what were dancers names

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Honestly, I hate when people say he and RM can't dance. I first noticed the group because I thought they were all good dancers (when I asked my friend what their name was, I actually called them the dancing group). People who dismiss him for not being professional enough are such idiots, thank you for sticking up for my bias <3

i knooww!! it’s d a n c e monster not r a p monster obviously. no but seriously jin and rm can keep up with the other members so why do people complain so much? 

👏 they’re 👏 good 👏 dancers 👏

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The entirety of "What's My Name" was so entertaining - the pirate dancers were awesome and so expressive, the little moments in it (pirate stepping to Uma/her taking his sword/Harrys reaction, Uma fake jabbing the pirate kids with it, the customers watching the whole music number.) China and Thomas were fantastic. They sold their roles. Everyone's chemistry was on point especially C and T. I'm not surprised the whole pirate gang including China, Thomas, and Dylan all got matching anchor tattoos.

Honestly Uma got all of the better song and dance numbers (Chillin Like a Villain is the one exception). And I mostly contribute that to China’s work ethic. Like just looking at behind the scenes stuff she was giving 1000% even in just plain old rehearsals and I love that sfm! Like her going full out during rehearsals is going to make everyone else do the same and demand a higher level of commitment to the choreo tbh. but neways, What’s My Name is definitely my favorite tho like the voguing pirates, the sword choreo, the dance break down, the lyrics, the all around good time that it was. Like I need D3 to come with the fire for all of Uma’s songs tbh and maybe not have a rap battle between her Mal ft Ben T.aylor S.wifting his ass up into the mix. (and by rap battle I mean Uma killing the beat and Mal talking and barely keeping up aka cue the cringe) 

As far as the matching tats and how close the pirate crew were??? Again I feel like that was a good deal of China in the sense that she has got this beautiful, bubbly personality and I’m sure it helped them all form that bond to be able to create the beautiful chemistry that we got because you’re right they sold their roles and I need no I DEMAND more Uma, Harry, Gil, and Pirate Crew in the next movie.