a nebula that threw off the ship’s electrical balance. It caused the air systems, the warp core, and practically every electronic on the ship to be knocked out of equilibrium and into much more volatile, unpredictable states—  a statement you could confirm due to the onset timing of the artifact’s volatility.

When it came to the air systems, cool air would blast out of the vent when warm air was desired and vice versa. As for the warp core, several engineers found themselves in the medbay clutching burns from the core’s overheating while electronics such as communicators and PADDs shorted out, shut off, and came back to life upon whim.

Hearing that all the malfunctions were due to a nebula was a relief but the initial worry you experienced lingered a little. You wondered if the problems were being exacerbated by the artifact and almost had your suspicions confirmed when rumor had it the ship’s chief engineer, Scotty claimed this particular nebula couldn’t have been the only cause for so many issues.

You found yourself wishing you’d taken Jim up on his offer to explain to you why the artifact was so important. You also found yourself wishing you could pry a window open and throw the damn thing into the dark abyss of space— no amount of tuition was worth the pain it was causing you and the potential pain it could cause the hundreds of people on board.

As you sat atop a biobed in Exam Room 1 of the medbay, you swung your legs in order to appear more nonchalant than your ever-circulating thoughts actually had you feeling. You watched McCoy stand with his back against the edge of the counter, his hazel eyes narrowed as he read the screen of his PADD with his most casual frown.

“You can tell me if I’m dying— I’m strong enough to take it.”

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 (100 days of productivity : day 5).  

22nd March

so in terms of productivity,,, ya girl is back on her schedule!! Like I was low-key so stressed bc I was legit 3 chapters behind but no worries tay is back on track asdfghjkl and all that shit in just 8 pomodoros 😭 #IAmLit (I’m lit tho seriously)

Also today was a kind of fitness day?? Like I actually for the first time did a frickin workout, yoga and meditation all together?? This has to be marked in history omg drumroll please.

tHIS was a wonderful day on an overall :’)

23rd March

gUYS I’m again behind schedule which is nothing new and im stressed af and I also woke up late today ughhhh this is horrible,,,, bUT you know what? I’m healing. I’m becoming a better human being with kIND of good habits and im proud of that :’) it is actually so important to celebrate your victories bc that is the only thing which will help you to keep going on ok

(also guys lemme know if you want to be tagged in these shitty text posts okay?)

kageyama bros fight!


Part 4 of Yuri on Ice but with bad CG voices and poor writing (with the additional benefit of mediocre editing)

Part 3: Pip Pip Yurio // Part 4: Eye of the Tiger // Part 5: Where I Take This Seriously?