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Nerves - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,414
AN: Hey look! I’m not dead! Thanks for being patient with me these past few weeks, I was in a weird place and it’s just been hard for me to get into the mood to write, but it seems as if I’m back in the groove. Yay! This was written for @sarcasticallystilinski and @rememberstilinski‘s lacrosse week, so make sure you watch their blogs for some more of our favorite team, the Beacon Hills Cyclones! Also special thanks to those of you who have been encouraging me like @celestial-writing, @ninja-stiles and @thelittlestkitsune. And thanks to @writing-obrien for helping me when I got stuck, I love you all!!

“I’m so nervous.” Stiles said quietly from beside you, his knuckles white from his grip on the steering wheel.

It was his first lacrosse game, the first one where he’d actually be playing on the field, and he was extra fidgety. You reached out to rub his shoulder soothingly as he drove the familiar route to the school. “You’re gonna do great, babe. You and Scott have been practicing so much, you’re not a bad player.”

He sighed. “I’m gonna get out there and choke, I know it.” He pulled into a parking spot, turning off the ignition and sitting back, his hand over his eyes. “Maybe I’ll just fake sick.”

“No way.” You unbuckled your seatbelt and slid closer to him, your hand moving to grab his wrist and uncover his eyes. “The team needs you. You can do this, I know you can.”

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My father’s assistant// Dylan O’Brien Imagine

Dylan O’Brien is the most attractive human being I have ever laid eyes on. Wait, did I say attractive? I meant sexy. Now would I ever repeat that to anyone? Hell no. Well no one outside of my best friend Saylor. She’s seen Dylan and knows my pain of looking at him every day, and doing that and only that, looking. I can look, but I can’t touch. Well I could touch if I absolutely wanted to (which I do, don’t get me wrong), but my father would kill me…… that is if he ever found out.

Ever since my dad got promoted in his law firm allowing him to have an assistant, I’ve been miserable. He mainly brings his work home with him, which means he brings “that” home as well. Dylan Fucking O’Brien. So, to keep myself tethered down, I always have Saylor over to the house whenever my dad has Dylan come over to help him with something. I’ve tried and tried to get my dad to keep his work “at work” and not bring it home with him, but he’s way too protective of me and doesn’t want me “home alone” even though I’m eighteen years of age. You see my struggle?

Until today, it’s been the same. My dad and Dylan were in his office working on god knows what, while Saylor and I were in my bedroom studying. But then Saylor’s mom had to call her and tell her to come home, and my dad had to run back to the office; leaving Dylan and I alone in the same house. So I didn’t dare set foot out of my room for fear of pouncing on him, and I hope he stays downstairs.

I let my eyes wander over my Anatomy notes until I heard a throat be cleared in my doorway. I nearly jumped out of my skin as my eyes snapped to the door. Not just because it startled me but because of who was in the doorway. “Sorry (Y/N) didn’t mean to startle you.” Dylan chuckled.

“Uh, h-hey Dylan, what’s up?” I asked, mentally face palming myself for stuttering like an idiot.

“Well I finished what your dad asked me to do, so I thought I’d come and be social.” Dylan responded. I watched as Dylan pushed himself off of the door frame and slowly approached my bed, situating himself and the foot of it.

“If you finished, why don’t you go home?” I asked, cocking my head to the left slightly.

“I don’t want to leave till your dad gets a chance to double check everything first.” He said, assessing me with his eyes, sending a wave of heat to my core. I cleared my throat awkwardly and his eyes snapped back up to mine.

Dylan pushed himself up with his hands and moved closer to me, his right hand situating itself on my thigh. I slowly shut my anatomy book staring at his hand with the long slender fingers, that I couldn’t help but imagine buried inside me, which sent another wave of heat through me. I swallowed nervously and looked up, to find Dylan staring at me intently gauging my reaction.

“W-what are you doing?” I asked feeling his hand move an inch higher on my thigh.

“Well you see (Y/N), I’m not oblivious to the lustful looks you give me. But you seem to be, to the returned ones I give you whenever you look away, after I catch you staring. So with your dad gone, I figured I’d come up here and find out what runs through that dirty little mind of yours about me.”

I did the only thing I could think of to respond to that, so I pushed my lips onto his. Before he got a chance to react I pulled away, fixing my eyes on the space in between my crisscrossed legs. Dylan removed the hand on my thigh to under my chin pulling my head up to look at him. Dylan slowly leaned back in until his lips reconnected with mine. He moved his hand back to my thigh once I started kissing him back. I moved my hands to the back of his neck and pulled his lips onto mine harder. Dylan grunted and swiped his tongue along my bottom lip, and I gladly let him in. I moaned quietly at the feeling of his tongue brushing against mine. Dylan disconnected his lips from mine and all that filled the room was our heavy breathing.

“Wow.” I said.

“Wow indeed.” Dylan responded with a breathy chuckle.

I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth and pushed my books and notes off my bed, not breaking eye contact with him. Dylan grabbed the back of my thighs and jerked my legs out, causing me to fall on my back, and my head hit my pillows. Dylan ran both his calloused hands up my legs until they landed on my waist. Dylan pulled my shirt up slightly hand planted a light kiss on my stomach, eliciting a little moan from me. He removed his hands from my waist and placed them on either side of my head. He lowered his body onto mine and reconnected his lips with mine, his tongue re-entering the previously explored territory.

My hands went to the back of his head, running through his silky locks. I felt Dylan’s hand move to the hem of my shirt and slip underneath it. His hand grazed my stomach before coming in contact with my clothed breast. I moaned into his mouth and he chuckled at my reaction. Dylan pulled away once again and pulled his shirt over his head. I nearly moaned at the god-like sight in front of me. My eyes ran over the moles spattered across his chest and down to his toned stomach. My mouth watered at the dark trail of hair leading to the place I’ve fantasized about since I first laid eyes on him.

“Like what you see?” Dylan asked chuckling.

“Very much so.” I responded, “but there’s some other places I’d rather see.”

Dylan’s eyes darkened at my words and he pulled me up slightly, yanking my shirt over my head. “Jesus Christ.”
Dylan groaned, at the sight of my black lace push up bra.

His hands roamed to my shorts and he popped the button on them, dragging the zipper down after. His fingers slipped into the waistband and he pulled the shorts down and off my legs. His eyes became impossibly darker at my matching lace panties. Dylan leaned down and connected his lips to my jaw trailing wet kisses down my neck, leaving dark purple marks behind. His lips went down my chest and he kissed the swell of both of my breasts. He reached his hands behind my back and unclasped my bra, pulling the straps down and off my arms. He threw the bra somewhere behind him, and latched his lips onto my left breast. His other hand kneading my right breast.

Dylan switched, giving my right breast the same attention as the left. I moaned, moving a hand to card through his hair, lightly tugging here and there. Dylan pulled away and I pushed him off of me and onto his back. I threw my right leg over him and straddled him, connecting my lips with his. Dylan gripped my waist and I trailed my lips down his jaw and neck. I slipped my tongue out and drug it from his neck down to his happy trail. Dylan moaned at the feeling and I nearly moaned myself at the sound that just came out of him. I pulled at his belt and unbuckled it, yanking it out of his pants, and throwing it on the floor.

“Eager are we?” Dylan asked with a shit-eating grin, earning an eye roll from me.

“I could always stop.” I teased with a wicked glint in my eyes, gripping him over his pants.
I smirked and popped the button on his pants. I pulled the zipper down and pulled his pants off of him, dropping them on the floor. My eyes wandered to the prominent bulge in his boxers, when my back met my bad again. Dylan smashed his lips onto mine and I moaned when his hand came in contact with my clothed core. Dylan pulled away and hooked his fingers into the waistband of my panties, and pulled them off of my legs. Dylan grabbed my inner thighs and spread my legs, blowing cool air on my soaked core.

“Jesus (Y/N), I’ve barely touched you and you’re already this wet.” He tsked, running his fingers through my folds.

