what were were learning to read today

LeFou: Ah, Gaston!
LeFou: Gaston, I’m trying to learn how to read this book.
LeFou: Gaston!
LeFou: Argh!
LeFou: What?
LeFou: I would?

Fun fact: Luke Evans once played the character of Nicky in Avenue Q, the same character that sings the dialogue that Gaston is singing in this incorrect quote.

Source: “If You Were Gay” from Avenue Q.

It’s not that I’m surprised that there ARE regional differences, I’m just sometimes surprised about WHAT they are.

Last night we had rehearsal down at the renn fair space where we’re doing a few scenes from MND this weekend and one of the spaces is tucked away on a forest path. On our way back we found two ticks on my neck – one @ark-shifter brushed away, the other had bitten and I had to pull it out. But I get lint tangled up in the small hairs on the back of my neck (where it was), which is what I thought it was when I pulled it off, and I didn’t notice it was a tick until I glanced down as I dropped it and saw legs so I didn’t get a chance to see what kind of tick it was.

I developed a little pimple-like spot where I pulled it off and when I mentioned this to @ark-shifter they didn’t seem to understand that I wanted them to take a look at it, but I figured it was just ‘cause it was late and we had a long night of last-minute costume things ahead of us so they were tired and distracted (also sometimes I expect them to read my mind without giving them a whole lot to go on).

Then this morning I asked them to take another look at it to look for “the target” and they were just completely lost, no there’s nothing on my neck target what????

Which was when I realized that OH, they didn’t grow up in deer tick country! They didn’t get it pounded into their head every summer that, if they ever get bit by a tick, to check for the target rash:

We both learned something today.

Luckiest Girl

((Don’t know where this came from, but I’m dedicating it once again to my beautiful, curly-haired women of color. I’ve been feeling a certain way about The8 lately- a good kind of way! He’s just changed so much and I think it’s cute/hilarious! I just remember him saying once that he wanted to have a cooler image, but didn’t think he could because he couldn’t help but be cute. Then one comeback later- BAM! Cool kid all the time. I mean, what? Anyway, enjoy this little something I did. Thanks for reading!))

Pairing: MinghaoxReader

Genre: Fluff/Slight Angst

Word Count: 5,155

Summary: There were pros and cons to being an exchange student. The pros included learning a new language, new culture, and meeting new people. You know, learning that there’s something much bigger than you and your little side of the world. The cons? You missed home…a lot. But you weren’t alone. You were never alone. 

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Don’t let anyone tell you learning your target language is a waste of time!

People told me this when I first announced to my family I wanted to learn German. They thought I was crazy and needed to focus on Spanish if I wanted to learn a language.

Today, my mom and I went to a Christmas home tour. The ladies from the local historical society had to read the home’s history from a paper. The originals owners of one house were, what do you know, German.

The ladies could not read the German on the paper, and one said to just skip it. My mother steaming with anger that these ladies were skipping important history stated loudly “my daughter reads German.” The ladies handed me the paper, and I explained the German to them and the group. My mom was so proud of me.

Your target language could come in handy in the most unusual situations. Do not give up based on what other people tell you. Merry Christmas!

Hairway to heaven

A/N: (LOOK AT THIS PUN!) This takes place after 12x09, no spoilers though! I hope you all enjoy this little love story :) My tags lists are opened! Send me an ask if you want to be added!

Dean x Reader

Story: Y/N is Sam and Dean’s barber in Lebanon, Kansas. (That’s all you need to know)

Warnings: language and smut

Originally posted by kissing-pleasure

You sighed, looking at the clock above the mirrored wall of your salon, knowing the end of the day had arrived too soon. Again.

“You can go home Nadine” you signed to your employee, the brunette giving you a gentle smile as she walked at the back of the shop and grabbed her belongings.

“Thanks Y/N, I’ll see you tomorrow”

You nodded and waved quickly before you started again your closing tasks, pretty sure no more customers would walk in at that time of the day. Not that you would refuse to get a quick haircut done since you were in no hurry to go home. No hurry simply because your apartment was just above your salon.

