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why a rift forming between Ladybug and Chat Noir might happen:

  • Thomas Astruc alluding to Marvel’s Civil War when talking about season 2, a movie centered around two big superheroes splitting over ethical differences.
  • the writers confirming Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth.
  • the strain the mere possibility of Gabriel being Hawk Moth puts on LB and Chat’s relationship already–s2 ep 1 shows Adrien immediately getting defensive at LB’s suspicions and in the end doing something he’s never done before: ignoring LB’s fist bump without acknowledging her, without even looking at her, to go kneel by his father’s side. 
  • Adrien is very loyal to his father and rarely argues/directly disobeys him. He fears his father’s wrath upon not doing what he wants (taking the Miraculous book, losing it, etc). He misses his mother as much as Gabriel does. Gabriel is also the only parent Adrien has left, and Adrien is desperate to keep him in his life, no matter how rough their relationship is. Adrien loves him. He’s not likely to turn his back on his father even if he discovers his dad’s a super-villain. 
  • Marinette knows important information about the Miraculouses that Adrien doesn’t. This is pretty much a sure-fire way to miscommunications. The writers keeping Adrien in the dark about the equivalent exchange makes his joining his father to get his mother back more likely. He’d be much more opposed to the idea if he knew someone else would have to suffer. It also suggests he may discover his father’s identity alone, without LB there to tell him what she knows, which would force him to keep it a secret from her to protect his father (and possibly himself, if he’s afraid of what she’d think of him if she knew the truth). 
  • But as is repeatedly told to us, Marinette does NOT like liars. She believes Chat would never lie, especially to her, but in the ep she first says this, Copy Cat, Chat does lie. Not to her, but he doesn’t tell her that he lied in the end either, so she still has this belief that he doesn’t lie. (Ever heard of lying by omission, Adrien?) The fact that Marinette’s loathing of liars is repeatedly brought up means it might be important in the greater plot. Keeping the truth about his father from Mari would definitely do serious damage to their relationship, especially if Adrien never says anything and Mari has to figure it all out on her own. If she discovers Adrien has not only been lying to her but lying to cover for his super-villain father he may or may not kinda support…oh boy. Ohhhhh boooy
  • Imagine THAT reveal scenario. 
  • Marinette thinks more with her head while Adrien thinks more with his heart. More specifically, opposite of Chat, LB usually prioritizes justice and duty over loyalty and feelings. Marinette is more likely to view Hawk Moth as a villain she needs to lock up, while Adrien would see his not-entirely-evil father that he can’t stand to lose. Do I even have to explain how this might cause problems between them?
  • Adrien has yet to meet Master Fu. It could be because Mari is the protag we follow around the most, but the distance being kept between Adrien and Fu while Mari is so close to Fu might also suggest a future division of loyalties: Mari to Fu. Adrien to his father.
  • new heroes are joining Ladybug and Chat Noir. I can understand one new hero needed to take on one or two new bad guys, but not 3. Not when LB and Chat are so powerful. Unless they lose power because there’s tension between them or they’re at odds with each other or something.

why a rift forming between Ladybug and Chat Noir might not happen:

  • this show’s too sweet and cute
  • it’s aimed at kids who might not appreciate their two big heroes at odds with each other.
  • it’s not that deep (then again i was skeptical Astruc would really make Adrien’s dad the villain in case it was too heavy, but that happened. we also got that new heavy info on the Miraculouses. so)
  • ????/ thats it
  • I’m nervous

okay, just a thought:

has anyone else noticed how our forever lovely queen and knight in shining armor, Helena Klein, is in fact like fusion of Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy that was made into a 2D character?

no? well let me tell you why!

- both are crazy ass witches, at least at first sight.
- both holding even more crazy devotion to their master/mistress.
- Helena is pretty much Witch Queen’s right hand woman and Bella IS the right hand woman of Voldemort’s.
- quite obviously: Helena has same first name as Bella’s actress (I love both Helenas xD)

- long blond hair and blue eyes (at least in the books, right? …please don’t eat me for asking ;^;)
- nickname: ice queen (well fandom pretty much gave that to Helena and I know Cissy’s been called that at least in fanfics)
- despite it all, the sweet and protective side they have for the one they love: they both have that one person, or two, they love unconditionally while the rest of the world is their enemy. for Cissy that’s at least Draco and for Helena that’s probably still Witch Queen and MC, but I believe MC is going stronger!

like after reading that don’t come and tell me you don’t see what I suddenly realized! Helena is too much like those two favorite witches of mine that I can’t unsee it anymore! well I dunno if I even wanna unsee it *insert evil smirk here* >:3 enjoy your time with this thought and let it sink in~ now excuse me, I have some serious fangirling business to attend to.

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Tho his third nostril is v weird an I didn’t like it v much in the third.

How it look in the second is better and looks like an actual nostril bit that was just on the bridge of he nose an lil bit down and not along the whole nose (or so it looked) but y’know

Blind [Jimin]

back at it with the mythology, aww yeah. 

warnings: mythology!au, violence, blood

You realize he’s in your domain before he does. 

If your predicament has given you anything, it’s the natural talent for telling when you have visitors without having to check – the shift of the air, the vibrations through the ground. 

You can feel his gait begin to slow, the confident bravado no doubt beginning to fade. Though you can’t profess to be an expert on decoration, you’re absolute certain that the statues that litter your garden are enough to have even the bravest of people pausing, if not outright turning tail and running as far from you as they can.

