what was the tag for the zine again

@sir-klancelot ;)
Here’s a preview for my collab Klance fic/art piece for POTENTIAL Zine (@potential-zine​)! I had loads of fun doing this project, and had an amazing collab partner!
Currently the zine release is delayed but you can still go follow the page and wait for updates!
The zine features 5 overall themes and features a variety of creators! o:
Go support everyoneeee <3

long journey home: a fallout 4 zine (hopefully)

okay, guys. i have a thing to pitch that’s been sort of on the backburner for a while, but i (and the lovely Q) figure it’s time to finally ask around and start gauging interest. so, indulge me very briefly?

here’s the bottom line: fallout 4 gets a lot of shit. it’s boring or it’s predictable or too short or too long, the story is too linear or the workshop is frustrating, it’s not as good as new vegas for any of like three hundred reasons. and don’t get me wrong, there are some perfectly valid critiques of the game (& fandom, yes, we know) that i’m not in the market to discount, but… 

guys, i love this game. and - listen, i don’t care if all they can say is “yes” in a number of meaningless ways, i love the sole survivor. and i love so many interpretations of them that i’ve seen across fandom! there is so much love and effort being poured into this character - these characters, really - that so often goes unnoticed or simply buried under other content. so, i figure, what better way to generate a little positivity than to collaborate, and create some ourselves? and even, maybe, ending up in something that folks can look at and hold in their hands. :D

so that’s where this thing comes in. (please forgive the quickie wip banner, i promise if this ends up being our title i’ll think of somethin’ nicer.) but my goal with this potential zine is to showcase sole survivors and their stories - pre-war, post-war, railroad heavies and institute heirs, atom cats and comic book heroes, mothers or fathers or none of the above, whoever they are and whoever they’ve turned out to be! 0: as our idea stands it will be limited to art pieces, and the only rule will be no canon characters allowed, with the exception of dogmeat.

on that note: i realize there are sole survivors whose stories become intertwined with a faction’s people or a love interest - trust me, one of my own does the same! - but i really want to focus on the character themselves, and avoid ANY kind of sense of competition or pettiness - this zine would be about promoting positivity, showing off a lot of interesting character interpretations, and generating a conversation about original characters on their own. while we all adore the canon characters too, this just wouldn’t be the place for them. (dogmeat is the exception here because he is perfect and transcends rules, should you choose to include him.)

i’m sorry to have gone on for so long! x__x this post is really just to gauge interest anyway, so - y’all! if you want to signal boost this that’d be great, and feel free to let me know in your tags or via message or im what your thoughts are? :D if the response is positive enough i’d be more than happy to organize this project with Q and get it rolling. thank you!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