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Attachment Issues

Isaac Lahey X Reader

Word Count: 575

Requested: Wattpad

Request: So this is a request for your fandom imagines thing. I was wondering if you could do a teen wolf imagine where the reader is like 13 and blind. She’s Lydia’s little sister and one of the boys of the pack get attached to her and think she’s the best thing in the world? Hope it’s not too much. Thanks!

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

You were young, you were blind had been all your life, that didn’t make you any less capable you parents had done what was best for you so you were kept at home you had a Braille cover over your keyboard. Lydia often read to you and taught you what she learned and then to your work in for it to be marked. You knew about the pack although they tried to keep you from finding out, so now when was with the pack Isaac was with you, he’d climb in through the window and sit with you talk to you and you’d help him with Chemistry, something he always struggled with. Today, however, was different you were down and Isaac sensed it as soon as he walked into your room. “Hey, Isaac.” You greeted recognising his walking pattern.

“How do you do that?” he asked you could hear the smile in his voice.
“Everyone walks differently, favour different shoes and stuff,” You answered playing with your cover.
“What’s wrong?” he asked crouching in front of you, you turned to face him and gently reached out hands gliding over his face as you mapped it out in your head, Isaac was taking in your scent and smiling as he watched your face change and concentrate. “You gonna answer?”
“I… It’s nothing.” you answered taking your hands away which Isaac caught.
“It’s not,” he insisted rubbing his hands over your knuckles.
“I just haven’t been outside is all.” You answered just like that Isaac hand lifted you and settled you on his back.
“Well let’s go somewhere then.” he suggested guiding your legs to wrap around his waist.
“Where?” You asked.
“How about the ice cream place you love?” he asked and you giggled in response and he nodded to himself as he began in that direction. Your parents and sister tried to take you out as much as possible because you just weren’t comfortable going anywhere on your own especially after finding out about werewolves and whatnot running around. When you felt the air on your face a smile stretched across it and you could not make it go away, you were happy to breathe in the fresh air.

Isaac sat you down before going to order and then coming back, he loved to help you as much as he could and so he helped you eat. Once you were finished he paid and then picked you up again. “Thank you,” You mumbled.
“No problem,” Isaac answered.
“No I mean you could have been somewhere else.” You said. “Having fun.”
“I have fun with you” he answered quickly.
“Yeah, I’m some 13 years old with a problem.” You mumbled.
“No you’re a strong 13-year-old who made their disadvantage and advantage,” Isaac answered. “You’ve learnt walking patterns, you’ve noticed the changes in breathing in relation to the way that people feel, you map out people’s face just by touch and you are just as smart as your sister despite never setting foot in a school,” Isaac said quickly and you buried your face in his shoulder and hummed in agreement.

Isaac took you home and back up to your bedroom where he gently laid you down on one side since you’d fallen asleep on the way back, he climbed in on the other side and you shuffled over curling into his side and he sighs “you’re amazing.” he whispered gently stroking your hair.

Requests and general question!

A War Fought at Home: Chapter 2

Corporal Natsu Dragneel has been through Hell, and unfortunately for him, the ride isn’t quite over. How will a new Rehab program at the local VA help? And will a certain blonde help make matters better?

Modern Military AU. Warnings for mentions of depression and adult language/situations. Other warnings to come as the story progresses. Cross post on AO3 and FF.net.

Chapters: 1 |

Physical Therapy was ten times worse than PT had ever been in Bootcamp. Like Natsu was pretty sure that Therapy was as close to actual Hell on Earth as a human being could get. If he was being honest, he’d rather have his old Drill Sergeant barking orders at him than the “sweet and gentle” Physical Therapist who cooed at him like a child. Nope, he’d take that old, nasty son-of-a-bitch any day over Mili-whatever the fuck her name was.

