what was my natural hair color again

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#1- does the darkness comfort you?
#2- what brings you crashing to the floor?
#3- angels or demons?
#4- God or Satan?
#5- would you sit on the moon and watch the universe twirl quietly, even if you couldn’t breathe?
#6- what scares you most in the world?
#7- can we always be there for one another?
#8- I feel like I’m dying… Can I talk to you?
#9- being blind or being deaf?
#10- what song makes your heart pound the most?
#11- do you wish on stars?
#12- what were you doing last night at 1:03 am?
#13- the happiest, most golden moment of my life?
#14- the worst, most positively crushing moment of my life?
#15- if you had to choose between your mother and your father, who would you choose?
#16- ask me anything
#17- salt or sugar?
#18- death by water or fire?
#19- if you could have a degree in anything, what would it be?
#20- black or white? ….assuming I don’t like grey
#21- the thing/person I want to stay safe and happy and comforted in this world?
#22- if you could have the superpower of flight, invisibility, or mind-reading, which would you choose?
#23- is music something you could not live without?
#24- favorite flower my dear?
#25- why dragons?
#26- ice cream in winter? Or possibly hot chocolate in the summer?
#27- what’s your sexuality?
#28- do you dream in black and white or color?
#29- nights full of nightmares?
#30- what was the voice in your head saying at 2 am?
#31- okay…. Why don’t you hate the thorns on a rose?
#32- do you trust me?
#33- most cared for song at the moment?
#34- worst injury?
#35- bath or shower?
#36- color you love the most?
#37- anonymous question
#38- another way to wish not using 11:11, dandelion blooms, or even the fairy you thought you saw…?
#39- do you ever stare at the sky and look for those weird shapes in the clouds?
#40- a really weird something I like to eat in a weird way
#41- Lamborghini or Corvette?
#42- when did I have my first kiss? Boy or girl?
#43- most listened to genre?
#44- Jack Frost or Iron Man?
#45- are shorts and a tank-top an optional outfit for you today?
#46- will you be speaking to anyone you hate today?
#47- nachos or pizza???
#48- is my life what I thought it might be like?
#49- thing I am the most proud of accomplishing?
#50- ask me a question concerning intimacy
#51- piano or guitar?
#52- tell me something about yourself, my follower, please :)
#53- rather a mad world? Or an insane universe?
#54- are you that girl that sits alone on her roof at night?
#55- I wrote this question at 3:59 in the morning, listening to Mad World by Jasmine Thompson: do you like hummingbirds?
#56- is 1 (one) a unit or a number?
#57- glorious fireworks on a dark beach with your thoughts? Or swimming in the rain with your lover?
#58- tattoo? What would it be?
#59- natural shade of your hair?
#60- color of your eyes?
#61- the thing you regret the most?
#62- would you break a heart if it helped someone else?
#63- do you ever wish you hadn’t kissed a past friend/lover/acquaintance?
#64- the most violent/brutal/inhuman thing you’ve ever done?
#65- would I hug again, my most recent lover?
#66- would I kiss the lips of my last kiss?
#67- who was the last soul to see you cry
#68- have you ever looked into the eyes of someone who was about to die… And you didn’t even know it?
#69- do you ever wear your clothes in a uncomfortable fit, just to try and reshape the way your body looks?
#70- have you ever intentionally hurt someone?
#71- if you could spend the night with anyone, anywhere you wanted, how would you end up?
#72- butterflies or dragonflies?
#73- do you enjoy cooking?
#74- given the rather unpleasant opportunity, would you wear white to a funeral?
#75- have you ever abused drugs/alcohol/people?
#76- have I ever lay down in a barren field in the middle of a lightning and thunder storm?
#77- would you dear, eat a strangers heart?
#78- take the chance to sing in front of 10,000 people, while its snowing?
#79- if “New Zealand” was a French pastry dish, would you eat it?
#80- if “Naples Italy” was a Korean Milkshake, would you drink it?
#81- if “Cardiff Wales” was a star in the universe, do you think you would know that?
#82- what happened in your dream/s last night?
#83- tell me who doesn’t deserve the air they breathe?
#84- do you speak any foreign languages?
#85- do you experience anxiety attacks?
#86- ABCDEFGHIJKPLMNOPQRSRTUVWYXYZ…. do you know the alphabet?
#87- describe “nucleus”
#88- running through the woods at night? Or crawling in the snow at dusk?
#89- have you ever had a one night stand? Do you regret it?
#90- ask me anything “music” related
#91- smoke alone, by the water or on your roof in the dark?
#92- have you ever kissed a flower, knowing it was someone else’s favorite?
#93- have you ever sat on a cold bridge… And just waited?
#94- when I said “I love you” last… Did I honestly, truthfully and wholly mean it?
#95- have you ever had a near-death experience? /What happened?
#96- what do I want more than anything else on the planet/in the world/in the universe?
#97- do you put others before yourself, even on bad days?
#98- what, to me, is an angel?
#99- what’s the most passionate thing I’ve ever done?

