what were your parents thinking

  • Keith: At what age did your parents realize you were a talented pilot?
  • Lance: I thought you were going to end that sentence some other way.
  • Keith: Oh okay–what were you thinking?
  • Lance: At what age did your parents realize you were a fucking moron?

I am in full L analyse mode for some reason and I keep looking at the L: Wammy House manga and I just… This panel.

  • Child L doesn’t know what a hug is.
  • Child L associates touching with violence.
  • Child L knows how to defend himself.

What happened to you L? What were your parents like?

And I keep thinking on that scene in the manga where Misa kills Hirokazu Ukita… L reacts somewhat fine to it, like so:

Doing his detective work, caring about it sure but remaining calm to a degree. But then Shuichi Aizawa touches him and his body language changes.

He’s like… more curled in to himself and he looks to be shaking. Is it because he was touched? Is it because he was grabbed by someone who was yelling at him? Has he had experience with this before?

Oh L… Oh L, what has happened to you?

  • Edward: At what age did your parents realise you were a genius?
  • Ciel: Oh... I thought you were going to end that sentence some other way.
  • Edward: What were you thinking?
  • Ciel: "At what age did your parents realise you were a fucking moron?"
Million Reasons (Part one)

A/N: It’s finally here the first part of my Montogmery series this first part is kind of and intro to the story and all that I’m really sorry that it’s so long but I really hope you guys like it. Please let me know what you think of it.

Also listen to the song Love me or Leave me by little mix and Million Reasons by Lady Gaga when you read this part it fits really well. Also I am busy making a playlist on spotify that fits for this whole series.

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of pregnancy, break up and sex

Montgomery De La Cruz, baseball star, jock, one of the most popular guys at liberty  high school and school bully. Y/N Y/L/N, straight A student, one of the most smartest people at liberty high and school sweetheart. How is it possible that these two people who are so different would end up being perfect for each other.

It was Friday afternoon just a few more hours and it would be spring break you were getting some books out of your locker when the one and only Montgomery De La Cruz came over to you and leaned against the locker next to yours.

“Hey Y/N.” He said with a smile.

“Uh hey Montgomery.” You said looking at him weirdly.

“So I was thinking….” He started before you interrupted him.

“Oh that’s dangerous.” You said with a little laugh.

“As I was saying before you rudely interrupted I was thinking you, me, Rosie’s diner  tomorrow.” He said with a smirk on his face.

“Uh thank you but um..N-no thank you.” You said as you closed your locker.

“Great so…Wait What!?” He asked shocked and confused.

“Look I’m sorry that you’re not used to hearing no for an answer but no.” You said as you started to walk away.

You might be being a little harsh but he was always teasing and annoying you’re best friend Alex so you weren’t gonna be super nice to him.

“Wait, Wait Y/N. Why don’t you wanna go out with me?” He asked  as he stopped in front of you.

“Why? Is that even a question.” You said as you tried to get past him.

“L-look I know I’m not the nicest person and that I’m not really the type of guy that you would go out with but. I really like you and really wanna take you out.” He said as he looked into your eyes.

“If you really like me that much then why haven’t you asked me out earlier.” You said crossing your arms.

“Because I-I was scared okay.” He said looking down embarresed.

“Montgomery De La Cruz, scared to ask out a girl? Yeah I don’t believe that this is just a stupid joke.” You said trying to get past him again but was stopped by Montgomery’s hand on your shoulder.

“Look I know that is hard to believe but like I said before I’m not like the guys you usually date and I was just really scared that you would reject me. Which you did.” He said looking at you.

“Look I-I don’t know Montgomery okay….” You said looking down.

“All I am asking of you is to give me a chance, just one chance to prove to you that I am not the guy everyone thinks I am. Please Y/N.” He said taking your hand and lifting your head up so that he could look into your eyes.

You bit your lip thinking of what you should do and then just decided to give it a shot you couldn’t get hurt if you weren’t expecting it to go well right?

“Okay fin. Pick me up tomorrow at eight.” You said with a smile.

“Tomorrow at eight it is.” He said with a wide smile.

You just rolled your eyes, smiled and walked away to your next class. You walked into the classroom and took your seat next to Alex.

“So the weirdest thing just happened to me.” You said looking at him.

