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After that ep, Oliver CANNOT kill again. He cannot.

Next week is (in the words of my 15 y/o) gonna be LIT.

Torture was BRUTAL and REAL. Very uncomfortable, But isn’t that the point.

I am convinced that it took THIS - the deconstruction of Oliver Queen - boiled down to nothing but the monster - to be able to rise and fulfill his superhero destiny. Painful, yes. But NECESSARY.

Diggle & Felicity will have to help him rediscover the MAN HE IS - not the MONSTER HE WAS. Because eveything about killing he said to Adrian in PAST TENSE.

Please tag me in ALL the metas. I miss so much and look forward to what you have to say!

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Prompt: vicchan missing yuuri.



My master is very kind. He was much smaller when I first met him, and I haven’t grown like he has. He loves me all the same and he doesn’t treat me like a runt just because I’m small and I love him a lot.

He’s been sad a lot lately, water leaks from his eyes a lot and I do my best to clean it up for him and it makes him smile so I must be doing something right!

My master has always gone away for most of the day, it makes me sad but his family and all the strangers spoil me, they love to give me treats!

He has a bigger bag than usual now, he found me in it the other day and nothing I did made the water stop or made him smile. Maybe the bag is dangerous? I’ve stayed away from it.

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Lance: I just- it just feels like I’m never gonna get home you know? [holding back tears] What if we never find Shiro? What if we’re never able to defeat Zarkon and he destroys the universe?? I’m so useless to the team already, and now I feel more helpless than ever…

Keith: [doesn’t know how to comfort him]

Keith, singing softly but with emotion: [hugs Lance] 
at the end of the world, or the last thing I see
You are never coming home never coming home

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Papillion: Prince Jin, I understand that you are of royal blood. And I understand royals have a higher standard of living... But dear gods, how can you spend so freely?! The amount you spend in a WEEK could feed the WHOLE army a decently balanced meal with variations for a month! Where do you get all this money? Is your kingdom just made of GOLD? Or are you just emptying out your kingdom's poor reserves like some mad man?! Also... Where did you get that headband piece? It's quite lovely~


“My kingdom works hard for it’s wealth, and while we’re not nearly as mighty as Hoshido, we’re definitely rich compared to Nohr. Buying a feast a day isn’t much of a challenge.”

“Though we’re not nearly as large or influential… I’m hoping to change that by gaining favour with at least one of the kingdoms.”

“As for my tag clip, it’s actually charmed. If I don’t take care of it properly then I…”

“… I… Well, let’s just hope you never have to find out.”

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Before the fic, which is part of the Obi-Wan-as-part-of-the-GAR-equivalent-of-pararescue-AU, I’d like a few opinions. What should I tag/title this AU as, and what should Obi-Wan’s nickname (the one given to him by the other men on his team) be?

Also, if it’s not clear, Owen and Erirea are Obi-Wan’s younger brother and twin sister.


               Dear Mum,

               I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while. Life got in the way and I can’t really tell you where I was sent, same as always. Give my love to Dad, and Owen. How are Erirea and my niece? Tell her I miss her, and that I expect to see her very grown up on my next leave.

               I met Anakin Skywalker on the last mission. Turns out the men we were sent to rescue were his. I don’t really know what to think of him; there’s a sort of inscrutability about him, though you can always see exactly what he’s thinking on his face. I suppose the cousins will want to know what he’s like. Tall, perhaps Owen’s height. Blue eyes. A scowl like the war carved it permanently into his face.

               What really bothers me is how people treat me differently, in and out of uniform. It’s all tied up in how they treat the clones, as well. When I’ve got the helmet on, no one looks at me twice, but when I’m the one strange face among all the identical ones, everyone takes notice. They don’t treat clones like human beings, Mum. It makes me angry.

               I’m actually writing this in a cabin on General Luminara Unduli’s flagship Tranquility. Though, again, I can’t say where we are. I doubt I’d even be allowed to view the coordinates.

               I got an invitation to supper in the General’s stateroom, and really only accepted it out of curiosity. I feel as if it was an insult to the rest of my team, but what really burns is that they just shrugged it off. “There’s no point in snubbing them, Sarge,” Dusty told me, when I tried to explain it to them.

               Sometimes it feels as if we’re taught to view the Jedi as some kind of glorious pantheon when they’re ultimately just as fallible as we are.

               I met Skywalker’s apprentice Ahsoka Tano and Master Unduli’s second-in-command, Wolfe, an experienced veteran with the scars to prove it. Padawan Tano is a Togruta whose eyes seem larger than the rest of her face, and General Unduli is a striking woman with an inscrutable face and a sense of humor that slides up under one’s guard like a rapier. After dinner, we played a Chandrilan game which they call “sabacc” but it’s really entirely different. There’s much less luck and much more strategy involved.

