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170127 Baekhyun commented on his Instagram post

“There is lots of fine dust around, so everyone just stay at home today!

“Today I am eating until my stomach is bursting… It’s difficult to breathe”

Sehun also commented

(formally) “Are you at home?”

(informally) “If you only stay at home you will become lethargic so you should go out and enjoy the fresh air as well”

(informally) “I’m just seeing the video now but what’s up with your expression?”


Hi everyone! I know I haven’t been posting on here for quite some time now and  that’s because I find it much easier to upload pictures on my instagram ! Don’t worry though, I will try and become active once again :) Here is my handwriting + my favorite pens, which are the Zebra Sarasa!

// I just finished my first medicine prelim exam a few days ago and I feel so anxious about what scores I got ><!! I studied a lot and had very restless nights all because of that exam. Ah, I hope I did fine. HOW ARE YOU all?!?! It’s been a while since I last uploaded huh haha, I hope you all are having a great, fantastic, Christmas break! Happy Holidays to you all! 

On second thought, Bellamy should probably have thought to check in with his sister before becoming Instagram buddies with her new roommate.

In his defence, he hadn’t been entirely sure what ‘Follow’ actually meant. He’d genuinely thought it was just like some kind of vague, subscription type thing, like when you hit 'Accept’ on one of Groupon’s numerous attempts to send you updates on the latest offers.

It’s only when Clarke Griffin actually follows him back that he realises the gravity of what he’s done.

Or, the one where Bellamy and Clarke meet on Instagram.


♡ 161103 | Ren Instagram Update
  bornthisren: Thank y'all very much for the congratulations. Sometimes, I feel sorry because I don’t know if I’m worthy enough to be receiving all of this. Sometimes, I wonder what will I become in my next life. Maybe I could be your family or, who knows, your lover. Aren’t you curious? Live your life giving thanks to your parents! Bacause you are all a blessed being🌠

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sorry to ask, but what exactly is going on with Henry? I've been out of the fandom for some time and don't know what's happening anymore, please

Hi dear..  

Henry posted this post on Instagram and twitter :

which means :   “It’s so hard. I’m fed up. I don’t think I can do it on my own anymore. It’s been a mistake since 9 years ago. Now that place has become so big, it seems it can’t support (me?) anymore. What should I do from now on?”  (he deleted this comment later) 

and after that he commented on his post :

“I’m… Now it seems my fans are all I have. If you see this post, please talk for me. Our agency won’t listen to me.”   

(you can find the whole post here)

Tbh  I / we don’t know this is about what actually. But i guess it is about his solo album and how SM doesn’t pay attention to him enough. Like it’s always the same, the company doing this to all Super Junior members all the time.. they can’t see the value they deserved from SM. 

I mean Suju making money and sell albums even if company doesn’t support them properly.. everyone knows SM never supported them properly.. 

When I look at other groups’ MVs, comebacks, concerts, stages.. i can see how theirs companies spending money on them.. and we have neglected album covers, wrong typed names, etc.. They deserve more than this.. They deserve a better company that will treat them like talented people they are.

Like Siwon said once :

They working so hard.. Singing, dancing, acting, modeling, MCing, composing songs etc.. But no matter how much they work, company doesn’t give what they deserve. Tbh all they have is US, ELF. Like Henry said : “Now it seems my fans are all I have.. my agency won’t listen to me..” 

Super Junior wouldn’t survive as a group if they weren’t be together as like a family and this hardworking.. and without ELF’s love and support..

since day one, he and I have been sharing everything together.
our cries, our fears, our hopes, our dreams, our happiness and our sadness.
he knows it, he knows it when I’m not okay, and when I am.
and I think, that’s what love is, when you love someone so deeply that your hearts will melt together and you will become a part of their own.
—  Our hearts are beating as one
It’s like we’re in this age where you can only post when your form is perfect, and no one is perfect. We’re all learning. We’re all trying to get better. I just posted a deadlift and someone was like ‘your ass is supposed to be lower’ and I said ‘no fucking shit’, like what do you think I’m doing. I’m trying to become a better lifter, I don’t need you Instagram coaching me. I have coaches, I’m just going 'I deadlifted today, here’s my deadlift’.
—  Jackie Perez

Are you in a reading slump? Want someone to talk with about books? Looking for book recommendations? After seeing the amazing responds I got from you guys, I decided to make this a real thing! Finally I made an official post!!! Sorry for the wonky picture edit!

