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You know what? I really wish people were as hyped about Sonequa Martin-Green being the first Black woman to lead in a Star Trek series as they are about the D*ctor Wh* casting. But then again, most feminists don’t care about non-White women so it’s to be expected that most of you guys don’t care about the fact that she’s making history too. And when you factor in Michelle Yeoh, you get it doubly so. Last time I checked, this is a pretty big deal for the sci-fi genre too. 

What’s strange, to me, is people thinking that the D*ctor Wh* casting gives hope to all little girls when we know that’s not true. This issue is just so very layered and complex, but there is something particularly troubling about the fact that people think a White woman should be the symbol all little girls should look up to, regardless of their race. It’s so very arrogant to believe that little non-White girls will be represented by this woman that looks nothing like them. It’s very arrogant to think that little non-White girls should look up to the new Doctor as their new hero, especially knowing this casting is only a win for White women and White women only.

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Driplierst Oneshot

What if Google just seriously upgraded Ego Inc. 

Just kidding it ended up being Driplierst. 

What if Bim was totally in the Driplierst shipping boat.


Bim woke to his bed rumbling. Trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes, he sat up. The bed stopped shaking and a hologram appeared. Bim threw on his glasses and peered at the green hologram. “Darkiplier has scheduled a meeting in one hour.”  Bim sighed. Lifting his hand he pressed the details button. “Called by Wilford Warfstache. Approved by Darkiplier. Subject: A SUPER GREAT SURPRISE!!11!!1!!!”  Bim smiled at the reporter’s caption. Will had gotten his holograms stuck in Caps Lock and even the Google’s couldn’t figure out how to fix it. Bim waved away the hologram and got out of bed. 

Bim left his leafy room in a fresh clean suit and made his way over to the kitchen. He walked in on The Host and Dr. Iplier making out. Bim whipped out his phone and took at least a dozen photos before even The Host could notice. Once Host did notice though, he shoved Dr. out of his seat and onto the floor. Dr. sat there, confused, as Host’s face blushed bright red.

 Bim walked calmly into the room, looking at his photos. He sat down next to Dr. (who had finally figured out the situation and got back into his chair). He leaned over to the doctor, who was loudly blushing and trying to act calm. “You two look so adorable together!!” 

Dr. smiled, “Awww…. thanks.” He rubbed the back of his neck. Dr. Iplier could always go to Bim is he was feeling down. 

Host, on the other hand, wasn’t dealing with the embarrassment as well. He abruptly stood up from his chair. “I’M GONNA GO MAKE BREAKFAST.” Host said with a bright red face. Dr. Iplier smiled, “Awww… you dont have to~ I can help~”

Host’s face went even redder, “N-No thanks, I g-got it honey.” Host cringed. He didn’t mean to say the nickname in front of Bim. Bim’s eyes practically lit up. Before he could say anything Dr. slapped a hand over his mouth, “Alright Sweetie!” Host walked over to the fridge and started getting out ingredients, narrating to himself in an attempt to calm himself down. Dr. Iplier sighed, lost in the adorableness of his boyfriend. Then Bim licked his hand. Dr. Iplier yelped and wrenched his hand away. 

With Dr. wiping his hand on the shoulder of his suit, Bim continued, “You guys are adorable! I have so many cool things to show you guys! I got–” Dr cut him off with a questioning look, “Cool?” Bim gave him a smiled, he had something in store, “Yeah!! I’ve got a bunch of stuff from mood boards to fanfictions–” 

He was cut off, once again, by the confused doctor, “W-Wait! Fanfiction?” Bim nodded. Dr leaned over in his chair to talk to The Host. “Host!!” The man lifted his head, looking at his boyfriend, a spatula still in hand. “Host! They™ have fanfiction!!” 

The spatula dropped to the floor. Host’s face erupted into a smile, he practically skipped over to the table. Leaving the bacon to burn, Host rushed over to Bim’s side. “No way!! The Host thought he was the only one that wrote fanfiction!!” Bim’s mouth gaped open, “You write fanfiction too?? NO WAY! I gotta show you some of my favorites!!” Bim knocked on the table twice and a holographic screen appeared. Bim eagerly went through his customized screen, pulling up characters, headcanons, moodboards, fanfictions, and a billion other things the doctor couldn’t name. 

The Host’s and Bim’s little shipping season was interupted by the building shaking.  Edgelord’s voice rang out through the building, “WILFORD WHAT THE HELL! HOW DID YOU EVEN CALL THIS MEETING! HOW DID YOU EVEN GET INTO MY ACCOUNT!” 

“Calm down~ Darkipoo~~ It’s really important~ I got this great~~ idea–” 


Wilford then ran through the room screaming at the top of his lungs. A Dark, still dressed in his sheep pajamas and still with rollers in his hair, ran after him, waving a empty black coffee mug. 

Dr. Iplier sighed, “Our favorite Emo Edgelord has awakened.” 

anyways im going to need people to stop saying that louis is the most closeted  out all the boys because he literally isn’t? lmao like have yall forgot that liam also has a fake child or? oh i forgot yall think liam is homophobic and straight…but i just saw a post on my dash of someone basically listing all the shit that louis has gone through and im like ok but liam is/has gone through the same thing… liam also has a fake child with a women a lot older than him because she can’t get her career back so she’s needs tons of promo lmao like im real tired of yall acting like louis has it the worst because he doesn’t 

You know what’s mad unfortunate? Meeting someone you vibe with and really like, could potentially spend life with but the two of y'all are just in two different spaces in life currently so it’s not realistic. When the timing is just so off and life has gotten in the way but you gotta take it as it is and just let it be. If it is intended to work out it will. You really gotta fix yourself not to fall too deep though.

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I screamed when Jon began choking Petyr and now that I've calmed down (a bit) I feel littlefinger was all like, shit! Not this again!

LF: *says something gross and creepy about a Stark lady*

Stark Man: *tries to kill LF with their bare hands*

LF: whY doES THIS keEP HAPPENinggg TO MEEEeeee!???

Dating Justin foley would include

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•helping him through the tapes and telling him he’s not his mistakes 

•Helping him with his mom and step dad 

•being productive of each other 

•Threatening Bryce to stay the hell away from you 

•Really protective if Bryce is around and won’t let you out of his sight 

•being jealous of clay and Alex because you’re really close to the both of them

•Getting along with zach and the others 

•Telling him everything will get better in time 

•him threatening to kick someone’s ass if they hurt you or touch you 

•your parents loving him to bits and getting along with him extremely well and supporting both of you being together

•loads of love and affection 

•lots of kisses and cuddles no matter where or when when you’re together You can’t keep your hands of each other 

•him eventually living with you because you were sick of him getting hurt and upset about his mom and step dad 

•Always helping each other with whatever’s troubling you or bothering you 

•moving by each other in class because you are both literally inseparable 

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