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  • Taeyong: I can’t believe I forgot my phone. I hope Ten liked his birthday present yesterday. Oh, he called.
  • [seventeen new messages]
  • Taeyong: What?!
  • [message one]
  • Ten: Hey Taeyong! Thanks for the Bazinga t-shirt it's… great. I was just calling because I might need a ride later tonight. Jaehyun can’t drive and I ran Johnny's Mazda into that ditch after we watched Fast Five on Netflix together.
  • Johnny: You still owe me for that.
  • Ten: Yeah, yeah, I got you, I got you. Mazdas are really flammable, did you know that? I didn’t know that. Well, I do now.. but anyway I’ll call you later if we need a pick up from the show, alright?
  • Jaehyun: [snoring]
  • Ten: Woo! Jaehyun, you’re up! Peace Taeyong!
  • [end of message]
  • Taeyong: I’m not listening to all of these.
  • [skips to the last message]
  • [message seventeen]
  • Ten: Oh my god is he dead? Why did you put him in the car?!
  • Johnny: It’s Mark, you idiot! Just shut up and keep driving to the hospital!
  • Sicheng: Ten, when are we getting to Chuck E Cheese?
  • Ten: Sicheng, shut up! Taeyong, please pick up the phone! We are in so much trouble! The Iggy Azalea show went south, so we decided to make our own, but… Oh man, oh man, pick up your stupid phone! Taeyong, go to my desk, open the dark drawer and burn everything inside! But hold your breath while you do it! Use that stupid t-shirt you got me to help the fire, you gotta do this, Taeyong!
  • Johnny: Ten, eyes on the road!
  • Jaehyun: Truck!
  • All: [screaming]
  • [end of message]

tel-stories-blog  asked:

I kinda like the subtitle Ravnica: The city of Guilds. The word Zendikar doesn't really convey a lands matters adventure world, but if you made it something like Zendikar a world of adventure or something, then people might know what they are getting themselves into right out of the gate. Do you think you'd use subtitles on a set again if you felt it needed it?

We already have Magic: The Gathering - SETNAME. I think subtitles just make a name too long.

How about unofficial subtitles that don’t actually go on the box or boosters?

Zendikar: It’s About Land, Get It?

Amonkhet: Cats & Mummies, Baby!

Kaladesh: Energy, Finally!


Hi! Thank you for sending in your request! The ending is a little bit unsatisfying for me but I feel like quite a few of the requests’ endings have been pretty unsatisfying for me lately. I really need to get things right sometimes! That aside, check out this new blog we are all involved in – it’d be pretty cool if you check it out and follow it! @batfamwriters

To the public eyes, you are a very calm, collected, prim and proper type of woman. The City of Gotham has never seen you lash out deliberately at anyone. They also have never seen you treat anyone like they are below you – some made rumours about how you always like to think you are above everyone – but what they do not know is that at home you are everything but what the city knows you as and everything but what the city thinks you are.

At home, you are a silly, loving wife and mother. Bruce married you knowing there are times you can get very cheeky and whenever you get cheeky, chaos ensues in the house. Though most of the time, it is within limit and nothing too bad ever happens. Except for that one time you accidentally sprained your wrist – this is another story for another day.

Today is no exception. You had woken up to Bruce’s arm around your waist and his head is buried in between two pillows. You squint at the clock and blink a couple of times when you realize that the both of you have slept in and slept way past your alarms. Waking up later than you normally would somehow throws you off. You could hear Bruce snoring and that brought a smile to your face. He must have been super tired and you also think it’s a little sweet how he had his head in between the pillows – he probably knew he would wake you up with his snoring.

You press a kiss on his shoulder, relishing his smell before pulling away. You gently lift his arm from your waist and roll off the bed with the intentions of washing up and presenting yourself to your boys. They probably think the two of you are up to no good and you can already hear them teasing the two of you.

You came out of the bathroom to see Bruce has taken the entire bed to himself, hugging a pillow to him. His face is still buried in one of the pillows. You smile to yourself before heading towards your vanity mirror. Even though you are at home, you always made sure to wear some light makeup because who knows who would be dropping by unexpectedly.

You were finishing up your makeup when Bruce suddenly turns over, snoring very loudly. This made you giggle. If the public ever finds out that the Bruce Wayne snores this loud, it will be funny for a couple of days and they are probably never going to let it go too. But you aren’t that mean. You snap your fingers when you realize there is something you can do.

It’s been a long time since you did a prank on Bruce too. You chuckle as you pick up your make-up kit before tip-toeing to the bed. It’s time for some fun with your husband.

Bruce wakes up when his stomach starts demanding for food. He rolls over to lay on his back, hand rubbing his stomach sleepily. His stomach growls once more and Bruce decides to just grab something light to bite before he takes a shower. He takes note that you aren’t in the bedroom so maybe he should find you first before he gets something to eat.

