what was my life without your face and judgement

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Road trip with bff!cal

“My balls are sticking together!”

“Calum! Come on, that’s gross!”

You both were only 4 hours into a 35 hour car ride. Instead of taking a train, Calum decided ‘driving to your future university will be more fun! Bonding time!’ but the A/C in your car has broken on one of the hottest days recorded and there was no time to turn around.

“I’m getting naked.” He stated, shrugging off his shirt and tossing it in the backseat.

“Calum, I swear if I see your dick one more time, I am going to vomit.” 

Cal whined and climbed into the backseat, “Fine! I’ll just get stay half naked in the backseat.”

“Fine with me.” You replied, turning up the radio a bit to let Cal’s playlist blast strongly through the speakers. Another hour or two had passed before it started to get cooler and the sun was raising hell in another place. You glanced in the rear view mirror to see Calum was asleep peacefully and that idea seems appealing to you as you yawned.

You pulled over and reached back, shaking Calum awake.


His eyes slowly opened and met yours.

“Could you take over for a bit? I’ve been driving at least 6 hours and I’m getting sleepy.” You rubbed your eyes for effect and Cal nodded before hopping out of the car (getting a honk and whistles from a convertible full of girls who were gawking at his bare torso) and got in the drivers seat. You settled into the passengers side, falling asleep to Calum singing along to the radio. 

When you came to, you were parked and alone in the car. Before you started to panic your eyes found Calum sitting on the hood, looking up into the night sky. You slowly got out of the car and sat alongside him, looking at his features instead of the sky.

“Whatcha up to?”

“Oh nothing, looking for dolphins obviously.” Calum responded with his usual sarcasm.

“Tell me if you find one.” You chuckled, laying your head down on his lap, “How’s soccer?”

It took him a while to answer that so your averted your eyes from the sky back to him. His eyes were no longer on the sky but, already looking down at you.

“I think I’m gonna quit to do my band full time.”

“What?” You sat up and faced him quickly, “Calum you love playing soccer!”

“I do but I just have this gut feeling about the band Y/N, they won’t do this without me and I can’t leave them hanging like that…they’re my brothers.” Calum rested his head on his tucked in knees and you nodded your head.


“That’s it?” He asked, raising a brow.

“That’s it.” You nodded again to emphasize your point, “I believe in your judgement Calum. I’m right by your side whatever you choose to do with your life.”

He smiled, physically relaxing and giving you a huge hug.

“I hope my parents and sister don’t freak out on me.” The worry in his voice made you frown.

“I’ll hold your hand if you need me too.”

“What did I do to deserve you?” Cal pulled away and you shrugged.

“I could say the same.”

bestfriend!5SOS blurb night! :)


Jared x Reader (Friendship)

Warnings: I don’t think there is any

Request from Anon:  Can you write one where the reader wins a private meet and greet with Jared at a con and she tells him how proud she is that he had the strength to take a break when things got tough and she admires him so much? And she starts crying a lot when she’s telling him? And it’s just really cute and lots of hugs are involved? Idk. I wanna tell Jared someday and I’d just love to see a oneshot of this.

I was so excited when I got this request, because I want to tell Jared so much. But then when I finally got to it, I got so mad, because my mind went blank. It was like I was really there in front of him, I just completely froze and my ideas went out the window. I was so frustrated. This was supposed to be out Monday, but I couldn’t finish it. But here it is, I finally got it and I hope to god it isn’t a disappointment. This one meant so much to me and I feel like I completely screwed it up. I hope not. Love you guys. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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