what we should call social media

I really miss you. I swear I do. I miss talking to you and your hugs that felt like home and the endless phone calls when I’m down or just need some cheering up. I never pictured us not being friends. Since you always kept up with me and apologized even though you did no wrong. You were my so called mce even though I did not post it on social media; because if it’s yours you should treasure them before they’re gone. I still treasure you and what we had. Treasures can be stolen and someone stole you from me. I just need to grow the guts and steal you back. You’re the treasure I never knew I had until I lost you. And I really miss you too.
—  I feel really “home” sick about now

Christians - Let us not be hypocrites in our words and actions, especially during this crazy, political season. Here are the words of Jesus, when He faced the woman caught in adultery. The Pharisees, pointing fingers at her, telling Jesus she should be stoned. Here is what Jesus said to them:

John 8:7 - “So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

Why are we quick to point fingers, spew hate, and put the sins of others on a scale… yet, we forget our own sin? We forget that Jesus died for our neighbor, our family members, our friends, and He died for YOU and me. Just remember this before you call out people and spew hate on social media. If you go to an individual and tell them your concern, and love for them, that’s one thing. Surely, we ALL need to be surrounded by people who care for us and want us to break free from sin. However, if you are casting stones at others, forgetting about your own sin, and pointing fingers, check yourself.

Alaska Airlines just robbed me. I paid for a round trip flight for the 22nd to the 30th, I got an earlier flight on a different airline but still planned to use the return flight on Alaska. Because the outgoing flight was a no show, Alaska Airlines canceled BOTH flights without confirming with me. I called to ask them to give back the flight I paid for as I have every intention on using the return flight for the day originally agreed & they refused to give me what I paid for.

They clearly don’t think social media matters as I told them I was going to tell other people and they acted like they did not care. They also did not care in the slightest that they had an upset customer. We should not have to put up with airlines that rob customers.

Employees who screwed me over & just argued why it was ok for them to rob me: Sharron & Allie @ Alaska Airlines

Let them know if you screw over one customer, you screw over them all. Please share this.

Update: Thank you to Michael from Alaska Airlines for stating the flight I paid for is no longer canceled. Social media works to right wrongs again.

When I share a personal struggle of mine by weaving it into a story and someone tells me that it’s unrealistic and the character is weak for behaving a certain way, it makes me want to stop writing completely and continue to hide my past hurts.

Please be careful when you are passing a judgment on something you’ve read in a review, social media or even just an offhand remark. Writers write what they know, what they experience. By calling a character pathetic or unlikable or disgusting, you may inadvertently be calling the writer the same thing.

We are sensitive creatures and not everyone behaves exactly as you think they should. Please keep that in mind.


I’ve seen some people being concerned about the twitter/tumblr storm post. I want to clarify:

The point is not to pressurize CN to give us SU asap. It’s to show LOVE for the show, to show how much we’re waiting. How much we want it back. That we don’t want to learn about this show via leaks, but actual episodes. That we’re waiting, patiently.

It’s not like we’re going to write and call CN and annoy them. This is showing love via social media. It won’t bother them - they WANT us to engage with them on social media. CN is a huge corporation, and they want people to engage with them via social media. They’ll love the publicity they’ll get from this.

So, to clarify, this are some rules you should keep to when posting on thursday:
1) Don’t tweet or write to the Crewniverse about this, they’re already being bothered constantly about this

Ian told us to ask Cartoon Network, not Crewniverse. This is what I based all of this on. Don’t tweet to Crewniverse, contact CN instead. They’re there to listen to our hopes and wishes. It’s their job. They’re in charge of scheduling, and information to us, the viewers. CN are the ones we should be talking to.
2) Don’t whine. Don’t say things like “why don’t we get more SU :((((” but rather say it like “I hope we get more SU soon, I love this show!” Be positive! Show them you LOVE the show!
3) Be respectful. Don’t say mean things to them. Show LOVE. Show how much you love SU. Show how happy it would make you if it returned.