He isn’t quite surprise to see you in the living room, reading a book and having a cup of tea. Although he is surprised to see everyone in attendance: Dick is lounging by the sofa, flipping through channels, Tim is not on his laptop but is going through a few books he assumes are for his assignments and Jason has his head on your lap, snoozing away. Damian is snuggled up beside you, a blanket around his lap as he reads over your shoulder.

“Morning.” Bruce walks over to you, pressing a kiss on your temple. The smile on your face widens when you see the makeup still on his face and he has yet to realize to what you have put on him. You suppose he simply got out of bed because he was hungry or something.

“It’s way past afternoon, Bruce.” You look up at your husband. Bruce chuckles before patting your head.

Dick glances at Bruce and promptly burst out laughing, dropping the remote controller he had been holding. Because of his laughter, both Damian and Tim look up to see the cause of his sudden laughter. The moment they see Bruce’s face, they started laughing too. Damian’s laughter is more of a disbelief while Tim’s more of a mum’s-back-at-it-again laugh.

“You guys are so noisy.” Jason groans. He opens his eyes and lift his head up from your lap. You had to bite the inside of your cheeks to stop yourself from laughing. “What’s going on?” He looks around the place before his eyes land on Bruce’s face. “THIS IS A NIGHTMARE.” He bursts out laughing.

Bruce frowns. “Okay, I know I don’t look good when I just wake up but this is taking it too far.” He rolls his eyes, still wondering why in the world all of them are laughing. But one look at your face lights up the bulb in his head. He groans and holds your head gently. “Did you put something on my face, Y/N?”

You promptly burst out laughing too. Bruce sighs. As much as he wants to be mad, the entire family is having fun and that’s all that matters to him even if it’s at his expense.

“Did you make me pretty at least?” Bruce looks down at you and you giggle before nodding your head. “You are so lucky I love you, Y/N.”

This causes the boys to groan in distaste because of how mushy Bruce is being. Damian rolls off the chair and picks up the book you have discarded. “I think I am going to go read this book somewhere else before father’s face gives me a nightmare.” He tries to say this with a straight face but you knew he couldn’t – his shoulders is shaking and Damian is on the verge of laughing again. He quickly leaves.

Tim takes out his phone and snaps a few photos. He even went as far as taking photos with Bruce. “I think I’m going to get this printed and framed. Mum, you’re a genius.” Tim holds his fist out to you and you bumped him with your own fist. Tim grins before running out of the room – Bruce would have run after him because he doesn’t need a reminder of you putting makeup on him out in the public though he trusts Tim enough to not let it out to the public.

Jason wipes the tears away from his face. “The contour almost made it feel very weird.” Jason shakes his head. “I came here to take a nap and I feel so attacked right now.” Jason sits up and kisses your cheek. “Thanks for lending your lap, ma – I’m gonna go find Alfred to get something to eat now.” He tells you before taking one more look at Bruce. He quickly whips out his phone and snaps a photo of him. “I’m gonna need to show this to Roy and the gang.” He chuckles before leaving the room.

Dick is still laughing but not as hard as the first time he saw Bruce. He picked up the remote controller and shakes his head. “I always knew you’d look amazing with make-up, Bruce.” Dick chuckles. “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?”

Bruce shakes his head. “I actually intended to eat food first before taking a shower. Speaking of which, would you join me for hi-tea then?” He looks down at you and you nod your head. “If you want to, you should join as well, Dick.”

Dick shakes his head. “Nah, don’t want to impose on the both of you and I’m quite comfortable here, really.” He stretches his legs. “Have fun eating and getting that makeup off of your face.”

Chapter Two – A Party to Remember.

 You sat on the couch with Lex, you were enjoying catching up with her as Connor’s teammates filled into the house. You took another sip from the red solo cup resting in your hand when you felt the other side of the couch dip beside you. You turned your head and caught the glance of your red-haired best friend.

“Brownie!” You exclaimed cuddling into his side mid-hug.

“You got started early on the drinks?” he questioned raising an eyebrow.

“I can’t just be happy to see you? It really has been too long.”

“Well someone was off being a smarty pants at some prestigious college. What was the name again…?” He began to act like he was racking his brain for the answer.

“Don’t remind me or I will need more alcohol.” You giggled.

“You do know that we are going to talk about it eventually right?”

“But I am going to avoid it for as long as I can.” You raised your cup.

“I wouldn’t expect anything different.” He chuckled as he hit your cup with his own.

Auston’s POV

I watched as she sat next to Brown making some kind of conversation. I couldn’t take my eyes away as I watched her head move back in laughter. She was gorgeous, I was unaware of how she could be related to Carrick.