“Oh yeah tell me what happened?” He asked intrigued.

“Montgomery just asked me out on a date.” You said to him with a look on your face that just screamed what did just happen.

“What!? Montgomery asked you out?” He said surprised and confused.

“Yeah he did.” You said looking down at your hands.

“And what did you say?” Ales asked looking at you curious to know what you answered.

“No then yes.” You said replaying it in your head.

“Okay you really need to explain what you mean by that.” He said confused.

“I said no and then he started saying that he really liked me and stuff and then I just thought well if I don’t expect this date to go well I can’t get hurt so I took a leap and said yes.” You said with a small smile.

“Are you sure that your little thought is gonna be right?” He asked.

“Yeah I mean I know his reputation so I’m not expecting to have a relationship with him. I know how this date is gonna turn out. He’s gonna buy me foo and be an asshole and then I’ll just never call him again.” You said simply.

“Well okay then if you’ve got it all figured out.” Ales said as he leaned back into his chair.

“Don’t worry Lex I won’t get hurt.” You said smiling at him.

The rest of the day went pretty fast and soon school was over and you were getting ready for your date. You decided to put on a white dress with some nude flats with some light make up and your hair in loose curls. You were doing some finishing touches when your mom called you.

“Y/N your date is here!” She yelled from downstairs.

You were kind of scared of what your parents would think of him because your family was pretty strict and proper and well Montgomery was the total opposite.

“Okay mom I’ll be down in a minute!” You yelled back.

You looked into the mirror one last time grabbed your purse and went downstairs. When you were downstairs and in front of the door looking at Montgomery you couldn’t believe how poised he looked. He was wearing black jeans with a black dress shirt and a black leather jacket holding some flowers.

“Wow Y/N you look just absolutely beautiful.” He said looking at you in awe.

“Well you don’t look to bad yourself.” You said with a smile.

“Here these are for you.” He said as he handed you the flowers.

“Oh thank you, you really didn’t have to.” You said with a smile.

You turned around to give them to your mom and you could just see the judgment o her face you just handed her the flowers sighed and turned back around.

“Um are you ready?” He asked.

“Yep all ready to go.” You said with a smile.

He smiled back and held out his arm for you to take. You looked at him a little confused as you took his arm and laughed. He walked you to his car and opened the door for you.

“Wow such a gentleman.” You said surprised.

“Well I try.” He said with a smile.

After a few minutes of driving you arrived at Rosie’s and walked in. You went to sit at a booth and you expected him to come and sit next to you so that he could try some stupid moves on you but he actually went to sit opposite of you.

“You know Montgomery you are actually surprising me. I didn’t know you were such a gentleman.” You said with a smile.

“Well Y/N there’s a lot you don’t know about me.” He said smiling back at you.

After awhile the waiter came and took your orders. You both got your food pretty fast and the date was going surprisingly well. After the two of you ate you just sat there and talked.

“So tell me Montgomery is every date you go on like this?” You asked curiously.

“Honestly no.” He said honestly.

“Well then tell me how do your usual dates go?” You asked leaning forward.

“Well mostly I go up to a girl all cocky and stuff ask her our she says yes. After school I take the girl either to Rosie’s or the Crestmont mostly she pays for her own food and stuff and when I take her to Rosie’s I sit next her and put some of my moves on and let’s be honest at the Crestmont I do that too. Basically the date usually end’s with me making out with a girl either in the back of my care or at the back of the theater. Oh and I usually don’t dress up so nicely.” He said looking at you.

“Okay and what makes me so different?” You asked confused.

“You’re just so different from any other girl I have ever met. You actually care about stuff you know all the other girl’s at our school care about is cheerleading or getting  a boyfriend. You don’t care about that stuff. And you’re so nice and helpful you would do anything to help your friends and I really like. Like I said I have liked you for a while and I really wanna make an impression on you. I really think that I could have something with you.” He said looking down not daring to look up because he just expressed all of his feelings for you.

“Monty that is so sweet. I honestly have no idea what to say right now.” You said speechless.

“You don’t have to say anything.” He said with a smile as he took your hand.

“I’m really happy I gave you a chance.” You said squeezing his hand.

“Me too.” He said with a smile.