  • What is it? a club where you can motivate one another to get out of a reading slump, rec books, talk about movie adaptations, reading buddies (read 5 chapters of a book at the same time, ..), occasional Book of the Months, bond over books, and become friends! 
  • Interested? fill this form out. *this isn’t a sign up. i want to understand your expectations and i will use your responds to plan the actual club.
  • Stay updated and don’t miss the official sign upsfollow me on my instagramtumblr, or goodreads! i’m both a study and book blog!
  • Member limit? i really want this club to have a good amount of members in terms of activity. if there is an overflow of messages being sent, i may consider closing applications. + i may look for a co-admin to help me plan activities (ex. book of the months, reading buddies, …) 
  • Social media: so far i’m highly considering to use skype (occasional) and whatsapp (daily)!
  • Reblog this post and share this with friends who you think would be interested in joining in! 

No Spend Challenge printable!

I found this idea on instagram and it’s quite nice. 31 days of challenge for spending less and save a bit more money. Decide beforehand what your exceptions are, but be honest with yourself, list ONLY those things you really need and can’t avoid!!

download it here at my printable page (scroll down to find it, they are becoming quite a bit!)

Oh, and I uploaded a few more planners on my etsy shop (including a new version of the student planner)


I’ve taken more pictures of myself this past year than ever before - not out of preferring smaller me to bigger me, but because I’m unrecognizable to myself. It’s like going through puberty 2. Both with the changes and the wierd moods. I’m becoming a whole other person. I had no idea what I might look like, and every day is a new toss of the dice. I’m like an animorph. Every mirror surprises the shit out of me, and I can’t pick myself out on video sometimes. It’s fun and super freaking unnerving at the same time. Who knows what my final evolve form might look like.

Anyway, I call this the mirror selfie initiative.

(Anyone can follow my journey over on hulloskinnyjeans on Instagram)

Highest weight: 225
Starting weight:216
Current weight:192
Goal weight 145
Height - 5'3

Instagram - mariahqueene
Twitter - ForeverQueene
Facebook - Mariah Queene Steele

2 months ago I decided to make a few lifestyle changes and now I am beginning to reap the benefits of becoming healthy. I am the strongest I’ve ever been not just physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

Eat CLEAN - 6 out of 7 days a week.
I eat one cheat meal a week. Typically on Sundays after church! I had to learn to reward yourself for all of my hard work. One meal isn’t going to make you gain what you’ve lost back & this is a way to keep u from missing your favorite foods.

Drink your WATER babes - A gallon of water a day makes the pounds go away!!!

GYM flow - 30 minutes to an hour of cardio 4 to 5 times a week. Men, channel your inner gym rat. Women, channel your inner gym mouse, mice are cuter than rats!

If you are reading this, YOU CAN DO THIS! It’s never to late to take control of your life.
If you need any motivation, follow me on social media! We can do this together ❤️

Gemini & Taurus
  • Gemini, talking to Taurus on the phone: And then the bitch tells me to stop making fun of her on Twitter
  • Gemini: She even blocked me on Instagram
  • Taurus: I'm sure anyone would
  • Gemini: It's not my fault she decided one day she just wanted to become one of those tiny people from the Willy Wonka factory
  • Gemini, putting ice to their eye: She was just begging to be roasted but she didn't have to punch me in the face
  • Taurus, sighs: Now what did we learn
  • Gemini: That short people are evil
The Ethics of Travel Photography

“Photographers use their cameras as tools of exploration, passports to inner sanctums, instruments for change. Their images are proof that photography matters—now more than ever.” - National Geographic, 2013

I read this fantastic excerpt from a journal piece the other day on the ethics of travel photography and felt compelled to share a few thoughts that have been on my mind as of late:

Travel photography will always remain as my first love – the raw, the provocative, the contentious, the honest, and the magnificently captive.