“She is going to think you’re creepy if you keep staring at her like that.” Mitch chirped from his place beside me, taking another sip from his beer.

“I am not staring. I am taking long glances.” I answer taking a swig from my own.

“She is pretty. But it looks like Capone already has dibs on her.” Mitch noted

“I think they are just close from Connor’s Marlies days.” I stated, or at least I had hoped.

“Are you two still talking about my sister?” I heard questioned from behind me, causing me to jump.

“Uh..Uh…No.” I stumbled with my words.

“Listen Matts, I already warned her about you but I have a feeling she’s not going to listen to me on the matter.”

“Warn her?” I cocked my head towards my teammate.

“It’s nothing against you Matts, she has been through a lot in the last year. She’s not one of those girls you normally go for, she is my sister.”

“I would never do that to her or you Carrick.”

“Well then go talk to her then buddy. Mitch is right, if you keep staring she will think you are creepy.” Carrick quipped as he patted my back. I watched as she stood from her place on the couch leaving Brown behind. I followed behind her as she headed outside.


You excused yourself from the couch, the loud music that the boys had playing was giving you a headache. Connor nodded and turned his attention to a conversation between Zach and Willy. You walked outside and glanced at the night sky. You sat down on the edge of the porch when you heard footsteps between you. You turned your head slightly and watched the tall figure come and sit beside you.

“Hope you don’t mind the company.” Auston noted as he looked ahead.

“Not at all, just a little loud in there. I forgot how loud a bunch of hockey players can get.” You smiled.

“We do get pretty loud don’t we?” He asked sending you a smile of his own.

You both sat there for what seemed like forever. Auston made you feel so comfortable. It was like you had known the boy forever. You talked about stupid things that didn’t really matter. You were just so happy that for the first time in a long someone was treating you like a normal person. He wasn’t asking you a million questions about college or where it went wrong. You were happy, genuinely happy.

So when he leaned in, so did you. You weren’t sure where the conversation had taken a turn to get you here but you weren’t complaining. Your lips met with Auston and as cliché as it sounded you felt the sparks. You both scooted closer to one another. You allowed the moment to get away from the both of you. That was until you heard a thump against the back door.

You both snapped your heads towards the door and saw a very guilty looking Mitch and Will. They looked like deer in headlights. Mitch offered you a quick wave before running off into the house. You covered your face with a giggle.

Auston met you with a chuckle. “As much as I don’t want to, if we don’t go inside, Mitch will have told the entire team before long.”

You nodded as Auston helped you up from your place on the porch. You followed behind as you both walked inside. You were met with expectant smirks from everyone, well everyone except for Brown. You didn’t think you could turn any redder.

Living with Connor might be fun.

Memories of Michael ~

He was everything I aspired to be. I did the most embarrassing things to be like him, haha. I made my mother buy me sparkly socks on which I wore when I tried to learn how to moonwalk on the wooden floor. I fell over many times and failed to learn how to do so. I wanted the glove but since we weren’t rich, she got me a spongy dish washing glove instead..haha.

I bought many fedoras and I remember beaming with excitement the day I had found a white one with a black stripe. It was the smooth criminal hat, I had to have it. I still have all these things. It’s my childhood after all. I even have letters that I addressed to him. Those are bittersweet. He was the first person to really let me know what the world was like and how it needed our help.

His love for children..which at the time included me. I was astounded and overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe that he loved me. I felt so blessed. This man who didn’t even know me, insisted that he loved me. His love for not only children but his fans..it’s intense and I still feel it today. It’s heartfelt. I suppose he was like the male figure that I never had. 

He loved me when my father didn’t.

It’s emotional now because it’s eight years later and yet I remember it like yesterday. I’m no longer a child and I’ve lost my innocence. I sometimes long for the days when Michael Jackson was the only artist I loved. It was a simpler and pleasant time then.

I was a child when I fell in love with Michael Jackson. I’m now a young woman who’s still in love with Michael Jackson and I feel so blessed to have discovered him during my childhood. I feel blessed to have loved him as a child because I wasn’t judgemental like most adults. I just accepted him whole heartedly and that’s why he loved us, that’s why he loved me.

When I see the children of today..they’re not as innocent and naive as they used to be. When I lose hope in the children of today, I try and remember that there’s still a lot of loving children out there because Michael Jackson’s message and philosophy reminds me. I’m living proof that I was a child that was once so full of love. 

A child who loved a man, a child in a man’s body.

Since I’m older and have matured, I now understand and get the full extent of the suffering that Michael Jackson had to endure. It’s painful, my god it’s painful. It makes me cry. I’m almost glad I didn’t understand when I was little. I probably wouldn’t be able to comprehend it anyway.

He was a beautiful, compassionate, loving and sensitive man. He didn’t do shit to the world. The world did shit to him. And I hate the world for that. I can only hope to forgive all those people, just like he did.

