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"The case was expected to be heard at LAX courthouse on Wednesday but prosecutors said a decision on whether he will be charged had been delayed. A spokesman for the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office said: "A filing decision will not be made today. Our prosecutors are still reviewing the case." A new court date will be set if charges are filed against Tomlinson, he added." Few articles say this now, same headline and same thing written in the article, no actual source, they all say that

Interesting. So @lawyerlarrie was right, as usual :)  We’ll see what happens next.



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The trolls find out blinky and aaarrrgghh aren't married and panic deciding to marry themselves with a traditional troll wedding. It goes supringly well, blinkys fascinated by the traditions, arghs just happy blinkys happy and weddings are pretty rare so all the trolls are excited. Untill it turns out part of the ceremony is to carve matching ruins into the couple at which point argh grabs blinky bridal style and runs out, probably with Jim telling them it was a bad idea and a laughing Draal :)

TBH i think blinky would’ve been interested to see what was gonna happen next hahaha

thIS ASK might be one of my all-time favorites it was so fun to draw this one :D troll weddings honestly sound so pretty i could just imagine so many beautiful gems everywhere and just- 

i am all for this like a hundred percent

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Hey there! This is my fist time asking you something (not trying to be creepy but I practically live for you're stories. I literally almost memorized all of it actually. And your Art! Argh, it's just amazing! 😍). I just have a question if you don't mind ( talking to you is more overwhelming than I thought it would be 😅). Base on your PJO AU, how did everyone react to Keith and Shiro's engagement? That's all, have a nice day/night?

itsgottabefandomlord said: For the Voltron PJO AU How do lance hunk and pidge will react to their friends coming back engaged? Sorry I’m just super excited to see what happens next, your AUs are awesome!!

Oh dang you guys are so sweet!! <3 Thank you!!! I’m glad you like my AUs!! Anyhoo, previously, Keith and Shiro got engaged.

[Voltron PJO AU] Right after the dinner with Persephone and Hades, Keith and Shiro headed back to Camp Half Blood with Mrs. O’Leary. Both were having mixed feelings. Keith was feeling so elated because Holy Shit. I’m getting married to Shiro. What is happening?! at the same time he wanted to puke because I hope Shiro wasn’t forced to do this, even if he kinda was in a way. What if he didn’t want to marry me after all? Why are my parents so horrible about this?

However, Keith’s inner turmoil was interrupted when Shiro climbed down Mrs. O’Leary first and offered his hand to Keith. He could see Shiro’s beautiful engagement ring (courtesy of Hades because there was no way they were leaving the palace without rings) and he looked at his boyfriend.

“C’mon now, fiancé,” Shiro smiled fondly at Keith and all his worries disappeared as he took Shiro’s hand and then suddenly he was wrapped in a gentle embrace as Shiro made their foreheads touch. “Wow, this is happening now, isn’t it?” He whispered and it sent shivers down Keith’s spine.

“Shiro, I’m sor–”

“Keith, please don’t say you’re sorry for being engaged to me,” Shiro closed his eyes shut as he cupped Keith’s face. “I’ve been planning on it but I thought it was too early. I planned to asked you when you turned 21,” Shiro chuckled.

“Oh my gods,” Keith laughed. “That is too early.”

“I know,” Shiro smiled as he looked into Keith’s eyes. “That’s why I waited for a couple more years. Then your parents beat me to it. I planned to ask you next year when I have enough savings to buy you the prettiest ring and now,” he paused to take Keith’s hand. “We have matching diamond rings and I didn’t even get to spend any cent.”

“That’s Dad and Persephone to you,” Keith rolled his eyes. “She literally had the box ready for us as if she knew it was happening. Can you believe?”

Shiro leaned in and closed the gap between them, giving Keith a soft kiss on the lips. Keith brought his hands to Shiro’s neck to pull him closer and Shiro grinned as he bit Keith’s lower lip, which caused the younger demigod to chuckle. Keith opened his mouth to give Shiro entrance when they were interrupted.

“Hey, guys!” Lance shouted.

Keith growled and looked at Lance, looking so pissed his make out session with his fiancé got interrupted. “What is it, Lance?!”

Lance stopped in his tracks and held both of his hands up in surrender. “Whoa! Calm down, Mullet Head. I was just going to tell you dinner is now served at the pavilion. But I can see that you both are definitely having your dinner now.” He raised his eyebrows at them suggestively. “Also, nice suits.”