He knew he was in trouble the minute Lucy rolled him inside the tiny gym. After Natsu was just barely able to drag his eyes away from the gorgeous blonde, his eyes tried to focus on what laid before him. Scattered about the room were different stations designed around different exercises, but with tables, workout balls, resistance bands, a set of mounted parallel bars and treadmills stood dauntingly in the back left-hand corner. His new therapist was seated on what had slowly become his most despised nemesis, black foam puzzle mats. He knew what those meant. They meant the grown- up version of Back and Tummy Time. They were gonna take him out of his chair and put his ass on the ground to have him wriggle around like a baby trying to learn how to crawl. All that was missing were the barbed wire and mud. Then it would have been a party.

“She’s not as bad as she seems,” Lucy said with a giggle, the mere sound ringing in Natsu’s ears like an Angelic choir. It was like she could read his mind. “Plus it’s only for today. She’s going to evaluate you and you’ll be assigned a permanent Therapist tomorrow.”

Natsu sighed in relief which caused Lucy to make that heavenly sound once more. He found himself thanking whatever gods existed for the fact that he wasn’t stuck with his own personal cheerleader. If he had been, his stint in the VA would have ended there and then. “I’ll take your word for it,” he rasped before the Therapist joined them. Her first order of business of dismissing Lucy, effectively beginning the worst two hours Natsu had experienced in months.

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By Your Side

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The Idea For This Came From The Amazing @gotham-kat Thank You So Much And Sorry It Took So Long XOXO

Pairing: Platonic! Alex Summers x Sean Cassidy x reader
Warning: mentions of abuse
Fandom: X-Men

Erik and Charles showing up at your doorstep was probably the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Being a mutant in and anti mutant household was no picnic. Your father beat you so many times it became almost normal. He thought he could beat the freak out of you. What he didn’t know was that you were only becoming stronger. You were a telepath and when you’re forced to live inside your mind you learn to use your powers to their full extent. Perhaps it was because of how powerful you were that Charles and Erik found you.

Usually you were forced to stay hidden away in your room but it seemed as if your parents weren’t feeling as cruel today. You were sitting in the living room secretly trying to read the mind of your neighbour when a knock on the door suddenly startled you making you lose focus. You were about to go answer it but then you remembered. “Freaks shouldn’t show their faces”. So you stayed put and let your father answer it instead.

“Who the hell are you?” You heard your father say with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“Hello Mr [Y/L/N] I was wondering if I could speak to [Y/N]” came a male’s voice. You let out a small gasp. Why would someone be looking for you?

There was a pause then you father replied.
“No one by that name lives here”.

“No offence but I know that’s a lie”.

“And how’s that”.

“Let’s just say I’m very talented when it comes to guessing what people are thinking”.

“Listen here freak if you don’t start explaining yourself I’m going to call the cops”.

Someone different began to speak, another man “then why don’t you bring your daughter out here so we can speak to the both of you”.

After a few curses your father yelled to you causing you to jump to your feet and run to the doorway curiously. You finally got a look at the two men in the doorway.

One was the very definition of a teacher. He wore a white shirt with a brown sweater over it, he had a very sophisticated face, and intelligent blue eyes.
The other was taller, he wore a brown leather jacket, and a hard expression on his face as if he could rip you apart in a second.

“Hello” you said in a small voice.

“Hello [Y/N] I’m Charles Xavier this is Erik Lehnsherr” said the smaller man, he paused for a moment “I’m like you [Y/N]. I can do extraordinary things just like you” you heard him say this but the strange thing was his lips weren’t moving.

“I’m sorry?” You said aloud.

“I’m in here [Y/N], I’m in your mind” he repeated yet again without moving his lip, he tapped the side of his head. You bit your lip to keep yourself from letting out a yell of surprise. He was a telepath! He was a mutant. You looked at your father nervously preying he wasn’t putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

“So go on explain why you’re here” you father demanded narrowing his eyes.

Charles cleared his throat “your daughter was actually just accepted into a very good school Mr [Y/L/N]. You should be quite proud of her”.