Yet – today’s photography has become a cacophony of freeze frames. Instagram, arguably the most popular social media channel for photographic communication, has given travel photography a whole new meaning. Much of what I see has become a disappointing array of self-indulgent activity (myself included, don’t get me wrong).

To illustrate my point more vividly, I have a story. A few mornings ago I had watched a stranger’s travel video on YouTube to Belize, a country I have personally traveled to not long ago. [[Mind you – this guy claims to be a “traveling photographer / videographer”, he’s not just some dude with a camera wishing to capture his memories. He’s got a fairly decent following. He will remain anonymous.]] I was immensely excited to see what they had to share – afterall, the country is very small and I became eager to see if we had any similar travel plans. Nonetheless, I felt a lump in my throat. The video, although beautifully executed, was to the background of some crazy ass (pardon my french) dubstep music with ZERO, I repeat, ZERO cultural significance. Not once did I see a local’s friendly smile, the details of a local town/village, or even a traditional Belizian or Grufina meal. The video was a mere three minutes of white girls in their bikini’s drinking some fruity cocktails on the beach 30+ miles outside the mainland on a resort. Big whoop? I know many people enjoy this type of content, but frankly, I just can’t get into it.

The power of social media and the internet is real, very real. Photographers this day in age hold the power to influence thousands of communities across the globe with just one click of a button. THAT’S HUGE. Modern visual communication fosters an exciting and meaningful way to create social change. Those who take photos while participating abroad have an ethical responsibility to preserve the dignity of their subjects and provide a faithful, comprehensive visual depiction of their surroundings.

I hope to be better about this within my own work. I never want it to seem that I only aim to “impress” my audience with “all the cool shit I do and all the cool places I go!”. Travel is much more to than that to me and I want to be able to my photos / vidoe share ethically and responsibly.

“…to express, not impress…”

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Sometimes I look in the mirror and hate the way I look. I'm not tall, I'm not white, I have a weird nose, I am not skinny enough, I have glasses and I am an introvert. I don't think that anyone will ever love me so much that they won't cheat on me. I'm just not that great of a deal. I am ugly and my personality is none existing. I am 19 and I have never kissed or had a boyfriend. When I see a cute boy I know he won't be into me because I am so ugly. What is there to love about me?

Honestly same? Like I don’t know what to tell you because ^^^^^ is literally me. I don’t fit the ‘instagram model’ expectations society has for every young adult and teenager. You see people becoming popular online just for being pretty and then you’re like..well..ok. Just some advice for you is to accept yourself the way you are. That cute boy might not be into you but at least don’t think you are ugly yourself? I know it’s cliche and my advice sucks on this topic because we all have insecurities and life is just easier for some people with ‘gifted’ genes.

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One memorable interaction on wattpad started with me commenting. It was a parentlock fic and the child called John papa, so this is how it went: Me: papa John's pizza Person 1: no one does it like papa john Me: no one does Sherlock like papa john ;) Do I regret it? Nah.

2. In the midst of all this craziness in the fandom after season 4, I’m talking about John doing Sherlock, and John being Kermit the frog. Four months ago I couldn’t work tumblr properly. Now I spend most of my time here. What has my life become?

3. There was this thing on instagram which was a screenshot of a countdown to Ep1 S5 and it was on like 315 days? I’ll try find it and send it to you.

4. I think the pair was actually deleted, which sucks. I definitely did see it though

Hi Lovely!

Sorry, I just put all these together LOL.


2. (referencing this post thread here) Honestly Lovely… I ask myself the same question everyday… like I could be out having a ~~LIFE~~ or something, but nope. THIS IS MY NEW REALITY, AND IT’S AMAZING.