Keith groaned loudly as he separated himself from Shiro who just chuckled. He ran his hands through his hair out of frustration. Now the mood was gone and he just wanted to strangle Lance for not reading the atmosphere. “I sw—”

“Wait, are those rings?” Lance gasped, pointing at their rings. Before the engaged couple could even answer, Lance grabbed both of them and dragged them to their usual table at the pavilion (because they just love breaking the rules). He placed both of Shiro and Keith’s hands with the rings on the table in front of Pidge, Hunk and Allura. “ARE YOU SEEING THIS SHIT?!”

“Rings?” Pidge answered monotonously while drinking her juice.

“About time really,” Allura smirked. “I thought I’d grow white hair before it happens.”

“Your hair is white,” Pidge looked at her in disbelief, making a weird face.

“Not the point, Pidge.” 

Engagement rings,” Hunk gasped and half squealed. He looked up at Keith and Shiro then he got up to hug them both. “Oh my gods, you guys. I knew it was gonna happen soon. I’m so happy for you!!” He gave them a sloppy kiss on their cheeks. 

“Thanks, Hu—” Shiro melted.

“Uh, no!” Lance interrupted. “I cannot believe they beat us to it, Hunk! First, they beat us in getting into a relationship. Second, they beat us in the popularity poll! And now THIS?! I cannot believe this. I just–”

“So when’s the wedding?” Pidge asked as she shoved a hand to Lance’s face to stop him from being too melodramatic. “Is it gonna be here, Mount Olympus or in the Underworld? Are we actually even allowed there?”

“Technically we are, granted we are invited,” Allura placed a hand under he chin. “I’ve always wanted to see The Underworld. I heard of things and it’s huge considering it houses all the souls.”

“It’s beautiful, Allura,” Keith’s eyes glimmered. “I wish you all could see it, but to be honest, I’m not even sure when and where the wedding will be held. I know Persephone and Dad are planning it—”

“And I’ll be joining the wedding planning,” a deep voice joined them and they all turned around to gasp at the god in front of them. It was Zeus. They were all just gaping at the sudden visit of the god of the gods that everyone at the pavilion just stopped eating all together. Zeus smirked at the reaction he was getting. “I came to congratulate my son on the engagement.” He looked at Shiro and then at Keith. “He dreams about you a lot, boy. I know because I see his dreams.”

“Dad!” Shiro flushed.

Zeus chuckled. “About time really, son.”

“That’s what I said!” Allura threw her hands up exasperatedly. 

Preview of Eyes Wide Open All the Time Chapter 21: “The Good In Me” 

Makoto lets out a breath like he has held it in for years. “How does it make you feel? Knowing what happened to me.”

Haru does not waver. “Like I’m sitting next to the strongest person who ever existed.”

Tears startle from Makoto’s eyes as he cranes back. Haru smiles sadly. “You think you’re weak, but I’ve seen weak people. You’re the farthest thing from them.”

Something about Makoto opening his heart pulled Haru’s apart in a crack now exposed to the light. Nauseas and exhilarated, he takes Makoto’s hand and presses it against a circular scar on his arm. Makoto frowns at the little red eclipse and Haru sees when he realizes someone burned the mark into his skin – this awful sound lurches through him like his whole being is suddenly hollow.

Haru’s whisper is desperate. “Weak people hurt people and they use excuses to hurt others.” He cups Makoto’s hand against another burn on his throat. “They’re nothing but pain and I know you’ve felt pain, it’s why you don’t wish it on anyone else –” The world is a dizzying twist of memory and reality but he does not stop, a rush of emotion flying from his mouth. “You keep making me think of this book me and Rin found at the library when we were kids. It said something like, ‘you can’t tell anyone when you’re in hell or they’ll think you’re crazy. Those who escape hell never talk about it.’”

In a surge, he takes Makoto’s face in his hands to meet his wide eyes. “I know what that’s like,” Haru swears, his voice shaking apart. “Even though nothing I’ve been through will ever compare to what you went through, and anyone who thinks they can compare is crazier than my fucking parents were, but I do know what it’s like when you can’t tell anyone what you’ve been through. When you’re scared you’ll scare them? When you think you’ll never find anyone who just… who gets it –”

“Oh, Haruka.” How can Makoto just know when he needs to be hugged, when he needs a heart to bury his face against? He feels Makoto smile against his neck, his lips soft against a rough burn. “’Those who escape hell never talk about it,’” he whispers through kisses. “’And nothing much bothers them after that. And you don’t look behind you when the floor creaks.’” His eyes glitter at Haru’s gasp. “Charles Bukowski. He gets it too.”

Haru’s smile is breathless. “’And once you’ve been to hell and back, that’s enough.’” He shakes his head, brows creased as his voice raws with reverence. “You’ve been through enough. You deserve everything you need.”