Because in a perfect world, I imagine Michael Jackson..full of life and love. Living in Neverland Ranch with his children. No pains or struggles. But it’s not that way and oh, has the world changed since that dreadful day. I hate it and despite being the atheist that I am, I’m trying so hard to believe that Michael Jackson is happy and that he’s in a happier place.

That man is responsible for my upbringing. I wouldn’t be who I am today without Michael Jackson. Sure, I’ve changed a lot since I was a child. 

But at heart, I’m still a child. I’m still a frightened little girl at times and in those times of despair..I know that I’ll always have Michael Jackson to console me. 

Just like he always has.

This show is just a mess. I find myself having multiple theories, because none of the writers can make up their minds as to which direction they want to take. They had one of the best storyline’s of that summer and they could have turned this show into one of the greatest mysteries in television, but Marlene just doesn’t know how to run a real show. She’s spoiled things for us, lied to us, changed great storylines at the last minute simply because we caught on to her, because our theories were right and she can’t have that. If we guess the show, she has no shock value.

So many questions will go unanswered, and I don’t care how small the question may be. If everything happens on this show for a reason, there needs to be no loose ends left come Tuesday night when the credits roll.

I want to know everything from what Bethany Young looked like, to what really happened with Aria that summer, to the mysterious body in the barrel. 

Nothing makes sense, even answered questions make zero sense. How could Lucas and Charles have been friends, but he not know that Charles was transgender? I know they emailed, but I just don’t believe this.

I don’t believe the trans storyline anyway. I think the real Charles is Wren. I always have. I think Charlotte just covered up for Wren so he could keep the game going. Family makes sacrifices for family. I think Wren will be AD and it will be revealed that Wren is Charles. I think Cece being Bethany would be a cool twist and the girl Melissa killed being the real Sarah Harvey, and Sarah we know is just a random runaway using the identity. There is just too much to chose from. I’m glad the show is ending. 

—— Submission I’m definitely with you about CeCe’s story not being the truth. And I have also thought about the idea that Sara Harvey maybe wasn’t the real Sara Harvey. There was a lot about her homecoming situation that didn’t make sense. You’re exactly right. There are too many options. It’s exhausting.
Its like, I try and make friends with people and play Destiny with new people, but yall fucking dicks.

You do not need to say, “bitch” or, “cunt”, or “skull fuck” or “tbag”, or “nigger”, or “fag”, or “corpse humP”, or any of this shit. what is your fucking problem. Yeah I get pissed when I die but I don’t go saying that garbage. I don’t care about trash talking, I just do not see the need to be swearing up a storm. Like sure, I say “fucking hell” or whatever, but I don’t go calling people a bitch nigger because they won in a video game. 

What the fuck. 

And even the people who seem to be really dope, like those zombie peeps, like all I wanted to know was what we were supposed to be attacking. this game is based on swat and zombies right? so… what color is the other team? We turned off huds. I gotta know. Even in swat they had color coded armor. Its not that abstract a concept. I just want a fair chance in the game, to not just be shot at and die. Thats not a game, thats masturbation, for the gunner. 

I feel like every time I get in a game with new people onmic its such a gamble. Like are they going to be trash and start saying a shit ton of bigoted obscenities? 9 ties outta 10 yeah. 

Why do you think I don’t have a lot of destiny friends. 

Because I haven’t found a whole lot of good ones. I maybe have 10, but only a couple of them regularly play. 

Auston Matthews- New Leafs- Chapter Four

It was really nice to be back in Buffalo again here with my friends made some new ones. We were all walking out into the parking lot Sam and Amanda left right away said that had somethings to do. Erin and Jack left shortly after they had to go see Erin’s grandparents who live here.

“So Em what are your plans for the rest of the day?” Mitch asked standing next to me.

“Umm I don’t know really know. I was going to go food shopping but Patrick already went shopping for me so I don’t need to do that anymore.” Mitch smiled

“Well we rented out Canalside ice rink did you want to come with us?”

“Oh I don’t want to intrude.”

“Intrude on what? Guys skating around shooting puck into a net?” Will said. I laughed so did Alex he knew I was trying to get out of this. He knew the reason why.

“Em about you tell them why you don’t want to go.” I look at him and give him an evil stare.

“I can’t skate.” I whispered. They all lean in a little.

“What was that?” Tyler asked.

“I can’t skate!”

“Oh you are coming now. I will teach you how to.” Auston said

“Of course you will.” Mitch said. Auston pushed him.

“No I am alright I will just go home.”

“Nope your coming and Matts is going to teach you how to skate.” Morgan said stepping in front of me so I couldn’t leave.

“Matts?” I question.

“Short for Matthews.” Morgan answered my question.

“So lets go I bet they have skates there that you could wear.” I am guessing they have their hockey skates with them.

