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To be Happy in a Million Ways

Christmas fic!  Destiel and Sam/Eileen (Smilin?  That’s what we’re calling it now.)

“You know, you’re usually the one tracking mud all over the place,” Dean points out as Sam sweeps by with the mop for what must be at least the tenth pass through the library.

Sam grunts something unintelligible under his breath.  Completely ignoring the fact that Cas is sitting in it, he moves a chair out of his way and motors on past.  Cas raises his eyebrows, but other than that, he can’t be bothered to lift his eyes from his book and react.

“Dude.  She’s not gonna mind if there’s a speck of dust under one table.”

Sam, who had dropped to his stomach to shove the mop further under a bookshelf, arches his back just enough to glare at him.  Dean looked over to Cas for support, but Cas just turns a page in his book.

“We live underground,” Sam says, gesturing around unhelpfully. “It’s not exactly cheery.”

Dean rolls his eyes.  He’d put a lot of work into that Christmas tree.  Did Sam realize how hard it is to get a tree down a spiral staircase?  It took he and Cas something like an hour to figure it out.

“Eileen is a hunter,” Cas says, finally marking his place and setting down the book. “She’ll just be happy to have somewhere to go for Christmas.”

Ain’t that the truth.  Dean is still in shock sometimes that they have a place to settle and call home, even if it is a little odd.  Mom is coming tomorrow along with Jody and the girls for Christmas morning, and Sam is bringing a girl home.  This is the most normal their lives have ever been.

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“What?” Dean asked.
“You just called Cas sweetheart,” Sam said, a grin spreading across his face.
“No I –“ Dean looked at Cas, who nodded solemnly in confirmation. “Shit I – I didn’t mean to!”
“What would we call that? A Freudian slip?” Sam asked, now openly snickering. Dean felt all his blood rush to his face.
“Shut up, Sammy,” he mumbled. “Sorry, Cas.”
“I really don’t –“ he began, then, thinking better of it, “it’s fine. You’re welcome, regardless.”
Dean couldn’t look at him the rest of the day.

Hey friends! I took part in the Dean/Cas Hey Sweetheart Challenge from the folks over at @deancas-sweetheart! If you’re looking for some cute fics with your favorite emotionally repressed nerds for Valentine’s Day, look no further. Feel free to signal boost and reblog!