Makoto mouths around silence, lips shaping to words that he cannot speak. Haru frowns in confusion and rubs his thigh to coax the words from him, but Makoto pulls away from the touch with this strange mix of dread and anticipation in his eyes.

Haru touches him again with heavier insistence and some sound quivers in Makoto’s throat, his hands clenching, fingers twisting together. Haru smiles a little hopelessly because Makoto’s nervousness has a tendency to be endearing.

But then it’s suddenly not. Suddenly it’s Makoto pinning him with a stare, and nothing has ever held Haru down like those eyes – he has dodged bullets, lunged from knife points, swooped around fists, but his whole being stills for Makoto.

He feels words curling hot and dark in his blood. You deserve everything you need.

I will give you anything you need.

Heat sings between them and Makoto’s voice is sweet fire poured over Haru’s kerosene heart. “If I said I needed you,” Makoto starts. He is breathing harder but Haru has no idea where he is getting air from – his own lungs are nothing but aching pressure. “If I said I needed you to make me remember that I’m capable of feeling something other than –” Loneliness, shame, bitter hope. Haru recognizes all of it in his eyes. “If I needed someone to touch me –” Touch more than his body, every pain and piece of him. “And I needed it to be you…”

Makoto cannot even believe these words are flying out of his mouth, but the plea has just built and built inside of him until it became a constant, silent scream consuming every ounce of hope he possessed. The hunger for reassurance has drained him over the past year, and the ache is still a warm taste in his mouth, but it is a fleeting sweetness, weakened by each day he pretended that he was not crying out for comfort in every way but physically.

He is crying out now, even if his voice is nothing but a trembling whisper. “If I said I needed you, if I asked for you right now, what would you say?”

Haru does not falter.

“I would say yes.”

Hey, imagine in a HumanAU or something where the Voltron crew are just your everyday normal humans, Lance is this guy who is a part time singer in a bar or cafe or somewhere along those lines and then one time he started singing ‘Don’t’ by Ed Sheeran because he just break up from his girlfriend that day (*cough*Nyma*cough*) and the song perfectly described his failed love life?
And then I will just leave it to your imagination on what will happen next. I just happened to listen to the song and thought 'hey, this can be a langst prompt.’

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Super serum Tony - wait! How did Rhodey and Pepper notitice???? Or, well. What happens next? Do they start testing the limits? Are they mistaken assuming it is just his muscles he can push to extremes? Is that what happened to Bruce too, with the bastardized serum he had? Only Bruce didn't think his brain changed much, aside from the obvious angry green addition?

The simple solution (with the possibility of comedic scenes) would be that Rhodey and Pepper always missed Tony lifting the things, or wrongly assume the weight of items they do see Tony holding, and since I imagine Tony would be very careful of his machinary he wouldn’t ask them to hold it. 

Rhodey visiting Tony in his labs and workshop and always catching him starting his project drafts. Turns around for a couple of minutes and turns back to see a piece of machine by Tony’s feet that wasn’t there a minute ago. Since there was no trolley in sight and the only obvious conclusion is Tony having carried it himself he assumes the object weights at least 50(22kg) to 70(31kg) pounds or so and not the 175(79kg) that it actually is. A weight that regular untrained and not at all enhanced Tony would be able to carry without help. 

Pepper experiences the same each time she pays Tony a visit for business. She sees Tony standing besides this very large machine and looking it over. Thinks nothing of it because it’s Tony doing his thing. Goes away and comes back some ten minutes later to find that very large machine having been moved to the other side of the room and Tony connecting it with a bunch of wires. Obviously Tony didn’t move it. Far too heavy looking for one man to move. So naturally she assumes Jarvis had a hand in it, using his many robot claws to get it going. 

I imagine as he and Pepper get used to always seeing this they hardly pay attention later on, overlooking it all. 

Getting one of the Avengers to hold something for him is probably the first time Tony had asked anyone them to do so with something very heavy. 

And curiosity happens when it’s finally discovered. Natasha never assumed or spotted any signs that he was capable of this and she hates not knowing things. After testing, Bruce is the one wanting to study what he carries and understand. Perhaps Tony carries the answer to his own failed serum? Tony’s is a recreated attempt that somehow worked in his favor, what was different for him that Bruce hadn’t figure out? Hadn’t considered? Steve would take a step back. Turns out take away the armor and Tony is another experimented serum holder just like Steve. What were his true limits? How far could he go? 