I whined as he pushed one finger into me. Everything I’ve fantasized about was finally coming true. Dylan slowly thrusted his finger into me adding a second, and pumped faster. I moaned loudly and Dylan connected his lips to my clit. I felt the familiar knot form in my stomach as Dylan added a third finger. “Dylan I’m gonna-” Dylan pulled his fingers from me and I embarrassingly whined out at the loss of contact.

“That’s for threatening to stop.” He said, pushing his fingers passed his lips and sucking my juices off of them.

I openly gaped at him, and he chuckled at my reaction, pulling his fingers from his mouth with a pop. “You taste great princess”, he said with a wink.

I sat up and pushed Dylan onto the bed, straddling his waist again. I connected my lips to his as I ground my wet core into his clothed bulge. I kissed down his body leaving a trail of purple bruises on his chest and stomach. I slipped my fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled back, letting it snap back against his skin.

“Jesus fucking Christ (Y/N), don’t fucking tease me”, Dylan said with a groan.

I smiled and pulled his boxers down and off his legs. My eyes widened slightly at his size, and my mouth watered. I grasped his base firmly and stoked his shaft a couple of times. I kitten licked his tip, tasting the salty precum. I ran my tongue along the bottom of his shaft and swirled his tip into my mouth. A loud moan erupted from Dylan’s mouth and I hummed around him.

Dylan grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me off of him. “As much and I love your pretty mouth darling, I’d much rather cum with that pretty pussy wrapped around me.”

I moaned quietly at his words, and he rolled me off of him onto my back. Dylan hitched my legs up into his hips and ran his tip through my folds. I whined at the contact and threw my head back into my pillow. Dylan slowly pushed in and I gasped at the feeling of him filling me.

“Fuck.” Dylan said when he was fully seated in me. Dylan waited a few seconds for me to adjust before he pulled away until just his tip was in, and slammed back in.

I screamed out loud and scraped my nails down his back. Dylan did it a couple more times and I screamed each time.

“That’s right baby, scream for me.” Dylan whispered into my ear, as he set a steady pace.

My orgasm was slowly approaching and I could tell Dylan’s was too. Dylan’s hand worked its way in between our bodies and started circling my sensitive nub, and my stomach clenched even tighter.

“Come on, cum for me princess,” Dylan said and my body gave in, ripples of pleasure washing over me. I moaned out his name, and watched as he came apart above me.

Dylan thrusted a coupled more times before pulling out and falling down next to me. We both lied there in silence as we tried to catch our breath. I chanced a glance at him and saw him watching me. Dylan smiled and pulled me over to him, my head resting on his chest. We layed together for a couple moments my eyelids dropping sleepily. Before sleep could overtake me, I heard the sound of a car door shutting.

“Fuck,” Dylan said as I heard my front door open.

Just Like the Fairy-tales {Soulmate AU}

Pairing: Dylan x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1647

Author’s Note: I finally finished this! I started it in like February and finally fuckin finished it. Thanks to my frens @rememberstilinski for proofreading this and @mf-despair-queen for giving me pointers. Love you guys!

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Dylan x Reader

Requested By Anon

You screamed as someone shot at you and out of nowhere another person gripped you by the waist and dragged you out of the line of fire. He smiled and tried to keep you calm despite the large gun in his hands.


“Hey listen I’m not going to hurt you, my names Dylan.” He said quickly.


“(Y/N).” You mumbled.

“Right, (Y/N) do you know what you found?” He asked, swallowing nervously when you nodded. “You’re going to need to run that way until you hit the road and then skip town as soon as you can.”

“But I!” You objected but he shook his head.

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Superiority (Dylan Larkin)

Anonymous said:

Hi! Could you write a Dylan Larkin imagine where he takes the reader back to the university of Michigan and shows her around???? Thank you!!!

Word count: 1608

Author’s note: I do not go to UMich, so please, if you go there and I got something about your school insanely wrong, let me know!

Originally posted by glovesdropped

Dylan loved the University of Michigan. He had all of his old U of M memorabilia up around the apartment, subscribed to all of the university’s games and was a season-ticket holder for the school’s hockey team. So when you and he were both finally able to attend a Saturday game, he jumped at the chance to take you to his ‘old stomping grounds.’

You, on the other hand, attend Michigan State. Even though Dylan swears that you’re miserable at Michigan State and constantly tries to convince you to transfer (‘it’s a shorter drive to Detroit if you go to UMich!’), you’re steadfast in your belief that you’re a diehard Spartan. Needless to say, that means that you’re not all that thrilled that Dylan decides to take you to visit his alma mater. Sure, you’re excited that Dylan finds you important enough to show you this huge part of his life, but the rivalry between University of Michigan and Michigan State is so deeply ingrained into your mind that you just can’t get past the fact that you’re stepping onto the campus out of your own free will.

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Dylan Strome - Rest (Requested)

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A/N: Here you go fams! love you all and hope you enjoy this :) remember to take care of yourself when studying!

Warnings: None

Word Count: 757

Request: @crxsschecked : Hey there! Could I request one with Stromer where the reader is studying animal sciences and one day dyl comes home from practice and he just sees her with books, notes and papers scattered around her while she’s literally smacking her head into a microbiology book as if it would actually absorb info into her brain (personal experience right there ya see) so he decides that she needs a break

“Please tell me you at least took a nap on the couch because I know for sure you didn’t come to bed last night,has” Dylan said as he came into the kitchen. He kissed you on the top of the head before going into the fridge to start preparing his breakfast. 

“I don’t remember” you mumbled as you looked at the books spread out in front of you. The pictures and words had started blurring a couple hours ago but you were desperate and had to study. Dylan didn’t say anything but instead placed a fresh cup of coffee in front of you with a plate of toast and some cut fruit. 

“Try and take a break today okay? I’ll be back from practice in a couple of hours” he said as he got ready to leave, giving you a quick kiss on the way out. 

What was only a couple hours felt like days as you tried to cram more information into your brain. Microbiology was a class you had to take to get your degree but you really wished it didn’t exist. You were in the middle of smacking your head repeatedly into your textbook when Dylan walked in, back from practice. 

“Okay enough,” he said and pulled your chair away from the table. He then went and put your books in a pile and took them with him upstairs. 

“Dyl where are you going with those? I need to study!” you yelled as you chased after him. 

“No enough studying, you’re not studying anymore you’re just stressing out. You need a break; you need to sleep.” He said and put the books on the highest shelf in your closet and one of only place in the house you couldn’t reach.

“Dyl this isn’t funny” you said as you crossed your arms in front of him “give me back my books,” you said trying to look stern. 

“First were going to sit down and have lunch together, then were going to watch a movie where you can choose to nap if you would like and the later, and only later I’ll let you start studying again” he said and mimicked your stance, his arms crossed in front of him. 

“Fine” you pouted to which Dylan smiled. 

“What do you want for lunch? And don’t be a baby and say you’re not hungry cause you barely ate your breakfast and you must be hungry” he said as you guys walked into the kitchen. 

“Mac and cheese please,” you said as you sat up on the kitchen counter and watched Dylan get to work.

He cut up some different vegetables and put the plate next to you “here have some brain food” he said and put a piece of cucumber in his mouth with a grin. 

“Thanks,” you said and took a bite out of a carrot. 

Once your lunch was ready you guys headed for the couch where you both sat down and Dylan passed you the converter so you could choose a movie. You settled on playing a couple of episode of The Office instead. Dylan had been right, you were starving, and quickly finished your bowl. You were about to get up to get a snack when Dyl passed you the rest of his bowl, you smiled before taking it and polishing it off. You brought both bowls back into the kitchen and when you got back to the couch Dylan had moved and brought a blanket with him. He motioned for you to lay down with your head in his lap and he threw the blanket over you. 

“Thank you for taking care of me” you yawned “I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“Live in those books and never eat anything but Swedish berries” he laughed and started to run his hand thorough your hair. The feeling was so soothing that soon enough you were falling asleep. Dylan let you sleep and when it got late he carried you upstairs to your bed. You slept through the night and woke up refreshed and ready to hit the books again. When you rolled over Dylan wasn’t there so you grabbed one of his hoodies from the closet and followed the scent of fresh coffee to the kitchen. Dylan was sitting at the kitchen table with his breakfast in front of him, your books already spread out and a fresh cup of coffee waiting for you at your spot.