Your father looked down at you eyes still narrowed.
“You applied to a school?”.

“Erm” you gulped “yes. I thought you may like for me to get out of the house…”.

“Well we can leave now” Charles said out loud “if that’s alright with you [Y/N]”.

“Yes I’d like that a lot Mr Xavier” you said with a nod. Then you focused and whispered into the man’s mind “as long as I never have to come back here again”.

“Very good” Charles smiled. He almost looked impressed at how easily you were able to communicate with him using your powers.
“Come now”.
You watched the two men walk to there car that was parked at then end of the drive way. You didn’t follow immediately. You were just too stunned. You were actually getting out of here and your father wasn’t even attempting to stop you!

You smiled. You were beginning to walk out the door when you heard your father say gruffly.
“Good riddance”.
You stopped. Part of you was screaming mentally for you to just go. Go now but no you had to turn around and have the last word.
“Good riddance to you too old man” with that you took off not looking back even when your dad began to curse you out. You just jumped into the car and told the two men to step on the gas and get you out of that damned place. You were free. Free at last.

You had fallen asleep in the car but you were soon awoken by the sound of the two men talking. You pretended to still be asleep however, you were curious to what they could be discussing.

“They treated her badly” Charles said to Erik who was currently driving.

“Can’t say I’m surprised” Erik responded “I new that bastard was scum as soon as he opened the door”.

“Don’t mention any of this to the other mutants” Charles said sternly “the last thing she needs is people smothering her with questions about the abuse. It stays between us Erik, no matter what”.


You smiled softly. You had only just met these two and they already cared about your well being. You were happy to be with people like you and at that moment you promised yourself you’d never go back to that retched home. Unfortunately it turns out you lied to yourself because here you were back here again.

The events in Cuba had already taken place and now you were living at the Xavier mansion with the professor, Hank, and your two best friends Sean and Alex. Life was good but you basically had nothing. You’ve been burrowing Raven’s old clothes that she left behind for a little while now and you figured it was about time you got your stuff and officially moved out of your old home. Unfortunately that you involve actually going back but this time you had Sean and Alex with you.

You quickly became close to the two boys after meeting them and eventually you felt comfortable telling them a little bit about your past. Neither seemed like the comforting type yet they helped you out a lot. They both came with you to look after you, make sure you were okay. You swear if you hadn’t told Alex not to hurt either of your parents he would have.

“You sure about this?“ Alex asked. You blinked pulling yourself out of your trance. You had just been standing in the drive way staring up at what use to be your prison for the longest time. You hesitated but eventually nodded.

“Yeah I’m fine come on”.

“So you came crawling back huh?” Your dad scoffed after he opened the door. You glared, you weren’t scared of him anymore.

“No I’m here to get my stuff” you explained balling your fists “don’t worry I’ll be out of your hair soon”.

Your father snorted.
“It’s all up stairs in your room. None of us wanted to touch it in case it was infected or something”.

Alex opened his mouth to say something but you turned to him and shook your head.
“He’s not worth it” you said to your friend telepathically. Alex’s shoulders relaxed a bit but Sean’s face was still very red. He looked as if he’d like nothing more then to teach your dad a lesson.

“Who are they” your dad asked eyeing Alex and Sean as they entered the house right after you.

“Friends not that it’s any of your business” you shot back “come on my bedrooms up here” you said leading the boys upstairs.

You didn’t have a ton of stuff since your parents obviously didn’t really treat you like a princess or anything. Just some clothes and a couple of nicknacks. Sean and Alex stood outside your room as you packed up everything. Your mom and dad popped by every once in a while, possibly checking to see if you were up to no good or whatever but Sean and Alex would either say “where do you think you’re going Mrs/Mr [Y/L/N]” or they’d stare them down until your parents got too uncomfortable to stick around. Once everything was in a box you started handing them to your friends who took them downstairs and loaded the stuff into the car.