               I made a fourth for Padawan Tano, Master Unduli, and Commander Wolfe. Skywalker didn’t play.

               About halfway through the game, Master Unduli casually said “Are you aware that you’re Force-sensitive, Sergeant Kenobi?” I was startled enough that I dropped my cards.

               It seems if they’d found me when I was a kid, I could have been a Jedi myself. Padawan Tano asked me if I wished they had. I told her that I didn’t know. She seemed surprised. I guess being a Jedi was her lifelong dream.

               I’m not sure if I wish I had been found by the Jedi when I was little. I’m glad I have the perspective on life that I do.

               Skywalker wasn’t happy with my answer. He tried to brush it off, but I could tell by the way he said it: “I suppose you were the only kid in the galaxy who didn’t dream of being a Jedi.” It was more than a little frightening. I think he wasn’t deliberately being menacing, but it was still intimidating.

               “Of course I dreamed about it as a kid,” I said. “But it’s not what happened. There’s no point in getting upset over what never will be.” Master Unduli raised her eyebrows at me; I think she was impressed. Skywalker rolled his eyes, which incidentally dispelled the terrifying impression he’d left on me a moment before.

               Honestly, I’m glad that all my missions have been so classified. If I was doing anything more widely known, I’d probably have ended up a celebrity, and you know how much I would hate that.

               Your devoted son,

               Obi-Wan Kenobi

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I just saw what you wrote about the kitchen scene & I loved it! What do you think about the reunion scene in the cafeteria? Even specifically mentions Kardemomme. Like he wants to go back to when times were simple, before Isak said he didn't want to be around mentally ill people. It's not until after this scene that Even tries to reach out to Isak, by leaving him the picture in his jacket.

That meta is a bit old! It’s just resurfacing ‘cause I harassed @softnorwegians and pushed them towards my meta tag (#monstrueuse-meta), haha.

The cafeteria scene is a good one. If we see meals as intimacy, then the cafeteria scene is another reflection of Isak and Even’s relationship at the moment. Isak is having a lonely cheese toastie on a sad paper plate, the thing looking very little like the few (albeit horrible in taste) he had so much fun making with Even.
Isak is feeling lonely and we see it reflected in every direction choice: from his crossing a schoolyard peppered with small groups of friends (none of which he belongs to; a seemingly infinite and empty distance to close between him and the school’s doors) to him getting lunch alone, another huge physical gap in the queue between him and the boy he first mistakes for Even.

We already see him so lonely when he bumps into Even. Isak, who used to connect with this boy so much, now is lonely even in his presence. We all feel that, us the viewers as well as Isak and Even. They’re uncomfortable even if they try really hard not to be. The divide between them is emphasised by the toastie: Isak is holding a meal, Even isn’t.

on a side-note, talking about direction:

this is a cheese toastie you want to eat

this isn’t

Even tries to restore some of that intimacy, or at least test the waters, and he does it by talking about food: the food they used to share with joy, an in-joke even (kardemomme!), now only in Isak’s hands. It doesn’t work, of course. It feels stilted and fake. Isak really tries to make it work too, but he can’t. Intimacy is not something you can get whenever you please regardless of circumstances.

The intimacy is lost. Isak leaves with his lunch that we don’t see him eating.

So I ended up writing a whole thing, I hadn’t planned that haha. I hope you like it. I might have to write a whole thing with @softnorwegians now about food and sleep in SKAM sesong 3!

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Wait whats corans last name?? :000 (also i fully support the anti mcclain tag porque me cansa que a nosotros los latinos nos tiren abajo de la alfombra :/ )

coran’s Full Name ™ as told in season two by the Gorgeous Man himself is Coran Hieronymus Wibleton Smythe and i love and support him

also SAME BUDDY ME TOO every time i see someone use mcchingado for lance my entire being is just the “ya, me canse” meme lmaooo

OH MY GOD WHAT SHOW ARE ANTIS WATCHING? HOW IS KARAMEL ABUSIVE? HOW IS HE MANIPULATING HER? I’m genuinely disgusted by all the ignorance from them. I have witnessed what an abusive couple looks like in real life, in my own family. And karamel ain’t one of them. Please stop. I get that you don’t like him but there is a line you should never cross and that is the one that keeps you from talking about issues you don’t actually know shit about. ALL BECAUSE OF A FUCKING FICTIONAL CHARACTER/COUPLE YOU DON’T LIKE? FIND YOUR CHILL.

