what were your parents thinking




Mary: At what age did your parents realize you were a talented artist?

Edward: I thought you were going to end that sentence some other way.

Mary: Oh okay–what were you thinking?

Edward: At what age did your parents realize you were a fucking moron?

Blowout- Part 4

“You’re fifteen years younger than I am. I’m your boss. I’m technically your father’s boss. There’s a pretty significant power imbalance here, Katniss. How do you think your parents would feel if we were together? What do you think everyone would assume?” Everlark. Modern Day AU.

Part 4, the penultimate chapter, is now posted. You can read it here on Ao3 or here on fanfiction.net. Much love to @loving-mellark for the banner.

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~ first greetings ~ danisnotonfire ~

“I wonder what your parents will think about me.”

You and Dan were on your way to your parents’ house. It wouldn’t be their first time meeting Dan, but it would be their first time meeting your baby. (Y/D/N) was born just the other week. They told you over the phone that they couldn’t wait to see her.

“Dan, you’ve already met them, many times in fact.” You say to him.

“I know, but what if they think we’re not responsible enough for a child? If they know me, they’ll know for sure that I’m not.” Dan said worriedly.

“The only thing you should be worrying about is if the baby will get hurt on this journey. Mum is excited about seeing (Y/D/N). Dad might start judging in his mind, but that’s what he usually does anyways.” You explain. “It’ll be fine.”

“Alright, I believe you. Let’s make them want us stay.”

You arrived at your childhood home. Your parents have been living there for almost 30 years. You carried your baby and walked up to the front door. Dan’s arm was wrapped around your shoulder. You rang the doorbell and someone almost immediately opened the door.

“Oh, it’s good to see you again.” Your mother hugged the two of you.

“How are you doing Mrs. (Y/L/N)?” Dan greeted her.

“I’m doing fine, thanks. Come in, come in.” She urged you inside.

The house was set up exactly how you left it. The couches creating a ‘U’ shape, the TV on an antique stand, and the same kind of flowers were on the coffee table. Of course not the exact flowers, but your mum must have been keeping up with buying orchids, your mum’s favorite. You turned towards your mother.

“Mum, this is (Y/D/N).” You held out (Y/D/N), who was awake, and your mother took her in her arms.

“Such a beauty. She has your eyes, and her father’s nose. I can easily tell that you and Dan are her parents.”

(Y/D/N) was smiling in a bubbly way. Her large eyes sparkled in the light. You left (Y/D/N) with your mum. You walked towards the kitchen and heard Dan’s voice along with your dad’s. You stopped to secretly listen by the door.

“So how are you coping with being a father?” Your dad asked.

“It’s better, yet harder than I thought. I didn’t expect to love someone so much, I mean, other than (Y/N).” You could hear Dan’s voice trailing off. You knew him well enough that it meant he was starting to blush.

“Good for you. Now you get to know how us parents felt about you guys.” Sounded like the men were getting along.

You walked back to where your mum was. You heard a wailing sound coming from the living room. The baby was starting to cry.

“I think (Y/N) misses her mummy.” Your mum handed her back to you.

You rocked the baby, telling her that you’re here. She didn’t stop crying, but you knew what to do. She needed her daddy as well. You whispered to your mother to follow. You walked into the kitchen and was greeted by Dan.

“What’s wrong?” Dan asked with a hint of panic in his voice.

“Nothing. She just wanted to see her father.” You handed the baby over to Dan.

Your parents were giving you a look that read 'why can’t you do it’. You gave them a look back to reassure them.

'I know what I’m doing.’ You thought.

Dan started to talk to the baby and rocked his arms back and forth. “There there, it’s alright.”

(Y/D/N)’s cries faded away. Her smile came back and she giggled. You turn to your parents and raise an eyebrow.

'Told you.’ You say silently.

It was later that night and you and Dan were by yourselves with (Y/D/N). You sat on the couch and talked.

“Look at us. Two adults with a child of our own.” You say resting your head on Dan’s shoulder.

“More like two children. I can’t think of myself as an adult. I’m still a child.” Dan admits.

“Well, I guess us children still have a lot to learn. In the meantime, let’s have fun as a family and learn from each other.”