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So I covered a theater production of “Beauty and the Beast” last night, and I was kind of dreading it, because I felt like reylos had ruined it for me.

What I found interesting was the Director’s Note. She talked about how BatB is relevant in the current political climate, where we have people who are openly and fiercely against “the Other” and afraid of change.

Put in that context, the comparison does not work for Reylo. I know Kylostans believe Kylo is the Other, but, while he may be many things, he’s not that. Reylo is the status quo, especially when it comes to fandom. What fandom and even much of the GA don’t understand is how Finn can be the hero when they empathize more strongly with Kylo.

Then I was reading about Serena Williams’ wedding and how they chose a Beauty and the Beast theme. Not because it’s about the redemption of a monster, but because a lot of people don’t get it, don’t “see” them as a couple. And that’s really more BatB than a pairing of rivals that fits the “aesthetic” will ever be.

why a sana season will be AMAZING

sana bakkoush was my first favourite character on the show, as it was the iconic first bus meeting in ep3 of s1 that really sold me on this show! this post is really just all my positive thoughts and feels about my girl sana possibly getting a season and it is waaay too long, but it turns out i love sana a lot ok?? ok:

  • probably most important: a muslim hijabi girl as a main character. 
    • amazing representation that young hijabi girls deserve. 
    • also in the current political climate in europe and the us, this is so important
    • the show is and should be targeted at norwegian teens, and muslim girls are a group of norwegian teens that are rarely represented in our media
    • i want to know more about sanas relationship with islam, what does it mean to her? we know a bit and i would love to know more
    • also related to that, how does islam fit into norwegian cultures and traditions and how sana interacts with that?
    • im a culture nerd, literally that is what i study atm, so: culture in our global multicultural society is ever-changing and closely related to our identities and how chose to take part in different communities. sana is a perfect character to explore this: 
      • obviously, she choses to wear the hijab which right away signals to others her faith
      • she doesnt want to drink or hook up, her faith is more important
      • but she actively wants to take part in a russebuss, a tradition very closely related to some of those things she isnt interested in
      • she also wears the traditional costume of norway, either bunad or festdrakt
      • basically, sana is representative of so many people in our society today, who challenge the outdated way many people think about culture as something static and clearly defined (looking directly at some right wing politicians in norway, who talk like they only know the 1960s definitions of culture)
    • the show smacking down on islamophobia - i am READY to see that on my screen and on the most popular show in norway atm
    • the lovely @imansmeskinis​ wrote a very good post about things she wants to see explored wrt sana and islam, if you haven’t: read it!!
  • and obviously: more sana - who is undeniably a Badass character who has had some of the best moments of this show tbh
    • when she took over that first bus meeting, with a “well-functioning plan”, leaving all the girls shook and very ????? and sana goes: “i think this well good..” with that knowing look. ICONIC SCENE imo
    • that time she apparently asked one of the penetrator guys if his nose was bigger than his dick!!???”!?
    • actually got at least vilde and eva to believe that her hijab was magical, that she was psychic and that she could see the ghost of kasper lol
    • getting the guys’ weed out of evas house while the police was there, then use it to blackmail isak into going to kosegruppa while still keeping 10% of the drugs, because it’s “good to have”
    • wrapping said 10% as a christmas gift for isak
    • what a legend!!
    • imagine a season where every clip has the potential for this level of greatness!

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Sometimes I think Donald Trump is actually just a brilliant practical joker. Like maybe he caught an old episode of Punk’d and his pranking just spiraled out of control. Forget the nepotism of him hiring his mutant children as advisers for the most important job in the world. His political appointees have been consistently and head-scratchingly the most awful choices imaginable. In his head he’s like, “There is no way they will let me choose this person for that job.” And then he giggles a tiny evil giggle after writing down his suggestions.

Just recently he chose a pharmaceutical big-wig as health secretary. Alex Azar, a man who worked most of his life to find ways to raise costs of medicine, is now tasked with trying to lower costs on that same medicine.

