what was regina doing!


“Be selfless. She saved us all. I never saw that coming. Just like however you’re going to get out of this.”

I just need Jughead and Veronica to have more interactions on the show. Like can you imagine the snark levels?

“That beanie is so 70s, just like your Holden Caulfield persona”

“Its called individuality, Veronica. Can you spell it?”



8th Anniversary: Bone Queef and Chief Segment
Comedy Bang Bang
8th Anniversary: Bone Queef and Chief Segment

#BoneChief || Full clip of the introduction of Bone Queef and The Chief from the 8th Anniversary Special

Ouat Con San Francisco 2017 - Jen & Colin’s Panel

(x) (x)

  • He just called jen his on camera wife (x)
    • He also called her his second wifey. (x)
    • Jen has joined the panel with Colin now (x)
  • What’s you’re fav scene between your character & Henry? Jen: S1 when Henry eats the apple turnover & Emma believes in the stories. (x)
  • Jen talked about choice she made to leave OUAT & how Colin was very supportive because this was the right choice for her & her life (x)
  • CS kids? yes! @jenmorrisonlive also approves of @colinodonoghue1’s names for them (x)
  • Working on the Rite was a real eye-opening experience for Colin - he dressed a real dead body, went to exorcism (x)
  • Colin and Jen are bonded over their love of leather (x)
  • Jen was swearing up a storm in the scene in the bug in the S6 finale bc driving the car is hard (x)
  • “Emma LOVED old Hook. Don’t you worry.” - jen(x)
  • Out of all the cast, Colin and Jen are each other’s best friends (x)
  • What wld u do if Emma switched bodies w/ Regina & Hook switched w/ Charming?
    • Jen: laughs
    • Colin: that’d be weird bc then I’d be your dad (x)
  • Colin and Jen once went to Starbucks and Colin was in full pirate-garb and no one said a thing (x)
    • Colin, in full Hook costume, and Jen went into a Starbucks before shooting a scene once and nobody paid any attention to him (x)


Happiness Can’t Be Arranged, Chapter 2

So, I intended Happiness Can’t Be Arranged to be a one-shot; but after I wrote it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. And then @stick-to-the-lasagna-lady@x-wishes-on-fallen-stars-x, and @mearcats didn’t help by encouraging me to continue. So here, we are… chapter two.

In this chapter, Regina grapples to figure out her place in her new husband’s household; and can’t help but be touched by Robin’s kindness toward Henry.

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Netflix and Chill
  • Regina: Zelena I have a day off!
  • Zelena: Fantastic.
  • Regina: Want to come over for Netflix and Chill?
  • Zelena *stunned*: What?
  • Regina: We can watch Netflix - Emma introduced me to it, it's amazing.
  • Zelena: You do know what Netflix and Chill means, right?
  • Regina: Hanging out whilst watching Grace and Frankie?
  • Zelena *smiling*: Call Emma...she'll explain it.
  • Regina: Why can't you explain it?
  • Zelena: Because you'd rather Netflix and Chill with Emma...trust me.

With the CS wedding coming up, I think it’s a good time to talk about the divorce. Because the truth is there’s no version of reality in which this particular marriage doesn’t fall apart. OUAT might be off the air before we see it, but that doesn’t alter the fact that it’s inevitable. Want to know why I’m so sure? Good! Because I made a list…

1. They have literally nothing in common. I mean, I guess they both had shitty childhoods, but by that logic Emma ought to be marrying Archie. Or, you know, Regina.

2. I mean seriously, what do Emma and Hook even talk about? There’s a reason whenever we see them on their own they’re making out. Because they must spend the rest of the time in slightly awkward silence.

3. Emma’s a modern woman - she’s kind of forgotten it at the moment, but she’ll remember soon. And Hook is very much not a modern man. He asked her father for permission to marry her BEFORE HE EVEN SPOKE TO HER ABOUT IT. I know how I’d react if my partner ever had the nerve to do that to me.

4. They’re unbelievably bad at figuring out what the other one is really feeling. That’s why they’re so good at keeping terrible secrets from each other.

5. Speaking of which: they keep terrible secrets from each other. Pretty much all the time.

6. Hook has no real friends of his own, no job of his own, no life of his own outside Emma. That’s *incredibly* unhealthy for a relationship.

7. Emma is her worst self when she’s with him: selfish, self-absorbed and frequently miserable. ‘Marry a man who brings out the worst in you’ is a phrase that literally no one has ever said ever.

8. Emma doesn’t love Hook for who he is - she just likes the image of the dashing, handsome pirate who lets her play-act her perfect heterosexual marriage. She’s not going to deal well with him aging, or with the day-to-day revelation of his flaws that marriage brings. We saw that in the Wishworld, where all she could feel for old, drunken Hook was a contemptuous sort of amusement.

9. Actually I’m not sure Emma even really knows who Hook is. Every time he tries to talk to her about his past, she shuts him down. There must be a part of her that senses she couldn’t deal with - or love - the man he truly is.

10. Emma’s a lesbian. It’s something she’s obviously struggling to acknowledge, but then again she’s still younger than I was when I realised I’m gay, so she’s got plenty of time.

11. Also, she’s desperately in love with Regina. And you can only ignore the elephant in the room for so long, especially when you and the elephant are co-parenting a son.