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one time he and i were sitting in bed and i said “where do you feel stuff?” and he said “what do you mean” and i said, “here is anxiety” and pointed to my bottom left rib where the spiders start. he pointed to his throat. “it’s here for me.” 

i keep anger in my breastbone, he holds it in his hands. i feel sadness on my shoulders, he feels it in his lungs. 

we play this game until we come to love, and i realize that i am terrified (jugular vein) of what might come. what if it is not the same. what if he feels it somewhere else, what if it is just a flash fire, not the slow burn, what if it is congealing in one place instead of radiating, i try to change topics, flight response (sternum)

he takes my hands in his and puts them over his ribs and says, “everywhere, everywhere, like a sun is trying to escape me, like i am being consumed and you are filling up where used to be empty.” i say, “don’t be ridiculous humans are 99% empty space,” i nervous laugh (spiders down spine), he holds his gaze with me. 

“everywhere,” he repeats.


SO. This is not the best quality. I don’t normally do comics, but I’m honestly just happy that I managed to get it out and slap some color on there!

For all those mystic messenger players who feel that disconnect between themselves and the MC. Maybe you feel like Seven doesn’t really love you. After all, we can’t form our own responses when we talk to him. But he does love you! He blatantly breaks the mechanics of the game to let you know that he knows you’re there, and he still loves you.

Maybe you can’t say exactly what you want. But those choices you make are yours, regardless.  - @gigiree

ALRIGHT so here goes. short list of things i picked up on about tlou 2 during the psx livestream w neil druckmann, ashley & troy; obviously some spoilers ahead, kind of; 

  • if the first game was about love and people building relationships in a time of crisis and learning to trust, tlou 2 is about hate and ellie’s in particular
  • we’re going to PLAY AS ELLIE from what i understand she’s going to be the main protagonist this time 
  • ELLIE IS 19
  • which makes joel about 53-54? i think 
  • neil druckmann, re: the apprehension people were feeling about the idea of sequel to tlou - “trust me, we all felt the exact same way. nobody loves these characters more than we do & we would not do this unless we felt we had the right idea. we played with the idea of a sequel with other characters for ages but it never felt right. the last of us has always been about joel and ellie. all i ask is that the fans put some faith in us, trust us, we will do right by you. ”  
  • they started working on this scene TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO
  • when neil first got a recording of the song from ashley it was too good! they got a voice coach to help her sing a little more scratchy and rough and authentic and find ellie’s voice 
  • brand new facial motion capture hoo-haa technology stuff idk THERES BEEN SOME DEVELOPMENT and its great there’s a whole adorable bit where ashley’s facial expressions are mirrored in ellie’s 3d model and she’s wonderful and full of freckles 
  • MOVING ON neil said “ellie is the main character in this one and she plays a little differently than joel” - im assuming more stealth? “some mechanics are evolutions and some are reinventions” they are literally like at knife point not the reveal anything goddamn 
  • ashley cries a lot. she apparently cried when neil told her the story outline for left behind and then kept crying when he told her about tlou part 2. they were at a restaurant and people stared at neil judgementally for making her cry 
  • gustavo santaolalla IS BACK!!! thank god 
  • there’s a new musical track reveal & some concept art of environments and one of ellie <3
  • neil says he cannot see the last of us without joel and ellie. “they are the heart of this game. at its core the story is about human relationships and their relationship is the most important one in it.” 

Like who he tryna kid though?

I don’t think people give this generation’s of Disney Channel Stars enough credit. Like I said before, we have Cameron Boyce who’s white passing but speaks out about his black heritage and roots. We have Dove Cameron who’s a fucking angel, literally what I refer to as this generation of Disney’s Hilary Duff and who speaks up about girl power (plus, she and her boo Ryan are engaged and the cutest Disney couple since Zanessa). Zendaya, the BEYONCE of Disney Channel right now, who slays the game all fucking day and basically runs her own shit, do her own thang and pointing out REPRESENTATION. Skai Jackson, need I say more? Who wouldn’t love this child? ROWAN FUCKING BLANCHARD who vocally supports and shows so many respect to LGBT+, #BlackLivesMatter, Feminism and speaks out on so many fucking issues that literally she (and Zendaya) is like one of the very few Disney Channel stars that speak on all of these issues and more. We have Sofia Carson, who’s representing the Latina community of Disney and tbh it’s been since WOWP since we had that. Not to mention the cast of Stuck in the Middle, clearly that’s representation of a big Latina/Hispanic family that Disney has not done in years. Sabrina Carpenter, who’s voice is like a breath of fresh air, one of the talented voices that Disney has ever consumed. And there’s so much more and so many current DC Stars that are bringing a new light to what was a dim Disney Channel. People are so quick to not like what they see because it isn’t what it used to be for them. Well, I believe and I know these stars are talented and bringing new material to a growing world and network.

