what was she implying though


Beast King GoLion 14 - The Crown Prince of Hell

After a successful victory against Galra Commander Sadak and his fleet, Seidou, Kurogane, and Fala are particularly vocal on their feat.

Janna needs closure

“Hey Janna,” a certain skateboard loving teen announced.

Without taking her eyes off Star or Marco, she effortlessly waved at Jackie. “Hey.”

The blonde glanced between Janna and the Starco pair. “What’re you doing?”

She waited for a response, but Janna ignored her question, watching Star highfive Marco and move closer to his seat to the point where she was leaning against her friend. The boy placed an arm over her shoulder and laughed with Star, probably over something trivial.

“Uh… Janna-”

“Those two are dating.”

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Shikasaku: 12. When we lay together on the fresh spring grass

Thanks for sending in the prompt, Mousey! I hope you love it, doll!

A Little Something

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“Hey, Sakura!” Sakura turned around at the call of her name and smiled when she saw it was Naruto running up to her. He had that goofy grin of his and his Hokage robes flew with him as he ran, his hat bouncing off his back from where it was tied.

“What’s up, Naruto-sama?” Sakura couldn’t help but tease him with a smile. Naruto had only been in office a few months and still got this embarrassed grin any time anyone ever called him Hokage.

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I love your blog so much! The Nyotalia girls unexpectedly getting kissed at the end of their date.

The Allies

America/Amelia Jones: Towards the end of your date Amelia grows unhappy, as she wanted to spend more time with you despite knowing you’d be with her again the next day. When you lean forward to silence her with a soft kiss, she would turn pink, looking at you with wide eyes as she touches her lips. Realizing that it went by too fast for her liking, she jumps forward, taking your face in her hands before pulling you towards her and pressing her lips against yours for a more satisfying kiss. She’s visibly more cheerful, saying her goodbyes and instantly texting you that she missed you already.

China/Wang Chun-Yan: Chun-Yan was noticeably waiting for something to happen, staring at you expectantly; she huffs in disappointment as it seems like you’re about to turn and leave, her body stiffening for a split second as you suddenly lurch forward to give her a kiss. She recovers quickly, her hands grabbing either side of your face as she pushes her body against yours, nearly pinning you to the door as she returns your affection full force.

England/Alice Kirkland: Alice would turn dark red, letting out a surprised squeal as she shows that she never expected you to pull a move on her. While you’re apologizing she turns away, acting annoyed though in actuality she couldn’t get her heart to relax. She scolds you for acting so rashly before whipping around, not giving you much of a chance to see her red face as she kisses you on the cheek before running into her home.

France/Francine Bonnefoy: Francine’s heart would be beating wildly as she waited, deepening the kiss instantly when your lips press against hers. She was prepared for the moment, wanting it to be as romantic as possible, and glad she’d put on her favorite lip gloss, hoping the memory would be stuck in your head as it was in hers. She would give you a gentle smile as she gives you an Eskimo kiss, telling you that it was pretty good for a first kiss, before bidding you goodnight and promising there were many more kisses to come.

Russia/Anya Braginsky: Anya would tilt her head to the side as she looked at you with surprise, fingers touching her lips as she wonders why you had done what you did. She stares at you curiously, asking bluntly about why you had kissed her, trying to pull out a response from you for her own amusement, as she found it cute when you stumbled over your words. She would lean forward and peck your lips again, stating that it was nice and she wouldn’t mind kissing more often. 

The Axis

Germany/Monika Beilschmidt: Monika had been a bit anxious as she knew something like this would pop up towards the end; she tried not to stare at your lips too hard, but found herself getting easily distracted as you spoke. By the end of the date she’d completely forgotten her initial anxiety, until your hands cupped her face and your lips were pressed against hers. She stands scarily still for an odd amount of time, causing you to get worried as you shake her, asking if she was feeling alright and if she needed you to help her inside.

Italy/Feliciana Daisy Vargas: Feliciana had never felt so excited before; she had been looking forward to the first date for just this reason! She bounces back and forth on the balls of her feet as you continue the conversation you were having when you were walking her home, though she wasn’t paying much attention due to her thoughts focusing on the shape of your lips and how nice they’d feel against hers. She’s so focused on her fantasies that she doesn’t notice as you lean forward, causing her to miss the very moment that she had been waiting for; letting out a cry of surprise and crying “No fair!” she grabs your face and pulls you back to her, this time staying focused on reality as it satisfies her much more than her daydream.

Japan/Sakura Honda: Sakura had known what to expect as she had read many different novels and manga about the situation beforehand, but still felt nervous about how she should act. She feels her lips grow dry and licks them, trying to say goodbye to you without appearing too disappointed as it seems as though you were about to leave her without a goodbye kiss. When you cup her cheek she leans into your touch, smiling softly at you before her eyes widen, as you had suddenly gotten closer to her without her noticing; her eyes slide shut and she forgets all she’s read about as she creates her own moment, smiling into the kiss as she realizes how foolish she was acting for being nervous about something so trivial.


Canada/Madeline Williams: Madeline would be swaying back and forth nervously, her fingers playing with the bottom of her shirt as she watches you. She sees you inching closer and grows excited, closing her eyes just before your lips meet hers, finding the moment to be exactly as she had imagined it. Even if your teeth had clashed, she appreciates the moments for what it was, remembering it through rose-colored glasses as she excitedly tells Francine the next day. 

Prussia/Maria Beilschmidt: Maria, unable to stand the tension, would be staring at your lips expectantly. She would impatiently remark, "Aren’t you supposed to kiss me now?!” with her eyes widening as you actually lean forward to kiss her, to silence her complaining and to get what you had both nervously been waiting for. Afterwards she acts as though she had planned on instigating a kiss all along, crossing her arms as you consider starting an argument with her, but know it’s better to simply agree.

Spain/Carmen Hernandez Carriedo: Carmen had always enjoyed spending time with you, and felt guilty that she was so expectant of you; she had just wanted a simple kiss, but felt it would be wrong to force you into it though she did try to imply what she wanted. Her face would flush from excitement as you suddenly press your lips against hers, her fingers lingering on her lips as she stares at you with wide eyes. You think you might have broken her until she suddenly breaks out laughing, grabbing your hands and squeezing them as she tells you that you should plan for a date very soon.

Cat Week 2016

A/N: inspired by an idea from my constant source of ideas @osnapizhannah .


“Hey babe…. I just got to the studio for the interview….um….text me when you are free…. I miss you.” I said when Adam’s voicemail beeped for me to leave a message.

I hadn’t spoken to him properly for 3 days and hadn’t seen him in over 2 weeks. I needed to see him, preferably face to face, but he was in Vegas all weekend playing back to back shows and I had just gotten back from touring and recording in Europe for 3 weeks. The time differences had been hellish.

Today I had landed from the UK, gone home to change, and was now heading to an interview with Ellen. My schedule was power packed at the moment, but I had a few weeks off after this and had organised some fun and relaxing things to do, including going to Adam’s shows in Vegas or wherever he was over the next couple of weeks.

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