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I think it's safe to guess the 'butterscotch' trousers are retired. Check the whatsonstage website w/ /london-theatre/news/photos-limehouse-opening-david-tennant-roger-allam_43079 in the url.

HA! no snark at all intended here (genuinely) but which of David’s trousers are you referring to as the “butterscotch ones” because our little scot has a wide array of buttery hued trousers.  

I’m going to assume you were referring to these:

And not these:

Interestingly the above is from photos of him shooting What we Did on our Holiday, but they seem to be the same trousers he’s wearing in this shot of him on the subway (the Tube I’m assuming):

Which brings us back to an earlier conversation about how much of DT’s personal style gets carried over into his character’s costumes and vice versa. Note, both of the above photos seem to be from 2013, I can’t seem to figure out which predates the other, I did try though.

But to your point, which is about this outfit:

I did some targeted (very professional) zooming, and have come up with the following items of note.

  1. He’s going with button fly again, which seems to be a preferred style of his, despite the fact that they make him look like he doesn’t know how to zip up.  
  2. He appears to be dressing right here, which is weird, because he usually swings toward the more sinister persuasion. So either I got something very wrong, the photo is inverted, or Georgia’s had dry lips lately and he’s carrying around chapstick for her.  What a sweet guy! 
    1. (word to the wise: if you want to double check my research on this one, “David Tennant bulge” leads to better results than “David Tennant stiffy” on Google.  Y’all know I can never run for public office now right?)
  3. There is a tantalizing peak at the elusive #DT Undercrackers now with a black band and white lettering.  He’s teasing me.  I’m sure of it.

I think the trousers are the same ones he wore here:

But I really can’t be sure. It’s not like I can count on David to not own more than one pair of Burgundy trousers.  Still the length and wrinkle patterns are very similar so I’d say it’s a fair assumption.  

I’m working on the identification of that striped jumper in the new pics, but notice if you go way up to the top of this post how very similar this outfit is to the one with the brown jacket at the top of this post.  I hope he hasn’t retired those trousers.  Maybe they’ll make a resurgence?

Ahahahahahahahahahahah Of Course

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cecearl 51

Cecil smiles nervously at Earl across the fake wood tabletop in the Barista District. “There’s so much I don’t remember,” he says, “like what we did on holiday that time your parents took us to…” his face displays confusion, “Florry-daw? Whatever. There was a beach. Not an ash beach like ours, one with sand and salt water and waves and people having fun.”

Earl smiles but manages still to look sad. He takes his friend’s hand across the table. “Ceece, it’s okay to forget things because some things are not worth remembering. There sure are things from that vacation that I want to forget.” He squeezes Cecil’s hand. “Besides, my parents took so many photographs it’s as if I have your memory from that week. I’ll bring them round if you like, show you and Carlos. Maybe you’ll remember some stuff.”

Cecil takes his hand back and laughs. “Oh! No. Carlos says he loves me for who I am, not who I was before we met. But,” Cecil looks into Earl’s evasive eyes, “come over anyway. He likes you as much as I do only he doesn’t know it yet.”

Earl catches Cecil’s steady gaze, grins and replies, “Okay! Tonight?”