'But some people can't go vegan because of allergies and intolerances!'

You’re absolutely right!
And how do we fix that?
A higher variety of vegan food.

What do we need to get a higher variety of vegan food?
A higher demand for vegan food.

How can you help to help create a higher demand for vegan food?



And if anybody needs help or tips on how to get started on a healthier, more ethical diet, just message me!
Peace and love guys ✌️🌱

Why Everyone Should be Excited for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

(this is based on a combination of what we can learn from the announcement trailer and what we already know from Gaiden, the original game Echoes is based on)

Do you Like Fates? Echoes also has unbreakable weapons and a story about two rival kingdoms, one barren and one prosperous, and has monsters to fight only this time they are even more prominent in the story and theres an even bigger variety!  There’s some other compelling narrative parallels with Fates but I wont get into any spoilers!

Do you like Awakening? Like Awakening it has a world map that you can walk your character around on and it makes you feel like you are both on an adventure and a part of the world.  And like the Shepherds, a big group of the playable characters have known each other for years and are dear friends by the start of the game so you have a similar feeling of a very close-knit army that you got in Awakening.

Do you like Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem? There are loads of references to those games (but dont worry if you never played those games, its inclusion wont take you out of the game in any way).

Do you like Tellius? Alm is a lot like Ike; both grew up in simple circumstances are very unpretentious and dont act like nobles even as they become more important in the world.  Also the equipment system of swapping around rings and shields and weapons that give different bonuses is a lot like Radiant Dawn’s version of the skill system.

Do you like the GameBoy games? In addition to the fact that like 2/3 of the GBA games, Echoes splits screentime between male and female main characters, if you are a Sacred Stones fan this should be a dream come true.  Sacred Stones is considered a spiritual successor to Gaiden, and as Echoes is a remake of Gaiden, this is in some ways a spiritual sequel to Sacred Stones.  Listing all the ways in which Echoes and SS are similar would take too long, so just know that you will love it!

Do you like the Japan-only games prior to the GBA?  Kaga might not be making this remake, but he made the original game, so you are going to see echoes of the Kaga design that you love.

Do you like the Fire Emblem series in general? If so then AHHH THERES A NEW FIRE EMBLEM GAME AND ITS LESS THAN 4 MONTHS AWAY AHHHHH and its also for the 3DS so hopefully most of us dont have to buy a new system to play it, and its got a gorgeous art style. Gaiden is one of the most unique games in the series, and Echoes looks to be even more different, so get ready for a Fire Emblem experience like youve never had before!

Do you not like the Fire Emblem series in general?  This still might be a game for you to get excited about! If you didnt like Fire Emblem because you wanted something more than shipping and strategy in the gameplay, this game might be for you.  If you like more RPG elements like dungeon crawling, exploring around towns and talking to NPCs while directly controlling your character, this game has it!

TL;DR theres something in Echoes for almost everyone.  Please be excited!

With the passage of time, we get older… not necessarily wiser. Battle scars and trophies are proof that “we were there.” But they somehow fail to validate the experience in a way that is meaningful, let alone profound. So, how do we determine what really matters?  I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure the answer lies closer to that scar on my right shin than on the shelf next to my trophies (which, of course, my dad has collected, shined, and displayed in his bar in the living room.) […]

While scoring goals and winning games are lovely to look at, those “roses” are empty on their own. I’ve realized that the emotional aftermath of big wins is the same as the emotional fallout of big losses…temporary. What actually sustains and enriches is the effort put forth…the investment. After fourteen years of youth soccer, four years of college, and (almost) two years as a professional, I still must try hard to not allow my football dream to be my master. After all, my career is not my identity; but my goals are important to me because I’ve watered them…I’ve tended them. That said, from winning I’ve learned to dream big and rejoice freely and from losing I’ve learned to how to get up, brush myself off, and forgive. Assimilating these lessons is how I can still play the game…the application of these lessons off the pitch…priceless.