“Ready for a pop quiz?” he grinned and held up your cue cards.

My Best Friends Wedding

A/N: So this is the first thing I’ve written in YEARS. It’s probably not the best imagine out there but I had this idea and I just really wanted to see if I could play it out in words, I think it kind of worked? It’s sort of cheesy and fluffy so yeah. Let me know what you think! Also I’m really bad at titles, I know.

Warnings: Language, smut

Word Count: 3,920

Originally posted by stvlinski

               You sat there staring at the empty altar in front of you, tapping your foot, anxiously waiting for the ceremony to start. Your best friend was getting married and you were going to be front row as he vowed to spend the rest of his life with a girl you hardly knew. Not that you weren’t happy for him, you were, you just wish you knew more about the girl he was planning on spending the rest of his life with. The two of you had been best friends since you started walking, there was hardly a time you weren’t together, even to this day, you couldn’t go more than a couple days without seeing each other. You knew everything about each other, things no one else would or could ever know; never in a million years did you think he would be the one getting married first. You sighed and turned in your seat watching friends and family members slowly fill in the aisle behind you all chatting amongst themselves. Glancing down at your phone you realized there was still twenty minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start and decided you would take the opportunity to check in on your best friend one last time before his life changed forever.

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Nice job y/n, you forgot your clothes! Real smart! You wrapped yourself in a towel and opened the door a crack and called out, “can someone get me some clothes!”
The boys immediately ran to the new trunk the creators sent up full of girl clothes.
“Here, how about this?” Your boyfriend Minho handed you a red dress whit a slit up the side.
“No minho,” you laughed.
“Oh come on babe! You’d look amazing!”
“Oh I don’t look good everyday?”
“Not what I meant!” He ran to get something else.
Newt reached in and gave you a striped long sleeved olive green turtle neck with neon orange polka dot shorts.
“Nice try, I don’t think it’ll work,” you said.
Gally handed you a yellow and purple checkered jumper through the crack.
“You know what? You all clear out and I’ll pick something myself,” you laughed throwing the clothes violently at them causing them shriek and and duck, running out, shaking your head.


Auston Matthews x Reader

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Warnings: Mentions of WJC loss, mentions of Stromarner, mentions of a sad Carter Hart, read with caution

POV: First Person/Reader’s

Summary: Auston makes a bet on the WJC with his friend

Originally posted by glovesdropped

“Nah, USA’s boys got this.” 

“He’s wrong, Marns, tell him he’s wrong.”

“You’re wrong.”

“No, you’re wrong!”

“How much do you wanna bet Canada will win?” I asked, looking over at Auston. 

He thought for a moment, “You really wanna bet?”

I nodded, “Let’s do it; how much?”

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anonymous asked:

little blurb on dylan making love to you? :)

Dylan is at a premium huh? Lol

It’d all start after a long day at school. Dylan would drop you off at your home and then quickly drive to his to get his stuff for the weekend since you both would be at your house. Your parents were gone for the weekend.

You’d do some homework and make dinner before he’d come back. Dylan would go upstairs to shower and then into your room to change into his jogging and t-shirt while you were in the kitchen.

After he’d come down and you both would eat while watching the news. You’d constantly run your fingers through his still wet locks, him humming appreciating.

‘Your hair takes so long to dry.’

He’d say something about how awful his hair was and you’d just shake your head. ‘Nonsense, your hair’s great, you look even better when it’s wet.’

He’d just grin at you and turn off the TV, pulling you up from the couch without saying a word. ‘Dylan?’ you’d ask laughing when he would throw you easily over his shoulder and carried you up the stairs.

You’d still be laughing until he’d softly lay you on your bed and you’d know what he wanted. Dylan kissing you and nibbling on your lower lip.‘You like my wet hair huh?’

I honestly see Dylan as someone who’d be very patient at both rough and soft sex. Like he’d always have his way with you and never hurry things.

He’d be for foreplay, oh yes! That’d be probably more exciting than the actual penetration. He’d push you down to your knees in front of the floor and admire the view as you’d suck him off. He’d probably have a huge oral fixation, recieving AND giving oral.

He’d love the way you taste and how you’d desperately mewl and try to raise your hips as he licked you, only for him to push your hips back on the bed and keep them their. But let’s be completely honest here, he’d also be fucking good at it!

When he would be content with the foreplay he’d get a little impatient but only a little. He’d probably pin you to the bed and line himself up but when he’d thrust into you it’d be slow again, letting you feel every inch of him.

Dylan would push in as much as your muscles would allow to and then rest there for a second, kissing you while you where already panting. After a few seconds though he’d slowly began to pull out and push in again.

You’d run your fingers through his hair and try to kiss him until you couldn’t concentrate anymore. That was the part that Dylan enjoyed the most, when you were not completely under control but hadn’t reached your climax either. You were so raw during that phase. You wouldn’t be able to control your facial expressions and sounds and desperately beg for him but not be able to form any words, just some mumbling though you would still be able to witness what you said and did.

Dylan would get off to the sight of you climaxing and you clenching around him rhythmically. He’d not be able to pull out but push himself all the way inside you as he came and silently groan in your neck while you were shredding the bed sheets and almost crushing his hips with your legs.

‘Your hair is dry.’

You both would laugh and you’d pull Dylan down to kiss him passionately.

imagine for@suchcutepancakes

Hey! First off, I really like your imagines and I think that you deserve a million more notes! Also, I’m sorry if this isn’t really how people request things (I’m a tumblr noob). But my request is just that the reader and Dylan are dating and they’re at the Teen Wolf panel at Comic Con and Dylan keeps staring at her and they’re being all cute and flirty. Sorry if this is really broad, but I thought that I would leave the rest up to you!

You smiled at all the faces you could see at the front, the rest were out of your sight the bright lights stopping you from seeing all the fans faces.

“so we are going to open the floor to questions” the whole room filled with light finally allowing you to see all the faces that had come to see you. you smiled at everyone loving seeing all the support.

“first question please”said the interviewer.

“hey”a small voice said from a few rows back, you homed in on the voice and smiled at the teenage girl. “my question is for Dylan O’Brien”she said.

Dylan lean in forward to get a better look at her face. “hey”he said smiling at her. you smiled as you watched your boyfriend, you loved how amazing he was with the fans.

“how is it acting in scenes with your girlfriend?”

“awful”he joked looking over at you sending a wave of laughter through everyone including Tyler who was separating you. Tyler put his hands on your shoulders and rubbed them as he laughed and you glared playfully at your boyfriend. “no of course I’m joking”Dylan laughed. “its amazing you know” he rubbed his nose with his hand. “it makes everything easier like i don’t have to pretend to be in love with her, i already am”

your heart melted a little bit as he looked at you and smiled. what he said we true, playing love interests with your real life partner was the best thing.

everyone aaawwwed and the next question was asked, you lay your head on the table as Holland was talking. Dylan did the same and you locked eyes. you stuck your tongue out at him and he copied you making you laugh.

“(y/n)?”asked Jeff. you shot back up again making everyone laugh. “you ok there?”

“yep, Dylan distracted me” you laughed. “what was the question sweetie?”you looked at the young boy with the mic.

“what made you decided to follow acting?”

“oh well..”you paused to think of an answer. “i went to clubs when i was young, and it was what i did after school. like someone does a sport , that was my thing. i loved doing it, i had so much fun, and when i got older people started telling me that i was really good, like people who knew there stuff and then that was when i thought first about doing it as a career, and then thats what I’ve always to do, and hard work and luck got me here”

“you’re so pretty”Dylan said as he lifted his cap from his head and ran his hands through his hair. you smiled at him and watched as he put his cap back on.

“whats the funniest thing that has happened on set?”