“There’s only one box left” you announced “you guys go get the car ready I’ll bring it down myself”.

“You sure” Alex said, eyes wondering to the bottom of the stairs where your parents stood, arms crossed, faces scrunched up in disgust.

“Yeah” you smiled “I got this”.

Both boys nodded and headed out of the house but not before shooting the two adults hateful glares. You picked up the last of your possessions and walked down the stairs.

“We better not see you again” your dad said. Your mother nodded in agreement.

“A million dollars wouldn’t get me to come back here again” you assured “people like you aren’t worth my time. I have a real family now”. You walked out the house feeling somewhat happy. You felt like this experience, no matter how many bad memories it brought back gave you a chance to heal. To move on. Your future was looking bright, you didn’t need to worry about your past anymore.

Sean was still putting stuff in the trunk of the car but Alex was standing there waiting for you, with a grin on his face once you exited the home. You tackled the blonde in a hug, which he didn’t seem to fully expect but he smiled all the same.

“Thanks for coming” you said wiping away the couple tears that had managed to escape your eyes “if it wasn’t for you guys…”.

“Hey anytime” Alex replied rubbing your back soothingly.

“Hey do I get a hug?” Sean asked suddenly appearing by you and Alex’s side.

“Shut up Cassidy” you laughed “you’ll get your turn”.
He didn’t have to wait long though because soon your arms were wrapped around him as well.

“Okay let’s get out of here” Alex suggested. All of you nodded and not too long later you were pulling out of that drive way forever. This time for sure.

A Habit Hard to Break

So I needed to hear some of Clarke’s calls to Bellamy, and I needed him to know she was alive so I created this to fill my own desires of angst but also Bellarke feels. Thanks to all of the friends that read this over while I was doing it, you all really encouraged me to keep writing this monster of thing @vellarke @aubzylynn and @t4m4r

Warnings: n/a

Length: 4706 words (I’m not sorry)

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

              Clarke stared up at the sky, well what was the sky now. It wasn’t blue that’s for sure, the radiation left much to be desired in what was left. Her skin was a wash in tones of yellow and orange, it had gotten to the point where time was hard to tell, night was easy but the in-between was hard. She hadn’t even ventured to leave the island yet, who knows what the water would bring or how it would even effect a boat moving across it.  So she stayed where she could find something, bits of the house remained, but more of the lab was usable. The bunker was intact so she had what she could find there. At this point she was barely surviving, she couldn’t take time to worry about the sky or time or what lied beyond the sea. She had five years of time on her own, she could figure that all out later.

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Taehyung Scenario: Devoted To You.

Request: Yaas,the request are open!!Can you make a scenario with Taehyung being more serious and protecting with you?cause i want to see that side of him more. Thaank you~

Genre: Romance.

It was almost seven in the night when you turned off your computer and started to pick up your things; work had been exhausting today but you were finally done and ready to go home to relax. Your phone vibrated, and you saw a text from your boyfriend that made you smile.

I’m home jagiya. How much until you are here? Should I go for you?

Taehyung was always solicitous, since it was getting dark you knew he worried a little about you going home alone, but you always insisted you were fine. Taehyung needed every single minute of rest he could get with that schedule he managed as a singer.

No need for that Tae, I’ll be home soon, wait for me.

But as you were getting your stuff inside your bag you heard a voice coming from the little entrance of your cubicle. 

-Y/N you are already done-

Looking up at your boss you nodded. -Yes, everything is ready and I sent you the emails you requested-

-That’s great Y/N, but did you check the emails that I just sent you?-

You frowned a little, you had checked your inbox just before turning off the computer and there wasn’t any new emails from your boss. -I checked it just a few minutes ago and there wasn’t…-

Your boss shook his head, he was a middle aged man, thin and tall, and he loved to flip around his already scarce hair. -Oh Y/N, you need to be more attentive, would you check those emails? I should have a report of them soon-