#100- this is not a question, but rather a statement.
* I want everyone to do me a favor: smile. Find that piece, that glimmer, that twinkle that brings life to you breath. Hold it, love it, don’t let it go. Talk to that person you fell for so long ago… Laugh with them, cry with them. It doesn’t matter, just talk. Get it all off your chest. We all need this.
Eat what you want. Fuck society, everyone is beautiful, shape/color/voice/culture/sexuality/habits/ love and hates included.
Wear something comfortable. Listen to your favorite song until you’re shouting the lyrics at the world because it feels wonderful. Run outside in the night air and jump up and down in your pajamas like a crazy child because we are human and we are beautiful and we deserve the love no one ever gets. Because we are us, and that is more than okay.

#101- thanks guys

anonymous asked:

Hey! How do you think the rfa+saeran would react coming home and seeing that mc dyed her hair a completely different color (maybe something like a pastel pink or lilac) btw I love your blog you're so sweet with us n.n.

~Thank you!^^ Ahh I wanna dye my hair again so bad. I’ve had pink hair but I want lilac!! I just got my natural brown all grown back out though and idk how lilac would look on me so I’ll just keep it for now.

{Requests Are Closed}

◉ Yoosung

  • He was in shock when he saw you!
  • You had bright blue hair
  • And he was surprised because he liked it a lot!!
    • “Now we can dye our hair together! I love this!”
  • Stares at you a lot now
  • But now you look cooler than him?
    • “MC should I change my hair up, too? What color suits me, do you think?” he was looking at himself in the mirror and playing with his hair
  • Sent your photo to his LOLOL buddies to brag

◉ Jumin

  • You had dark purple hair now
  • And were nervous for him to come home and see it
  • He liked it!
  • But when he first saw you he just had a surprised look on his face
  • You thought he was upset for a second
    • “You hate it…” you sighed
  • He slipped his fingers through a handful of your hair
    • “On the contrary, I rather like it. It’s very fashion forward. I only wished you had consulted me. Now we will have to buy a new wardrobe to coordinate with your new look.”

◉ Zen

  • You had pastel blue hair!
  • Zen was shook when he saw you
  • Dropped his stuff
    • “Babe! Wow!”
  • Was speechless
  • Immediate selfie
    • “Now we both have interesting hair colors!”
    • “I’m glad you like it,” you laughed
    • “I love it! But oh no…what are we going to do? We are such a beautiful couple I don’t know if people can handle us going outside together.”