“oh i have one”Dylan said leaning forward excitedly. “so basically, it was a really early morning shoot and we were outside and it was pretty cold, so (y/n) isn’t a morning person right, and we had just done this serious scene and then (y/n) was meant to run off but except when she did she tripped right over this wire and fell into this sound guy and he fell into about 3 other people knocking over some seriously expensive equipment, so there was a pile of people on the floor and (y/n) just looks at me from under these people and goes ‘i fucked up’, it was the funniest thing”

“hey! i thought we weren’t going to talk about that!”you protested. everyone laughed and so did you. everyone went back to answering questions as you caught Dylans eye.

“i love you princess”he mouthed.

“i love you too”

maybe it's a part of me you took to a place i'd hoped i'd never go

Eric Harris isn’t a nice boy, or a good boy, but most of the time he can play pretty well at being both.

Not tonight, though. Not tonight, because shit happens. Shit rolls way back off the beach of your life, and you think that it’s gone for good and you’re happy, but it comes back two minutes later in a wave twenty feet high and throws itself down and fuck, hell, Goddamn, so that’s what it feels like when fate piledrives you.

Dylan Klebold is mostly sad and tired. He lets Eric into his big, empty house and disappears up to his room without a word.

Eric follows him, but pauses to kick the skirting board. And again-WHACK. And again-WHACK.

“Hold on one fucking second.” Dylan’s long feet make a racket on the stairs. “What the hell are you doing?”

Eric shrugs. “I dunno,” he says, and winds back his leg for another go.

Dylan leaps the last four steps and wrenches Eric away from the wall. “No, no, no, no. You don’t get to do that. Stop it.”

Eric makes a sound like a wild horse dying and jerks away from him. “Fuck off!”

“What’s wrong?”


“What’s the matter, Eric?”

“Nothing’s the fucking matter, okay? Let go-let go-aww, go fuck yourself you piece of shit.”

Dylan half-carries, half-drags him into the sitting room and locks the door behind them. It reminds him of when he was younger, when a husky came ravening into their garden after the cats and he had to throw all his weight onto it to keep it from killing them.

He pushes Eric down onto the couch. His eyes and teeth flash like lightning; Dylan hops away from him.

“You’ve got a serious problem.”

“Don’t we all?” Eric asks, a little calmer now that he’s gotten some of the rot out of his system.

Dylan tugs hard on his hair, the way he always does when he gets frustrated. “You’re not like this normally-”

“I am, it’s just dialled down. Most of the time.”

“Did something piss you off at school? Is that why you’re so mad? Or is it your parents?”

Eric shrugs, unaffected. “To be honest, I don’t even know. I got up this morning and wanted to kill the world. I kept staring at people all day, wondering what it’d look like if their heads exploded.”

After a moment of contemplation, Dylan eases himself down beside him. “So, you’ve basically been going about your day with the urge to kill festering in your head.”

Eric smirks, doesn’t deny it. “Yeah? And your point is?”

Dylan looks in his face and sees no fright, no remorse-only the sick, pallid joy of being atrocious.

“How do you stand it in there?” he murmurs. “In your head? Does it ever even hurt, to be that angry all the time?”

Eric’s hand splays itself over his own thigh, the fingers clinging to his jeans. “Hurts now, I guess. I’d like to make it back home without doing a hit-and-run. Feels like my brain’s a pot boiling over.”

A long silence then, with the sweet night air coming in through an open window and Dylan thinking hard, turning around and around in his head and never getting away from what they were speeding towards.

“Hit me,” he says at last, quick, like breaking a bird’s neck.

Eric snorts, out of surprise more than anything. “What?”

“You got to take it out on somebody, do it on me.” Dylan knew that he was talking too fast and didn’t care. Had to get it out of him, like vomiting poisoned meat. “I don’t care, I can take it. I’d rather you knocked me around a little instead of going to school tomorrow and punching someone’s lights out. Or, or running somebody over on your way home.”

Eric stares at him, his mouth open just a little bit.

Then he swallows-the sound of it is deliberate and singular in the still air-and whispers, “Okay.”

They get on their feet and move towards the centre of the room, moving slow, being careful. They stay well away from anything breakable, keeping to the bank of couches and the shag carpet.

“How do we start?” Eric asks. His voice is quiet, even reverential. A new convert before the altar.

Dylan shakes the image from his brain and replies, “Uh, just punch me. Don’t aim for the face or the neck or the, um, crotch. Apart from that, everything’s okay.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah.” Might as well do it right. They can discover limits as they go along, anyway.

Eric nods, eyes bright and hard. He steps forward, and Dylan only has time to think, “batter, batter, swing,” before a bony set of knuckles sinks into his abdomen.

He sinks back onto the couch, wheezing. There’s a new sensation there at the epicentre, an ache that sharpens and throbs. Eric stands over him as he catches his breath, watching with the single-mindedness of a crocodile.

“You’re still good?” But it’s not a matter of permission at this point; more a courtesy, really.

Even so, Dylan gasps, “Yeah, still good,” and it doesn’t feel like a lie. He gives himself a moment for the pain to fade, and struggles upright. “Okay, let’s go. Don’t check in after every punch-just go with it, alright?”

Eric grins, and there’s something dark in his face, leaking through the seams. “Cool. You ready?”

Dylan nods. Eric collapses him back onto the couch with a blow to the sternum, hauls him back up by the collar of his shirt and does it again.

It doesn’t feel like a humiliation, somehow; maybe it’s because Eric’s punches feel like fighting, and Dylan knows that fighting is fair and decent. It’s not done to hurt, but to settle things. The only difference here is that Dylan is taking it, letting it happen, increasingly leaving the world of conscious thought, wrapped up in neurons and brain electricity.

It hurts, of course. He can’t catch his breath or get a break-Eric’s gone from “mildly interested” to “fucking possessed”-and the pain spreads like spilt milk or melting butter. Sometimes it’s nothing more than irritating, like when Eric pinches the tender flesh of his shoulder hard enough to make him grunt. Others, it’s pure white heat, like when the little demon thumps Dylan’s thighs with his fists and kneads them to draw it out.

And it all feels wonderful. Strange to say, but it’s the truth-there is nothing as good, and never will be, as this constant blizzard of movement, this total here and now. This is what masturbating in a dream feels like.

When Eric throws him back onto the couch, sits astride him and pulls their mouths together, Dylan is not altogether surprised.

Eric pulls back and gasps, “I-I know you said to not check in, but-can this be something we could do? I think it needs to be, I think we have to do something fully weird or it won’t work.”

Dylan takes a moment to focus. When his eyeballs stop rolling around, he sees Eric, how rucked up he is, how raw and vulnerable and present, and says, “I know what you mean. Go ahead.”

Eric takes his head in his hands and kisses him again, sliding his tongue into his mouth and whimpering like it’s all he’s ever wanted. Stops, gulps down air, comes back.

Dylan quits spacing long enough to wrap his hands around Eric’s soft-spiky head and opens his mouth so that his lips won’t catch on the boy’s teeth. They do that for a while-and it’s so good, Dylan you’re so good-but it seems stupid to just do that.

So Eric sits back a little and helps Dylan to take off his shirt, peeling off his like it’s something to be endured. There’s a lot of bruising on Dylan’s torso, and he swoops down and puts his mouth to the reddening pulp.

“We should go all the way, we should do that now,” he keeps panting, and Dylan can’t help but agree.

Standing up to kick off his pants is harder than he thought it’d be; Eric holds onto him, giggling, shedding his own.

They fall back onto the couch-Dylan hopes to God that they won’t leave any stains-and try to wrestle each other over the line, but that doesn’t work. So Eric props himself up on all fours and announces that hey, he was on the Internet the other night and the wildest pop-up popped up, and it gave him an idea, and does Dylan know how to put on a condom? He does, and he tells Eric how, and then they’re down to it.

And that’s how Dylan Klebold ended up getting bent over a couch and fucked by his best friend. And you know what? It was a fuckin’ trip-the two of them all tangled up, Dylan wincing sometimes and laughing so hard he thought he’d die, feeling all the blood rush to his head, making everything in his mind clang together, Eric’s breath white-hot on his back.