Canalside ice rink wasn’t too far so we all decided to walk over there. I was walking in the back with Alex catching up on what has been going on. Nothing huge has happened but we had a lot to talk about. I notice that we were getting close. I started to get nervous. I also noticed everyone was already there getting their skates on. Alex went of to sit at one of the benches to put his skates on. As soon as Alex walked away Auston came up to me.

“The rental skates are over here.” I followed him to get skates not really knowing if I really want to do this.

“Auston I don’t know if this is a good idea. I could fall it my head on the ice and pass out.” I stop walking. Auston turned around and noticed I stopped moving and walked up to me.

“I won’t let you fall. I promises.” I look up at him into his gorgeous eyes and I couldn’t help but believe him. I was nervous to trust him. I was nervous to trust anyone now a days.

We go over to all the white skates and got my size. Auston helped me tie the skates to make sure they don’t come untied while we are out on the ice. I got up trying to walk in theses is hard. If Patrick was here he would laugh at me. He would laugh if I fell on my ass on the ice which might happen but if Auston keeps his promise, my ass shouldn’t hit the ice.

Patrick and Jonathan both have tried to teach me how to skate but never really worked out. I would always fall. My parents tried when I was younger but never had the talent. I can’t even roller skate.

I looked out and saw everyone out there already doing laps around the rink. Auston steps out on the ice turns to me and holds out his hand for me to take which I did. I put one foot on the ice and then the other. I felt like I was going to fall backward but Auston grabbed my other hand and he began to skate backwards.

“Your a show off Matthews you know that?” I told him. He laughed.

“How is that?”

“I can barely skate forwards and your here skating backwards.” I look down at our feet making sure I don’t trip. or don’t collide with his skates.

“Don’t look at your feet.” I looked up at him and then back down.

“Where else am I supposed to look? I don’t want to fall.”

“Your supposed to look at me. I told you I won’t let you fall.” I still didn’t look up. If I look at him I won’t be able to look away. The last thing I need is Alex telling Jack and Sam about me staring into Auston’s eyes and no where else.

“Emily don’t look at you feet look straight ahead. Look at Auston.” Someone yell. I looked up and saw that it was Alex.

“Nylander you better shut your trap.”

“What are you going to do about it Kane you can’t skate over to me.” He laughed while skating backwards but fell because Will came up behind him. Auston and I laughed.

“Will is my new favorite Nylander.” Alex didn’t say anything he got up and skated away. I looked back at my feet but then looked up at Auston who was already looking at me.

“Can I ask you something?” I nodded my head yes. “Your brother is a hockey player probably skated all the time growing up. Didn’t he ever teach you and your sister how to skate?” I got the question a lot.

“My sisters know how to skate very well. Pat always tried to teach me but I would always fall and I would always get so mad that the four of them could skate and I couldn’t. Pat and Jonathan have tried as well.” I told him he nodded his head understanding what I was saying.

Auston let go of one my hands. “What are you doing?” He laughed

“I am just going to skate next to you don’t freak out.” I let out a deep breath. I got use to looking at him and forgetting I was skating. I went back to looking at my feet. “You have to look up not down.” I laughed and looked up and saw Mitch and Matt skating towards us.

“Well you haven’t fallen yet.” Mitch said

“I better not fall.” I looking up at Auston.

“I said I wouldn’t let you fall didn’t I and you haven’t.”

“Auston you go skate around for a bit I will hold Emily’s hand and make sure she doesn’t fall.” Mitch said looking between Auston and I.

“I don’t kno-“ I stoped Auston before he could finished.

“Yeah that would  be fine.” I went out to reach for Mitch and he took my hand and I let go of Auston. I missed my hand in his. I want to turn around and grab it again and never let go.

“So are you a Blackhawks fan I’m guessing.” Mitch asked as we began skating forward.

“I am a Sabres fan over the Blackhawks. If they played each other like they did yesterday then I will wear Pat’s jersey but cheer for Buffalo.”

“Is that allowed?” he laughed at me.

“I don’t know but I do it anyway.”

“So there is no way to get you to cheer for us tomorrow?”

“There is no way I am going to cheer for you guys.”

“Not even for Auston?” Mitch asked. I looked at him confused. “Oh don’t look so confused. There is something there.”

“What’s there? I don’t know what your talk about about?” I honestly didn’t know what he was saying.

“He kept looking at you at lunch. Bought you that shake that you wanted but didn’t want to order. He helped you tie your skates and teaching you how to skate.” I stop once he was finished let go of his hand and looked at him. I very slowly went over to the wall to hang on.

“Auston was the one that order the shake?” He nodded I looked over to where Auston was. He had a hockey stick in his hand laughing with Kasperi, Tyler, Matt, and Will. I looked back at Mitch. “He’s not teaching how to skate you are. He is over there.” I point over to him.