“It’s uh getting pretty late I think I should take you home.” He said with a sad smile.

“Yeah I guess.” You said sadly.

“Come on.” He said as he stood up and held out his hand for you to take.

You took his hand and he smiled at you as the two of you walked out of the diner and walked to his car. He drove you home and walked with you to your front door.

“So…” You said awkwardly.

“So..” He said just as awkward.

“I really enjoyed our date Monty.” You said smiling at him.

“Me too.” He said with a big smile.

“So does that mean we can do this again?” He asked hopefully.

“We can definitely do this again.” You said smiling.

You both looked at each other and then slowly started to lean in. Your lips were almost touching when you’re mom interrupted you.

“Y/N you’re finally back.” Your mom said happily.

You and Monty jumped apart and both looked down. He put his hands in his pockets and walked back a little.

“Mom w-what are you doing?” You asked looking at her embarrassed.

“Well I heard you two talking so I decided to come out here to see if everything was okay.” She said looking at Monty.

“Well we’re okay mom. So you can go back inside.” You said looking at her with a hopeful look on her face.

“It’s getting kind of late honey I would rather have that you come inside.” She said with a fake sweet smile.

“Mom.” You said looking at her angrily.

“Now Y/N.” She said sternly.

“Fine. I’ll see you around Monty.” You said as you want to hug him.

“Text me.” You whispered in his ear.

“Definitely.” He whispered back and then smiled at you as you pulled away.

A few days later the two of you were just hanging out at his house you had been going out for a few days so when the two of you hang out you don’t call it dates anymore.

“I can’t believe that you Montgomery De La Cruz likes the notebook.” You said laughing you were laying on his bed as he had his arm around you.

“Look I know that it might be weird but I do I really like that movie.” He said with a laugh.

“You are so weird.” You said looking up at him.

“And you are so beautiful.” He said as he kissed your nose.

You smiled and kissed him on his lips he immediately kissed back and wrapped his arms around your waist as yours went to his hair. The two of you pulled away and smiled at each other.

“Be my girlfriend.” He said smiling at you.

“What?” You said shocked and happy.

“Y/N will you please do me the honor of being my girlfriend?” He asked looking into your eyes and holding your hands.

“Yes of course I would love to be your girlfriend Monty.” You said smiling at him.

He smiled and hugged you close after that soon came the two of you said your first I love you’s to each other. The two of you were on a playground sitting on the swings holding each others hands.

“How is it possible that the two of us are so good together?” You asked looking at Monty who was next to you.

“What do you mean?” He asked confused.

“I mean we are two totally different people but somehow we just work together. How is that possible.” You said laughing at him.

“It’s possible because I love you.” He said smiling at you.

“Y-you w-what?” You asked shocked.

“I love you Y/N.” He said smiling at you.

“I love you so so much.” He said looking at you.

“I love you too Monty.” You said smiling at him happily.

You stood up and walked towards him and went to sit on his lap and he immediately wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I love you so so so much.” You said and then kissed him.

After that day everything else just was perfect for the two of you. Your parents still didn’t really approve of your relationship but you really didn’t care. The two of you had the perfect relationship you didn’t know how it worked because the two of you were so different but somehow it just worked. Somehow in those two weeks of vacation you guys seemed to have a complete relationship and yes that also included the two of you doing ‘it’. It happened at your house you’re parents weren’t home and you had invited Monty over the two of you were just sitting on your couch watching a movie when suddenly the two of you just started to kiss. His hands were on your waist as yours where in his hair. After awhile he started kissing your neck and you brought your hands to the hem of his shirt and tugged on it he got the hint and took of his shirt.

“Maybe we should go to my room.” You said as he was still kissing your neck.

He pulled back and looked at your face shocked.

“A-are you sure?” He asked looking at you.

“Yeah.” You said as you bit your lip.

He just smiled and picked you up and carried you to your bedroom. That night was just amazing after that night you knew that he loved you. There were only a few days left of vacation and for some reason Monty kept ignoring you more and more and you didn’t understand why. You were busy getting some stuff read for school since school was gonna start in 2 days when you got a text.

Monty: Need to talk to u. NOW

Y/N: Okay meet you in 5 at our playground?

Monty: Ok

You took your phone and your jacket and you started walking to the playground. A few minutes later you got there and Monty was already waiting for you at the swings.

