what was the point

I really don’t know what I should be pointing out first…

…the unnerving Velma face…

…or the freakiest thumb in the history of mankind.

The weird arm-behind-back posture and Freddy staring intently at it is a close runner-up, but there’s just no competing with a squiggly thumb.

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Sorry for asking, but could you maybe draw Prince Sidon? I can see him in your style very well for some reason

Don’t be sorry! c:

BUT- OKAY, HOW IS IT that you people always have this lazer pointed accuracy for knowing/asking for what characters I like before I say I like them?!? Am I that predictable?! You know, actually I really am aren’t I. Never mind orz

Yes hello I….love Sidon. BotW has such good characters in general. I’ve loved the Gerudo and the Zora since Ocarina of Time and I think BotW really just got them perfect. So good. 

pretty boys, pretty flowers - ed

a/n: i don’t think i need to tell u that this is inspired by this picture. super cheesy (but would it be true hannah writing if it wasn’t?)

word count: 2,660

Silence is a matter of perspective. For example, some might accompany negatively connotative terms with the presence of such; awkward, tense, maybe uncomfortable. For others, silence is an evolved condition by the means of time, comfort, familiarity.

The latter was definitely what you clung to, silence becoming a welcome attribute in the cab of the car as the scenery passed by out the windows. Ethan’s chatter had easily died down from when you’d left the house early that morning, the anecdotes of his adventure with Grayson now replaced with periodic I hope I remember where this is and I don’t remember that sage bush from last time…

None the less, you didn’t feel awkward in the lapse of conversation. It was comforting simply just being, your elbow propped against the door with your cheek pressed against your curled fist. You could feel Ethan’s gaze as he turned to watch you in these moments, yet you were too engrossed with the outside world.

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Obsessed - Tom Holland Imagine

Summary: The reader asks Tom to do her a huge favor, but it back fires on her when Tom becomes obsessed with skintight corsets and body rolls.

Warnings: none 

Word Count:  1,164

Pairing: Tom Holland x Showgirl!Reader

A/N: Tell me what you think. Feedback is always more than welcomed : ) Also shout out to @mieczysmut for helping me start it out. 


Late. Late was the only thing you could think of as you sprinted towards the club. Your stupid alarm didn’t go off to its set time. You were out of breath when you reached the back entrance. Your breathing was uneven and your hair was an absolute disaster. You bent over placing your hands on your knees to catch your breath. You could hear music playing and glasses clinking.

“Y/N where have you been, we need you dressed for the opening number?” Jamie complained. “Your the only one who knows the counts. The show would be a disaster if I went up there in your spot!”

Jamie grabbed your wrist and hurried you to the rack of costumes behind the stage. All of your friends bombarded you at once as you started to grab your costume off the rack.

“Y/N you know we can’t go on without you; hurry up and get ready!” Cheryl huffed. She started to push you to the dressing area and stuffed you into the little dimly lit room.

”Be ready in five!” Cheryl gave you a smile. The door to the dressing room slammed shut. You still couldn’t catch your breath, but you clumsily shoved your arms down the sleeves of the tight-fitting outfit. A few swears left your mouth as you bumped into the walls of the room.

There was almost little to no room to move around. They need to provide bigger dressing rooms, you thought. Once you were situated and dressed in the corset and fish-netted tights you hurriedly swung the door open sprinting off as everyone was getting in their places, while miserably trying to put on your heels.

The lights were dimmed because the show was about to start. Cheryl pushed you to the front of the stage. The curtain was faced in front of you waiting for its cue to be pulled upwards. You took your pose as everyone else did and watched as the curtain rose. The crowd sat their quietly until the lights were directed on you and your girls as the music had begun. They erupted in hoots and howlers. Half of the audience tonight was all men, they whistled as they watched every single one of you swing your hips to the beat.

It gave you exhilaration to be dancing along to the music. You scanned your eyes over the crowd as they looked enticed by the sensual movements of your hips. It actually made you able to catch your breath. It felt like you were on the stage for hours, yet it was only a short moment. You kept weaving around the stage past your friends as the choreography of the dance came naturally to you.

The song came to a slow stop as everyone on stage gave their ending poses; it was finally over. You actually smiled brightly to the crowd and looked to your friends. They were all heaving due to the dancing. We were a hit, you squealed quietly in your mind. The lights turned off and the stage curtain closed.

Your friends all start to walk down. Jamie was waiting at the end of the staircase back stage.

“Y/N! That was amazing; I told you we needed you!” Jamie yells excitedly.

“Did you see the way the crowd was so hyped!” Cheryl exclaimed.

“It honestly feels like a rush every time.” You chuckled shaking your head.

“More like a rushing adrenaline through my body. Did you see some of the guys tonight.” Jamie ran a hand through her curls.

“Easy there tiger, we come here to dance, not to lure in prey.” Cheryl nudge her.

“Way to be a buzz kill.” Jamie rolled her eyes.