The keyword here is love. Show CN you love SU on thursday. Whatever happens, even if nothing happens, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the shower of love from all of us!

some gems from tonight: 

  • zach says, “even if i was gay and dating a girl, why do you have to harass her about me being gay? it doesn’t matter what i did before that if i like her now.” [as far as this goes, he seems to be throwing out the scenario again of asking what we would do if he was attracted to multiple genders.]
  • confirms that he’s met with two girls since big brother. says he’s been “celibate”. zach says that eva brought some of the hate upon herself by tweeting about meeting him and calls her a “busta”, although he still maintains that nobody should have sent her hate. 
  • zach says, “you only know what frankie and i do on social media. you don’t know what he texted me today or what i texted him. but when I do put everything on the table, it’s not gonna be on younow.” he later goes on to say, “social media is not real life.” 
  • zach says that people go overboard and try to control him. he mentions getting emails that freaked him out. last night he got sent an email by someone who tried to push him into coming out and called him “closeted”, said he was a “coward”, and accused him of “using zankie for fame.” [on the subject of zach bringing up and denying murtz as a legitimate attempt at coming out, i would cite this email as the reasoning behind that, though obviously zach did not mention this email because he has class.] 
  • zach tells us not to worry about him and frankie and offers to read some of frankie’s texts to him. he looks at his phone, reads some of the messages, then decides not to, and says, “not a chance.” 

Look. It’s foolish to say with certainty Fizzy doesn’t know what Freddie looks like based on this like, because it’s a yawning newborn child. Newborns look very similar. That doesn’t bother me, to be honest.

What we should focus on here is that when called out on it, she said explicitly she thought it was him and then when she was called out a second time, she did 1 of 2 things:

  1. She either made an honest statement saying Briana’s family posted a fake video of Freddie on social media “weeks ago” 
  2. Or she made a decision to lie and say that to cover her own ass

Number 1 seems unlikely since we didn’t see the video until today, it was posted by a troll account and we have a DM screenshot of Tammi saying the image, sent to her with several other pictures, is not Freddie.

Number 2 makes me go W-T-F because why would Fizzy feel comfortable enough throwing the general concept of “Briana’s family” under the bus for posting fake videos and images of Freddie? Why would the family do that on what appears to be their only private source of social media (assuming it was only revealed today) and why would Fizzy want to come off as someone who doesn’t know what the actual fuck is going on with this baby? The family knowingly posts fake videos but Louis’ family isn’t privy to the fact they’re fake? 

What the actual fuck? 

So focus on the truly fucked up pieces of this shit show today and not the cosmetic ones.


Just because some of the men in our community are religious speakers, or popular, or a “leader,” doesn’t mean we should be putting them on a pedestal. I’m seeing way too many girls in our community be trusting of men who use their positions of power to manipulate, use, deceive younger girls. Men who give unsolicited advice, telling girls what they want to hear, addressing us as “Queen” or “Princess”; address us by our names. You’re not flattering us. I don’t see you calling your akhis as “King” or “Prince.” These men make it seem like they’re doing YOU a favor but really are just using you for their own gain, sexual desires and social media popularity.

It’s getting more obvious and more irritating to watch; especially because so many people fall for it. Sadly, I’m no longer surprised when I hear about certain “leaders” and “speakers” sexually harassing girls. It’s sad. Some of these guys are married; and some just feed off the attention. I’m not saying this strictly from speculation, I’ve seen it, I’ve experienced it, and I have no tolerance for it. If you think this post is about you, it probably is.

If you’re a girl and you feel like you may be in this situation, speak up and come forward. People need to know the truth so we can weed out guys with bad intentions. Know your worth. Stand up for yourself. And if you have a bad feeling or feel uncomfortable, trust your gut and don’t feel nervous to put the guy in his place. And if you’re a man who is guilty of this, just know people are talking about it, they are uncomfortable, and we see past your BS. Keep at it and be prepared to be dragged. This is a warning shot.