Rick Perry is head of the Department of Energy. He previously stated that he wanted to eliminate this department. He once forgot what it was even called. He showed that he barely knows what the job entails but was sure he could figure it out as he went along. Basically, the man who once said, “You can always follow me on Tweeter” is now making decisions about nuclear energy.

Trump’s nominee for the head of NASA, Jim Bridenstine, has no scientific background, knows nothing about space, and is a climate change denier. Besides that whole space thing they do… NASA is one of the leading researchers of climate science. The previous head of NASA was the first African American posted to the job. He was a respected Marine general and (most importantly) a former astronaut. We went from someone who has been in space to a space cadet.

The new head of the EPA is Scott Pruitt. Another climate change skeptic who believes the EPA shouldn’t exist and in the past has sued the EPA to stop important regulations that keep people safe. He thought those pesky rules were harming business’s bottom line. After he was appointed, the EPA’s climate change web page stopped having any information on it. When releasing the EPA’s new 4 year strategic plan, all references to climate change disappeared. The previous report listed climate change as the number one priority. The worst part is that Scott Pruitt is not an idiot like Rick Perry. He knows exactly what he’s doing which means he can do some real damage. The EPA protects a lot of people from businesses who might otherwise pollute our air, ground, and water.

Then there is Betsy DeVos. A billionaire grandmother whose hobbies seem to also be her qualifications. She likes yoga, bike riding, and destroying the public school system. The extent of her plan is basically “send the kids to better schools.” Just put them in buses and drive them to a better school and that will fix everything. Thankfully she doesn’t have a lot of actual power, but she has made it her mission to undo every Obama-era decision that was enacted.

Ben Carson is a fun one. This is what I think Trump’s train of thought was. “Housing and Urban Development, huh? It’s got urban in the title. And urban means black people, right? Do we have any black people? Just the one? Alright sign him up!” Ben Carson said about himself, “I have no government experience, I’ve never run a government agency.” He barely knew what the organization did, but despite his reservations… he took the position.

And my personal favorite…

“Brett J. Talley has practiced law for less than three years. He has never tried a case — or even argued a motion.” Guess what he is being considered for? Federal judge! His list of actual qualifications include running a popular far right blog… and that’s it. He did popularize “Hillary Rotten Clinton” so clearly his creative thinking skills are second to none. He thinks Americans need to further arm themselves because we may soon need to overthrow the government. Definite judge material.

So I guess all you haters that told me being a blogger would get me nowhere… I’m gonna be a judge, suckers! Federal judge sounds a bit boring, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll do something more like Judge Judy. I recently saw an episode where these people were fighting over the ownership of this cute little doggie. And in a moment of brilliance, Judge Judy set the dog loose, and whichever owner the dog ran to would get to keep it. That is the kind of law I want to practice.

Someone get me a robe and a gavel!

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hey!! i love your writing so much!! you're amazing x I was wondering for a stress free prompt thing would a ransom/holster/bitty (either platonic or romantic, and can be either or both from holsom with bitty) piece with ransom or holster helping out or defending bitty in anyway be possible? i hope you're having a good evening :)

[trying to get into that writing thing again, so here is a quick fic: 2.2k, reference to fighting/minor injuries, just gen. no pairings in this fic, set in Year 1]

It’s not something Bitty would have ever expected, but by March of his Freshmen year, he has sort of forgotten that Ransom and Holster are objectively huge.

He is just used to it. He is used to being crammed in the middle as they subtly steer him while he looks at his phone and they talk literally over his head. He is used to glaring upwards when he needs to glare and, really, sometimes it’s strange when he meets up with new people and suddenly his neck isn’t craning. Sure, if he has to describe them to his family or friends from Georgia, he will usually throw in their height but it’s not the first thing he mentions anymore.

 Ransom and Holster are just his big, dumb, goofy friends. They have a best friend handshake and eat best friend sundaes and he knows they must be intimidating on the ice but that’s never directed at him. They even know not to include him when they start roughhousing. He texts them gifs of big dogs doing dumb things with the hashtag: “#isthisyou.”

The point is: It’s a bit surprising when he slides into his usual seat in American History 102, next to a very nice girl named Greta, who turns to him with a somewhat astonished face.

