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“The question is can we change our course in time. Now if this were a movie we could write the end of this script and figure a way out of this mess. But real life doesn’t work like that and we can’t pretend that we know how this is going to end. The only thing we can do is control what we do next. How we live our lives. What we consume. How we get involved. And we can use our vote to tell our leaders that we know the truth about climate change.”

Before the Flood (2016) dir. Fisher Stevens

You know what's really ironic

People who don’t care about science, who say climate change isn’t real…are destroying the planet we live on.

And defunding NASA.

The people who could get us off this miserable poisoned planet.

What a great contingency plan.

Fill a glass cage with toxin and throw away the key that could unlock it.

One of the things that scares me most about a Trump presidency (along with discrimination against pretty much every minority) is the fact that Trump has already pledged to throw the Paris Agreement, pretty much The Plan to combat global climate change. 

My marine biology teacher told me that Congress has NO SAY in whether the US follows the Paris Agreement - that’s all up to the head of state. That’s all up to Trump. With Hillary Clinton, we would have had a shot at climate change progress, but you know what Trump’s going to fucking do? 

Shout that climate change is a scam invented by the Chinese and blow it off, probably.

Climate change will ruin so much. It will destroy the lives of people living in low lying coastal regions such as Bangladesh and Kiribati. It will destroy the lives of people living in areas suffering rapid desertification such as rural China. It will destroy the lives of people living in Arctic regions who rely on Arctic wildlife for their food in some seasons. It will destroy the lives of people who rely on the ocean for their food, and many of us do. It will cause more extremely destructive storms like Typhoon Haiyan and it will kill people. Climate change will kill more people in the end than anything Trump has stood behind his podium bloviating about.

Climate change is going to rip apart so many families, end so many lives. Some of y’all just had to go vote for fucking Gary Johnson.

What to know about newly appointed UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s position on climate change

  • In 2013, Haley became embroiled in controversy when a report on climate change’s devastating effect on South Carolina was found to have been buried.
  • Haley has never publicly stated her position on climate change or whether she believes it’s a real problem.
  • However, she has supported Atlantic offshore drilling for oil and gas and lambasted the Environmental Protection Agency for trying to limit carbon emissions of power plants.
  • “This is exactly what we don’t need,” Haley told an electric cooperative in 2014 after the EPA’s proposed plans, according to the Post and Courier.
  • “This is exactly what hurts us. You can’t mandate utility companies which, in turn, raises the cost of power. That’s what’s going to keep jobs away. That’s what’s going to keep companies away.”
  •  She added that the federal government should “stay out of the way.”
  • Incidentally, as governor, she accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions from the oil and gas and electric utility industries. Read more

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12x05 Coda: Unusually Domestic

Just some nice bunker fluff to offset some of this terrible week.  Destiel, 1k

When they get back to the bunker that stupid pickup truck that has replaced Cas’s slightly less stupid Continental is parked out in the front.  Dean’s chest gives a dumb little leap.  He’s been trapped in the car with Sam ranting about the election results for way too long now.

Yeah, Dean’s concerned, too, but honestly?  He’d rather not think about it.  (There’s a part of him that knows he’s thinking about marriage equality, but he hasn’t found the time or the energy to confront that part just yet.)

“And he doesn’t even believe in climate change!” Sam says as Dean throws the Impala into park.

“I knew that after the second time you told me, Sammy.”

Sam grumbles a few more protests as they lug their stuff into the bunker, but Cas’s appearance at the foot of the stairs stems the tirade at last.

“Guess what we did,” Dean says.

For the first time in what feels like hours, Sam allows a small smile on his face.  Cas squints as he tries to work out what they could have possibly done.  He’s doing that confused-bird tilt of his head that makes Dean brighten a little bit.

“I’m not sure how I’m supposed to—”

“Dean killed Hitler,” Sam says as quickly as he possibly could, before Dean got a chance to say it again.