The closest anyone has ever gotten to you is the front hall – and you liked him so much, you decided that he was allowed to stay. Sometimes you wonder if his family is doing alright without him, and if they’ll one day come for you, screaming for your head on a pike. 

You have little love for people, just as little as they have for you. They’ve come at you with so many names over the years, sometimes you wonder how you haven’t forgotten your real one.

Monster,” they say, your name one they whisper to their children at night, to chase them back beneath the blankets and clinging to the safety of home.

Beast,” they hiss when some fool decides he’ll get rid of you once and for all. Their bones litter the garden, their flesh given over to the earth. Did they think you’d give up without a fight?

Demon,” they murmur, when your tale is told around the table, swapped between sips of ale and warnings against going to find you – they’re still waiting for their last one to return home. They’ll be waiting for quite some time.

The groan of the door’s ancient, rusted hinges makes you turn. There’s the smell of fresh air, the cloying scent of the blossoms that cluster tree branches most of the year – and underneath that, a heavier scent you know better than anything else.


Your fingers twitch at the ring of metal, the unmistakable sound of a blade being pulled from its sheath. “You’ve come to kill me, have you? What exactly is it that you’re after? Money? Honor?”

The boy doesn’t answer for a moment. And when he does, his voice is low but still suggests that he’s barely out of childhood. “Revenge.”

Your lips curl. “The ugliest of all motivators.” You sigh and slip down the steps, feeling the way he tenses as you approach. Something in your stomach stirs, familiar warmth bubbling up and spreading through your veins. “Tell me. What are you going to do once you kill me? Spear my head on a pike for all to see? Keep my head as a trophy?”

“You’ve killed too many people. You need to answer for your crimes.”

Crimes?” You laugh, the sound high and echoing off the walls. The warmth in your veins is stronger now, thrumming like the stretch of long dormant muscles. “What about the crimes against me? You come into my domain, kill my pets–” Your lip curls. “And proceed to threaten me. And you never change. Tell me who the real monster is.”

You have to give the boy credit, he’s fast. He whips the blade up, the scream of metal through the air – and the bite of pain across your cheek. “You are,” he snarls, “you’re a monster. You–”

You’ve never quite gotten used to it, the sink of a blade into skin. It’s too soft, too wet sounding. There’s a gurgle as the boy staggers, the slick sound of the weapon leaving his skin as he hits the ground. “W-what…”

They never expect it. It’s your best defense and the one you’ve kept the closest for that very reason. Humans are selfish, they are petty, they are greedy – but there’s nothing quite like the taste of betrayal when they realize their end is through the hands of one of their own.

“You’re bleeding.” A familiar voice, warn fingers brushing against the ice of your skin. You shiver and catch his wrist, tugging it away in favor of leading him towards the door.

The press of sunlight is bright against your face. “Do you miss it, Jimin? Your family, your friends.”

“Yes,” he answers. “Sometimes.”

“And if I were to let you go, would you like that?” Your tone is carefully light, and you wait for his answer. You can feel him shift and wonder what he’s thinking. “I can, if you want me to.”

His fingers skim along your arm and slide up, along your neck to curl into your hair. There’s a pause before he pulls back with the faint rustle of fabric. “No,” he answers, and his fingers are under your chin, tipping your head up. Your eyes open for the first time in ages, meeting the milky blue of his. “I’ll stay.”

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I am now watching Jeepers Creepers 3 on the SyFy channel. So can the truck move on itself?? Does this take place between the first and second one??

apparently they cut out a lot of good bits(a lot of the gore and what not) to show on tv since it was too long, so it’s not gonna b the best so my grandma tells me since she watched it on syfy when they first showed it..

This movie takes place between the first and second since it’s like… literally just a little bit after the end of the first one (since I’m sure Creeper wouldn’t just leave his car there for however long right by pOLICE he protective af over that stuff man)

And I think it sort of can, if Creeper is perhaps beside it/on it (they see him rollin’, they hatin’). I know a lot of his stuff reacts to flesh too,(reason why the spear fuckin shot out of the back and pinned the hat and the damn spikes closed nearly on the cop’s arm) so it can be possible the truck has a sort of ‘mind of it’s own’ sort of deal going on for it. And Creeper is a very paranormal being – just his presence alone can stop a windmill from turning (like how in the first at the cat lady’s house the big ol’ wing thing stopped moving) and who knows if the things he touches can actually be a bit more… active. Course he has had this truck for years so over time it too has possibly developed a sort of paranormal feature.
They look at each other like they were almost lovers, like they should have kissed and made love and laughed in bed together, but they chose to stay friends instead. They look at each other with what ifs and could haves and hearts full of regrets.
—  Nikita Gill

Loki is too invested in Thor’s love life for some reason (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Official subtitles of Dean’s prayer:

Okay, Chuck… or god, or whatever. I need your help. See, you– you left us. You LEFT us. You went off. You said… You said the earth would be fine because it had me… and Sam, but it’s NOT, and we’re NOT. 

We’ve lost everything (voice breaks). And now you’re gonna bring him back. Okay? You’re gonna bring back Cas, you’re gonna bring back Mom, you’re gonna bring ‘em all back. All of ‘em. Even Crowley.

’Cause after everything that you’ve done, you OWE us, you son of a bitch. So you get your ass down here and you make this right, right here and right now.

[Dean proceeds to destroy an innocent sign]

Please. Please help us.


yoongi’s adorable gummy smile for @agustdulce​ (happy birthday, mi amor!)