“Eric!” Bitty waves a hello, even though privately he prefers Bitty nowadays. He had met Greta in 101, though, before he knew to introduce himself as such. “Did you hear?”

“Hear what?” he says, reaching for his bookbag and hoping he remembered to bring his history notebook.

“About the fight,” she says. “I mean, obviously, you heard. Do you have the details?”

“Err—“ he starts. The other students are leaning forward, waiting to hear his answer. “I’m sorry, I haven’t got the faintest what y’all’re talking about.”

“The fight,” Greta says. “With the hockey players!”

Bitty thinks back to their last game. Fighting isn’t actually allowed in the NCAA but there had been a bit of a tousle when one of the guys from Northeastern ran into Johnson and Jack got in his face. Bitty wouldn’t exactly call it a fight but maybe to the uniformed…

“I mean, it wasn’t a real fight,” Bitty says. “Jack is too disciplined for that but you don’t skate into a team’s goalie and Johnson was a tad slow getting up so—“

“What are you talking about?” Greta says. “It most definitely was a real fight. My friend Yazmine said there was blood everywhere!”

“What?” Bitty says.

“They’re your friends,” Greta replies. “How do you not know about this? The two huge ones that walk you around places!”

“Ransom and Holster?” Bitty says. “You think Ransom and Holster got into a fight?”

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“I’m using my platform by speaking out. I feel as a public figure and someone that has an influence on millions and how they think and handle certain situations and act towards another human being, it is my responsibility to do so. I’m grateful and blessed to be able to have my opinions and thoughts on what’s going on and able to speak out about it whether people agree or not. It’s important to make it a conversation and not sleep but being awake and realizing the reality of what our world. Climate change is real. Racism is real. The violence is real. All of these things do exist. We have to know that we have power through our words and through a simple act of kindness that can change someone else’s life or be the difference between if they are here or not.”