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Open your eye

Society astonishes me sometimes…Can we lessen the superficial and strengthen depth? Can we stop fawning over actors, artists and models? We as young minds should lift up our scientists, astronomers, biologists, chemists, and mathematicians …from past to present days. Learn from people like Tesla, Einstein, Galileo, Pierre & Marie Curie, Moseley, Pasteur, Franklin, Rontgen and so one and so on… Let’s lift our modern day scientists (Goodall, Gellar, Bonner, Bard etc.) that are working hard and trying to make society better..Some of them trying to create free energy technology that is being suppressed..Isn’t it odd that in this day and age we still don’t have free energy (technology is there, innovations are happening). The power structure is so addicted to control and sustaining the oligarchy..These people are  hell bent to maintaining the status quo because it only benefits them.  Here we are accepting it all..living in this macroeconomic prison..with our blinders on..being entertained by meaningless things.
No technological evolutions..no progress…none on the scale of something that can create a far superior, clean, free and happy society. It is infuriating to see The USA going backwards and seeing other countries  making strides in technology and innovation. Being open minded, embracing science (instead of forcing christian ideology and dogma onto the democratic process). A clear separation of church and state. Uniting people instead of dividing.
Change happens when one open their minds..Think critically and think like there is no box at all.  Learn about meditation,  connecting with nature and awakening the dormant mind. People don’t even realize how powerful the mind is. You don’t need additional means to do this..Training the mind and opening oneself up to the possibilities. No drugs, clean and healthy food.   During mediations in nature there is always this little voice in the back of my mind that says that this is not how society should be…an existential crisis about our conscience and social development. We should be free..to welcome progress, change, growth, This is the destiny of humanity. Earth is a school moving through space and we are here to learn certain lessons about self realisation and self actualisation..and creating a new world.  There is power in the many, only if they are acting like one. that is when resonance happens…. Just one of many thoughts I have during the day..

Donald Trump’s actions involving attacking environmental agencies legitimately scares me, especially the part where he has censored EPA and other government-associated environment accounts. He has removed climate change from the White House website, as well as the EPA’s. This isn’t something you can ignore. This isn’t something you can pretend isn’t happening. This is the world we live in. What excuse do you have not to protect it? If not for humanity, then what about your children? Your children’s children? What are they to do when the world is unlivable and uninhabitable because of your actions in the past? I know it’s scary, and it terrifies me, but pretending it isn’t happening only makes that day come faster. 

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Hi! I don't know if you heard what's happening in Perú, but would you please share a little about it? My country is really suffering because of mudslides and we need all the help we can get. There's floods, mudslides and water shortages. Pleasepleaseplease just a link with info helps. Sorry if this bothers you, but please 😢😞

//Oh ma n I had no idea that such things were happening???;;;;;; I found few links, i hope these helps at least a bit;;;

You Don't Know Sh*! About Natural Gas. Read This.

Let’s talk about gas. No no, not the gas that comes out of your ass but rather the gas that comes out of the earth and fuels your stoves, homes and generates electricity that powers your life and gadgets! Everyone who recycles and eats “locally sourced” lettuce thinks they know a thing or two about what it means to being green, but when we bring up natural gas as one of the great heroes of the clean energy movement, everyone goes blank.

Here’s just how much you don’t know about natural gas.

When you hear the words “climate change” being spoken, you think about the sad polar bear standing on his 1 cubic square inch of ice almost drowning to death in the middle of the North Pole. And the world coming to an end. And the fact that you could be riding your bike more. You definitely don’t think about all the things we could be doing to lower CO2 emission rates, and how we can maintain our standard of living whilst being conscience of our carbon footprint. Natural gas is a great remedy to our emissions issues. It is the least carbon-intensive major energy source, emitting up to 60% less CO2 than coal when used for electricity generation.

When you think about oil, you think “evil liquid killing the earth that also fuels my lovely Prius named Penelope”… But did you know that coal is a huge culprit of CO2 emissions as well? Well now you know. You’re welcome.

When you see solar panels, you wish you were soaking up the sun, too or you think “ugh, too expensive for me”. You definitely don’t think about how much solar panels are saving us from ultimate world doom and saving you dollars on your energy bill.

“You know what fracking is, right??” “Fracking… Oh, let me just google that right quick. I used to know… Umm, my internet is down. Can you just remind me again?” “It’s this thing…”

When you think about climate change and these types of issues, you get overwhelmed because quite frankly, who cares about the environment when you don’t even have a job and you have all these bills to pay? Forget the polar bears, save the US economy first!

