what was obvious is that they were not half brothers

Father Uncloaks (Chapter One)

“In twenty-seven years, Jeremy would be known as Scout, and she’d be known to his teammates as his loving ma. And the young man, looking at his new son with love in his eyes, he’d be known as Spy, a rat bastard who’d left that family. But that would be twenty-seven years later.”

(art by @northern-raven, my awesome beta)

Multiple Chapters

Teen & Up Audiences

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erikarikari  asked:

How would the men of Sindria , especially Sinbad, and the Kou empire deal with their crush being super innocent and oblivious to flirtation?


Drakon: Drakon would be taken off guard the first time he realizes how truly oblivious you are, sighing as he realizes this chase will not be an easy one. He would try to relax but would get frustrated while you weren’t around, being in a bad mood on a regular basis until he finally realizes that flirting is child’s play and only a full blown confession would be enough to grab your attention.

Hinahoho: Hinahoho would show great patience towards any chase in romance, and would find your innocence to be a rather endearing quality. He wouldn’t lose patience with you, not one, as he was too stubborn to let your actions sway him from being with you; he would be relieved when you finally understood his feelings for you, though.

Ja’far: Ja’far would find it to be charming from the start, though he wouldn’t exactly be sure how to deal with your oblivious nature when it came to his feelings. He felt ‘too old’ to perform something showy, and it wasn’t in his nature regardless, but when he asks you to go on a walk with him so you can speak privately, he’d convey his feelings in a way that would reach your heart and have you understand the pain he’s been through trying to chase after your heart.

Masrur: Would be relaxed about the entire relationship from the start, and would basically use the ‘wait for them to come to me’ tactic. He would continue treating you as he normally did, over time it becomes obvious he dotes over and cares for your opinions more than he does others. When the topic of romance comes up he’s curt and honest with you about wanting to pursue a relationship, his extremely direct manner enough to cause you embarrassment.

Sharrkan: Sharrkan would get frustrated easily with you, but also melts into a puddle when his flirtation goes directly over your head as he finds you too cute to handle. He wonders how badly he’s messing with your purity by attempting to date you and would worry about changing you for the worst, but couldn’t resist your charm.

Sinbad: Your oblivious innocence towards his advances would be a huge source of frustration for Sinbad, and would mean he’d have to change up his tactics. He would be successful in the long run due to his dedication, but it’s mostly due to the fact that he would admit upfront that you were very dear to him, using words that wouldn’t have you second-guessing his feelings.

Kou Empire

Hakuryuu Ren: Hakuryuu would become shier as he realizes how oblivious you are, wondering why his feelings weren’t reaching you. He would be frustrated but would make one bold, decisive move that would prove his dedication to you, whether it be the promise of marriage, or confiding in you his own plans for Kou’s future and showing his trust.

Kouen Ren: Kouen would be clearly irritated with you at certain points, leading you to believe that he may not like you as much as you hoped. He would then revert to being as honest as possible as he wanted to be from the beginning, which would lead him into a solid relationship with you far quicker as you needed his bluntness to fully understand it all.

Kouha Ren: Kouha would have a field day with teasing you and making it obvious that he has feelings for you, finding it funny that you didn’t seem to get it. He wouldn’t want to push anything on you, and would continue his teasing until you finally confronted him on it and what his intentions behind it were; he would answer with a kiss, an action you couldn’t possibly misinterpret.

Koumei Ren: Koumei would be half tempted to give up on you entirely as he wasn’t good at romance to begin with, and dealing with a potential partner who was oblivious made the game of love even more difficult. He knew he couldn’t be as bold as either of his brothers as it wasn’t in his nature, but writing his feelings down and sending it to you would be a much easier solution for him.

A Winchester - Part 7

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader, Winchester Brothers x Reader (family)
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: mentions of kidnapping, swearing
Word Count: 1,033
A/N: Mainly about how the reader and Liam reacted to the situation. For this fic, the bunker doesn’t exist. P.S: Probably only a couple more parts left. 