What went down in Volpina
  • Thomas Astruc: are you ready for an epic season finale?
  • Everyone: yes pls
  • Thomas Astruc: with a new fox superheroine who teams up with the heroes to take down Hawkmoth?
  • Everyone: yes pls!
  • Thomas Astruc: PSYCH!!!!!!!!
  • Thomas Astruc: ALL WILL BE SUFFERING
  • Everyone: oh noes
  • Gabriel: *on phone* hey Hawkmoth! how's it going with you not being me and all that?
  • Adrien: whoa this must mean that he's not Hawkmoth bc this is defs not a staged thing
  • Gabriel: imma just leave the door to my secret safe open so that my son can peek in and see that the Moth Miraculous isn't in there
  • Adrien: oh cool let's look inside there
  • Gabriel: I should probs be careful bc if he steals that book he'll learn all my secrets
  • Adrien: hey Plagg let's steal this book!
  • Plagg: you know you're the most gullible person right?
  • Adrien: ye
  • *later*
  • Alya: so Marinette there's a new girl who's flirting with Adrien
  • Alya: wait wot
  • Alya: I thought you'd go into full-on Adrienette mode
  • Alya: do you not like Adrien anymore
  • Marinette: no I still like Adrien
  • Marinette: but this new person is such wow
  • Alya: you're not going into a fit of jealous rage?
  • Marinette: I'm totally fine with either of them dating other people as long as they're also up for dating me
  • Marinette: healthy polyamorous relationships are the greatest thing and solve so many problems
  • Alya: that's possibly the most reasonable thing I ever heard you say
  • Alya: who would have guessed you'd be able to have an unproblematic character arc
  • Marinette: imma activate the nanobots I snuck into Adrien's clothes so we can hear what they're talking about
  • Alya: dangit I jinxed it
  • Lila: so Adrien I'm a fox superhero
  • Adrien: oh cool!
  • Lila: also did you know that the Earth is flat?
  • Adrien: what really
  • Lila: yep and it's ruled by lizard people from the center of the planet
  • Adrien: it makes so much sense
  • Lila: also the moon landing never happened, climate change is a Chinese conspiracy, Shakespeare never existed, and Chloé is a nice person
  • Adrien: wow I'm learning so much!
  • Lila: and Season 2 will be out by December
  • Adrien: ok now you're defs f**king with me
  • Lila: dangit ya caught me
  • Lila: anyway imma go get akumatized now so I can help Hawkmoth
  • Adrien: why do you wanna do that
  • Lila: bc I'm just that chaotic neutral
  • Adrien: fair enough
  • Thomas Astruc: wait what about the straight people love triangle
  • Marinette: it wasn't necessary
  • Thomas Astruc: oh
  • *meteor happens*
  • Ladybug: imma stop it
  • Volpina: how do you expect to be able to do that WHEN I GOT TO IT FIRST
  • Ladybug: omg who are you you're beautiful
  • Volpina: I'm a person who is defs not an akumatized villain and is defs a new hero who's here to help you out
  • Chat Noir: sounds fair enough
  • Ladybug: are you actually just that hot girl who looks exactly like you who said she was a fox superheroine and then said she was gonna go get akumatized
  • Volpina: nope that's not me
  • Chat Noir: see, that's absolutely convincing!
  • Ladybug: no it isn't!
  • Ladybug: also Volpina are you doing anything Tuesday evening?
  • Volpina: I thought you were interrogating me?
  • Ladybug: yeah I'm multitasking
  • Volpina: coolio while you're doing that can you also chase Hawkmoth around?
  • Hawkmoth: I am here and defs not an illusion!
  • Ladybug: but what if he's an illusion
  • Chat Noir: he says he's not so we're fine
  • Ladybug: ok then let's do this
  • Volpina: PSYCH!!!!!!!!
  • Ladybug: you're not gonna fire those
  • Volpina: why not
  • Ladybug: bc you're within the blast radius
  • Volpina: I can survive a missile blast
  • Ladybug: you're no tougher than I am, so if they don't kill you then they also won't kill me
  • Volpina: oh f**k that's a good point
  • Jacques the Pigeon: HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY
  • Jacques the Pigeon: *rescues Ladybug and defeats Volpina*
  • Ladybug: ok Jacques let's not get carried away
  • Ladybug: all you did was show me where the illusions were and then I did the rest
  • Jacques the Pigeon: fine
  • Volpina: imma go to Adrien's house
  • Ladybug: and imma meet you there
  • Adrien: can you maybe not have a big fight scene in my bedroom
  • Volpina: ok that can be arranged
  • Volpina: *dangles Adrien off the top of the Eiffel Tower*
  • Volpina: so Ladybug give me your Miraculous!
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • *ice cream bar happens*
  • Ladybug: hey Volpina I'll give you this ice cream bar if you save Adrien and don't take our Miraculouses
  • Volpina: deal
  • Hawkmoth: no wait you're supposed to be evil
  • Volpina: nope I'm just v chaotic neutral
  • Hawkmoth: dangit
  • Marinette: *walks into Master Fu's place*
  • Master Fu: hello Ladybug!
  • Master Fu: sorry I gotta go do something
  • Master Fu: wait right there and I'll be back in a minute
  • Marinette: *waits right there for twenty-one months*
  • Also ppl are still here like “this incomprehensibly wealthy person with access to basically any information on Earth just doesn’t KNOW about climate change! If we show them PROOF we can CHANGE them!” Like no, they know exactly what they’re doing. They don’t give a shit. Destroying the planet is a way for them to continue to amass money.
If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 9

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 9 - Heartbreak

Everything is a mess…

Word Count: 2275 (of 72622)

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Enviro rant//Hoof disease in Sitka elk is a result of disgusting industrial cow farm practices, fyi

It’s so fucking awesome how our shitty large farming practices that developed with cow farmers in europe and the usa started the bacteria that now causes hoof disease in Sitka elk in the PNW. Washington’s elk herds especially are suffering so much, and wildlife officials are doing nothing to treat them or develop a vaccine, of course. And, in spite of herds being sick and needing help, hunting permits for them are being sold like cheap candy. We barely develop any vaccines for humans, why would we make any for species that actually contribute to this earth and its valuable ecosystems?

