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hey dudes, I’ve been made aware that that last comic got caught in tumblr’s new safe filter nonsense, so I just, wanted to reassure everyone that I never post sensitive material without properly tagging things!

idk what to do about it aside from recommending that everyone turn off this filter because it’s bs and doesn’t work, like, at all

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I can't say this without getting attacked on Tumblr. Why is it ok for girls of color to want to grow up to be a ballerina which is a centuries old form of European dance, but white girls can't do rap or hip hop? Why can't kids do what they want to do?

Sorry, I don’t know how this stuff works.  

Perhaps it has to do with the kind of logic surrounding what Rachel Dolezal did….by “identifying” a certain way,  without having faced the same adversity throughout her life, Dolezal kept opportunities from people who were in more of a position of genuine need.

Fanfic Writers

I don’t understand why people think fanfiction writers aren’t real writers.

I mean, have you ever read a fanfiction? Have you read how wonderfully their descriptions​ are? How well they know the characters?

I am a full-time​ writer and I write my own stories but I’m far below the average Fanfic writers when it comes to writing scenes and describing emotions.

If a writer writes a retelling of old work/fairy tale, they’re applauded and praised but that’s what Fanfic writers are doing. Retelling a story in a completely unique way with old set of characters.

It just annoys me. But shout out to all the fabulous Fanfic writers out there (yes, even though you write fanfics about my anti-ships). Thank you for your selfless contribution to our fandoms (and fantasies which we know won’t ever happen).

Fandoms and the world of storytelling are incomplete without you all.

I have nothing but utmost respect and love for you. 💗



Or, YOI is technically a sports anime but doesn’t follow a lot of tropes, so what if I did an AU where it does? And I just happen to love KnB, so basketball it is. High school sports + the Power of the Team and Friendship ™ + student life + training camps + graduating senpais etc…

Headcanons below cut!




For more of my YOI artwork, check out my YOI Art Masterpost!


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I love myself

I can go days without missing you or even thinking about you but every once in a while a great big wave of hurt comes crashing into me and then suddenly I’m crying on my bedroom floor wondering what went wrong and asking the darkness that fills my room why I wasn’t enough for you.
—  do you still think of me sometimes too? (please tell me you do).
Every single morning, I get up and think, “I won’t make it through today.” And every single night, I go to bed and think, “How did I make through today?” And I think that’s what makes humans special. We do things we thought were impossible without even noticing. And we just keep doing them.
—  Journal Entry; 1 April 2017
On days when nice words fall off your lips, I wonder if you mean any of them. I missed you. I like seeing your smile. I don’t know what I’d do without you. They’re just words. Exactly the words I want to hear. You know that. Can you see the change in my eyes when you laugh and say just kidding?
—  L.B.
We were such a small moment in time you and I; Like a freeze-frame in a life sequence or a snapshot of a perfect happy moment frozen within a painting. And when all you have is that painting… that single unchanging image of the past, you look at it over and over again imposing different things on it every time.
For me – that painting was everything. It was as if being with you was the whole reason for my existence… like loving you was the one thing I was always meant to do. It was my one single perfect creation… the one thing I ever did right. And I’m so obsessed with it I keep repainting it, over and over again – every day. Just that same picture of you and me in the past, over and over just with different emotional filters imposing different meanings on it each time depending on how I’m feeling.
When I’m happy I feel like it all meant something. I’m grateful for the experience and I wish you nothing but happiness… When I’m sad I feel like I’m being punished for something I did wrong… like I wasn’t good enough and I just want to go back and set things right… When I’m angry I feel like it was all a lie and you never cared about me at all. I feel like I was used and abused and then thrown away like a toy you didn’t want anymore. But – like it or not – we are in the past now… So it is always the same unchanging picture… it’s just the way I’m looking at it at the time that changes how I see it…
And though I tell myself to move on… to paint another picture without you in it like you are undoubtedly doing with me… I can’t help but wonder how often you look back at what we used to be… and just what light you see it in…
2D isn't as innocent as Tumblr sees him

I’m gonna put this out there, and it’s nice to know I’m not alone in knowing this in the fandom, but 2D isn’t exactly the innocent cinnamon roll child Tumblr seems to portray him as. He’s a sweetheart and a good person yes, but he’s a chain smoker, a pill popper, probably did some hardcore drugs like heroin down the line, most likely fucked around with prostitutes like Murdoc did, and fucked a bunch of girls without protection, resulting in at least five illegitimate children.
For some reason I’ve been seeing a lot of people assuming he’s a completely sexless person and clueless about it. The truth is that 2D was a massive man-whore who knew exactly what he was doing.

I really wanna see more rockstar, hardcore and over-sexed but still sweet 2D portrayed in the fandom, than the sexless, clean, “nice guy” 2D.