When you think of oil companies, you don’t think about the other “good stuff” they’re doing to save the environment such as renewable energy and natural gas exploration. You just think “big evil oil company killing all the polar bears… and fueling my car” because after all, that’s the way the media and all your friends tell you to think, right?

Staying informed is the key to curing ignorance… But remember, not all news sites are created equal.

Let’s talk about something dirty… Voting! Everyone does it, but no one wants to talk about it. Just kidding! It’s more like: no one does it, but everyone talks about it. It’s like our complicated relationship with cross-fit and veganism.

When you think about the things that matter to the US, you think of job creation, more organic food for everyone, and stricter gun laws. One of the most understated issues is alternative, clean sources of energy. We all love our iPhones, computers, the lights in our homes, and the gas in our stoves, but we rarely think about what powers our world (literally!). Without energy, you wouldn’t be able to read this article right now!

Think about the next question carefully… Your iPhone, iPad, computer, cat, mom, and the mac-n-cheese on your stove depend on it.

Forming opinions and perspectives can be healthy when it comes to understanding complex issues such as climate change and natural gases. However, remember that being flexible about your views can make you even smarter and more enlightened.

So knowing what you know now… Why don’t you think more people know about natural gas?! When you figure out the answer, please tell us (in the poll below).

What strikes me most about the state of the world is the bullshit idea we used to hear that people were doing everything for their kids. Now, at least, we know they drive around in their 4x4s and fly to their pointless meetings and vote for their sham governments for themselves.  We’re not trying to build a world for our kids; we’re trying to build wealth and status for ourselves. The only things we will leave our kids is a dying fucking world. You traveled into your kid’s future,  and used the fuel and bulldozed the trees and poisoned the seas. You choked them with your skiing holidays, your iphones and your lifestyle supplements.
—  Frankie Boyle

When a 6-mile-wide asteroid struck Earth 66 million years ago, it wreaked havoc, showering the planet in hot clouds of sulfur and ash, completely changing the climate and wiping about 75% of the species on Earth at the time. The impact is what likely caused the dinosaurs to go extinct.

We don’t know a lot about this cataclysmic event or how life managed to make a comeback.

Now, after weeks of drilling down into a rock slab in the Gulf of Mexico, a team of scientists has reached the impact crater that the dinosaur-killing asteroid left behind. The rock samples from the crater could teach us a lot about this violent period in Earth’s history.

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No, Don’t tell me to calm down. This is my future; I didn’t get to vote, i didn’t get my say. Don’t say it’s for the best. People I know - and trusted - told me that they were voting for the young people and freedom of speech BUT WHAT’S THIS? WE ARE LEAVING? 

Yeah, don’t worry about the young people digging out your carcasses when climate change and war strikes. Sorry to busy looking into the past? I thought we were looking into the future?

So no, don’t tell me to calm down. I want to study international, foreign politics which involves climate change and now? Well, everything I worked for in the last few weeks and what I will work for has completely been tarnished. 

Don’t tell me this wasn’t racist. 

Don’t tell me America’s problems are worse

Don’t tell me I can’t pursue politics because I am a girl

Because guess what? I’m going to do it. And I’m not going to stop until I go up and over. So fuck you all who are telling me to calm down. 


Bernie Sanders is NO joke. I know he’s popular for his crazy hair, but he stands for so many great things. He wants to make our democracy an actual democracy again. Rich families are buying the government and controlling who is in office and what they stand for because they can buy them. He cares, ACTUALLY CARES, about the middle class. We are the wealthiest country but for some reason, we can’t take care of the hungry and the poor. He wants change. He cares about democracy, the climate, and the people of the United States. My vote 100% will go to Bernie Sanders.

This is it

If we don’t get rid of Harper tomorrow, I don’t know what will happen to us. We can’t take 4-5 more years of him. What will happen to my mother, a black immigrant environmentalist, under a prime minister who denies climate change, classifies environmental activism as terrorism, and has created second class citizenship laws that could see her stripped of her citizenship and deported for denouncing him? What will happen to my muslim friends in a climate of violent islamophobia and xenophobia that Harper is actively working to create? What will happen to my trans friends who the Conservatives are legislating against? What about missing and murdered indigenous women? What about indigenous communities and sovereignty? What about our lakes and rivers and trees? Our civil rights, our environment, the lives of millions of people are in the balance. This election is so important, and if we don’t go out and vote I don’t know what will happen to us. As a queer person of colour I am terrified that this will go unnoticed, that the Conservatives will win again, that things will get even worse. Please, for the next 24 hours, can everyone take the time to care about this election? Is that so much to ask?

