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My reasons for loving David Bowie are the obvious ones: great music, great looks, great person in general. But I also love how he was one of the most androgynous people at a time where gender wasn't seen as fluid as it is now. As the other anons sais, he wasn't afraid to break the constraints society put on celebrities at the time. I admire this part of him and every other part of him so much and take after what he did in my own life~ I'm quite new to him and I regret not finding him sooner..

Yes! Agree with this 100%!
He always said he wasn’t an original thinker, but we ALL know that he’s the most original human to ever grace this Earth.
And hey, better late than never!
You’re here!
You found him!
Go out and explore all of the stuff he has to offer!
I can say personally, he’s taught me A LOT about everything in life, more-so than anything else I’ve come across.

Thanks for sharing, Anon! :)


Part 1: I was totally overwhelmed when I first asked to finish this project in the class, because at that time I even had no idea about how to start. Then I opened my textbook and turned to page 23, and the answer became clear. First I drew the top view(the circle) at the right corner of the whole page, and then Max the tutor came over and taught me that I should have a think about the composition on the paper. He said that I should put the top view at the top of the page, and put the front view at the middle of the page. Quickly I did what he told me, using a compass to draw the circle and the 30/60 degree triangle plate to draw the triangle, and it was pretty easy. During the front view step I had to calculate the triangle side length which requires math knowledge. 
After finishing them, I started to draw the side view. However, Grace found out that we didn’t know the diameter of the base without being allowed to measure it. So we asked Will, and so clever did he tell us to draw another top view at the right top of the page and extend tangent from the circle so that we could draw the side view correctly. We did it and we succeeded. 
Part 2: I chose to use my calculator as a model, and the task was easy for me to finish it because I’ve already done it before at Part 1. After I did dimension of those lines and angles I felt so relieved, haha. 
I found out that engineering drawing was not that scary when you began to know the drawing method and key point. Thanks for the help from Max, Will and Rob, and I’m ready for the next challenge~