Previous Parts

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Once Liam heard her voice he began to calm down; his claws and canines retraced, his features began to shift back to normal, and his eyes returned to their original beautiful blue. His gaze finally settled on her and he was able to see the worry in her e/c eyes.

“Come one Scott. Give them some privacy.” Liam heard Deaton whisper to Scott before the two walked out of the exam room.

“What the hell happened to me?” Liam mumbled.

Y/N simply shook her head at his question, not knowing what to say. She knew she had options; she can tell him the truth and possibly have him hate her, or she can let Scott tell him while her and her brothers get far away from this town and the people in it. But the more she thought about it the more she realized she couldn’t leave him, not after what he just went through.

She eventually joined him on top of the metal table and began to explain to him what had happened.

“It’s a long story.” She started, “So I might as well start from the beginning.

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i think its obvious that marty and sour cream are related. he could be his dad or uncle they are still related somehow. 

what i think is that what ever marty and vidalia were doing in greg’s truck resulted in vidalia becoming pregnant with sour cream. 

they both share similarities to sour cream and Vidalia has a strong resemblance with Onion. (who is sour cream’s half brother, since it was revealed that onion’s dad is sour cream’s step father. since onion is far younger than sour cream and has similar flippy hair and clothes we can only assume he was born a while after sour cream’s mother married his dad)

maybe after she became pregnant with sour cream marty abandoned vidalia, i mean look at the guy. hes the type of guy to leave a girl to raise a child all on her own. 
but hey its just a theory. until we find out sour cream’s mother and real father we will never know if its correct or not.

Falling For You

Description: Dean is falling for you. Little does he know, but you are too.

Author’s Note: This isn’t my greatest work but hopefully you like it anyways! It’s pretty short as well.

Word Count: 1,451

Warnings: swearing

Listen to: Fallingforyou by The 1975

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Dean wasn’t falling in love with you. He wasn’t falling in love with your beautiful smile. He wasn’t falling in love with the way you laughed at his jokes. He wasn’t falling in love with the way you squinted a little when you were concentrating. Nope. Not falling in love with you. Shit. Yes he was. 

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If you saw my Writing Prompt Wednesday post, I mentioned that a few folks have suggested they’d write ficlets to the prompts - including me! It feels a little weird to write to my own prompt idea? But whatevs. So…here, have my first ever Tumblr fic…because I epic failed at the goal of “write a ficlet” but I did write a short story…

Prompt: ever since you moved in as my roommate I’ve been sneaking peeks of you wearing your towel to and from the bathroom, and recently it seems like your towel has been riding lower and lower on your hips and OMG are those pubes AU 

(Destiel, NSFW behind the cut)

A Hundred Days

Destiel, Explicit, 7,200 words. No tag warnings, this is pretty vanilla. 

AO3 | FF.net

Day 1

Looking for a roommate had been a wrench, had forced Dean to acknowledge that Sam was gone, that Sam wouldn’t be coming back. At least, not unless his relationship with Madison fell apart completely, and as much as it had hurt to move Sam’s things out, as much as he missed having his brother around, Dean couldn’t bring himself to wish for the relationship to crash and burn. Madison made Sam happy, and Sam’s happiness was what mattered.

Dean had left the room open for two months, “just in case.”

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Olicity fic bang: something inside this heart has died (you’re in ruins), 13/15

(art by @screamlikeacanary)

Word count: 6,388
Rating: Teen

Summary: It’s finally time for Felicity and Oliver to say goodbye. But he’s not leaving without one last bash and one last surprise.

Author’s note: It’s my birthday! And to celebrate, I’m posting my favorite chapter of the whole story. Hope you enjoy. :)

Read on: AO3 | ff.net

Chapter 13

It was Oliver’s last day. He was shipping out that evening, right at 11 p.m.

I was trying desperately not to think about it.

Luckily the hospital was helping with that. Tommy and Thea both informed me that under no circumstances was I allowed to skip out on Oliver’s going away festivities, but they didn’t start until six p.m. That gave me a whole twelve hours to bury myself in work, checking up on patients, stitching up emergencies and removing infected body parts.

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