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For people going on about how Dan Wootton actually knows what he’s talking about:

28 January 2016 - all but Niall left Modest

That will be upsetting news for NIALL HORAN, LIAM PAYNE and LOUIS
TOMLINSON who are all remaining loyal to Modest.

23 May 2016 - a month before the first “leak” of Harry signing with Columbia

A 1D insider explained: “It was obvious from day one that Harry wouldn’t stay with Simon Cowell, Syco or a Sony label.

1 June 2016 - a couple of weeks before Liam announced his deal with Capitol UK

My source explained: “Louis is very interested in the world of TV.“He is considering opportunities both in front of the camera, including documentaries, and behind-the-scenes as a producer.“He is still going to be involved in music through his record company and was recently back in the studio writing. But it’s unlikely he’ll be recently a solo record in the near future.”

31 July 2016 - a bit over a month before Niall signed with Capitol

Simon isn’t planning on letting the same thing happening with NIALL HORAN, who I recently revealed is just weeks away from putting pen to paper on a solo deal with Syco.


“how do you feel about fanfiction?”


Eleanor Guthrie + final shots per season

  • Negan: So on a scale of 1 to 10... How jealous did Rick look when I said that I had to get Daryl back?
  • Simon: *who has now grown a beard, has bags under his eyes and has lost 30lbs* Negan, <I>please!</I> I've told you so many times, he looked more preoccupied with the situation as a whole than with that comment.
  • Negan: So that must mean he was intentionally looking uninterested so I'd pursue him further?!
  • Simon: Yes, yes. That was it. He's definitely jealous, I'd say 12! He's a 12 on the jealous scale! Now, may I please go to the bathroom?!
  • Negan: Jealous why though? I mean, if he's jealous, does that mean it's actually Daryl he wants and not me?! God fuckin' help Rick if that's true!
  • Simon: Negan I really-
  • Negan: Or maybe he does want me. I mean you saw how he looked at me when he threatened-
  • Simon: *bursts into hysterical sobs* Rick, please wherever you are, just come here right now and bend over for him! GOD, HELP US ALL AND JUST DO IT! *proceeds to cry uncontrollably*

I had too much banana milk and I saw this amazing picture of this 80s guy wearing a shirt with this text and holding a cockatoo and all I could think of was maglor… in whatever universe, to me, maglor would be this… the luxury chemise guy

there is nothing at all you can say to a person to change their mind on a belief if they do not wish to change their mind themselves. the only thing that works, is your behaviour, the way you interact with them, your akhlaaq. their fitrat will want to connect with you if it senses humanity. become a decent human being first, then worry about doing inviting others to the right path.


black sails rewatch - XXXVII.

It isn’t utility that’s behind his investment in me nor necessity, nor dependency. This much is clear to me now. I have earned his respect. I have earned his trust. I have his true friendship…

Gum chewing is so much worse than eating. At lease when someone’s eating, you can see them running out of food and will be able to guess when it will stop. But if someone’s chewing gum it’s just gonna go on forever.