“Because I told him to and you agreed so he wasn’t going to argue.”

“Mitch I barely know you.”

“That is true we just meet a few hours ago and one of my good friends is falling for you already he might not now it yet but I can see it.” Before I could say anything Alex came up.

“I am going to take it from here Marner.” Alex patted him on the shoulder and he skated off toward the others. Auston sees him coming and looked over at me and saw Alex there and looked back at everyone else.

“What’s going on Em?”


“What were you and Mitch talking about?”

“Auston was the one who order the shake?” He looked like he didn’t know what I was talk about at first and then it looked like it came back to him.

“Oh really?” He looked over at the guys and back at him. “You starting to like Matthews?”

“Really Alex?!”

“If you aren’t ready fine but its been eight months.” I sighed

“I know how long its been. Its just harder now to trust someone new now. What if the guy that I being to trust and I being to date turns out like Max? Carly tried to get me to date when I was in London. She did new place new guys but I couldn’t find it in myself to trust any of them.”

“You don’t have to trust any of these guys right now.” Point to where everyone was. “Just get to know them maybe they will earn your trust. You have to give them a chance. Plus you already began trusting one.”

“Who and how?”

“Auston, you trusted him to help you skate I heard that he promised you that you wouldn’t fall. You haven’t fallen yet and with him looking over at you all the time I don’t think you will falling. I would love to see you fall on your ass but I think he would skate as fast as he could to make sure you don’t fall.” I looked at him like I didn’t believe him ad he knew that look. “Do you want to test my theory?” Grabbing my hand and pulling me off the wall.

“Alex what the hell do you think you are doing.” I have one hand on the wall and the other Alex as trying to get he farther out on the ice. My hand was sliding off the wall and before I knew it my hand was no longer on that white and blue wall.

“We are seeing if what I said is true or not.”

“An what if its not true?”

“Well your ass will hit the ice.”

I was now in the center of the ice. Alex still has my hand. I can’t move my feet he is just dragging me along. I didn’t want to look over at Auston or the other guys. Part of me was opening what Alex said was true and Auston would be there to catch me but what if he wasn’t and then I would have trusted someone again.  

Alex let go of my hand and I didn’t move. I had my arms out trying to keep my balance. I know Auston said not to look at my feet but that all I can look at right now. I looked up for a second to Alex but he wasn’t there anymore. That asshole better watch out I am coming for him and its not going to be pretty. I tried to take a step forward but I was about to lose the little balance I had. Bracing myself for my ass to hit the ice I closed my eyes and felt a pair of arms wrapped around my waist catching me before I fell. I opened my eyes back up and looked behind me to see Auston standing there.

“I told you I wouldn’t let you fall.” I laughed and Auston helped my back on my feet.

“I am going to kill him.” Him meaning Alex.

“Well you won’t be killing him on the ice so lets get you off.” I nodded my head in agreement. I looked around for Alex and saw him laughing. I gave him the figure which he did the same to me.

He caught me, he caught me, he caught me is all I can think about skating off the ice. More like Auston holding my hand and pushing me along. He actually caught me before I hit the ground I put my trust in Auston after only knowing him for a few hours. Even though is was trusting him to make sure I don’t fall on my ass on ice but I put trust in him.

I was sitting down next to Auston and started to untie the skates. I put my converse back on and walked over to where I picked them up from and went back over and sat back down.

“Thank you.” I broke the silence that had come over us since he stopped me from falling.

“You don’t have to thank me. I told you I wasn’t going to let you fall and I don’t like breaking my promises.” He stopped tying his shoes up and looked at me.

“The normal response would be you’re welcome.” He laughed and went back to tying his shoes

“The guys were talking about watching to go back to the hotel and watch some movies did you want to come?” I looked over at him not knowing what to say.

“Hotel rooms aren’t really that big.”

“Auston coach just called he wants us back to the hotel for a last minute practice.” Tyler yelled out.

“Well movie night is off the table I guess.” Auston stood up and I followed him.

“Em so you’re going to wear one of our jerseys right?” Mitch asked. Didn’t we talk about this?

“I thought I said no?”

“I recall you saying yes.”

“I think you got hit in the head by too many pucks.”

“That might be very true but I think you should wear one of our jersey tomorrow to show your new friendship with the Leafs.” Mitch smiled.

“You wear one of mine.” Kasperi said and I laughed.

“I am not going to wear anyones jersey.”

“Not ever?” Will asked looking at me. I didn’t know what to say. I don’t know why I am speechless right now. Get it together.

“There is only one other jersey I would wear that is not the Buffalo Sabres and that would be my brother’s.”

We finally get to our cars. I didn’t want to say not ever when Will asked there was something inside of my yelling not to say it but why. Auston had walked me to my Jeep and opened the drivers door for me, what a gentlemen. I don’t think Max ever opened my car door for me.