◉ Jaehee

  • Her immediate response was “what
  • You had silver/grey hair now
    • “Do you like it?” you asked
  • She tilted her head and thought for a moment
    • “Hmm…If you had asked me before doing it, I would have protested. But seeing it on you now, I like it!”
  • She kissed your nose
  • She loved how impulsive you were, since she couldn’t bring herself to be as daring
    • “Will you let me pick the next color?“ she smiled

◉ Saeyoung

  • Gasped when he saw you 
  • You had lavender hair
  • He yanked on it a little
    • “Did you take one of my wigs?”
    • “Ouch! No,” you smacked his hand
  • He adjusted his glasses
    • “How does it look?”
    • “A bit too cute, I don’t know if I can handle it,” he blushed and kissed you

◉ Saeran

  • Jaw dropped when he got home and saw you
  • You had pastel pink hair
  • He’s ded
  • His heart skipped a beat
    • “Do I look okay?”
  • He smiled and brushed your hair back
    • “You look like candy, good enough to eat,” he smiled
question tag

Tagged by @xbaepsae tysm sweetheart!!! <333

how tall are you? 5′9/175ish cm

what color and style is your hair? i wear my hair down most of the time, it’s naturally a rly dull chocolatey brown and it’s usually pretty wavy but i straighten it a lot.. also i’ve been wanting to dye it forever possibly into a dark blond but i tried it once and i turned out fucking orange so for now im not eager to go through that trauma again…..,,..i had to dye my hair 3 times in the span of 24 hours to get the orange roots out it was horrendous

what color are your eyes? a greyish shade of green?? it’s not a very defined shade idk

do you wear glasses or contacts? yeah, glasses

what’s your fashion style? tbh most of the time you’ll see me strutting around in a pair of ripped jeans, converse, bomber or denim jackets and plaid or band shirts but i will wear anything i like and that i feel suits me well i guess? my most favorite items of clothing have to be shorts and dresses though, especially long sleeved, knee length dresses.. i also wear skirts quite a lot especially when it’s warm outside

when were you born? june 13 1996

how old are you? 20

do you have siblings? nope

what school do you go to? college

what kind of student are you? up until college i was pretty much a straight A’s student, especially during the earliest years in elementary school when i was supposed to be put into 3rd grade immediately instead of 1st 😰😰 i was quite advanced for my age i suppose… now i’m mostly about just passing LMAO but i do act like i don’t care about my grades when in reality it really bothers me when i get anything lower than, say, a B or something 😰😰😰😰

what are your favorite subjects? languages….just…….give me all that linguistic goodness

what are your favorite shows? GOODNESS i watch shows/dramas like i’m paid for it lmao… some of my favorite shows are the fresh prince of bel air, that 70s show, the flash, shadowhunters, supergirl, friends, gossip girl, the 100, mr robot, scream queens, stranger things…. and as for dramas goblin is one of my top faves but i also love cheese in the trap, dong yi, hwarang, she was pretty, love in the moonlight, scarlet heart…..

what are your favorite movies? anything with colin firth especially kingsman: the secret service, blue is the warmest color, imagine me & you, carol, 500 days of summer, now you see me, hp, thg, divergent, the maze runner, percy jackson (im a hoe for ya dystopian/mythological fiction novels), inception, anything marvel, dc as well, the devil wears prada, miss congeniality, mean girls, star trek, star wars, perks of being a wallflower, pretty much anything disney, hugo, the imitation game, love rosie, me before you, the martian………….

what are your favorite books? again ya dystopian novels are my thing… hush hush series, hp, divergent, thg, percy jackson, the maze runner……. i also love the shadowhunters series, anything by haruki murakami, science fantasy stuff such as a wrinkle in time, the great gatsby, etc. etc. unfortunately i havent been reading much or at all lately and im so incredibly saddened by the fact that i cant find the time to do it but i really need to get my hands on some good literature soon :(

what are your favorite pastimes? i love to eat 👀 and i also love learning languages and making edits

do you have any regrets? GOD YES

what is your dream job? anything that has to do with space…or travelling… or something regarding performing arts…. heck if i know

would you like to get married? i honestly don’t know, i feel like the concept of marriage is so vastly overrated and i just 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️  but who knows, maybe someday

do you want kids? how many? yeah i suppose, i’ve always wanted twins for some reason?? and i’m really fond of the idea of adopting a kid…or two

do you like shopping? uh yeah i suppose….sometimes i get rly bothered by having to try clothes on but other times i love it……the only constant is i hate trying on pants bc its such a fuckign drag

how many countries have you visited? just croatia im 😰😰😰😰 listen…/.,.,..,../, i just wanna travel…everYwHeRe

what was your scariest dream? i get these on a regular basis since my anxiety is truly terrible so idk i couldnt just pick one but yeah they can get pretty scary

do you have enemies? idk lmao??? mayhaps??????