Okay I’m so tired of everyone’s shit.
First of all, you made this fandom incredibly toxic. And it sucks. I am sorry for all the supercorp shippers not only because your beautiful ship has little chance to become canon but also because the vocal majority of your fandom are jerks. Also: thank you all my fellow karamel shippers for not following the toxic examples and not spreading hatred in other otp’s tags you are wonderful and amazing!!!
And second of all, yeah, this is Mon El protection post.
I have seen so much hate today because of this particular scene. You know the one I’m talking about. Mon El leaving the girl and saving himself.
What a monster!
Well… yes and no.
I do agree that this is the least heroic thing the person would do. But it’s not a sign of him being abusive or jerky. It’s a sign of him being a pathetic coward.
Raised by highly abusive parents, Mon El was likely given no opportunity to make any decisions in his life whatsoever. So when a catastrophe happens and he is made to leave the planet all by himself, he does the same thing he’s been taught to do his whole life. Obeys.
And yes it’s horrible. And yes, a person more wholesome than Mon El (like Kara herself) would not stand for this and would oppose his parents every chance they get. But Mon El is no such person. Or at least he wasn’t at the point of flashback.
But as soon as he comes to Earth and finds out that he is not only independent now but also is in a position of power, what does he do?
He tries to adjust. He eagerly learns about human culture and way of life. He helps people every chance he gets. And very soon he gets inspired by Kara to try and be a hero.
And yes he lies to her.
When they aren’t even dating.
And aren’t even friends yet.
And he has a good reason because as we all know Kara is super prejudiced against his kind (though she has reasons as well).
And yes he took a long time to tell the truth (news-fucking-flash no one is perfect) but he showed so much character development and potential and absolutely no fucking abusive tendencies so get off of my precious baby and be decent for gods sake.


Oh gosh. Forgive me, they’re in my art style ;w;
And I’m glad you added that info in because I really don’t know what stage gay is ‘w’)“

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Okay I got one but idk if it was said before but what made u decide loving jotaro?

/cracks neck
here we go lads now we’re talking

I originally got into the show off the back of hearing Sono Chi No Sadame at a Halloween Party and was thoroughly a Phantom Blood girl- I was all about that Jonathan and Dio life- this is in November 2015 remember. So I’m scrolling through the tag and I’m like seeing some really nice art of a sleeping boy ‘oh, who’s this?’ because my ass didn’t realise that Jonathan died and the story progresses ‘he looks really angry- wait, is that a gif of him calling that lady a bitch? ugh’- I later learned that his name was Jotaro Kujo, the 3rd jojo in the series.
And then my friend, who was already into the series, was like ‘Jess, you’ll like him- he’s just your type, emo’ and I was like nah lmao she just called his mom a bitch- I’m not about that life.

And then I was on youtube and was watching the op’s 1-4, because that’s was all we had back in the olden days, and he looked so fucking cool? and Stand Proud/Sono Chi No Kioku were like really selling the angst and dynamic of the part so when I actually got to watch and read it, I straight up just fell straight for him and quickly fell into the later parts too. I liked the fact that he was such a complex character but still had certain mannerisms of a typical shounen protagonist- he had his faults too; he was brash, rude, seemingly the frequent the victim of social insensitivity or misunderstanding and often violent. But he also had redemption if you want to call it that; he loves his family and wants to keep them safe, he /does/ care about people he feels responsible for, he has a keen sense of overall justice, and wouldn’t think twice about putting his life on the line for someone he loves. He also has his struggles but I won’t delve into them.

It annoys me so much when Jotaro is ruled down to be the ‘emotionless’ character of the series like, really, Jotaro has been known to make a /few/ jokes, smiles more than Johnny and has the same sort of introductory personality of blunt/calculating as Giorno did. I feel like I never get to write Jotaro the way that I want to because I either put too much character analysis in or make him too cold or blunt, which isn’t a Jotaro that people want to read. 

Honestly did you guys know that I love Jotaro Kujo

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What is Charles August Quinn from? I see him in your tags sometimes

He’s from the story I’m writing. If you see the tags “Charles August Quinn” “Sorrel Seong” “Statice Seong” “Daphne Pepper” “Arthur Olivares” or “Citrus Witches”, it’s from my story. They’re a group of high school aged witches living in Florida and being awkward and moody and endless

Alright, followers. Here is my blacklist (a truly divine invention): 

It allows me to follow a wide array of people who I truly enjoy but who have vastly differing interests than mine without flying into a white hot rage every time I scroll through my feed. 

Since I am officially at the point of giving zero fucks about Bellamy Blake, I’m going to ask that you blacklist “Bellcurve” (coined by the bae @ofhouseadama), because that is what I’m going to start calling Bellamy and what I’ll start tagging posts detailing my extreme dislike of his character with. 