You fought the need of sighing, it was the same thing as always, but Mr. Heo was a balding asshole who loved to make you work late hours and because you were not yet on the fixed personnel list then you had to comply to get in his good side. -May I do them at home?-

Mr. Heo did have the freedom to sigh loudly. -You know how things go here, when you are done with those reports you may leave, or maybe I should pass them to someone else if you are in a rush?-

Smiling tightly you denied that option. -There’s no need for that, I’ll do those reports right now-

Mr. Heo smiled as well. -I’ll leave you to it then, make sure to turn off the lights when you are done- you exhaled when he left, turning on the computer once again to do your new task. Your boss didn’t even say goodbye when he left the office, so now you were completely alone. The office was in the tenth floor of an empresarial building, but there wasn’t so many people who stayed too late, for example in your workplace there was only you because your boss had a tyrant complex directed specifically at you.

Hello beautiful, on your way? I’m waiting

You saw the text, you had totally forgotten about Taehyung who was probably expecting you to arrive home in twenty minutes.

I’m sorry babe, I have to stay a little longer tonight, but I’ll be home as soon as I can.

Again late hours? Text me when you are finishing, I will go for you.

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Sanctuary [Anakin Skywalker x Reader]

Summary: Anakin and the reader are both Jedi who have secretly disregarded the Code and formed a relationship. However, dangerous missions are always a part of the life of a Jedi, and Anakin is assigned to fight the droid army on Cristophsis. Before he leaves, he and the reader enjoy each other’s presence for what could be the last time.

Word Count: 1850+

Warnings: The reader fears for Anakin’s life

Giving you the rank of Jedi Master had been a huge mistake on the Council’s part. Still, you could not argue. To explain why they shouldn’t have done it would be to bring about your dismissal from the Order. As much as you wanted to be worthy of the title, the unfortunate truth was that you never would be.

You had become attached to Anakin Skywalker. Attached didn’t seem to be the word… With your Jedi training, saying the right things was difficult. The phrase “I love you” came easily to Anakin, but you couldn’t seem to say it as often as you thought it. You relied on actions, not words, to tell him. You were so grateful that Anakin could understand completely. It was as though he was a part of you, for truthfully, he was a part of you.

But, the fact that you were a Jedi was a part of you, as well, which is why your feelings for Anakin remained a secret. It was lucky that you were good at keeping secrets, because Anakin wasn’t. You were surprised that he hadn’t gone to the Council to pass out wedding invitations.

There were already rumors surrounding Anakin, but none of your fellow Jedi had traced them back to you. You were trusted, and it made you feel terrible. The guilt only grew stronger when Master Yoda asked you to teach the younglings for him. “Go to the Council meeting, I must,” he had informed you. “My faith in you is not misplaced.”

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Les go De!

A/N: This is day 1 of my 7 Days of Halloween stories. There will be a masterlist here where you can read all of the stories. I haven’t read through this yet. My bad for any mistakes.

Dean’s age-15     Sam’s age-11     Reader’s age-5

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader   

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The motel he walked in to after school was not what he expected. You had been talking all week about how excited you were for Halloween this year and today was that day. There was going to be an assembly, songs you learned to sing, and even a Halloween party at school. This was your first year in school where they had this sort of stuff and you were eating it up.

Which is why when Dean walked into the motel and saw you crying into a pillow on the motel bed with Sam trying to make you feel better surprised him. He expected you to be hyped up on sugar. Not crying.

He made his way over to the bed and sat next to Sam, “What happened?” He mouthed at Sam. Sam just shook his his head and continued to rub your back. Dean let out a sigh and grabbed Sam by the collar, dragging him into the bathroom so he could force Sam to spill.

“You have about two seconds to tell me what happened before I hit you.” Dean said, annoyed that his little brother wouldn’t tell him what was going on, “Sam.” Dean warned.

Sam let out a groan but faced Dean, “It was the Halloween stuff at school today.” He told Sam.

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Its that time again

To redeem my LasPegasus Unicon bits?

To ask Lauren Faust and Meghan McCarthy to read my fanfic?