do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? um..,… i wish

put your phone on shuffle. post the first 15 songs:

  1. supersoaker - kings of leon
  2. before the worst - the script
  3. fourfiveseconds - rihanna/kanye/paul mccartney
  4. dream money - yoongi
  5. 모르나봐 - brother su/soyou
  6. better than i know myself - adam lambert
  7. 먼 길 - park seojun
  8. colors - halsey
  9. american idiot -5sos
  10. good for you (int. ver.) - eric nam
  11. i was me - imagine dragons
  12. pompeii - bastille
  13. if you (cover) - jk
  14. fantastic baby - bigbang
  15. someone like you (cover) - tae

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This happened…..I just couldn’t get it out of my head! Sorry….

“Yoosung, do whatever you want, it’s just hair! I don’t care.” Saeran was having trouble with his camera. Discussing Yoosung’s hair color was just the last thing he wanted or needed to do. He flipped through the settings, trying to find the ones he needed for night time photography, but Yoosung was still talking.

“I know Saeran, but, I mean, what do you prefer? My roots are about an inch long now, so you have a good idea of what my natural color is. Should I color it again? Or do you like my natural color?” he set his hand on Saeran’s arm and hit the edge of the camera enough to knock it out of Saeran’s hands. It dropped, Saeran tried to catch it, but his arm was suddenly tangled with Yoosung’s and the camera crashed on the tiled floor, scattering pieces all over it.

“Fuck Yoosung!” Saeran pushed him away and Yoosung slammed into the counter, his back bending backwards over it painfully. Saeran loomed over him, his fist pulled back, his other hand gripping his arm hard enough Yoosung knew it was going to leave a bruise. “Do you know how long I’ve been working on that camera? Getting it set just right?” he screamed into Yoosung’s face.

Yoosung flinched away from Saeran, watching his fist hovering over his shoulder. He was too scared to even breathe.

Saeran finally registered Yoosung’s expression, and the singular focus on his fist. He glanced at his fist as well and shame suffused him. He dropped it, releasing Yoosung. As soon as Saeran’s grip let go, Yoosung scooted away from Saeran and headed for their bedroom.

“Yoosung! I…I’m sorry…” what the hell was wrong with him? How could he threaten Yoosung that way? He followed Yoosung to the bedroom, leaving the camera on the floor, hoping to grovel enough to have Yoosung forgive him.

Yoosung was frantically throwing clothes into a luggage case, tears falling from his lavender eyes, sobs escaping his lips.

“Yoosung! What? What are you doing?” Saeran tried to grab his arm but Yoosung pulled away from him, his eyes sparking with more anger than Saeran had ever seen. “I…I said I was sorry, please! Yoosung! Don’t do this!” Saeran’s own tears stung his eyes, his heart raced in fear.

“I didn’t Saeran! You did! I’ve tried, I’ve tried to be understanding, I’ve tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you’re getting worse, not better. You almost HIT ME Saeran!” Yoosung’s vision swam in front of him. Good, he thought. This way he wouldn’t be able to see Saeran’s regretful face and forgive him once more. He had to be strong, he couldn’t go on like this, if Saeran actually did hit him, there would be nothing left of their relationship to save. Saeran tried to wrap him in his arms, Yoosung pushed him away, shaking his head.

“No! I’m leaving Saeran, don’t try to stop me.”

“What am I supposed to do Yoosung? What do you want me to do?” Saeran pleaded.

“Fix this! I can’t do it for you, I can’t keep ignoring it, and I can’t keep forgiving you for it! Fix it! Just fix it!”

“How? Tell me what to do and I’ll do it! You..you can’t leave me!”

