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What do you think will be Mutsuki’s reaction when he returns to the CCG and finds Touka there working alongside Urie, Saiko, the Qs, and the CCG?

Probably….. not very pretty. But since the Quinx and Juuzou are there too, hopefully it will be an opportunity for Mutsuki to finally move off this downward spiral he’s been on. 

They’ve all stood by, hesitating to confront Mutsuki about his actions recently or refusing to believe there’s anything wrong. What Mutsuki went through was a horrifying ordeal and I can see how they would just have absolutely no idea how to broach this topic. Urie, who knows Mucchan is in love with Haise, saw hundreds of photos of Touka stabbed by knives, and didn’t think to go stop Mutsuki. Saiko tried to open discussion about Mucchan smelling like blood but when he diverted off that topic she dropped it. Juuzou was Mutsuki’s mentor and even commented that he was in the position of Shinohara as mentor to a wild child, yet the only wisdom he has passed onto his protege was using knives.

None of them have seen first hand though just how far gone down this destructive path Mutsuki is, so seeing a confrontation between Mutsuki and Touka would definitely open their eyes, giving them a chance to nip that issue in the bud and support him towards a healthier path.

That is, if Mucchan and Aura even go back to the CCG and don’t go off and do their own thing of course! :’)

Fix You Up

Summary: When I get sick and need help my crush Jun gets sent over to make me all better. But how will that work when Jun and I are so awkward we can’t even talk to each other?

Note: I posted this last week but deleted it and I regretted it so I’m putting it back. Enjoy!

I got home from the hospital feeling worse than when I went in, but the doctor had assured me that I would be fine. She had given me several prescriptions that she said would have me fixed up in no time flat. The only problem was there was no way I could go to the store and wait in line to get them filled.

So I flopped down on the sofa and called my best friend. “Vernon, help me, I’m dying,” I said in my weakest and most pathetic voice, as soon as he answered.

“What’s wrong?”

“I am so sick. I went to the hospital. They said I have strep.”


“Yes. They sent me home but I feel like I’m dying.”

“That sucks. You must feel so terrible. What hurts?”

“Everything. My throat hurts, I have a fever and I’m nauseous and coughing. I need to get my prescriptions filled but it’s too cold outside. I can’t go anywhere out there, I tried. It feels like being stabbed by a million tiny needles of ice.”

“Okay, don’t worry. I’m going to send someone to help you.”

Send someone?” I asked. That was not the response I had imagined.

“Yeah, your lover, Jun,” he said with a deep chuckle.

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I drew phil but

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aka how to create presentation slides that actually improve your presentation

By Eintsein

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In response to #MeToo, “listening and learning” emerges as the “thoughts and prayers” of social justice movements

We stumbled into a reckoning. It had been a regular staff meeting — standard announcements, small talk, and project updates— until we began discussing the results of the 2016 presidential election. My fellow white coworkers and I bemoaned the state of the nation. What went wrong? How did we get here? And why didn’t we see it coming?

After many long minutes of shock from a chorus of white voices, a colleague of color chimed in. “We did see it coming,” she said. “We saw it coming in our work. We saw it coming in our country. We told you. You just didn’t listen.”

There was a long silence. I felt my stomach collapse in on itself, the telltale sign I was hearing a terrible truth about myself. She was right.

“Black women don’t get to be surprised. We don’t get to be exhausted or ‘woe is me’ or any of it. We’ve been here a long time. So, I guess, welcome, but what took you so long?”

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:^)) tfw when Memories™ pop up :^)) and you gotta wonder why no one noticed you were an abused kid :^))) the symptoms were all there :^)) I wasn’t just a ‘weird kid’ like y'all said I was :^))) adults always say they know more about kids than they let on but if that’s really the case they must really not give a shit about us when the ignore very obvious signs of abuse :^^))) I spoke about some fucked up shit right in front of teachers and parents and none of them said anything, none of them reacted :^)) if they’re actually listening they don’t give a damn