Again, blacklist “Bellcurve” if you do not want to see me excoriate your fave on a daily basis. I understand people out there love him and I don’t wanna purposefully offend anyone. But also, I’m ready to drag this dude for all he’s worth. 

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I have heard numerous stories of people (even ones who aren't fully with the church) hearing God. I have been trying to talk to God for months, yet He never answers. I keep asking Him to lead me to the right path considering how lost I feel, but all I hear is the silent hum of the outside. What do I do?

Hi friend,

Here are some of my posts (a few asks I’ve answered on this topic and a great quote from gotquestions.org that another user posted) tagged God’s voice

I pray these help you. If not, feel free to write me again. And keep going, friend. Please, keep going. Trust Him. Trust His plan. 

Sending prayers up for you. <3

All my love,


I can never decide if Carver was SQUISHING on Fenris or CRUSHING. Tbh I’m not sure if even Carver knew??? Like, I am 100% certain that Carver had a crush on Merrill which developed into more than a crush and which stuck with him through all of DAII (which is what? like 7 years? boy had  f e e l i n g s  for her alright). But, like if you look at his banter with Fenris, it’s similar to his banter with Merrill ––– which is different from his banter with every other character. I just can’t figure out if that’s because he really wanted to be friends with Fenris and looked up to him somehow (i.e. thinks that he’s really cool, admires his prowess in battle) or if he at one point had a crush on him (which didn’t develop beyond a crush). Carver probably didn’t even know honestly. It was probably a bit of a confused mess ––– could be romantic, could be platonic, but he wants to impress this person and have their approval and get them to like him!!!

What I’m Writing

I was tagged by @crows-onthewire! Here’s everything in my WIPs folder. It’s not a lot because I tend to only really write one story at a time.

1. The conclusion to BST. Enough said.

2. Kardashian!Louis. Louis is essentially a Kardashian: socialite, fashion designer, model, and sex symbol. He runs into Harry Styles (the singer song writer of our generation) at a party and, horribly drunk, mistakes him for the waitstaff. He tells Harry to get him a drink and Harry asks for his number only for Louis to laugh in his face. The morning after consists of a little bit of twitter flirtation/banter that ends with Louis acquiring a new pop star shaped shadow.

3. BDSM Lifestyle. This was supposed to be for the Sub!H exchange forever ago but best intentions ended up making it a late birthday gift for @cherubprince. Harry and Louis are in love. They live a Dom/sub lifestyle 24/7. 

4. I don’t know how to describe this one without giving things away but it’s in a short story format and it’s definitely a tear jerker.

5. XMen AU. HL are mutants and on a mission, something goes horribly wrong. Harry falls apart and Zayn is left to try and put him back together before things get worse. Really really dark. Major character death. It’s awful, tbh.

I’m tagging everyone in my writing gc and @cherubprince and @wingsjade

Rules: List 5 fandom facts about yourself and then tag 5 people.

I was tagged by @celinamarniss. I don’t know what fandom facts are so I did my best??

1. Most of my earliest fandoms can be blamed on @afgurri, who was and always has been excellent at knowing just what he needs to say or show me to get me hooked on something. He got me into Firefly by showing me “Shindig,” for example. He started me on that, Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, literally all anime, and Sandman (and thus: comics). I’ve gotten him into plenty of nonsense in return.

2. The earliest fanfic I wrote was for Gundam Wing. I wrote two little fics, both of which are still out there. I reread them every few years, and stand by them.

3. The fic I’m proudest of is Extra Whip, but my fave thing I’ve written is currently the ace attorney fic. Whenever it gets kudos I want to find the person responsible and hug them.

4. The most prolific period of my fanfic writing career was when I was the loneliest I had ever been. Wrote a shit ton of Parks & Rec and Inception fic tho. It was also when I really started interacting with fandom on LJ and tumblr! Thanks for keeping me alive, Parks & Rec and Inception pals.

5. When I got into Stargate, i did it in the most ass-backwards way imaginable. I decided to pick SGA up when Jewel Staite joined the cast, so I went to borders to get a box set (HOW WE DID BACK THEN), but they only had season 2. Bought it anyway, which started with a Part 3. We watched it anyway, then continued on to the new season on tv, then later doubled back and watched season 1. Still later, I saw the SERIES FINALE of sg-1 on tv, decided I’d like to watch it after all, and through a combo of box sets Adam already owned and me shelling out for the giant complete series box, watched all 10 seasons of the show in about a month. While also working retail full time. It was extremely foolish, probably.

Ok that’s enough of that I’m tagginggggg @scullyseviltwin, @spicycheeser, @notcaycepollard, @bookgeekgrrl, and @ratherembarrassing