“So I will see you at the game tomorrow?”

“With a Sabres jersey on you will.” before Auston shut the door he said something. I don’t know if I was was supposed to hear it or not but I did.

“You would look better with Maple Leafs number 34.” He shut the door and walked away.

jared walked into the f wing boys changeroom

his hot and sexy brand name shoes being the only thing to make no sound as he hummed a self familiar tune about how gay connor was (wow connor you gay (reprise)

he sat down on the floor and texted connor with his super hot iphone like,9

“sup hetero

come find me ;)
i need some relief ;;;;;)”

soon enough, Jared heard the heavenly steppers entering the bathroom, the y exuberated passion. “Where the fuck are you, you sexy, extremely cool and confident beast?” “over heere~~~~~~~” the insanely cool jared kleinman called back,sweating only slightly SLIGHTLY he heard the steppers come closer then,connors face leveled to his “Give me my sketchbook back.” the taller but not that much taller boy demanded. jared smirked knowingly, “we both know that’s not what you really came for ;)” connor looked angry (but what else was new amiright). jared winked again,raising his eyebrow (also really hot) he then effortlessly pulled connor to his level by his dumb gay hoodie strings and whispered “step on me~♡” after stuffing the skwtchbook in his hot shorts’ pocket “you know you want to ;)” jared chuckled atractively “Okay,, but not because I like you or anything, bbaka~!!” Connor exclaimed, red faced. Jared lowered his hot body onto the floor and prepared to be stepped on. he mad sure to take off his sexy and cute glasses connor totally got off to ,because if something happened to them,his mom would probably be pissed he then stared up at connor,with his amazing vision “♡~”

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y'all: the boys were overworked that's why harry suggested the hiatus!!! harry: *immediately starts working on a solo album 2 months into the hiatus and prepares for the dunkirk role he auditioned for in 2015*

if you don’t think they were overworked then idk what to tell you lmao bc it’s NOT normal for a band to do five albums and five tours in five years. like that genuinely doesn’t happen. from december 2015 to may 2016 we barely saw harry at all. even if he was writing for his album that’s not the same as a relentless tour and interview schedule…at all.

sometimes you can really tell who’s never been a fan of any other bands besides 1d bc some of y'all really don’t know what normal is lmao most bands will practically disappear for several YEARS working on an album. nothing 1d ever did was normal and if you can’t see that then you need to take a step back and see what every other band in the world has done.

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I get what they're trying to do and the image they wanna paint and I hope (and think) it'll work, but I desperately need part two of that article, one that talks about his success and his accomplishments both in 1d and solo, which we know he has but weren't really mentioned here. It's a good article but it's sad and Louis needs to show his happiness and success to the world!

i think you’re two steps ahead 😉 this is the very first piece of promo, it’s the groundwork. if they’re doing what i hope they’re doing part two will follow in due time. but for now this is what they’re establishing

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You're doing wonderful, Zero. And gel-to-gel contact is perfect for growing babybones. So they've eaten mashed up protein cereal, and applesauce. That's good, most babies are just having fruits and veggies when so young. With the boys though, they were uh, eating meat pretty quickly. But that could mean they'll be eating protein cereal quickly as well? Eh, baby skeletons compared to baby skelegators would be a bit different of course. Just listen to your soul, age it will guide the way.

“Well, me and Taffy don’t eat meat, but if that’s what they need to grow then we can probably get some when we get back to Snowdome? We’ve got plenty of applesauce and cereal, though, and Taffy said there’s some powdered milk stuff in the box you guys sent.”

“All this is, eh, just really new to me, you know? The Sisters Of The Merciful Angel were really nice, but they, eh, didn’t really teach us anything about babies. Maybe Taffy knows so much because they had parents…  though I guess they’d be too little to remember… ”

Meeting of The Minds NSFW

First things first. This is @possiblyhereticalultramarine ‘s fault.

This was his idea (which I went along with), but we collaborated on writing it together. If you are familiar with any of our writing styles you can tell who wrote what and where.

Not much on the plot. Of course it’s smut. No need for a reason. Know that you have been warned. Feedback appreciated!

Is it going to make a lot of sense? No, not really.

Is it going to be OOC? Let’s put it this way, @possiblyhereticalultramarine wrote the man, I wrote the woman. You be the judge.

On AO3 if you prefer that format: Meeting of The Minds

The sound of torrential rain hammering down onto the marble tiles above him calmed Roboute Guilliman as he looked out at Hera’s Falls cascading down the mountainside. The Fortress of Hera had grown exponentially in size since he had last seen the city. It had overtaken several districts of Macragge Civitas and swallowed up large parts of the mountain, including the body of water that led down into the river Laponis from the mountains. The untamed beauty of its natural waterfall had given way to architectural elegance; its rocky sides smoothed and the flow of its current directed in an efficient manner down the side of the Fortress’ walls.