And despite his flaws, he’s still my fave of the four and the one I’m a low key fangirl for.


It’s not the first time Merlin’s prepared a poultice for Arthur. The Prince doesn’t normally bother getting treated for a few measly cuts and bruises, but… when he knows Gaius is away… ;)

Ahhh, I can finally check one prize off my art giveaway from so many months ago… This is for the dear @thatibuiltspecial, who won an animated piece! I included a larger static version for a better look at details… I wish Tumblr’s gif size limit would increase some more, bah. Well the wonderful request was: a picture of Merlin and Arthur. I would like Merlin to be busy with something, maybe working, crushing herbs maybe or reading and Arthur behind him with his arms around him and his chin on his shoulder looking to see what he is doing. It would be lovely if it could be all soft and gentle.”  I hope you enjoy how I decided to bring this scene to life! With my rudimentary animation skills, lol… I had fun! 

(My Art Tag / My Animated Art) *Please don’t repost(?) or use elsewhere without my permission, and don’t delete my captions, thanks.

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Do you think that people on the aromantic/asexual spectrums should be included in the lgbtq+ acronym and lgbt celebrations like pride month, even if they are cisgender and don't experience same sex attraction?

Totally! In my eyes, the LGBTQ+ community includes people who don’t necessarily identify with what mainstream culture deems to be the standard for sexual attraction, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, etc - while still healthy & consensual without inappropriate power dynamics, etc.

During my “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience” series, I had so many great conversations that I’m excited to share about how we need to work better as a community to be inclusive to communities - and almost always, the first step has been listening to people who belong to those communities. If there are better ways I can celebrate aromantic/asexual people, I’m all ears!! I’d love to someday do an entire video about those communities & give them a chance to speak for themselves on my channel. <3


My good friend @franniebanana​ asked what program I use for making my FFXV gifs so I decided to make a tutorial along with it!

Keep in mind, I just learned how to make gifs yesterday so really I barely know anything at all compared to the Gif Making Gods of FFXV @mistress-light & @titusdravtos​ who make incredibly awesome high quality gifsets for this fandom.

*grovels at their feet*

That saying, gif making would be a useful extra skill to have for anyone because you would be able to create more content. It’s fun! I highly recommend it, especially with the new Prompto DLC coming up! I’d love to see what kind of gifs fans would make when that comes out.

Before moving on with the tutorial I recommend playing this music for Episode Prompto to enhance the awesomeness feels. I honestly can’t wait for this game it’s getting out of hand

So to make a gif all you will need is :

1. A video
2. Adobe Photoshop CC
In case you don’t have CC nor the money to buy it feel free to send me a message over tumblr and I’ll give you a link of a safe and completely legit copy without the shady Keygen crack bullshit

So fam all you gotta do is open up PS and go
Window > Workspace > ✓ Motion
to get this rly cool view

Drag your video to the Timeline and cut it to a few seconds.

And oh man once you have it in there the possibilities are endless. Feel free to go nuts, seriously. Change the colors/saturation/brightness/contrast whatever you want. You can even add text . And let’s not forget about filters and cropping.

But if you’re me and just want to get everything over with you can go

File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy)

or Alt+ Shift+Ctrl+W

which i never use LOL

You get this neat box

Feel free to tinker and figure out what Dithering actually means. Just make sure your Colors are at 256 for MAXIMUM COLORS. And also don’t forget to put the Looping Options at Forever. It is always set at Once for some reason and that is dumb.

On the lower left corner is your gif file size which you should pay attention to. Tumblr only loops gifs that are under 3MB. Also the width of a tumblr dash post is 540 px. You probably want your image width to be that.

When you’re done click Save and you’ll have a new gif!

Happy gif making! ❤ 

What do you do when you want to write about something in order to get it out of your head where it is rampaging, but you can’t even wrap your head around what it is to be able to formulate any words.

What do you do when you can’t even talk about it for fear of being criticized and bashed for your actions, or overheard by someone who will twist your words.

What do you do when all you can do is sit and ponder over something you don’t understand without any help from someone else who could try to explain to you that you aren’t going crazy.


You are not allowed to repost my art anymore, not in instagram or facebook etc, so don’t ask for permission, If you share my art directly from my facebook or tumblr page it’s fine, I tried to be nice letting you repost my art but not anymore, I tried to be polite and kind guys, really, but they keep reposting without permission anyways, and people just keep saying my art looks like etc artist and that’s not nice, because let’s be honest, if it looks that “similar” why do you want  the “same” style in the same fandom, I was trying to not make drama about it, but for what I saw so far it hurts. People don’t care, they just read the unknown in the Reunknown name and say that the art it’s from unknown source, so maybe this is not going to stop people from reposting or saying things about my art I just want you to let you know how I feel about this, and for the people who actually asked for proper permission, I’m sorry.