It was great.

When it was over, Eric felt as weak and gentle as a kitten.

For the first time in a few years, whenever he sees a pedestrian when he’s driving home, he doesn’t picture their heads blown open.

That’s My Job *smut*

California Love: Episode 2

Episode 1

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: Dylan x OC

Warnings: more smut because I’m trash

A/N: quick disclaimer, shower sex was harder to write than I thought because it’s so slippery and everything just seemed so dangerous haha hope you enjoy! -Er

Originally posted by myloveisjoe-sugg

I kicked the front door shut with my foot, hanging my keys up on the hook on an adjacent wall. I rolled my suitcase to the side, out of the way, making a mental note to unpack it later, even though I know it’ll probably sit there in the entryway for at least two days. The apartment was quiet and Dylan’s car wasn’t in it’s usual spot in the parking garage, so I assumed he wasn’t home. Perfect. I had been visiting my family in Idaho for, what I originally told Dylan, would be a long weekend, maybe three or four days. Yesterday morning I had called him to let him know I’d be staying a few extra days. He said he was glad I was having such a good time; I hadn’t visited in over four months, but to say he sounded disappointed was an understatement. So, I stayed one extra day and decided to come home early and surprise him. I was hoping he would be home when I got here, but he must be out with Tyler or something. Tuesday nights are the occasional boys night out, especially when I’m busy or away. I skimmed over the stack of mail Dylan had left for me on the kitchen counter and put a few dishes that were drying on the counter away in the cabinets. I then realized how utterly disgusting I felt after being on a plane for two and a half hours and from the thirty minute uber drive from LAX to the apartment. It was only 8:30, if Dylan was with Tyler, which he more than likely is, he wouldn’t be home for another hour or so. I trudged up the black iron, spiral staircase that led up to the loft, which housed our bedroom and main bathroom. Once at the top, I froze when I heard running water. I walked over to the bathroom and stopped at the cracked open door. I wasn’t scared, but I was confused since the only person it could be was Dylan, even though it’s guys night, I’m “out of town” and I didn’t see his car. I nudged the door open, the sound of water sputtering against the tile growing louder. Our bathroom was long and narrow, the shower resting against the far wall across from the door. I could just barely see Dylan’s dark figure through the light blue, almost transparent shower curtain. From what I could see, he had his head leaning against the wall, but his body was moving a little.

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Better Together (Star Lord Reader Insert)

Sorry this took so long to come out but I’ve been really busy lately BUT HERE IT IS! ENJOY!


The time frame was fuzzy, probably between midnight and the early hours of the morning. Large rumbling sounds came from a somewhere else in the ship. You lied awake in your bunk, trying to ignore the noise and fall back asleep. Putting a pillow over your head, pulling your blanket up, and covering your ears with your hands are all the methods you attempted to block out the persistent sounds. Eventually, you gave up and swung your legs over the edge of your bunk.

Standing up, you stretched, yawned, and wiped the sleep out of your eyes. Releasing your hair out of its tight bun, you let it fall down your back and scratched your head. Sweeping you locks to one side, you actually started moving. You were only in a t-shirt and your panties but you didn’t care; the noise needed to stop. The ships’ floor was cold under your bare feet but the air above it was warm like a blanket. Your ears picked up the sound and you followed the noise throughout the ship.

You’d bump into a couple of things on the way; doors, tables, monitors. But you ears eventually guided you the the captains bunk. The closer you got, the more clear the racket became: it was groans and soft whines. Opening the door to the bunk itself, you noticed that Peter was tossing and turning, his sheets all disheveled from the movement. Walking around the side of his bed, you placed your hands on one of his arms and shook him. He moaned louder, still not waking up. In fact, he only became more agitated.

“Peter… Peter… Peter…” you called. You raised your voice a little more each time you called his name, shaking him harder and harder. Your stomach knotted a little, feeling worried for him. He must have really been having a bad dream, for he was getting even louder than before. His eyebrows were tightly knit and his eyes screwed shut as if he were in pain.

“Peter!” You grabbed his face, holding it gently but surely. His skin was damp from the sweating. You had to call his name 3 more times and shake him roughly before he actually woke up.

Inhaling sharply, his eyes shot open. Still holding his face, you noticed his breathing was still uneven. He looked at you, his face blanker than a sheet of paper.

“Shh, calm down. You’re okay, you just had a nightmare,” you spoke softly. Letting go of his face, he sat upright. His chest was still heaving and you hushed him, rubbing his arm gently.

Once Peter’s breathing returned to normal, he was still quiet. It was weird seeing him like this. Usually he couldn’t keep his mouth shut but now he was stone silent. You pulled him into an embrace to which he hugged you back tightly, burying his face in your shoulder like a small child. The two of you stayed like that for a while, with you petting his curly hair soothingly.

“Let me get you some water,” you whispered. He nodded silently and you made your way to the bathroom. Using one of the glasses on the countertop, you switched on the water a held the cup underneath. You yawned as the water filled almost to the brim, quickly shutting it off before it overflowed onto your hand.

As you reentered his bunk, Quill was gazing off into space. You held up the glass to him, having to snap him back into reality and he took it cautiously. His hand had brushed yours and you noticed they were still clammy. After watching him chug the whole glass down, you took it from him and set it down on a nearby table.

“Are you okay?” you asked. Moving back towards him, he nodded silently. You couldn’t think of anything to say, so you just let your mouth run. “Do you wanna talk about it?” You cocked your head to the side and he hesitated, but eventually shook his head no.

“Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow.” You cupped his face in your hands once more and kissed him on the cheek gently. He was still very shaken and didn’t have any reaction at all. You padded across the room to the exit, still feeling concerned for him.

“Can you stay with me?” Peter called after you. It was so unexpected that it took you a little bit to answer. You leaned against the door frame and ran your fingers through your hair, a debate ensuing in your mind.

On one hand, he’d just had a nightmare and, obviously, a bad one. You couldn’t leave him alone or he’d go crazy. But on the other hand, the thought of sleeping with Peter in his bed seemed a little strange. Would you cuddle with him? Would you both be on opposite sides of the bed? Still, you couldn’t just leave him. Whether it’s a 5 year old kid or a Guardian of the Galaxy, no one wants to be alone after a scary nightmare.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to…” Quill said shyly.

“Move over,” you instructed. His eyes lit up a little as he obediently scooted over a tiny bit. You lifted the covers and slid under, the air underneath them warm. Adjusting your pillow, you laid your head down. Turning on your side, you barely had time to close your eyes before Peter piped up.

“Get closer to me,” he demanded. You were too tired to think anything of it, so you slid back until you hit his warm body. He snaked his arm around your waist, feeling his muscles relaxing against your back. He moved your hair out of the way and nuzzled his chin into your neck. The last thing your remember was his light breath against your skin before you completely dozed off.

The next morning, you woke up with Peter knocked out. ‘Good,’ you thought, ‘at least he got some sleep.’ You must’ve switched positions in the night, because he was now laying on his back with your head on his chest. His arm enveloped you and you rested on of yours on his stomach. Yawning unexpectedly and, making a little too much noise, woke him up. He inhaled through his nose and you watched his eyes flutter open, immediately looking down at you.

“Hey,” he said groggily, wiping the sleeping out of his eyes.

“Hi,” you yawned again. “Sorry for waking you up.” He stretched his arms and shrugged.

“Eh, whatever. It’s not a big deal.” He looked down at you and squeezed you a little. “Thanks for staying with me.”

“Eh, whatever. It’s not a big deal,” you mimicked. Peter fake glared at you and you got up, forgetting you were only in your panties and a shirt. But it was too late. His eyes were already widening in surprise and a grin spread across his face.

“Grow up, Quill,” you instructed.

“What? I’m just enjoying the view.” You flipped him off while you exited the bunk, knowing he was staring at your ass the whole time. Even though he was being a dick now, to be honest, it was the best sleep you’d had in a while. You felt refreshed and not even remotely tired for the rest of the day.