It’s fanfiction time! I would like to recommend two of my favorite authors, Isadora and Bookjunk, who have written classic, beautiful stories before vanishing from the fandom forever–I like to think friendly zombies got them.

Isadora’s stories are extremely successful. My personal favorite is Trust. Carrie and Quinn are left alone in the CIA basement for a team-building exercise. And… yeah. You can probably guess what happens next.

It’s relatively short, sweet and sexual, with a pinch of BDSM - it’s about trust, after all.

Also by Isadora: The thing on the other side of the fine line to hate, a twenty-one chapter fic and rewrite of season three. Quinn and Carrie work together and slowly get closer. Slow burn, happy ending, a great read.

Bookjunk’s works are a little less well known, maybe because she only posted them at fanfiction.net, but her stories are breathtaking.

Start with a very short, very bleak one: Certain Things Hurt–a tragic masterpiece.

Then, for a happier story, don’t miss Nobody’s crying, a nine-chapter fic. Quinn chooses to kill Brody… but he still wants Carrie.

(Interestingly enough, the atmosphere is very close to Isadora’s “The thing on the other side to the fine line to hate,” recommended above. A similar story, through a looking glass, with a MUCH darker edge and an extremely sweet ending. In this fandom, one of my favorite reads ever.)

You know you made a mistake when you know exactly what’s going to happen next in the story you’re writing and sentences are even writing themselves in your head but you don’t want to actually write it because it is literally painful like really, I’ve probably tortured Lance enough? In various fics? No? I should not have done this?

Solitare cardomancy divination

So i had an idea while playing solitare: what if you could use solitare to divine? I began to think on it and eventually came to a solution for how you would divine in a situation of simply finding the next number of a different color. Then i realized each house of cards (ex:hearts) has its own seprate meaning for its number. So its able to say what can happen without repeating meaning.

How to set it up:
7 rows represent the seven days of the week. The first row has one card, second row has two, and so on adding one more card until the 7th row (which should have 7 cards). Now flip the first card of every row and get out a pad of paper to write them down for each row, the first card is how the day begins. Now solve the shuffles (look up how to play solitare) and whatever card gets added or revealed on a row is written after the first card as what happens next. Moved rows mean the events of one day may connect directly with another. Although do not write down a moved row’s meaning onto another day if its more than 2 cards (for simplicity).
The ace rows is not included in the reading. They are just for solving.
Do not remove card meanings because they join the ace groups at the top.
If the shuffle is solved the week has potential for things you’ve been meaning to do. but if the shuffle is unsolvable than you may be stuck in a bit of a rut that week.

So to simplify:
newly added cards are categorized under the row their added to. What is added or revealed to a row is what happens next, no matter the order. What is put away is not counted as part of the reading. Moved rows are not added to another rows meaning if its more than two cards. If the shuffle is solved the week has potential for things you’ve been meaning to do, but if the shuffle is unsolvable than you may be stuck in a bit of a rut that week.

Don’t be shy to dm me and tell me how well this works for you, im curious about it!

a decision.

so i don’t know if you have noticed my lack of activity here,   or my general attitude on willas for the last week or so,   but i am making the decision to put willas on hiatus for the next 3-4 weeks.  this isn’t something i decided lightly,  but something that i feel that i have to do right now for my happiness.   for the last few weeks,   i have had a stream of anon messages,  randing from things that make me uncomfortable,   to things that are horrible hateful.   they have all been sent by a ‘core group’ and their friends.   and i refuse to do a ‘call out’ post or whatever the norm is now. 

i don’t have the best mental health in the world,  but for the longest time i have found that i can be happy here,  and i am so sad that it has come to this.   i love wills,  and i won’t be going anywhere.   what will be happening,   over the next few weeks,   is that i will be making his blog again.    i’m going to start fresh.  i will be back with a new url,   a new home,   but maybe a little more private.

i am coming back.   i will message people about continuing threads and things when i get the chance.    in the meantime,  you will find me over @trystcne   and @telemcrine 

      i love you all.        sophie xox 

i’m not sure if everybody’s on twitter but as screenshotted above, seems like we will have the price list announcement soon for jakarta’s wings tour. this weekend she said. so just prepare guys, we never know what will happens next.

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Will you make more characters answers? It's incredible to only imagine what will happen next with them

hell yeah.
I just had some work things come up. 
So unfortunately that has to be my priority lol.

voltron staff member #1: okay guys we need to randomly assign the paladins a birthday… any ideas

voltron staff member #2: what if we released a date… let the fandom guess which paladin it was for… and then chose the paladin that’s the complete opposite?

voltron staff member #1: i love it let’s do that