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sometimes i like to think that when bakugou gets a little too fiesty todoroki will nip him a lil' tiny bit with his ice to calm him down. bakugou gets revenge later that night by slipping an ice cube down icy-hot's shirt when he's getting ready for bed.


With how much they bicker, I can see this happening often - especially because Todoroki knows talking won’t be enough to calm Bakugou down.

The first time Bakugou gets his revenge, he is caught by surprise, but from then on Todoroki is always prepared, so Bakugou has to resort to… other means to make sure Todoroki is distracted enough to get the ice cube down his shirt. Because trying other tricks would be too easy, obviously, and if he’s going to best Todoroki, he’s going to do it the right way.

After having his attempts frustrated several times, Bakugou decides to play dirty. He acts nice all day long after being called out by Todoroki - well, as nice as you can be when you’re trying to rile your boyfriend up as much as you can. Later that night, he pulls Todoroki to a searing kiss, trying to keep from smirking against the other’s lips as Todoroki immediately starts clawing at Bakugou’s clothes, clearly desperate.

They tumble into the room, and Todoroki has Bakugou pressed against the wall, head buried in his neck as he trails sloppy kisses down his skin. It’s hard to think like this, but the iciness of the cube he hides in his left hand keeps Bakugou grounded. He trails the back of his fingers over Todorki’s spine, all the way up, feeling the way he arches as Bakugou presses against the thin material of his shirt-

-and then Bakugou proceeds to stuff the ice cube down it, before Todoroki can realize what is happening.

With a welp, Todoroki launches himself back, flushing from something other than what they had been doing as he activates his Quirk to melt the cube, quickly unbuttoning his shirt to get rid of the damp fabric.

“What the hell, Katsuki?” he complains.

“Revenge,” Bakugou says, smirking. “For your little trick with the ice earlier.”

“I had a reason for that,” Todoroki huffs, but Bakugou merely crosses his arms, ignoring the other’s annoyed stare.

It gets increasingly difficult to mantain his winning pose, however, as Bakugou’s eyes rake over Todoroki’s exposed chest. He can’t deny he’d gotten pretty riled up over the day, too, while teasing Todoroki; now that his revenge is done, he can get back to what they were doing.

He steps towards Todoroki with purpose, but his hands grab air as Todoroki sidesteps him, walking past him and towards the bathroom as he undoes his belt.

“What…” Bakugou starts.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Todoroki says, shimmying out of his jeans. Bakugou swallows at the way his muscles move, licking his lips as he takes a step forward. “Alone,” Todoroki adds.

Bakugou halts, narrowing his eyes, but Todoroki doesn’t even look back at him.

“You can’t leave me like this. And you’re horny too, asshole.”

Bakugou is almost through the door when Todoroki turns around, quickly closing it in Bakugou’s face.

“But didn’t you have your fun already, Katsuki?” Todoroki’s voice is muffled, but Bakugou can still hear the smugness in it. “You did always say you wanted to try temperature play.”

Bakugou is left gaping at the door, his hard-on straining against his pants, listening as the sound of the shower running comes from the bathroom. 

Revenge is sweet, someone once said.

Yeah, sweet my ass.

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do you have your own style? like how would you describe it?

hmmm… It’s a bit difficult for me to recognize my own style since it’s a bit generic and it changes a lot (though my friends and a few fans can recognize my “style” which is magical because I probably can’t lmao), but I made a meme of the general styles I draw :0

tag yourself

//there’s like a lot more and sometimes i combine them but that’s the general idea;;;; a lot of artists usually stick to their own “default” style and it’s like their signature thing, but I don’t think I have that ahaha;;; it just changes too much depending on my mood OTL but lemme know if you find something that screams “paluumin’s art” because I’d love to know ;O; <3

I was trying to edit an old fanfic of mine and I came across this passage:

In his more lonely nights, Baekhyun would always think that if pain promotes growth, then perhaps Chanyeol had surpassed all of them a long time ago. He had always wondered if the way Chanyeol’s body had developed, from being a small plump child shooting into this broad shouldered giant, was a way of his anatomy making up to all the burden destiny seems to keep piling on Chanyeol’s shoulders. 

- BBH Part 5, PB & T

I don’t recall writing that particular bit, in that way and in that context, and it just struck me how weirdly raw the description was. It’s not entirely a good illustration [shitty writer here] but the way I wrote it just makes me think of the real life Chanyeol. In that moment I didn’t realize that I was actually trying to describe him and not some fictionalized version of him. It’s a profoundly uncomfortable realization that I mixed up my muse with my embellished character in a narrative that was decidedly unlikely to ever happen.

Tagged by @lostcauses-noregrets for the “last sentence you wrote” meme (thank you!!) but since I did that here for @ackbang, I thought that maybe I’d try to light a fire under my arse and do something different. Here are little chunks from two things I really ought to finish.

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