Later that night, however, you heard him again. Repeating the night before, you woke him up, got him water, and crawled into bed with him. This went on for a while, with the two of you having these little sleepovers every so often. You’d come to learn that these recurring nightmares were about his mom, as Peter had eventually given in and told you about them. So instead of waiting for the actual nightmares to come, you’d began just going to bed with him almost every night.

It wasn’t romantic at all and, even though neither of you would ever admit it, you slept better together. You’d even figured out a schedule. Peter would have his nights alone a when he brought back women to the ship. But even then, you would feel him slip into your bed after his one-night stands fell asleep.

The others weren’t so accepting of your arrangement. Gamora would comment on how it’s not right, especially with someone like Quill. Drax said the two people who sleep together in the same bed almost every night can’t be “just friends”. Unsurprisingly, Rocket was constantly betting that the two of you were having crazy sex and that this whole thing was just a cover up. And the only words that ever came out of Groot’s mouth was “I am Groot”. You just ignored all of them. ‘What was the big deal? It’s just two FRIENDS that help each other get a little sleep.’ But you couldn’t help feeling possessive of Peter whenever he brought his affairs back to the ship. Even he would get a huge attitude with you when you brought your own heavy dates home. He wouldn’t talk to you for a whole day but then when night came around, he’d get under the covers with you and hold you even tighter than usual.

One time, after a night of drinking and dancing at the nearest bar, you and this guy named Dylan were making out in your bunk. About 30 minutes before, he had bought you a drink, made you almost pee laughing, and sweet talked his way back to your place. Now, you lied underneath him, lips locked. His shirt and your blouse were on the floor beside the bed. Running your fingers through his light brown hair, he started unbuckling his belt. That’s when you heard Peter clearing his throat, leaning against the door frame. He looked upset, but you didn’t care.

“Jesus Christ, Peter. Get out!” you cried. Even though you bra was still on, your hands covered your chest. Peter threw his head back, letting out a deep and sinister laugh.

“Are you serious? You’ve gone to bed with me in nothing but your panties for how many nights now?”

“What?” Dylan interjected.

“No, it’s not what it sounds like,” you tried, turning towards Dylan. He raised an eyebrow in question.

“It’s actually exactly what it sounds like,” Peter interrupted again.

“Can I talk to you in private?” you said, anger clear in your tone.

“Sure,” Peter said, smiling innocently.

“I’ll be right back,” you told Dylan, kissing him before getting up. You saw Peter roll his eyes and you dragged him by his arm into the hall. You shut the door behind you, crossed your arms under your chest, and taped your foot on the ground. He looked right back at you, unafraid. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he replied coolly.

“Peter, enough already. What is this about?”

“Look, we have our arrangement and DoucheFace in there is messing it up. I mean c’mon, wouldn’t you rather be with me?” You had a feeling he wasn’t talking about going to sleep anymore. However, your blood was still boiling.

“That is not fair! You can bring home someone anytime you like but when I do, you either get all pissy at me or you scare them off! What is your problem?!”

“Will you excuse me?” Peter moved around you. Before you could protest further he walked back into your bunk, gathering Dylan’s shoes, jacket, and shirt and shoving the pile in his arms. “Sorry to have you leave so soon, but she’s got other stuff to do,” Peter explained to your lover.

“Who the hell is this guy?!” Dylan called to you. Peter cut you off before you had time to answer.

“Sorry to have you leave so soon, but we’re gonna be too busying doing something else that I don’t have the energy to make up an excuse for.” Quill was now guiding Dylan towards the ships’ exit, holding him by his shoulders roughly. You eventually followed them but, by time you’d caught up, Peter was already shoving Dylan out the door and explaining how you won’t be calling him. He slammed the door shut and pushed past you, heading towards your bunk. You called after him several times, but again, he ignored you. Once both of you were in your bunk, he began removing his clothes.

“No way, uh uh, nope. You are not sleeping in here after that!” But he was already lying in your bed in his regular old t-shirt and boxers. Striding over next to the bed, you crossed your arms again and shot him a look. “Go,” you pointed towards the door. Peter sat up and placed his hands on your hips and pulled you closer.

“Aww, are you mad because what’s-his-face didn’t fuck you?” he questioned. ‘What the hell?!’ You scoffed, feeling your jaw fall open. Quill stood up, his hands still heavy on your hips. He leaned down to kiss your neck and led a trail all the way up to your ear, nibbling on your lobe. You body heat shot to 1000 degrees, yet goosebumps still raised on your skin.

“How about I do it instead?” he spoke in a low, lustful tone. Your heart rate picked up as his soft lips finally collided with yours. His fingers hooked into the hem of your skirt and you cupped his face in your hands. Wrapping your arms around his neck, he tugged at your bottom lip with his teeth. Peter then pulled you down towards the bed, with him sitting on the edge and you in his lap. You balled your fists in the bottom of his shirt, ripping it off. He tore off your own shirt, breaking a few buttons in the process.

Your mind was totally clouded. What was happening still hadn’t fully set in, but it felt right for some reason. Maybe it was because you were so turned on. Or maybe you did have feelings for Quill. Either way, you went along with it.

Feeling his fingers unzip your skirt, you heard it fall to the floor with a soft thud. You let go of his face and placed your hands on his strong chest, shoving him down against the bed. Unhooking your bra and exposing your breasts, his eyes fogged up. You rocked yourself back and forth on his lap, feeling his erection growing. Leaning down, you gave him the same treatment you got. Except this time, you began sucking and biting.

“Jesus, you’re gonna kill me,” Peter moaned. You laughed a little and continued. He hooked his fingers in the hem of your underwear and slid them down your thighs. Then he rolled on top of you and removed his own undergarments. Both of you were exposed, no going back now.

You spread your legs, allowing him access to your intimate area. He stuck himself inside you and you felt your body become taut. Your toes curled as you inhaled slowly. His rhythm started and you bit your lip softly. His mouth attack your neck and collarbone again, leaving you a heaving mess. One of your hands was tangled in his hair while the other was gripping the sheets for dear life. Your core was burning with desire as he went faster and faster, low grunts escaping his mouth.

“Oh God, harder,” you moaned. And boy, did he go harder. You became wetter as he pounded into you. All your nerves were on end and shocks of electricity zapped your body. The two of you were sweaty and breathing heavy like a bunch of animals. On and on he went until one final cry was heard. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head. Sinking your teeth in his shoulder, you felt him growing inside you. Wave after wave crashed upon you and your body buzzed. Your ears were ringing as he came too, laying on top of you in a heaving slump.

A simultaneous sigh emitted from both of your mouths as he got off you and on to the bed. But just as quickly as he had rolled off of you, he was getting out of bed.

“Where are you going?” you asked quietly. He threw on a shirt faster than any person you’d ever seen and was already walking out of the bunk before he answered.

“I got stuff to do,” he spoke quietly. BAM! He was gone. Anger flooded over you. Putting on some clothes, you got up and slammed the door and locked it after him. You felt stupid and you were angry at yourself for not believing the others. But no matter how angry and frustrated you were, that didn’t stop the tears from falling. You tried to be strong and remind yourself over and over that he was a piece of human garbage, but it didn’t help. Because you had fallen in love with Peter, even though you tried to deny it. All the late night talks, the way he’d make you laugh, his light breath on your skin when you were asleep, the way he’d hold you close, and the way his body felt came rushing back. The feelings hit you like a train. But you weren’t going to accept it. Nope. You were not going to feel anything for this asshole, so you had to lock up all your feelings in general.

That night you heard a knocking at your door. You didn’t answer, for you didn’t care who it was. The tapping was persistent, but you still didn’t answer.

Later the same night, you heard murmurs from the hall and automatically knew it was Peter. But this time, you didn’t get up to save him. He deserved whatever nightmare he was trapped in.