“Hey.” You said happily as you hugged him.

“Yeah hey.” He said as he pulled away from you.

“Why did you need to talk to me?” You asked him.

“Well spring break is almost over so I think we should break up.” He said looking down.

“W-what why?” You asked confused.

“Look what we had it was fun but it’s over now.” He said with a slight shrug.

“It was fun? Y-you said you loved me that I-I was different.” You said as tears started to form in your eyes.

“Yeah so I say a lot of things it doesn’t mean that it’s the truth.” He said.

“What happened? You were acting so different and now you suddenly start acting like the asshole jock again.” You angrily as tears rolled down your cheeks.

“Yeah well I am an asshole jock I thought you knew that. Look what we had it was fun but you’re just not good enough anymore.” He said with a scoff.

You were so angry that you just slapped him across the face.

“I hate you.” You said as tears streamed down your face.

You ran away crying just cried for the rest of the time. The next day you were feeling horrible about the break up and on top of that you were throwing up a lot lately and hadn’t gotten your period yet. You were really scared because you knew what that could mean but you had to know for sure so you just quickly went to the nearest store and bought ten pregnancy tests. You took them all and all of them were positive you couldn’t believe this was happening to you. You just sat on your bed crying and crying. You were so scared and had no idea what to do so you called the only person you could trust Alex.

“A-Alex can y-you please come o-over?” You asked between sobs.

“Y/n what’s wrong?” Alex asked worried.

“Just p-please come quickly.” You said still sobbing.

“I’ll be right there.” He said and then hung up.

He already knew that you and Monty broke up so he just thought that that was the reason why you were crying so much. After a few minutes he got to your house and immediately ran upstairs to your bedroom.

“Y/n What’s wrong?” He asked worried as he came to sit next to you on your bed.

“I-I’m pregnant.”

Couldn’t (Draco Malfoy)

Pairing: Draco X Gryffindor!Reader
Warnings: Dramione, jealous reader, ANGST!1!1, and a lil’ swearing
Prompt: “I’ve been so alone.”
△ I haven’t really seen any X Reader’s with Dramione present so I decided to make one :))  
You were strolling down the corridor on the way to the library. You were going to the library to do some calligraphy. You would’ve done it in your dorm, but you were pretty sure your roommate, Hermione herself, had Draco over and was probably snogging him and would tell you to leave anyway.

You weren’t exactly fond of their relationship, but whatever made Draco happy, made you happy as well. You had known Draco all your life. He was your best frenemie. Even if you were sorted into the Gryffindor House the Malfoys accepted you and your family nonetheless, you and your family were purebloods after all.

You entered the library, took a seat right next to one of the windows, and took out your sketchbook and your brush pens. You took out a book from your bag and started skimming through it, hoping to find a quote that you would use for your practice. You find a quote and smile to yourself.

You could cut the tension with a knife and kill.


It totally described you and Draco’s friendship at the moment.

You know, all you wanted was to talk to him.

You missed him, you really did.

But you couldn’t. You couldn’t take him away from his happiness. Who were you to do that?

You loved him.

You didn’t even need to question your crush towards him. You couldn’t deny it. You couldn’t.

You were about to put the final touches on  your masterpiece when you heard muffled voices.

Being relatively bored with a hand cramp that was starting to go numb, you decided to eavesdrop.

“Draco! Stop! Someone’s here.”

You immediately knew who was there.

The one and only, Dramione.

Stupid ship name, I know. The whole school shipped them. And that was when your crush, crushed you.

“Hey guys.”, you get up from your spot and head over to them.

He’s got his arm around her, and her head is nuzzled into his neck.

“Hey (Y/N), uh sorry to bother you.”, Draco says to you after a whole 3 months of not talking.

“No! Um, I can leave if you guys want me to? I know how hard it is to find a place all to yourself.”, you fake a smile and start packing your things up.

“NO! (Y/N) you don’t have to. We’ll just go somewhere else, right babe?”, Hermione giggled.

Disgusting, you thought.

“No, it’s fine. I was about to go meet up with Harry anyway.”, you say with a smile.