He focused his attention at the sky above him. His vision was filled with the neverending torrent of rain, the gloom of the cloudy sky and the occasional flash of thunder. In the distance he saw faint observation lights coming from boxy silhouettes descending to and ascending from the city. Even with the bad weather, thousands of bulk landers and cargo transports made their way to and from the landing fields. It was to be expected, he thought. There was a sector-wide war encompassing Ultramar now.

He sighed. He wasn’t supposed to be thinking of the war. He had taken a few hours to himself while his commanders looked over his orders. Depriving himself of both his armor and his bodyglove and adorning himself in his ceremonial robes, he had secluded himself onto the hillside promontory to calm his tired mind. He let out a breath and forced the thoughts of war and empire out of his mind as he looked on into the rain.

A thought glided through his mind. But it was not his own. He frowned for a moment before he realised who it belonged to.

The guest has arrived at the Landing Fields, my Primarch

He smiled as he recognized the soothing presence of Varro Tigirus. The talented psyker made it a point to deliver his mental messages smoothly as possible with minimal discomfort to him. He appreciated the gesture.

Tell her to join me at the terrace he thought back. He had mastered the ability to respond to a psyker’s mental inquiries from Ptolemy when he had first joined his legion.

Is that wise, Lord?  the voice in his head sounded again.  She is at least above Gamma level in psychic potential. Perhaps I should-

Send her in, Varro  he thought back. Then with a softer manner of thought  I can take care of myself, my friend.

Yes, my Primarch  was the reply before the mental connection was severed.

The guest wore a hood that bore traces of the torrent outside. It did not disguise the fact that the wearer was feminine. Even if it had not been announced to him he would have figured out anyway. Her gait was smooth and confident, with a mild sway of her hips that waved the cloth dramatically. She stopped a few paces of the Primarch before bowing her head in acknowledgment.

“Karimah Mehta, my Lord.” she introduced herself. “High Sorceress of Sortiarius.”

Keep reading

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My trainer is a hardcore CA fan and I had never seen her use any harsh CA methods on other horses. So one day we were working on groundwork with my new mare (who is a very nervous horse) and she was using the harshest methods I've seen. This is not what my anxious mare really needs but I don't really know how to say stop... Help?

I would honestly just recommend switching trainers because if your views are that fundamentally different, it won’t work out since you can’t really trust leaving someone like that alone with your horse but for the time being I would just be honest and straight up say you aren’t comfortable with her being so rough and if she gets upset then you walk

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Are we talking about what got us into Haikyuu?? Because for me it started with a lot of gifs on tumblr but I didn't know where they were from...... until I saw a gif set with Hinata meeting all the tall and scary guys in front of the toilet and I laughed so much even though I didn't know where it was from - but then I NEEDED to know and long story short I've never rewatched something so often since Big Hero 6.

Hinata and his bathroom adventures!!! Also omg I love Big Hero 6 I really need to watch it again….

hollybursey7  asked:

I just wanted to say i read your reply about how you are feeling about the end of SKAM and it resonated with me SO MUCH. I am honestly devastated and SKAM has been whats getting me through my days and I invested all my happiness in it and now I don't really know what to do. I am so lonely and have been crying since last night... this is truly an awful day.

Hi, Lovely!

I’m so so sorry you feel that way. Please feel free to message me anytime at isakbeanie if you need a shoulder to cry on! Like Eskild said to Linn yesterday, we’ll be okay because I’ve got you and you’ve got me!

Alt er love, Skam won’t be completely over, we’ll have the memories and the friendships to cherish forever. 

This show has truly changed my life forever, for the better, and there’s no other way I’d have it! I’m trying to start to focus on appreciating the good I’ve gotten out of it. If we spend too much time being sad, we’ll forget what about Skam made us happy in the first place!

Much Much Love,


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I'm really sad... some of your guys posts I can't view because of safe mode! (Which I can't turn off no matter what)😭😔 which I know it's not your guys fault, but Tumblr needs to fix this! I want to be able to look at the stuff you guys upload!😪🤦🏽‍♀️ (sorry just really sad/mad at Tumblr staff) ughh😭

It’s nice to know that you’re looking forward to the stuffs we post, thank you! And I’m also sad that you can’t see them. But I’m quite confused? Is it that you opt not to turn off the Safe Mode or is it that Tumblr isn’t letting you turn it off?

Reminder that it doesn’t matter how big it was.  It doesn’t matter how much you accomplished. It doesn’t matter how it turned out.  It doesn’t matter how you felt about it.  It doesn’t matter what other people think about it.  If you put in any time or effort into something…

give yourself credit.