Fuck lazy corporate farms and farmers, and fuck -all- government environment regulatory programs. The Forest Service and other government wildlife sectors have small bands of individuals who care and do good, but don’t be fooled overall. The upper management uses the name “Forest Service” as a guise for continued environmental destruction for corporate capitalist interests that is hurting every species. They can get away with this because few people truly understand ecology and the impacts of the Forest Service’s/EPA’s/DOFW’s less than desirable methods and lax standards overall. I’m sure the lack of science education in public schools (and the almost unidirectional focus on computer/mechanical engineering jobs for merchandise production in our society as opposed to earth sciences and medicine)is entirely intentional by the the government – understanding the truth about how the earth works and can thrive if we changed makes everything our government does seem nonsensical and careless. If people don’t understand the science, corrupt leaders can do what they want, and use rhetoric exclusive to the scientific community to confuse the public. These government regulators are still the arms of logging lobbyists and politicians who give no shits about the environment other than draining it dry to benefit them short term.

((I know this personally as well – not only did I study conservation biology, ecology, climate science, and botany while working in a lab with one of the best botanical ecologists in the country for five years – we did several studies for free for the Forest Service regarding invasive species managment. It was our job to show them the best ways to kill invasive species and the best ways to recover native assemblages post destruction. The Forest Service’s methods always involved deadly sprays, some were glyphosate which has been strongly linked to cancer in livestock and humans, while my methods involved hand picked weeding and planting of strong native plants/primary succession species post destruction. Guess which method allows the forest to grow back!!! Mine. The forest grew back with healthy native assemblages and no invasives, as long as all invasive material was removed from the site and humans were not allowed to trample the site. Destruction by humans simply walking around with invasive seeds and spores on their shoes, or dogs, is the number one cause of invasive plants overtaking native ones. My results were the same regardless of the forest area or original plant assemblage, or regardless of the invasive. The Forest Service’s lazy spray method had NOTHING other than weeds growing back on the site. Gross. Also, their standard practice in my state is to leave invasive material on site in huge piles even when they did hand pick some specimen along with spraying various chemicals. This is really dumb, because many of the worst invasives are clonal/can spread by rhizomes and can reproduce from a tiny slice of living material leftover. In the forests my lab and I studied, they had to employ our methods and three Oregon forests are now safely recovering from Brachypodium sylvaticum, Himalayan blackberry, and English ivy, as far as I know. They could have reverted back to old methods with Trump in charge, though.))

They will take and destroy in the name of capitalism until we get to a point where certain ecosystem types, and thus huge arrays of species, will disappear completely without recovering. It’s already happening. If enough remaining forest is destroyed, especially the Amazon, our climate systems will lose their drive (most importantly a huge part of the water cycle will effectively be stopped due to deforestation) and the jet stream will shut down, triggering another ice age. But it’s no big deal, don’t worry about the trees or the animals who live among them~

A+ (High School AU!) Chapter 11

category: angst

pairing: eunwoo X reader

note: 2.4k words! long chapter tomorrow  :)

Thankfully, Jiyoon let you stay at her house for a night. It was a convenient situation since at that time you really wanted to get away from Eunwoo. There was no way you were going back to his house.

You took this opportunity to start searching for your own place. After staying locked in Jiyoon’s room and calculating fees, salaries, and searching for different apartments, you were pooped. You had already ranted about everything to Jiyoon and cried your eyes out in front of her. Your sad state faded into a mad one, then faded into emptiness now.

Sighing in boredom, you opened up your new phone and searched for notifications. Rocky told you that he would text you the moment he got his new phone, so you were anxiously waiting for his message. Since Jiyoon had been your only friend your whole life, acquiring a new one was exciting.

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“The question is can we change our course in time. Now if this were a movie we could write the end of this script and figure a way out of this mess. But real life doesn’t work like that and we can’t pretend that we know how this is going to end. The only thing we can do is control what we do next. How we live our lives. What we consume. How we get involved. And we can use our vote to tell our leaders that we know the truth about climate change.”