“I don’t know Saeran, I don’t know, you’ll have to figure it out. I can’t stay here with you like this.” Yoosung’s sobs persisted, he couldn’t stay any longer, he had to get out. The longer he was with Saeran, the easier it would be for him to talk him into staying. He zipped up his luggage, he’d have to buy anything else he needed. His chest was restricting, he was finding it hard to breathe again. He hiccupped and pushed past Saeran. Saeran made a grab at his arm but his hand dropped. He watched as his mate walked out of the door without a backwards glance. He fell to the floor, clutching at his chest. He’d failed! He knew this day would come, he knew eventually he would finally push Yoosung away. There was something inherently wrong with Saeran, something that did not allow him to be loved. Something that didn’t deserve to be loved.

  • Me: yo ugly guess what?
  • Bestfriend: you ate all my fucking pizza again?
  • Me: hahahahaha idk but that's not what we are talking about at the moment
  • Bestfriend: what did you do now?
  • Bestfriend: See you at the funeral bitch. Wear that band shirt that makes your boobs look better ok

// BAD BOY V ™

- It’s sort of hard for him to be
“ Bad ” because look at this man? he is so beautiful and squishy?

- He sometimes leaves the cap off of the toothpaste though that’s pretty hardcore

- in highschool was where Bad Boy V ™ was born and started by him dying his hair that pretty shade of blue that he’s always just stuck with.

- But he was never the mean kind of bad, he just tried wearing more leather, acting tough and fuck he wore black eyeliner how emo can you be

- Back then Jumin was like
“ are you ok ”
and now if V starts doing stuff like that again he’s just
“ are you ok ”

- He doesn’t wear eyeliner anymore but the hair and leather? Still lives on

- He likes faux leather now days, especially really ugly boots with flames why is he like this?

- Sometimes he’ll cuss at people when he’s driving and they almost kill him he’s already nearly been a victim of homicide no more of this

- It’s usually after a really close call and he’s driving with you he’s just like ” what the fuck don’t you know i’m carrying precious cargo over here ” my heart

- It’s canon he smokes a pipe that’s so hipsterish emo

- Honestly he’s tried cigarettes and he choked so hard he never picked another one up again but pipes are more gentle for him

- Usually he only smokes when he’s stressed though.

- He might grow his hair out until it’s his natural color; black, again. He looks even more emo why

- But still a Beautiful Man ™ regardless

- It’s hard for him to be Bad personality wise because he’s just so pure, it never really goes further than flipping people off or cussing here and there

- he’s just so sweet protect him

anonymous asked:

i have cool black hair (it's more soft black maybe) that fades to a brown pretty quick because my natural hair is blonde, i have blonde eyebrows and i stopped using pomade and started using powder and it's been awhile since i've used pomade but i wanna start using it again. would medium brown abh pomade be too light? bc that's what i have currently at home. also, if it is too light, would color would i get- granite or ebony?

Try medium brown if you apply enough it does get dark if not then try granite xxx

I am trying to not feel guilty that my hair appointment was a good $40-50 more than normal. But I went from an all over color to highlights again, plus he had to do a few different color treatments so they looked natural.
Hopefully with highlights I can push it out a bit and go back to darker again, which is cheaper.
On the plus side, I have almost $150 in Ulta points.
What shall I buy?!?

thatsmoothafkid  asked:

Hair, Eyes, Cheekssss, Chest :))

Hair: What hair color looks best on you and what’s your natural color?
I would like to think ombre, like, my natural hair color fading to this dark blonde, but idk. My natural color is a dark brown (almost black) :)

Eyes: What is your favorite show to watch?

not even sure, i dont watch many shows anymore, but i am starting to rewatch alta (again)

Cheeks: Do you blush easily?
i USED to blush really easily but now its just.. stopped

Chest: Are your maternal/parental instincts strong?

vtimid  asked:

may 9th!