- Rookie for Life,


Video Games

As introverts, we love being alone with oodles and oodles of books. Our houses are almost always stocked to the brim with our favorite snacks, our Netflix always ready to be used, and our furry companions are never far from our side. Outside of being an avid reader (though I’m in a slump right now), I’m also an avid gamer as well. I love being lost in the worlds of whatever video game I happen to be playing. I know I’m not the only one. Video games allow us to be connected without actually having other people around. They fill our lives with immeasurable joy and excitement we can control. Video games allow us to do whatever we want and not get in trouble or be judged. What’s your favorite video game series and why? What’s your favorite gaming system(s)? (I LOVE the Bioshock series to pieces.)

“Sherlock Holmes is in love, but with who?”

We all knew it was coming, we have been watching and waiting for it for years, but to see it actually happening still somehow feels a little….overwhelming? Like, we knew it was gonna happen, but WOW IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING, what are we supposed to do with ourselves right now??? What are we supposed to do when we’re on the cusp of getting everything we’ve ever asked for?

Conversation I overheard at the supermarket while buying cat food:

Guy 1: what are we going to do about this cat, man? Can we eat him?
Guy 2: I don’t think he would taste very good
Guy 1: yo what are you talking about I was kidding I love that cat. Don’t you love that cat?
Guy 2: if we eat him we won’t have to deal with him anymore.
Guy 1: admit you love that cat
Guy 2: no. He’s terrible
Guy 1: admit it!!
Guy 2: fine. He’s not THAT terrible.

Literally Andrew and Neil


What are you looking at?

as mentioned before, feeling crappy these last days. so I decided to do what we all like to do when we feel meh but still wanna draw smth- portraits! :’‘D

my love for 76 grows everyday which is probably in big parts because he reminds me of one of my own chars that I’d kill for. I saw smwhere a pic of 76 with a cigarette in his mouth n I really liked the idea. had to borrowed it~ I personally like the gold version more but I made the blue one for those who prefer cold colours and/or don’t recognize 76 without blue lol

check out my commission table!!

  • Hit the Stage Producer: Ok Momo, this week's theme is "This love" so you and your dance crew need to choreograph a stage about love.
  • Producer: Also, after your vampire performance, the staff are asking if you can 'tone down the gay'
  • Momo: [Nods and smiles fakely]
  • Momo, after the producer leaves: [Pointing to one of her backup dancers] Get me Mina
  • {First choreography meeting}
  • Mina: So what exactly is your plan for this dance?
  • Momo: We're gonna do a social commentary on abusive relationships
  • Mina: Are you sure the public will respond well to that?
  • Momo: I don't care. I didn't come here to play games
  • Mina: Ok
  • Momo: And also, we're gonna make it as gay as possible
  • Mina: [High-pitched voice] Ok
  • Literally Everyone In This Fucking Game: Ciri is important, her blood possesses untold power and she's the heir to one of the most powerful kingdoms in the world. We have to make sure we can control her and use her power to its fullest potential.
  • Geralt Of Rivia, who has literally tracked Ciri down through three separate kingdoms, killed multiple monsters, put down regimes, and battled the riders of hell, all to find her, while she's beheading a griffon behind him: Ciri can do what she wants
Does he like you, or does he have a black woman fetish?

It’s no secret that lots of white guys have a fetish for black women. Is it our glowing brown skin? Our beautifully unique hair? The way we stand up for ourselves and what we believe in? It’s probably all of these things and more let’s be real. But is fetishizing really a bad thing? Where’s the line drawn between admiring and fetishizing? How do you know if a guy really likes you for you?

I’ve been in the dating game officially for the last 2 and a half years and I know when someone likes ME and when someone likes me specifically because I’m black.

The guys that genuinely like me never say things like “I love your brown skin” or “you’re sweet like chocolate” or any other descriptor of the skin color I have. They only ever compliment things ABOUT me that they like. They’ll say things like “I love your eyes” or “I love how witty you are.” There is little to no mention of skin color unless it’s like about how an article of clothing looks against my skin. Guys that genuinely like you are going to compliment you for the person that you are, not the skin color you have. They’ll compliment the way your eyes light up when you talk about something you love. They’ll say they love your laugh, your passion, your determination. They’ll say they want to hold you, not they want to f*ck you. When a guy really likes you, he’ll want to know the person behind the skin color.

But sometimes, because they’ve been surrounded by and accustomed to pigment-challenged skin their entire lives, they truly do love brown skin. They’re fascinated by it. The way I’m fascinated by their lack of melanin. And in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with loving black women for our curves, our hair or our skin. SO LONG AS they also love us for our brains, our hearts and our personalities. As long as those things are held on just as high a pedestal, I don’t think appreciating the things that make black women special and different is a bad thing.