Before the Flood (2016) dir. Fisher Stevens

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I appreciate your passion about US politics and how much you seem to know in the matter. However, I understand you are not even from North America. I know everybody has a right to an opinion but you should leave the opinions to the ones who are living here, the ones who really know what’s going on and that are affected. You are just an outsider and, as an outsider, your opinion on any matter is biased.

Firstly, it’s my blog, my opinions! Secondly, outsiders tend to have a less biased, infinitely less filtered view of events than insiders. That’s why the outside opinion is a “thing” that gets talked about with value. And thirdly, until such times as the rest of the world doesn’t fear getting fucked over (and potentially die from climate change) every time the USA has a Presidential election, we reserve the right to get mad when it becomes abundantly clear that the supposedly more global community favouring party thinks self destruct mode is the way to go. Oh, and all opinion is biased, that’s why it’s called opinion.

The new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, has already put himself at odds with the vast majority of climate scientists. In a TV interview today, Pruitt said he does not believe that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to climate change. As NPR’s Nathan Rott reports, his own agency has said otherwise.

NATHAN ROTT, BYLINE: The question asked of Mr. Pruitt on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” was whether or not he believed it’s been proven that carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is the, quote, “primary control knob for climate.” Here’s the EPA administrator’s response.

SCOTT PRUITT: No. I think that measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do. And there’s tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact. That - so, no, I would not agree that it’s a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.

DAVID TITLEY: I don’t know what Mr. Pruitt does or does not believe in. And honestly it doesn’t really matter what he believes in.

ROTT: This is David Titley, the director of the Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate at Pennsylvania State University and a former rear admiral in the U.S. Navy.

TITLEY: The atmosphere doesn’t care what any single person believes. It’s just going to keep getting warmer, and the climate’s going to change as long as we keep increasing the amount of greenhouse gases.

ROTT: The scientific community overwhelmingly agrees with Titley’s point. A report by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just earlier this year said that changes in the planet’s surface temperature are largely driven by increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions. The EPA’s own website says, quote, “it is extremely likely that human activities have been the dominant cause of that warming.” Jennifer Francis is a research professor at Rutgers University.

JENNIFER FRANCIS: It would be hard to find a scientist that disagreed with that. The evidence is overwhelming.

ROTT: Pruitt’s comments to the contrary, though, aren’t out of the ordinary for him. During his confirmation hearing, he said that the degree to which humans impact climate change is in question. He’s written on the topic, and as Oklahoma’s attorney general, he sued to stop the Obama administration’s biggest regulation to combat climate change, the clean power plan, with the backing of the oil and gas industry.

Donald Trump has promised to get rid of that plan, as well as another major regulation that aims to limit carbon emissions from cars and trucks. An executive order that would set those changes in motion is expected just next week. Francis thinks all of that is concerning.

FRANCIS: The longer it takes us to get a grip and start reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases, the worse problem it’s going to get and the harder it’s going to be to fix it.

ROTT: The EPA actually has a legal mandate to regulate greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide because of a Supreme Court decision in 2007. But Pruitt in his interview today said he’d like to see Congress weigh in on that, as well. Nathan Rott, NPR News.

Read more: http://www.npr.org/2017/03/09/519499975/epa-head-scott-pruitt-doubts-basic-consensus-on-climate-change

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Climate change is bullshit. Science is supposed to be about what you can observe. I can see gravity working, no one sees the climate magically changing because of carbon. It cycles and scientists don't know if the her drives co2 or the other way around. What we CAN see are middle class workers hurting due to the phasing out of fossil fuel industry thanks to needless and alarmist over regulation

Climate change can be observed, and has been. Even if you don’t want to look at geological records that give us insight into what climate was like thousands of years ago, climate change at a very rapid pace can be observed in just the past 50 years, and has been. Yes, the earth cycles through cold and warm periods over thousands of years, but the rate at which temperatures are increasing now is not part of that cycle, and is an extreme outlier in the historical data that suggests that there is something else at play, all of the research pointing to human interactions with the earth. Scientists “don’t know” a lot, because science is slow and methodical, and very rarely does it ever actually get to concrete answers with 100% certainty. That said, the operating theory right now, and the best theory that we have, is that increased CO2 emissions are causing adverse environmental effects, including global temperature rise, warmer and more acidic oceans, rising sea levels, and shrinking ice shelves. 