3. Yes! I have seen this and I really am skeptical about it. I don’t know how this site could have an airdate before BBC officially announces it. They’re very good at keeping them a secret. 

4. So, it was probably deleted. :P

Joshua roommates!au
  • multilingual roommate
  • switches from korean to english in 0.2 seconds
  • “stop proving that i’m dumb!! i’m gonna learn twelve languages and tHEN I’LL MAKE YOU PAY”
  • uses korean to tell you that u r cute and when u ask what that means he just goes “ha it means that u lazy get up from the floor and help me pick a movie :))”
  • half sweetheart half meme
  • does the running man challenge to go to the bathroom
  • has a new motivational quote every morning believe me okay this is a fact
  • also your entire family + friends adore him and it’s awesome okay it’s not like this could become a problem
  • LIES
  • “your mom just texted me a video of you snoring haha this is going on my instagram”
  • “she did what”
  • “yeah and your best friend told me about that time she drew over your face with ketchup—”
  • “just stop”
  • apparently all the people around you put “making joshua laugh” on a higher place than “protecting y/n’s image” in their priority list
  • plays the guitar when you feel sad
  • and when you feel happy/angry/bored/dead
  • just….. plays the guitar
  • but your relatioship can overcome the constant music in the background okay nothing to fear
  • you sending him pictures of cats and using “it u” as a caption
  • so yeah one day you are out with your friends and one of them asks you the meaning behind joshua’s last video and you are like ?? i didn’t know he sent u a video ???
  • and she just stares at you with a raised eyebrow
  • “are you faking innocence”
  • “you don’t know that joshua has a youtube channel.. really”
  • “he has a youtube channel ???”
  • and all your friends start to look at one another so it must be really bad
  • “did he record me eating all that bread ?? because i swear it happened once and you guys know i eat when i get stressed !!”
  • no one is replying :)) no one is even opening their mouth :))
  • really bad
  • so you quickly get home while wondering how many embarrassing things joshua hong sHARED WITH THE WORLD
  • “spill the beans right now okay i feel sO betrayed”
  • and he’s like oh hi y/n how was your day
  • “i know about your video !! i trusted you !!”
  • and he just changes expression because yOU DO ?? BUT YOU NEVER GO ON YOUTUBE I PROVIDE ALL THE MUSIC FOR YOU
  • “my frienDS TOLD ME”
  • “haha well then i guess this is embarrassing haha but i mean you don’t have to react this badly i can just keep my feelings to myself”
  • wat
  • now it’s joshua who wants to say wat
  • “i didn’t share that video tho”
  • [realization hitting joshua right in his face] “i think u misunderstood something”
  • “so yeah i guess i can show you….. prepare yourself because this is going to be awkward”
  • so you angrily sit down on the floor while he gets his pc and when u read the title of the video u just [malfunctioning]
  • “I’m Living With My Crush! 3 Tips To Understand If Your Roommates Likes You”
  • did he just
  • he did
  • “haha yeah i guess this must be a shock for you because— y/n!! pls breath!!”
  • so yeah after coming back from the dead u just
  • “my mom is going to cry”
  • and he ?? i mean i really like your mom and all but wHAT ABOUT YOU
  • you are already crying someone help
  • “uhm wait are those happy tears or i-have-to-find-a-new-roommate tears”
  • “hfshtgappy trsgars”
  • “…happy tears??”
  • and you just nod bc emotions are literally flowing out of your eyes
  • a week later you still can’t believe that your roommate slash boyfriend confessed through a youtube video but you shouldn’t be the embarrassed one okay
  • no one is going to let him forget this
  • NO ONE
  • [dramatic guitar playing in the background]

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do you have an Instagram? I would love to follow you!

loooolllll err.. I barely post aNYTHING anymore (@glitterychaostriumph would know). My IG used to be poppin’ and I had a certain aesthetic going but then after awhile I lost interest in showing everyone what I was up to. Nowadays I just post photos of korean food and tb photos of when I was a wee’ lil’ annie.