I think fetishizing is bad when it turns into a conquest. When it’s no longer about wanting to get to know you, but it’s about wanting to be able to say they’ve been with you physically. When it’s about wanting to prove something to either the world, or themselves. But if that’s not the case, then don’t push people away who love the things that make you different!

A lot of guys have bad intentions. But a lot of guys also have good intentions, they just don’t know how to properly and appropriately compliment you. I’ve seen a lot of girls of color jump down a guy’s throat for making a comment that could be taken either way, and my advice would be this: don’t be so quick to assume he’s fetishizing you. If you get a creepy vibe, then by all means dip out of there ASAP. But remember that not all white guys have experience with black women and it will take them some time to know what’s appropriate to say and what isn’t.

anonymous asked:

Happy Valentines Day! Sending love from Canada!!! Have you ever thought of doing a couple themed game show at the cafe as a Valentines Day Special?? If not, what was the plan for this year?

❤️💕❤️ Voltron crew: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! ❤️💕❤️

Allura: We are very excited to share with you the theme of this year’s valentines day event. While there won’t be any game show themes ( as we like to save those for other days to add extra excitement ) We do have a change of rolls!

Coran: Each year every staff member submits their ideas which we draw out at random. This year Lance won the drawing. So introducing!!!!

Lance: That’s right ladies and gents! Your loyal butlers now have a more devilish twisted side. Be careful of their tricks as they may lead you straight to temptation.

Hunk: I still think Chocolate love would have been better.

Lance: You said it would just be everything made out of chocolate. Like plates and forks and stuff.

Hunk: A man can dream.

Lance: You would have had to MAKE IT

Hunk: A MAN…. CAN…. DREAM!

Allura: And of course to celebrate our most popular pair, on the 14th we have a Klance special for all of our lovely fans!

Lance: HEY WOAH! I did NOT Agree to that! When was that photo taken!?

Pidge: When we were going through the maid outfits and you and Shiro got drunk and decided to try them on.  I added Keith’s horns in post to go with the theme.

Lance: You can’t just photoshop something like that.

Pidge: I added horns. The rest is all you two.

Lance: ಠ_ಠ

Keith: Can I have a copy?

Pidge: Here… I already have it framed for you. Go nuts.

Lance: (눈_눈)  please don’t.

A.N. THANKS AGAIN! For all the asks and stuff! I got my work cut out for me! Ask box will close at 10 AM  PST Cause for me in Japan that’s midnight. I won’t be able to do any more V-day related after that. ( Well I might do some aftermath idk) Still, That’s when the box is closing till I catch up with all the asks!

Charlie Puth - We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez)

Every now and then I think you. /  De vez em quando eu penso que você. 

I just hope you’re lying next to somebody, who knows how to love you like me. /  Eu só espero que você esteja deitado ao lado de alguém, que saiba amar você como eu. 

There must be a good reason that you’re gone. /  Deve haver uma boa razão para que você tenha ido.  

Should’ve known your love was a game /  Deveria saber que seu amor era um jogo.

Now I can’t get you out of my brain.Ohh, it’s such a shame. /  Agora eu não consigo tirar você do meu cérebro. Oh, é uma pena.  

We don’t laugh anymore. What was all of it for? /  Nós não rimos mais,para que foi tudo isso?

Ohh, we don’t talk anymore like we used to do. /  Oh, nós não nos falamos mais como costumávamos fazer. 

I just heard you found the one you’ve been looking you’ve been looking for I wish I would’ve known that wasn’t me. /  Acabei de ouvir que você encontrou quem você estava procurando, quem você estava procurando, quem dera eu soubesse que essa não era eu. 

‘Cause even after all this time I still wonder Why I can’t move on, just the way you did so easily? /  Porque mesmo depois de todo esse tempo eu ainda me pergunto. Por que não posso seguir em frente do jeito que você fez tão facilmente? 

Bethesda’s Todd Howard impressed by Nintendo Switch!

“I love it. I got to play it. I will tell you – well, maybe that’s an NDA thing. One of the best demos I’ve ever seen. Probably the best demo I’ve ever seen.

I mean the device itself. I think it’s really smart what they’re doing. We’re definitely going to be supporting it. It’s the first time we’ve done something on Nintendo. If you don’t count the old NES stuff. Home Alone. Or Where’s Waldo?“ -Todd Howard, Bethesda Game Director