what was obvious is that they were not half brothers

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It is really obvious you take a lot of thought and time into the names of your characters. I was wondering if you got any inspiration for Loren and Ryke? Also how do you pronounce them? In my head I say Lauren like the girls name and Ryke like rye-c

Aw thank you! The inspiration behind Ryke’s name, we talked about a bit back in 2014 ;) Here’s what we said: 

We made up the name for another book (as a random side character with a non-speaking role…the character was just briefly mentioned). And when were thinking of names for Lo’s half-brother, we wanted something that was a harder. And we wanted to pair it with something more feminine (Meadows). We remembered Ryke, it fit well, and the origins of the name (why Jonathan would pick it, which is in Addicted for Now) just fell into place too.

We’d never heard “Ryke” used as a name before we picked it, but we’re so glad you like it!!

For Loren’s name, he was actually named “Jake Stayzor” in the very first draft of Addicted to You :) We didn’t like how harsh his name sounded – it just didn’t feel right for his character. And so in the next draft, we knew we had to change his name. We wanted something that was a little bit “softer” and also a name that maybe Lo wasn’t completely fond of – so we were tossing out names, and we landed on “Loren” and it just fit :) 

Pronunciation for Ryke: 

We pronounce Ryke like “bike” (i.e. a bicycle) – with a hard “k” sound :)  

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A Winchester - Part 7

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader, Winchester Brothers x Reader (family)
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: mentions of kidnapping, swearing
Word Count: 1,033
A/N: Mainly about how the reader and Liam reacted to the situation. For this fic, the bunker doesn’t exist. P.S: Probably only a couple more parts left. 

Previous Parts

Ignore Hayden in that gif vvv

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Once Liam heard her voice he began to calm down; his claws and canines retraced, his features began to shift back to normal, and his eyes returned to their original beautiful blue. His gaze finally settled on her and he was able to see the worry in her e/c eyes.

“Come one Scott. Give them some privacy.” Liam heard Deaton whisper to Scott before the two walked out of the exam room.

“What the hell happened to me?” Liam mumbled.

Y/N simply shook her head at his question, not knowing what to say. She knew she had options; she can tell him the truth and possibly have him hate her, or she can let Scott tell him while her and her brothers get far away from this town and the people in it. But the more she thought about it the more she realized she couldn’t leave him, not after what he just went through.

She eventually joined him on top of the metal table and began to explain to him what had happened.

“It’s a long story.” She started, “So I might as well start from the beginning.

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Olicity fic bang: something inside this heart has died (you’re in ruins), 13/15

(art by @screamlikeacanary)

Word count: 6,388
Rating: Teen

Summary: It’s finally time for Felicity and Oliver to say goodbye. But he’s not leaving without one last bash and one last surprise.

Author’s note: It’s my birthday! And to celebrate, I’m posting my favorite chapter of the whole story. Hope you enjoy. :)

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Chapter 13

It was Oliver’s last day. He was shipping out that evening, right at 11 p.m.

I was trying desperately not to think about it.

Luckily the hospital was helping with that. Tommy and Thea both informed me that under no circumstances was I allowed to skip out on Oliver’s going away festivities, but they didn’t start until six p.m. That gave me a whole twelve hours to bury myself in work, checking up on patients, stitching up emergencies and removing infected body parts.

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