There was an awkward silence for a moment.
Draco locked eyes with your (E/C) ones.
He didn’t like Potter, everyone knew that.
That’s why when he was suddenly a thing with Hermione, everyone was shook.
You knew this look. All too well, actually.

“I guess, I’ll be going then.”, you wave a hand at them, walking out of the library and making your way to the Gryffindor Common Room.

“(Y/N), wait!”

You turn around and see Draco walking after you,

without Hermione.

“You needed something?”, you say with a sly smile.

“I wanted to talk.”, he says whilst catching his breath.

“About what?”, you reply.

Girl Advice probably, you think to yourself.

About us.”

You take his arm and drag him over to a window.

“Five minutes, Malfoy.”, you say after glancing at your watch.

“What did I tell you about being with that Potter?! You’re my best friend for fuck’s sake! What will your parents think if they found out you were hanging out with a halfblood like him? I thought you would’ve known better than to-”

“First of all, Malfoy”, you put a finger to his chest, “ My parents don’t care who I’m with! As long as the people who I have befriended treat me like I’m an actual decent human being. Just like Harry. Second, you don’t own me, Malfoy. Never did and never will. And last but not the least, you’re with Hermione. Why do you care about what I’m-”

“Because your part of my clique. And I can’t have you associating with that Potter. It would ruin my reputation.”

“So now you own me? *scoffs* And here I thought you actually cared. I thought you wanted me back. I thought you had actually missed me. Just like I did to you.

You lean against the window, blinking back tears.

“Draco, I’ve been so alone. These past few months, have been utter complete torture. Of course you wouldn’t feel this way because you have everyone. And everyone has you.

You sob.

Just like when you cry yourself to sleep, after seeing them together throughout the day.

You are now on the floor, your knees up to your chest with you face buried in your hands.

You wanted him to hold you.

“Hey, (Y/N), I’m sorry. I didn’t know you felt this way and I’m sorry. I’m a selfish git and you know it.”, you hear him say.

He was now sat beside you, looking at you thoughtfully.

You heard footsteps coming towards you two.

“(Y/N), hey what happened?”, it was Harry.

He pulled you up and held you.

You were full out crying now. You didn’t care, Harry was here now.

Harry let go of you suddenly, and next thing you know, he was about to punch Malfoy.

“Don’t.”, you say with a shaky voice, “ Harry let’s go.”

Even though you hated Draco for isolating you, you couldn’t hurt him.

You couldn’t.


Part two is up my lovelies

anonymous asked:

Were u nervous to drop out? And what did your parents think about it?, if you dont mind me asking.

incredibly. every time i mentioned it in passing i’d get a bunch of comments or whatever from people going “oh no you can do it push through” which honestly made me feel like ungrateful trash. like, i was less nervous about actually doing it than i was about peoples’ perceptions of me dropping out, if that makes sense. 

my parents were actually okay with it! my dad more so than my mom, ha. my dad agreed that i’ve got a lot of opportunities to grasp at the moment - his main thing was like, if i do ever end up with a “real” job, i’ll be hired because of the experience i’ve gained and the “portfolio” i’ve built, so to speak, and not my degree. which i agree with. i think my mom was mostly worried about what she’d tell the rest of the family. lol

but that’s alright - she can just tell them about the book deal i’ll be snagging in the next couple months

PLL preferences - Your parents finding out you’re dating.