Your original claim, that climate change is bullshit, would be disputed by 95%-98% of scientists. The data overwhelmingly shows that humans are impacting climate change in our world, and that it is caused by CO2 emissions. To deny this is to remain purposefully ignorant. The scientific community has come to a reasonable consensus, and it’s time to accept the reality, and gravity, of our situation.

The argument that middle class workers are hurting due to the elimination of fossil fuels is a human one driven by empathy, and I get it. It sucks to see people whose entire families and lives are built around fossil fuel production being ruined because of layoffs, but sustainable and renewable energies are a booming business in of themselves. Although it might be a hyperbole of a comparison, your argument is very similar to that of the people who wanted to keep slavery around to preserve the agricultural economy of the south. Both humans and the market adapt, and the faster we phase out fossil fuels and embrace alternative energies on a widespread and affordable level, the faster we can stop experiencing these growing pains. We, as a country, as a society, as a species, need to move on from our archaic energy sources, and start utilizing sustainable technology. A generation of displaced workers is not worth risking the future of our planet.

On my way to the airport yesterday, I was picked up by a cabbie named Chuck.

Chuck served in the Navy for 22 years. He worked, lived, and partied across the Pacific Islands until deciding to collect his retirement. When he saw my poster tube, we naturally got on the subject of why I was in Vegas, how I studied sea turtles and was presenting my research here, etc.

He thinks turtles in general are the coolest (“I mean, nothing else ‘cept maybe the armadillo has a shell! Think about that! That’s why they’ve been around so long!”), and one of the first things he said was, “I wish they’d start doing better and we’d bring ‘em back from the brink of extinction because man, they are such good eating

I didn’t bat an eye. I’ve heard this before; I also know that some very successful conservation efforts are borne out of a regular person’s desire to eat a species sustainably; that locals get involved with conservation efforts for this very reason. We chatted about this and I got to tell him about turtle excluder devices (TEDs) used in the shrimp trawling industry. We agreed how we would both much rather pay taxes that go to funding TEDs on every trawl boat in the Gulf than to our corrupt governor or legislator’s next mansion. That it’s hard for a seasonal fisherman to fund a $700 TED on a boat, or that scientists and government officials don’t get that he and his daddy and his granddaddy have been doing this their whole lives, and have a bad taste in their mouth from people telling them what to do and telling them that they know better.

Chuck may be “just” a cab driver, he may be a retiree, but he reads Science magazine. He may want TEDs so that he can sustainably eat shrimp, whereas I want them to save sea turtles and couldn’t care less about eating shrimp anymore. He’s plugged in, and he isn’t stupid; his background is just slightly different than mine, and we want the same things.

We naturally got onto the topic of climate change. Chuck acknowledges that something is going on, that the Earth’s climate is heating and changing. He’s not sure whether it’s entirely anthropogenic, and a 15 minute cab ride to the airport was neither the time nor the place for me to throw facts at him.

Instead, I focused on the fact that Chuck, regardless of the cause of climate change, wants to see humans try to make it better. He said, “We have got to do something or this (gesturing to the surrounding sprawl of civilization on either side of the highway) will all fall apart.”
So that’s what I said to him. I said, “Chuck you know, that’s it exactly. The science is pretty sound, our models are getting better and better every day, but at the end of the day, shouldn’t it just be enough that you want to make the earth a better place for everyone? That the sooner that we get past this rhetorical pitfall of ‘who dun it’, we can start to make actual, appreciable changes?”

Chuck must have been about 82 years old. I’m nearly 25. He’s been around, seen a lot. And he remarked to me at the end of the cab ride how much he enjoyed talking to me, how it made his day, and how this was a new, great way of thinking about climate change and activism. That we have nothing to lose by switching to sustainable resources, eating less meat, telling our politicians to get their acts together and make good on their climate summit promises.