No! Its time to learn today’s lesson! And to find out what it is, we turn to the Wheel of Morality!

Wheel of Morality, turn, turn, turn, tell us the lesson that we should learn!

Moral number 3! The moral of today is…

Better late than never, unless you were planning to say something asinine!

nocturnal-asian  asked:

How do I stay engaged and curious about science when the teachers and the way they teach things aren't engaging or interesting? I used to love taking science subjects at school but now I've just lost all passion for it because of the way I'm taught.

Okay. This might come off sorta harsh, but here’s my straight-talkin’ answer, and one that took me a decade to realize: 

It’s on you. 

It is on you to foster your own passion, interest, and love for the subjects. 

Unfortunately, we don’t pay teachers enough for them to be the miracle workers we hope they will be. We - and I’m speaking for the American public school system here - we don’t offer those individuals the sort of incentives they would require to pour that high energy and investment into their classes, course after course, year after year. There are some teachers who absolutely do do that – and they are the unicorns, altruistically giving up so much of themselves for the hopeful, future benefit of their pupils. But it is unreasonable to expect every teacher would meet such high qualifying standards. I had one, maybe two such teachers in my life, and I consider myself lucky for having them. 

So it’s on you. And the quality of teacher aside - it’s still on you. High school and college years are phenomenal times in your life where your primary expectation is to learn, ingest information, and regurgitate it in a way that reflects what you have contextualized. For me, realizing that homework and research assignments were not a burden or a means to an end, but instead were structured opportunities, was absolutely crucial to my personal growth. Instead of rolling my eyes at a book report or research assignment I wish I would have appreciated the fact I was given a targeted task with such relatively low expectations: read the thing, pay attention, and share what you have learned. For REAL that is what my actual job is today – taking in information, and contextualizing it in a way that makes sense to me, then sharing the message with others. 

Like, bad teachers can beat the hell out of a fascinating topic – but that’s giving more power to the instructor, and less power to the subject. FORGET the lousy lecturer. You know what you like, you know what gets your gears turning. You say you used to love science subjects – what about them, though? Take time to identify the sort of things that really got you going, and pursue that interest on your own time. Better yet, pursue that interest in the absence of your teacher telling you why you ought to care about whatever they’re teaching or saying. 

Eventually, you’ll get to the point where you shouldn’t expect your teachers to be the sole drivers of your interests. In a best-case scenario, they may act as catalysts - but you’ll find that, for the rest of your life, you’re the only one leading the charge. Outside of high school or college it’s going to become really rare that someone else is taking the time to teach you something, aside from your independent pursuit. “Life-long learning” is a gushy phrase that sounds really hokey, but it’s one I wholly embrace. I am a self-driven, life-long learner. I am unsatisfied living a life without the unending pursuit of knowledge.

I hope you’ll find that if you stare at cracks in the sidewalk long enough, you might notice they can be pried open, forming rabbit holes, expanding into yawning, gaping caverns of unending curiosity. But you’ve got to ask the first question, and then you’ve gotta go find the answer. 

Struggle for Power (pt. 1, Assertion)

((Alright, dear followers. Disclaimer. The following x reader fanfic is /so very/ nsfw.

((Now, there aren’t any kinks. No BDSM, nothing considered really very unusual. It’s just very nsfw. So there’s my warning. If you’re not comfortable with nsfw, don’t read this.

((This isn’t actually from a request, if I’m honest. I just got a vague idea the other day and it turned into this. So, for anyone who’s going to read this, enjoy))

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EXO react to staying home with the baby

How about this… I’ll call you Neon if you just call me J. ^^

Xiumin: They have staring contests while he’s feeding the baby and then suddenly… “You think you’re cuter than me?! We’ll see about that!” Commence the aegyo.