Everyday after that, you acted like nothing had ever happened. You ignored him and never went to sleep with him. Until one night, you heard a ticking at your door. Your eyes flew open, but your body stayed still. Once the door had eventually opened, you heard light footsteps coming towards you and felt and warm body slip into your bed. Knowing it was Peter, you immediately hopped right out and went to go sleep in one of the pilot chairs. Not even 5 minutes later, he followed you in.

“Hey,” he mumbled, his voice still groggy from sleep. You still weren’t having it, so you got out of the chair and went back to your bunk. Locking the door in his face before he could come in, you sat on the floor and leaned back against the door.

“Please,” he talked to you through the door, “I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have left you like that.” He paused for a moment, waiting for you to answer. You didn’t speak, so he continued. “Look, I like you. A lot, in fact. And I just don’t know how to handle these feelings because I’ve never had them before,” he explained. “Please.” You thought for a moment, deciding whether or not to trust him. You didn’t want to turn out like all of his other conquests, yet you still had feelings for him. Against your better judgement, you opened the door and Peter immediately crashed his lips against yours. After a minute, you broke the kiss and turned away. But he grabbed your arms and held you in place.

“Please,” he begged once more. You shut him up by kissing him back, to which he happily accepted. And after a solid 20 minutes of making out in the doorway, you both went to sleep in your bed together. The last thing you heard before drifting off to sleep was a pleased sigh from Peter’s lips. And that night, you went to bed smiling.

DAMN this one was long!! I have another one coming out in like 3 days so get hype!!

Living Life With Eric; An Imagine.

 Everyday Life with Eric Harris; Story List; For Anon.

 Everyday life with Eric would be

v  Lots of sex. All different kinds of sex. Sex all over the house. You guys would have condoms and lube stashed all over the house! Like in random drawers, under the sofa cushions, etc! And random sex toys too! Eric would love to experiment with you in many different sex categories.

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imagine for @higfrt

Hi!!!!! Could you do an imagine where you and Dylan r going out and you both act on teen wolf but during interviews the rest of the cast make loads of fun of you and you guys keep getting really weird questions. Thanks LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!

Your breaths were shaky as you stood on the side of the massive stage behind the towering heavy looking purple curtains. You could only see half of the audience that had come to see the Teen Wolf panel. You remember that only 3 years ago you were in that audience as a young actor and a fan. you and Holland were the last to be called out, all the others including your boyfriend and co star Dylan had already been called out receiving cheers of excitement from the crowd.

“they will love you i promise” Holland came up behind you and took your hand in hers. you smiled at her and squeezed her hand. hundreds of things that could possibly go wrong were rushing through your head,what if no one liked you? of the press asked some questions you didn’t know the answer? you knew how harsh they could be. you knew not everyone approved of yours and Dylans relationship, you understood that though, being a fan of Teen Wolf yourself and lots of other shows you knew how some fans could react to new relationships. some times your natural sarcasm came across as being rude and you really didn’t mean it to but some people didn’t share your sense of humour. what if you fell over? you could sometimes be a bit clumsy but to fall over infront of all those people would be the worst.

you looked down at your shoes, they weren’t too high so you would be ok. you really liked what the stylists had put you in, it was a black ribbed long sleeved crop top and a long black flowing skirt with a slit in the side.

“ready?”asked Holland.

“ready”you gulped.

“last but certainly not least, the stunning and talented Holland Roden and (Y/N) (Y/L/N)”said the interviewer into the mic. your legs were carrying you out but your brain didn’t realise what was going on till you stepped into the view of the audience and the wall of screams and cheers hit you. you smiled uncontrollably as you walked to the two free seats, one next to Tyler and one next to Jeff, you sat next to tyler and holland sat next to jeff. you looked around at the other cast members as they clapped you both, you caught dylans eye, he was clapping over his head and pumping his fist int the air, he smiled widely at you and quickly gave you a thumbs up before all the panel had settled down.

“welcome Teen Wolf panel”

another wave of screams and cheers swept through the audience as you took a sip of your water and fixed your mic nervously ready for the questions to start.

It had gone really well so far, all the questions from the interviewer and the fans were great, yours and dylans relationship hadn’t come up yet which made you feel at ease.

“this one is for (Y/N)”you heard a fan with the mic ask. you smiled and sat forward paying attention. “can you tell us anything about what your character might be?”

you smiled and opened your mouth to answer it.

“be careful what you say”Jeff laughed into the mic making everyone in the room chuckle. you smiled and lean in towards your mic.

“well that episode hasn’t aired yet so i can’t tell you that, but i can tell you that it was so much fun to film the revealing episode and i can’t wait for you guys to see it and where it will take the story and the pack as a group”

“obviously one thing we do know about your character is that she has a thing for Scott”said the interviewer. you nodded and laughed as tyler patted you on the hand smiling at everyone.

“I’m lead to believe that you have a thing for one of the men sitting on this panel”he said, you felt your cheeks go red as the crowd cheered.

“na, i don’t really know what you are talking about”you teased looking back at Dylan who looked embarrassed too. you poked your tongue out at him and everyone laugh. “no i do”you corrected smiling.

“Dylan do you know anything about this?” the interviewer asked.

“i do. yes”he said looking at you.

“how long have you two been dating?”

“about 8 months now” dylan said into the mic but still turned to you. “that right isn’t it?”

“yes dylan”you laughed.

“that would have been awkward”said tyler. everyone laughed. it made you smile that everything was going well so far.

some more questions came from the fans and another was directed at you. “what is it like kissing your boyfriends best friend?”

“oh god”you dropped your head and laughed along with everyone else. “uuummmmm….. strange, i mean obviously its in different contexts”you laughed “but its fun, i mean i get to kiss the two hottest men in the world” you smirked at dylan as tyler dropped his hands on your shoulders and squeezing them as he laughed. dylan laughed and took his cap off to run his hand through his hair, he was laughing but you could see a glint of jealousy in his eyes.

the next question went to tyler. “what is your favourite part of (Y/N) and dylans relationship? and do you approve of it?”

“of course i approve! they are both my best friends so to see them together is amazing. i think the best part of their relationship is that they were friends before, they were best friends and then it went from there, i think that’s what’s special about them as a couple” you smiled as tyler said this, you really loved him and to hear that he loved yours and dylan relationship meant a lot to you. “guys what about you?” he looked at all the others.

“i love that (Y/N) will watch mine and dylans scenes” shelly said into her mic looking at dylan and you. “we will have a kiss in a scene and she will shout “you can do better than that Dylan” and then watch the whole thing encouraging both of us and making us all laugh” everyone laughed and your cheeks went red, you caught dylans eye and you just looked at each other trying to take in that this was all happening.

“and sometimes you’ll go into one of their vans and they will both be air drumming to a song on the sofa with some ice cream on the table in front of them with the spoons in their hands being used as drum sticks” added Jeff.

you laughed remembering all these things. “but sometimes you shouldn’t just burst into one of their vans”giggled Holland.

“ooohh Dylan”moaned tyler next to you making you spit out some of the water you had just drank. everyone began to laugh. “D D D Dylan” he moaned again. you dropped your head into your hands, it felt like the whole room was imploding. this was so embarrassing!

“oh my god (Y/N)”shelly put on a low voice to mock dylan. you felt tyler hug you as this teasing went on, you couldn’t bare to look at anyone. finally you looked over at dylan and you both just burst out laughing with throwing your heads back with laughter.

“and you? whats your favourite part of the relationship?”asked the interviewer after you and the room had all calmed down.

“me?”you asked taking a sip of water making dylan laugh. “well of course i love it”you took a moment to think about what to say. “i agree with tyler, i think it great that we were friends first. it makes our relationship solid, we know each other inside out already.”

“i bet you do” smirked tyler.

you laughed and carried on. “actually i was a fan of the show before i got cast. i came here three years ago to see the season three Teen Wolf panel, i was too scared to ask a question so i admired from a far”you laughed. “i loved every second when i got cast and then along came dylan all….well just being himself and we became best friends and” you took a second and turned to look at dylan who was watching you intently smiling to himself. “and i fell in love with my best friend”this caused the crowd to go crazy.

you locked eyes with your boyfriend. his eyes filled with love as he smiled at you and the space between you seemed to grow, all you wanted to do right now was kiss him.