“Sorry sweetheart I’m just simply following the rules.” Cheryl put her hands in surrender.

“What’s the crime in breaking a few rules.” Jamie smirked. 

“Getting fired!” Cheryl reminded her.

“Ugh will you two stop it already. You do this every show!” You groaned.

“No we don’t!” They both said.

“Look girls I’d love to stay and chat, but there is a warm bubble bath waiting for me at home, so well you excuse me.” You separated them and walked to get your stuff.

“Hey Y/N great performance out there tonight!” Harrison the bartender complemented you. 

You smiled brightly up at him. “Thanks Haz, but come on it wasn’t just me.” You shrugged. 

“Well the girls and I are going clubbing tonight, you should come, I’ll even buy you a drink.” He gazed down on you leaning an arm against the wall.

“Tempting, but I think I’ll pass.” You patted his chest slightly. “Have a drink for, okay?” You opened the door and turned to look at him.

“Will do.” He saluted you goodbye.

You waved and walked out the building.

Once you were home you engulfed yourself in a  warm tub filled with bubbles. It really did the trick on your aching muscles. You closed your eyes in relaxation. The warm water and rose pedal smell was really soothing. Everything was just how you wanted it to be. 

You were about to fall into a relaxation when you heard the bell of your apartment go off. You opened your eyes in annoyance wondering who you were going to kill for ruining your night. You slipped out wrapping your robe around your body before heading to the front door.

Just as you swung the door open you were faced with a familiar pair of beautiful brown eyes. 

“Tom, what’re you doing here?” You crossed your arms as you felt the breeze of the night enter your house.

Tom took in your appearance. There was small trickles of water running down your legs and neck. He not so subtly checked you out.

“Did I interrupt something?” He asked sheepishly.

“Yeah, I was mid deep in a soothing bubble bath,” You rolled your eyes opening the door wider for him to come in.

“Sorry about that love,” He smiled softly.

“No worries. So what do you need?” You said getting to the point.

“Oh right, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out since you didn’t go clubbing with everyone else. Thought I could give you some company” He gave you what you thought was the most unrealistic smile he’s ever shown.

“You didn’t wanna go, did you?” You caught his lie.

“Not one bit.” He shook his head.

“I guess, just let me finish showering,” You lazily got off the couch and dragged your feet back to the bathroom.

“Great I’ll get the stuff ready,” And by stuff he was referring to the junk food stored at the back of one of your cabinets.

Let’s just stay you two were in for a long night of chick flicks, comedies, and judging characters acting.

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Can we talk about something completely weird, for a moment?

This has always bugged me.  And I have no explanation for it.

But the thing is – Ford did not hang a sheet in front of his Perpetual Motion Machine project, prior to leaving school the day before.  He just left it sitting open, and the machine was still going. When we see Stan arrive, both of those things are true.  (The sequence goes directly from the first shot above, to the second; so the first we see the Perpetual Motion Machine, it’s uncovered.)

(Let’s leave aside for now the questions: why did Stan even GO into the gym in order to confront Ford’s project?  What a terrible idea?  But more to the point: how the heck did he even get INTO the high school after hours?  It’s clearly dark.  Shouldn’t the whole building be locked?)

Note, as well, that when Stan arrives, there isn’t even a sheet there (which would indicate that Ford was planning to put it in place later).  The sheet magically appears on the ground when Stan is standing back and hoping that his replacing the little grille has made the machine “good as new”.  It appears so that he can pick it up and hang it over the front of the project.  But he isn’t replacing it, because as we see when he arrives, it wasn’t hung there to begin with.

The scene then fades directly into the next morning, when Ford is standing in front of the hidden project.  And we do see him taking the sheet off, triumphantly revealing it, as if that was what he planned to do all along.

But if he left the project UNCOVERED, then why did he just accept that when he got there in the morning, it was now covered?  

Obviously, people have observed that Ford should have checked the machine before the college board from WCT arrived.  (My feeling is that he didn’t check it because since he left it working, he had faith that it would keep working; and he never had a suspicion that anyone would interfere with it. It’s meant to demonstrate Ford’s naive trust.)  But really… Ford should have checked it, because it really wasn’t the way he left it, and that should have aroused his suspicions.

(As I said, I don’t think there’s really a good explanation for this. It’s just sort of a continuity error.  Either the sheet should have been in place when Stan arrived, for him to put back up.  Or, the action of the sequence the next day with Ford should have been different – like, having him open the door to the room as the big reveal, ushering in the college board people.  Either would have avoided this small problem.)


(help i started this in january) 

i made an adhd tag urself thing!! i’m all of them except cryptid :D

anyone can reblog if they relate!! if you find a lot of them are relatable and you’ve not thought about adhd before then it might be worth checking out :) it was a tumblr post i that made me research and stuff and, contrary to the daily mail, it’s super underdiagnosed. check out @actuallyadhd‘s self diagnosis page for more info!