I reflect on this on Earth Day, and because March for Science isn’t far from my mind today. I’m reflecting on how the newly published video narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson revs me up in certain ways, but how problematic I find some of its rhetoric, and some of the rhetoric on the March for Science official facebook page.

For whom is this video made? I’ll tell you, from the time I spent with him, Chuck wouldn’t have been compelled by this video. He’d have been indifferent at best, and angry at the worst. This video isn’t made for him. But isn’t it important that he, and people like him, be reached, encouraged to make a difference, feel like they’re not considered ‘less than’ just because they’re not scientists?

What did work was having a conversation with him. Being kind, talking about things person to person– no lecturing, no fact regurgitation. I think that my conversation with Chuck will have more of a lasting impact on him than seeing that video ever would. And talking with Chuck has had an impact on me too. It reminds me that I’m a citizen of the Earth just like him. And that outsider perspective is absolutely key to my work and how I relate to the science I do. What does it all even matter if it’s not positively impacting people like Chuck? What does it even matter if I can’t sympathize with the shrimp boat drivers that have to rely on a transient resource to put dinner on the table for themselves and their families?

It occurs to me that this conversation could have gone much more differently for Chuck if it had been a different person in his cab. If it had been a different sea turtle conference attendee, or a different scientist. That someone could have jumped down his throat for his ‘good eating’ comment, or his thoughts on climate change. And he wouldn’t have walked away from that conversation telling the person how he was going to go out and buy a book on sea turtles now.

We march for science, but let us also march for the people who stand to benefit from it, whose lives are made better from its advances. Let us march for them even when we don’t see quite eye to eye on certain issues, for certainly the issue of saving our planet is more important. I think far more often than not, we can all agree that something needs to be done. I think we’ll find that people are more willing than we realize to join in and help. And we need them if we’re going to win this fight.

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What do you think is an effective way to convince people we should do something about climate change? A nuanced opinion seems to lean more on the side of "eh why do anything about it?", but fear mongering obviously isn't effective either, for exactly the reasons you've talked about in your other posts.

Its hard because we’d literally need to convince the biggest industries in the world to give up fossil fuels, which in turn would upset another big industry.  Money is the problem, as there is a vested interest in the continuation of fossil fuels.

The best way to shift popular opinion is not to scare people, nor punish them.  We incentivize them.  If people can save a boat load of money by being green, they will.

If switching to solar, nuclear or wind will cause people’s electricity bills to go down, they’ll switch.  If hybrids were cheaper than standard cars, people would buy them.  If they made a lightbulb that lasted 5 years and was better on energy, for the same price, people would buy them.

At the same time, coming up with the actual, hard science and publishing it widespread will help.  We need to know the hard numbers of how much carbon we, as a species, are contributing.  We need to know our impact, what its changing and then put it into terms people will understand.

Make the argument about how fishing industries will suffer in areas where fishing is a primary earner.  In California, determine if the lack of water is due to climate change and then TELL them that.

Literally, if you incentivize people with money and show them the negative impact if they choose not to, they will naturally move over. 

I have a story for you all

I was traveling this weekend and got picked up at the airport by a ride-share. After finding out I’d been in the path of one of the many hurricanes hitting the Americas, the guy asked me what was my “outake on the reason we’re having so many storms.” And my very first thought was:

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He then goes on to clarify that some people think the US government have a sonic weapon controlling the weather, but that these people were obviously wrong because the storms had hit the US, and “why would the government do that?”


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So I go into my little spiel about how these storms, while only the weather of one year, are symptomatic of our changing climate and that this in line with what our models predict the future to hold.


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I think, maybe I was wrong and I’ve met a rational human after all.

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But then he says: “Here’s my out take. Don’t you think it’s weird that something that happens only once every hundreds of years, you know the eclipse, that that thing happens and then bam! One right after another we get all these big storms. I don’t know, seems like a pretty big coincidence to me.”


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So apparently, it’s not a changing climate that’s causing crazy hurricanes, it’s:

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How climate change makes hurricanes worse

Here’s what we know about climate change and hurricanes.