Your parents won’t like you dating Jason. He as seen as the bad boy and since he’s a DiLaurentis, almost everything is negative. But that isn’t changing anything for you and him. You promise your parents they’ll see the good side of him and they’ll love him in the end.
When you tell your parents you’re dating Ezra, they get really mad. So mad that you have the leave the house for a week or more. They’re really mad, because he’s your teacher. And for them he’s really dumb for dating you. It takes them more than two weeks to talk to you again. But for a while your relationship with you parents isn’t that good.
At first they don’t like Toby, because of the rumours about him. But you and him make sure your parents know the real story and from there on, they really love him.
Your parents really love Caleb. He’s the perfect guy for you and your parents think so too. He loves you with everything in his body and your parents love that.
Mikes parents love you so much. They think you’re perfect for him. You make him a little bit more sweet to other people. You make him happy. And well, your dad is really in love with him. Because Mike is the typical sports guy he can talk with. For both your parents, you’re the perfect match.
Noel seems like the perfect guy for you and that’s why your parents like him so much. Little do you and your parents know he’s not so sweet.
This scenario is basically the same with Noel. They love Wren, although he’s a bit older than you. He seems like the perfect guy and he’s so sweet to your parents that they like him immediately.
When you start dating Hanna, her mother is really really happy with it. She liked you already and now she’s even more happy that her daughter is dating you. For your parents it’s basically the same, because they love Hanna.
Your parents seem Spencer as a smart choice, while her parents don’t know what to think about you. In the end Spencers parents start liking you and get to know you better. Which makes them trust you.
When you tell your parents you’re dating Alison, they’re a bit shocked. You have different personalities and you parents don’t know what to think about them. But they trust you, so they trust Alison.
Aria and you are the perfect couple for eachother. And you parents think so too. Both your parents love the two of you together and they accept it immediately.
Emily’s parents like you really fast. You’re really sweet for Emily, which is the most important to them. You were a bit afraid of what your parents would think of her. But they tell you that as long as you are happy they are too!
Your parents think Mona is a bit weird because of the stuff she had to do with A, but they promise to try and like her. Because you trust her again and your parents have to trust them too, you think.




What if you are my favorite surprise?

very domestic what-is-plot canonverse (note that in calendar)

have fun

Day 2: “You are just sneaking into my house definitely too late for you to be here and your parents probably have no idea, what were you thinking?”

What if you are my favorite surprise?

Matteo can’t say that he doesn’t like his girlfriend coming over to his place, but when she does it late afternoon on Saturday he gets slightly confused. She’s standing in his doorstep with this troublemaker grin letting him know she did something not completely right while her hair is dripping just like her dress, and she’s bouncing happily on her feet.

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itsaconquestofimagination  asked:

Idk if this will inspire you hun, haha, but what about modern Kylo meeting readers family for the first time? There's so many directions it could go. Maybe it's just a dinner maybe a whole weekend getaway?

I was inspired! Thanks Sara

You couldn’t believe you had even made it to this point with Kylo; that he ever wanted to date you in the first place. Now here you were driving in the car with him, about to introduce him to your parents for the first time.

It was difficult to say who was more nervous, you or Kylo. He was nervous because he was worried that your parents wouldn’t like him, they were pretty critical of your boyfriends and Kylo was more unconventional then the others. It was just all so frightening, especially when he felt so strongly about you. As cheesy as it sounded it felt like you were the one, and he didn’t want to jeopardize that by messing up in front of your parents.

You were anxious because you feared what your parents would think of Kylo, although you told him that it didn’t matter what they thought, you didn’t want to deal with the consequences of them disliking him. You didn’t see yourself breaking up with him anytime soon, and to be apart of your life meant meeting your family as much as you didn’t want to.

They had invited you two up to a lake house that they were renting for a few weeks to stay over for a quick vacation. Of course knowing your parents you and Kylo would probably be staying in separate rooms, despite the fact that you had shared a bed before (though your parents didn’t know that).

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  • Sohye: At what age did your parents realize you were a talented singer?
  • Yeonjung: I thought you were going to end that sentence some other way.
  • Sohye: Oh okay. What were you thinking?
  • Yeonjung: At what age did your parents realize you were a fucking moron?

Requests: “Can you do Kai x reader imagine where they are friends w/ benefits but then y/n suddenly becomes distant n it’s because she doesn’t want to tell him that she’s pregnant cos she wants to figure it out on her own but then Kai finds out.”

‘Positive’ well it certainly was a positive start to your day. Or a negative one. Either way there wasn’t any part of you that was excited. You were scared and you were shocked. You were pregnant, you were actually pregnant. What hurt the most was that the father either wouldn’t claim the child or wouldn’t want to be in its life. Maybe you were over reacting, Kai wasn’t so bad. But he had told you so many times how he didn’t want children of his own.

Kai said if his children were anything like him then he didn’t want children. That’s what you get for slipping up, you warned him the last time you had sex that you had to play it safe. Being fuck buddies had to be played safe. But the warlock did things his way. Normally he would always want a condom or have some sort of method to use, like pulling out. But he didn’t, he said he wanted to feel closer to you. Well now you’d either never see each other again or you would continue to see each other as you normally do.

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