Y/N: What are you doing?
Luhan: Today, we’re learning object permanence!
Y/N: You mean you’re playing peekaboo…
Luhan: Maybe…

Kris: When you come back home… “Oh, hey babe! We were just reading!”
Y/N: Try again. Your book’s upside down.
Kris: Okay. We were watching the basketball game - our baby’s going to be a really great basketball player!

Suho: When you come home, he’s trying to put the baby to bed by singing a lullaby.
Y/N: Are you crying?
Suho: No. I’m singing - he wouldn’t nap all day!
Y/N: Maybe it’s because he’s scared of your singing face…

Lay: When you come back you find them both sound asleep in the living room, the baby curled up on his chest, one of his hands lightly holding the baby there safely.

Baekhyun: Has to call all the guys over to help him because he can’t figure out how to change the diaper on his own.
  Sehun: “How many men does it take to change a diaper?”
  Chanyeol: “One to hold it down, one Joonma to actually change it, and four to run around like chickens with their heads cut off.”

Chen: Looks at the dirty diaper, then back at the baby. “I can’t do this. Let’s call Mommy for help - she’s better at this kind of stuff.”

Chanyeol: “Oh, come on! Please stop crying! Daddy needs to get to sleep and I’ll get in big trouble if Mommy comes home and you’re still upset.”

DO: “Remember, when plotting world domination, a few people are going to die, sweetie. The important part is making sure that it seems like an accident. Daddy’s going to teach you everything!”

Tao: Sullen childish Tao comes out. “Why couldn’t you have thrown up on your toys instead of Daddy’s Gucci? How can you be my child? I’m so disappointed in you.”

Kai: “Alright, kids. You have to play nice with your new little sibling. He’s not as good at following instructions or walking as you are, so don’t make fun of him.”

Sehun: You come home and they’re both just lying on the couch.
Y/N: Did you two do anything today?
Sehun: No… Can’t we just have baby-daddy time without having to do anything?
Y/N: Did you at least remember to feed and change the baby?
Sehun: What kind of irresponsible parent do you think I am? Of course I remembered! *pulls some ugly faces at you, thinking: ‘oh god, please tell me I remembered to feed her.’*

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writing tip: if you feel bad about your writing, imagine it's one of the only surviving pieces of literature and alien teenagers are forced to learn about it and professors worship it

“Please access your data chips and open unit 2349578.9. Today our lesson is on the homo sapiens of the planet Earth. Homo sapiens, or humans, were a violent, backwards race and have been extinct for 115 cycles, or ever since their Milky Way galaxy collided with the Andromeda galaxy.

"Not much is known about them as their entire planet was annihilated, but our researchers were able to preserve scraps of data from what they called the World Wide Web from remnants of their primitive satellites. The passage we will be reading today is the only complete work of human literature known in the universe, and from it we can glean many interesting habits about this ill-fortuned race. For example, in this work, we will read an extremely detailed account of a human male considered to be physically attractive being fucked in the ass by tentacles.”


I talked to someone today at a con who claimed to have read the Pacific Rim 2 script this week. I won’t say who they are. And I have no proof they were telling the truth. They also were very good about not spoiling it but they gave some hints based on what I asked.

  • The film is set in an academy, almost like a “shatterdome hogwarts” with people learning how to fight kaiju in case of another invasion.
  • The Jaegar are “very different” in this, and possibly a lot smaller. He said “they’re kinda like actual characters now” and hinted that the smaller ones can be piloted solo.
  • The script is very “funny” and aiming possibly younger then the original and trying to be more franchisey
  • Many of the characters from the first one are now teachers
  • John Boyega is Duke Pentecost and a student there

But the biggest thing was his reaction to the Newt print I was selling. This was why he started talking about it.

Newt is a very big character in the film. He said “I’m not sure people are gonna like where they’re taking his character”. I said I really cared about that character and he said “hmmmmmmm. Well. He’s definitely in it.”

I have a suspicion he might be the villain, as was Del Toro’s original plan. I’m hoping more of a “horrible mistake technically makes him an antagonist but he’s really sorry about it” rather than “mwah ha ha, it was me all along!”