May - what is your eye color and hair color?

my eyes r like grey green ? nd rn my hair is bleach blonde honestly its a Look but im excited to going back to pastel pink again i love when its pink (also my natural hair colour is v dark blonde but ive been dying it since i was 13/14)

09 - post your desktop background

ya im a fuckin nerd

thank u !!

send me ur bday

anonymous asked:

what do you wanna do with your hair? i liked the red a lot tbh you should do that again

well this is kinda lame but i wanna start to grow out my natural color so that its long and healthy by 2019 (killjoy year) so i can bleach all of it n dye it neon n it wont b disgusting and ratty, but like i hate my natural color its like a golden brown n it makes me look too much like my cousins n i know if its all brown ill just b upset by it n if i grow it out ill hate my roots n feel unkempt so idk what to do with it

anonymous asked:

What would Marcus's first child look like if they had survived?.

Well, since Achim takes more from his mother, Maria, his sister, would’ve taken more after her father. Her hair would’ve been straighter and coarser and into adulthood it would’ve gotten darker. Also she would’ve also inherited a bit of a butt-chin and sharper cheek-bones. Personality-wise, again, Marcus’s nature would’ve been more present as she’d be a shy and introverted little girl. Maria’s eye color would remind more of her mother amber eyes while Achim’s are more yellow-ish, like his father’s. Also, no freckles and her skin would’ve been more peach-rosy than her brother’s. 

Here’s a rough concept~

the lighting makes it look like i rly nailed a natural brown but i honestly have no idea and won’t know what color my hair really is until tomorrow when i get daylight again


lmao i dont even know. i just wanted to draw lucy pointing out natsu with black hair buuuut if i had to put a story behind it…

let’s just say that when zeref turned natsu into END, it changed his hair color to pink. the END part of natsu is still sealed right now, meaning only a limited amount of its effects seeps through and sometimes natsu uses its powers in battle. this particular time, he used up a lot of it. the END effects is also what keeps natsu alive. if he uses all of it in his sealed state, he would die. so instead of focusing on keeping his hair pink, it prioritizes his life force and his hair reverts to it’s original black until he can regain that energy. 

of course, i don’t actually think that’s the case (and natsu’s pink hair, which i adore btw, is more than likely his natural color). it’s still fun to think of the possibilities tho. 

tomatetoro  asked:

hair, neck, chest, for the ask prompt!

Aww thank you for the ask! :D

Hair: What hair color best on you and what is your natural color?

Hmm I honestly don’t know what color exactly but probably a subtle burgundy tint thing in a way but my natural hair color is darkish brown.

Neck: Do you wear any necklaces?

Yupo I wear two. One is a key that my best friend gave me and the other is gold with my zodiac sign.

Chest: Are your maternal/ parental instincts strong?

Oh god umm hmm. I think my parental instincts are strong, maternal instincts I’m unsure. Probably strongish. I can act like a mom without realize it and think like a parent too. It just kind of happens but aye I don’t mind.

scarlet-izachan96  asked:

Akakuro, hell + blind date...? :3 Sounds absurd but... I just wanna see it if you don't mind.

“Tetsu you have to do this.”



“It’s actually quite rare to hear you beg. Let me consider.”


Kuroko gave in, “Fine fine I’ll do it. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to go to your own blind date. How bad could one angel be?”

The table was set in a stone room, a neutral zone for angels and devils alike. It was emptied out for a specific blind date between an angel and a devil. As Aomine had said, the angel was already waiting.

The red-haired angel smiled at Kuroko, “You must be Aomine Daiki.”

“You must be Kagami Taiga.”

When the angel stood, he was only slightly taller than Kuroko. The devil swore Aomine said the angel was taller. 

They sat opposite each other and exchanged smiles. That was it.

“How’s work?” ‘Kagami’ started.

“Little dark, little gloomy. Alright I guess. How’s your work?”


Kuroko chuckled, “Is that all you can say?”

“This is a rather awkward topic to start with, Aomine.”

Kuroko smiled, “Perhaps if you actually met the real ‘Aomine Daiki’, you’d be more entertained. He’s better at holding conversations than I am.”