“how you going to match that?”asked the interviewer.

“like this”dylan said into the mic as he stood up and walked over to you, you watched as he made his way over to you, he bent down and kissed you right infront on everyone, making screams erupt. “i love you”he whispered.

Happy Mothers Day (Requested)

After a long day of running errands, you’re happy to come home and spend time with Dylan and your energetic child. Your son comes running into your arms as soon as he hears your keys open the door.

“Mommy, mommy!! Me and daddy walked to the park and we went on the swings and down the slide and I had ice cream and daddy let me ride my bike outside and i fell and got a boo boo but daddy kissed it and fixed it for me!”

You pick him up and hug him tightly. “Wow! I guess a lot happened while I was gone for the day, huh? Let me see your boo boo.”

Your son extends his leg to show you the scrape. It’s covered with an avengers bandaid but it doesn’t look too bad. His hair is sticking up in all directions and he has chocolate stains all over his mouth from the ice cream. His hands are dirty and his shirt is wrinkled. Still, he is not phased by his appearance and has a huge smile on his face when he says, “It didn’t hurt when I fell. Daddy said it’s because I’m strong like you.”

You reach into your purse and pull out some baby wipes, a daily necessity ever since you became a mother. Using the wipes, you rub the mess from his face and scrub his hands free of dirt. “Yes you are. I’m glad you two had fun. Where is he now?”

“Right here.” You feel two hands weigh down on your shoulders and look up to see Dylan. You jump up to hug and kiss him after a long day apart. He reaches behind him and hands you a big vase full of colorful flowers. “Happy Mother’s Day. I love you so much.” He kisses you again but you’re interrupted once your son starts pulling on your pants to get your attention.

“Happy Mother’s Day, mommy! I made you this.” It’s a card with a stick figure drawing of you and him on the front.

“Wow! Thank you both so much! I see you two had an eventful day.”

“We did. Did he tell you he fell? There wasn’t much blood, he barely scraped his knee.”

“He showed me.” You walk over to sit on the couch and your son follows you. He sits on your lap and places his head against your chest while Dylan sits next to you. “So what else did my two favorite boys do today?”

“Daddy taught me how to play baseball!”

This isn’t surprising to you. “He did? That’s exciting.”

Dylan nods his head proudly. “Just getting him ready for the major leagues.” They do a handshake that’s cute but too complicated for your son to actually complete right, which makes you laugh.

“And then he told me about the day you had me, mommy!”

“Oh really?” You look over at Dylan with a confused expression on your face, wondering how exactly that discussion came up.

He answers what’s running through your mind by saying, “He asked me what my favorite day was and I said the day he was born.”

“Tell the story again!” Your son jumps from your lap to Dylan’s, begging him to repeat what he said earlier.

Dylan places his hand on your knee and smiles at you before looking down at your child in his lap and saying, “Well, you weren’t supposed to be here for a long, long time but you were so excited to meet us that you showed up early. After mom had you, we were all scared because you were so tiny and she got very weak. But as soon as I held you in my hands and you smiled up at me something told me everything would be alright. I wasn’t scared anymore. And I fell more in love with your mom after I saw all she went through to have you. That’s why I always say you’re strong like her. You’re both fighters. And you’re not scared of anything, are you?”

Your son shakes his head and answers, “No! I’m a big boy!” He jumps off of Dylan’s lap and starts doing kicks and flips in the air. It’s amazing how he isn’t tired after this whole day he had. Glancing over at Dylan, you see he has just removed his baseball hat from his head and now has his hair is flying in all directions like the child you share. His shirt is also wrinkled and he has a new cut on his arm from filming. You look at the both of them, spit images of each other in this moment, and start laughing to yourself.

“What?” Dylan asks curiously.

“Nothing, he’s just so much like you it’s funny. I’m the luckiest mom in the world.”

Take a Chance *smut*

Part 2 of Not a Chance

Author_ obrosey-af

Characters: Dylan x reader

Word Count: 1,996

Warnings: smut, oral

A/N so ya girls been struggling with ideas for drabbles and whatnot, so here’s part 2 to my last fic, enjoy! -Er


Originally posted by ohhdylanobrien

Flash forward exactly three months, two weeks and five days; that’s how long you and Dylan have been dating. Not that you’re counting. Things were honestly pretty close to perfect. Filming for Teen Wolf had just started up again. The last season had ended on a cliffhanger about whether your and Dylan’s characters would get together. Surprise, they did! You’ve been filming for a little over a week and you get to go to work everyday and basically kiss your boyfriend, so there’s really nothing to complain about.

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#131 Dylan O'Brien - Daughter

You and your and Dylan’s daughter just got home from shopping. She’s nearly three years old and the car has an open roof so it’s fine for her to stay inside while you bring everything in to the house. You also bought food and your husband, Dylan, comes to help you. “Hey princess.” He quickly gives your daughter a kiss on the forehead before he takes two shopping bags of you.

“Hey daddy!” She exclaims and claps her hands, making you and Dylan giggle. When the car is empty, only your daughter is left inside.

“Come on, (Y/D/N), get out.” You say and reach your hands out for her to pick her up.

“No.” She says and looks away from you.

“(Y/D/N), I need to make us dinner. Come on, get out.” You say but she resists and crosses her arms in front of her chest.

“No.” She says louder and you take a deep breath.

“Please (Y/D/N), you can’t stay in the car forever.” You tell her when Dylan comes out of the house again. He puts his arm around your waist and kisses your temple.

“I didn’t say Hello to you, did I?” He mumbles and kisses your cheek. “Hello.”

“Hello, love.” You say and run your fingers through your hair.

“What takes you so long?“ Dylan wants to know.

“(Y/D/N) doesn’t want to get out.” You explain and take a deep breath.

“Just leave her in there.” Dylan says smirking.

“Dylan!” You snap at him and shake your head at his stupid idea.

“Why not? If she wants to, she can.” He says and then makes a pause, getting all serious. “A shame that the roof’s going to eat her.”

You hold your laugh back and your daughter furrows her eyebrows. Dylan takes the remote of the roof of the car from you and the roof starts to slowly close.

“Oh no! It’s going to eat you (Y/D/N)!” Dylan exclaims and you bite your lip to not burst out laughing. “Ohh it’s so close to eat you!” He exclaims and your daughter starts to scream.

“Nooo!” She screams and starts to cry.

“Oh my god! (Y/D/N) oh my god!” Dylan sounds panicky as the roof slowly closes.

“No. No. nooo.” Your daughter cries and holds her hands up to stop the roof but she can’t even reach it. Your heart breaks a little even though you are close to burst out laughing.

“Oh god noooo!” Dylan exclaims and the roof closes. Your daughter starts to cry louder and you push Dylan away from you.

“Shh (Y/D/N), it’s fine.” You say and take her put through the window. You hug her tightly and she snuggles into you as you comfort her. “It’s okay, little one. It didn’t eat you, see.” You say and pick up her arm before you let it drop again, showing her that she’s still alive and healthy. Dylan bursts out laughing and holds his stomach. You turn around and shake your head at him.

“You’re such a d-i-c-k.” You say and go back into the house, holding your daughter in your arms as she slowly calms down. Dylan follows you inside, still laughing loudly. “Daddy is mean.” You tell your daughter.

“No, daddy is not mean.” Dylan says and take your daughter from you. “Daddy is the best, right?” He asks your daughter and she nods. “See!” He smirks and kisses your daughter on her little cheek.


Nice hoodie you got there Pt. 5 - Dylan O’Brien

A/N: You asked for it quite often as it felt, so I tried to get it done in time. After the past part wasn’t much fun for none of them (neither Dylan nor the reader) I thought I might change it a bit. This part cuts off a quite interesting and probably mean point, but I guess it would be too much to include it into this part. So I guess most of you know what’s about to happen in the next one. I tried to back off of my mostly stereotypical writings and I hope managed it.

word count: 1983

part one || two || three || four

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