The Best Technology for Fighting Climate Change Is Right Outside Your Door

One of the “most promising” ways we can engineer our planet is also one of the oldest.

When people talk about technologies that might offset climate change, they often evoke not-yet-invented marvels, like planes spraying chemicals into the atmosphere or enormous skyscrapers gulping carbon dioxide from the clouds. But in a new report, Oxford University researchers say that our best hopes might not be so complex .In fact, they are two things we already know how to do: plant trees and improve the soil.

Both techniques, said the report, are “no regrets.” They’ll help the atmosphere no matter what, they’re comparatively low-cost, and they carry little additional risk. Specifically, the two techniques it recommends are afforestation—planting trees where there were none before—and biochar—improving the soil by burying a layer of dense charcoal.

Between now and 2050, trees and charcoal are the “most promising” technologies out there, it said.

What strikes me most about the state of the world is the bullshit idea we used to hear that people were doing everything for their kids. Now, at least, we know they drive around in their 4x4s and fly to their pointless meetings and vote for their sham governments for themselves.  We’re not trying to build a world for our kids; we’re trying to build wealth and status for ourselves. The only things we will leave our kids is a dying fucking world. You traveled into your kid’s future,  and used the fuel and bulldozed the trees and poisoned the seas. You choked them with your skiing holidays, your iphones and your lifestyle supplements.
—  Frankie Boyle

do wizards know about global warming? Do they track these kinds of things? They probably aren’t part of the problem since they don’t really pump out a lot of CO2 and wouldn’t really contribute to deforestation (bc of the statute of secrecy wizards probably wouldn’t want to clear large amounts of land which could attract attention). If wizards don’t know about it, what are they attributing the changing climate/increase in natural disasters to? Do wizards not realize that we are slowly killing our environment ? Something horrible is happening and they don’t even realize it.

What strikes me most about the state of the world is the bullshit idea we used to hear that people were doing everything for their kids. Now, at least, we know they drive around in their 4x4s and fly to their pointless meetings and vote for their sham governments for themselves.  We’re not trying to build a world for our kids; we’re trying to build wealth and status for ourselves. The only things we will leave our kids is a dying fucking world. You traveled into your kid’s future,  and used the fuel and bulldozed the trees and poisoned the seas. You choked them with your skiing holidays, your iphones and your lifestyle supplements.
—  Frankie Boyle
What if the Hebitians had made it?

I wonder how Cardassian culture would have developed if the damned planet had had enough resources to sustain all the people, if climate change hadn’t happened. In canon, the culture that came about 10.000 years before what we know as the Cardassians were called Hebitians, an advanced, sophisticated and even spiritual people who tried to live in harmony with nature. All of what is known about them (which isn’t a lot) indicates to me that they were a rather egalitarian, peaceful, kinda artsy-fartsy society - a stark contrast to the culture of the Cardassian Union. So what if the Hebitian culture hadn’t been devastated by hunger and disease? I believe the militarization of society wouldn’t have taken place. I believe there wouldn’t have been a “need” to annex Bajor in order to strip it of its resources. And I like to imagine that if Bajorans had made contact with the peaceful, more open-minded Hebitians when they first explored the Cardassian system with their solar gliders, they might have gotten along. Shared their views on spirituality and religion. Maybe the two species had even cooperated. Grown together. Helped each other. So in my head canon, there exists this happy little hippy-esque parallel universe of Bajorans and Cardassians/Hebitians entertaining strong, stable, supportive relations and private relationships, where Bajor is whole, Kira Nerys was never put through the hell of the resistance and Gul Dukat is probably a chaste monk or something.

Also, I realize that when I escape one horrible fictitious universe because bad stuff happens in it by creating another fictitious universe full of fluff, I am taking my escapism to a whole new level. Don’t care, I’m loving it :3!