‘Kagami’ started laughing.

The devil tilted his head with a plain face, “Do you find something amusing?”

“Perhaps if ‘Aomine Daiki’ actually met ‘Kagami Taiga’, maybe they’d make a good match seeming they came up with the same tactic to send decoys for their blind date.”

When Kuroko realized what ‘Kagami’ meant, he laughed too.

“Idiots aren’t they?”

“Yes.” smiled ‘Kagami’, “I don’t know how Aomine is like but I enjoy your company. May I know your name?”

“Kuroko Tetsuya. And you?”

“Akashi Seijuro.”

They shook hands again, “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Pleasure’s all mine.”

Akashi reached his hand out to Kuroko’s left cheek, “I’ve been meaning to say that your eyes are quite mesmerizing to look at. Such a natural color.”

Kuroko returned the compliment by brushing Akashi’s fringe, “Your hair captured my attention when I first saw you. It has a nice hue. Much unlike the fire I see.” And buried his fingers into the lock of hair above Akashi’s ear, “I could burn your face right now.”

“Why don’t you?” Akashi caressed Kuroko’s cheek directly, “I could use my divine gift to vaporize you.”

“Why don’t you?” Kuroko mocked back.

Akashi’s eyes softened, “You are a beautiful creation. I would never destroy such a thing.”

Kuroko felt his stomach churning. He had never been complimented before. Kuroko pulled his hand back and broke eye contact, “This is misleading. We were not the ones set up for this blind date.”

Akashi grabbed Kuroko’s hand, “We could be.”

“I am not fond of false hope, Akashi”

The angel slyly kissed the back of Kuroko’s hand, “Neither am I, Kuroko.”

Kuroko felt uneasy but… as a devil, he felt no…ill intentions from the angel. Akashi looked playful but he was genuinely asking for hope between them. If Kuroko agreed, they would be the first to give it a shot. Akashi was very easy on the eyes. If Kuroko were to start getting committed, Akashi didn’t seem like a bad first choice.

With newly founded determination, Kuroko pulled Akashi towards him from their connected hands. Caught off guard, Akashi jolted forward until he was inches from Kuroko’s face.

Kuroko leaned in, closer and closer but never made contact, “Try me.”

Akashi’s momentary shocked expression turned into a smug one, “With pleasure.”

You could say the first blind date between an angel and a devil was successful. 

2 recent dreams that bothered me:
-my permanent hair dye, which is essentially my natural color, washed out and i had muddy blonde at the ends of my hair – the bleach with the stain of brown dye on top of it. it wouldn’t hold the color and i had to keep touching it up every few weeks.
-i awoke to dark blood in my underwear. so much blood. i haven’t had a period in nearly half a year. if i’m lucky, i will never have one again.
-it’s possible these were the same dream, but i don’t remember them being that way.

what do these say about me? is there prophecy in the symbolism again, or is this a window into my tortured psyche? why am i in such turmoil?

i dreamt the impossible happened to me. i dreamt i was a lesser version of myself. i dreamt i again became who once i was, and it understandably set me in a frenzy of panic. it challenged my fragile ego, and my unbalanced view of myself, to suddenly be the unhappy me again. an uglier me.

so… blood. the first plague. in this case, “womanhood” in the eyes of others. being without hrt suddenly. being fertile and being expected to pass on these faulty genes. inevitability. helplessness.
my hair, which, like samson’s, is a huge facet of my identity.
am i scared of time? of being ugly and therefore not valuable? not lovable? am i afraid to not be in control?

or, if a prophecy: it could be any of these. someone may get hurt soon. consequences. details. cyclical thinking or acting. patterns. stagnation. powerlessness. romance. dependency. matters of the heart. a gut decision.

Part of my Usopp is a fuzzy bun headcanon and a bit of Night-hair Usopp because what natural haired person goes to bed without braiding/twisting their hair. 

(((( I tried to Gray before you color thing again but I don’t think I’ve mastered it because I don’t like the color quite yet.)))