As an American muslim, I have stopped posting apologetic words long time ago when I realized that the media was playing games on us Muslims, and also as a western Muslim, I’m sick and tired of seeing the famous “MUSLIMS AREN’T TERRORIST” sign on social media after every attack.

If we keep playing the victim role, we will always be labeled the victim. The word “TERRORISM” ultimately terrorizes Muslims because they offer apologies before the media even puts the blame on them. It’s like they know what’s coming, same as the kid who gets bullied, but still apologizes to the bully; Muslims all over the world are conditioned psychologically by the western media to have this victim mentality.

The first thing that the media says after a so called attack is “Why aren’t the Muslims speaking up and condemning the attack”, and Muslims run to their social media like zombies condemning it. Muslims now days are fearful of what other non-Muslims think of them, when in reality we should all be worrying about what God truly thinks of us.

Lets ask ourselves this, “why are we apologizing for the actions committed by people we don’t even know just because they share the same religion”, and let’s be honest, if you do your research very well by now, we all know that some attacks are carried out by non-Muslims and blamed on the Muslims just to fuel the fire on the Muslim hatred band wagon.

The media over uses the term “Muslims” so much that the younger generation think the term itself is a race. This is a sick mentality. We have to take a stand to this atrocious psychological warfare against us and not offer any apologies. Muslims out here dying daily under the hands of Non-Muslims and no western media gives them coverage, nor any sympathy. We need to stop playing the victim role if we want the rest of the world to take us serious.

On a side note I’m not saying that you can’t stand with nor send condolences and feel the pain of another human being, but when Muslims get picked on constantly after every attack, it’s time we regroup and evaluate things a little..


I honestly hate everything right now like I should really stay far away from all social media outlets and television shows because tonight two lesbian characters died with their final words being “I love you”, another lesbian character’s body was burned and she was called a bitch, it feels like every other week we get another dead queer woman. AND NOW there’s talk that there will be TWO MORE queer women dying NEXT WEEK! On the same show AGAIN?! Like I can’t stop ticking and I want to explode but I can’t cry because what’s the point!

Why does this trope feel like it’s hell on wheels right now? It’s like tenfold. Any and all gay women will die and if they don’t they will suffer.

If you meet someone whose heart is not aligned with yours, send them love and move along.
—  I won’t stoop to your level by calling you out on social media, but you should know that sabotaging my friendship/relationship with someone speaks volumes about what kind of person you truly are. The fact that you knew how I felt about this person and continued to persuade them with your promiscuity to the point where they gave up on me before we barely begun is a terrible way to hurt someone, but I won’t be one who you get to claim victim because I refuse to break under your hand.
I went to school and shared classes with you. I told you things in hopes that you’d keep them confidential, but what’s the saddest of all is that I trusted you. I wonder why I had to be the one you betrayed. Little did you know that I would have been there for you at 4 PM and again at 4 AM if you ever needed me. I never blamed my naivety on anything because I believe that it was what has enabled me to be someone with a big enough heart capable of letting anyone in. Like you. You were in. You were a friend that I was ready to be proud of until you tried to break me. You waited until you had a firm grip on my heart, and that is the saddest part.
But, I forgive you. You are nothing that I need to hold onto longer than necessary.

literally no one is obligated to publicly comment on kesha’s case right now. just because someone hasn’t tweeted an effing hashtag on twitter or publicly expressed their support doesn’t mean they don’t care at all. why do people feel the need to vilify other women just because they haven’t spoken out about something on social media?? how does anyone know that they haven’t reached out to kesha privately? and why is taylor swift, of all self-claimed feminists in the world, being called out for it the most? what about emma watson who just announced she was taking a year off to be an activist? why is no one criticizing her for not being vocal about it? we should all acknowledge this injustice kesha has been put through and support her in the way we know we can. keep her in your thoughts, sign petitions, tweet about it, whatever. just don’t disgrace anyone for not commenting on something that has only been news for half a day. there’s still tomorrow.