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Yuu and Mika are both cherry boys lmao but in my opinion Mika is more of a cherry boy because he grew up as vampire in a vampires society so he kind of didn't have the chance to uhm think or learn about 'joys in life'. What do you think?

Yeah and I remember someone mentioned humans probably have sex education and all that shit because they have to populate the world, and Shinoa did talk about how humans promote the idea of having sex and illicit relationships in general (lol). .

I mean, Mika probably knew about sex from before (remember in the light novels) but he’s probably clueless about how it actually works.

Not to mention the fact that vampires cannot do the do because they’re…dead? And they don’t have body fluids.

So I imagine that if Mika is ever turned into a human again he’ll be pretty confused about all that stuff and how his own body reacts.

I mean, if OnS was realistic at all, it’d be like that

So yeah, fanfiction lied to all of us, Yuu would probably know more about sex than Mika (but he’d still be clueless as fuck, since we all know he has no experience whatsoever lmao the cherry boy)

Temporarily Closing Askbox

Hulloooo buddy pals, Okayto here.

I’m temporarily closing the askbox because this blog has really picked up traffic, which is cool, but I work full-time, am in grad school, and also have pressing things like

  • lint-rolling every piece of cloth in my home because my white cat is a malicious shedder and I have many dark clothes and blankets
  • doing laundry which never ends life is just a continuous laundry cycle
  • trying to figure out why my laptop will not rip the Moana CD what more do you want fickle machine???
  • lint-rolling my face every day because somehow the cat has directed his fur to seek out my nose and eyebrows specifically
  • it’s tax season and I need to be responsible and not wait until the last day this year
  • my secret goal is to get ahead in grad school homework, I’ve never been ahead before but I bet it feels great
  • I have visitors coming for Easter and it really is going to take me like 3 weeks to adequately clean the house

all of which combine to make it hard for me to spend a lot of time on the computer. Right now it’s about all I can do to keep up with the queue. I will still get to the asks already submitted, and you can continue to message me things you think I should see (@-ing me runs the risk that it will get buried; this blog gets busy enough I can’t manage it on mobile and I’m only on desktop maybe once a day, if that).

And as always, I encourage you cool creative people to make your own posts because this blog has always been only a small portion of the many sci-fi/humans in space/space Australia posts.

Meeting you was not so much like getting to know you as it was like listening to a tune you don’t remember hearing before, yet you always seem to know what the next note will be.
You were a familiar melody so addictive that before I realized it you were stuck in my head and I couldn’t get you out. Every moment of you played on constant repeat and would go round in my head for hours.  Slowly you became the soundtrack to my life; every place I went, every person I spoke to, every dream I dreamed – there you were, constantly playing in the background. For whatever reason you resonated with me like no one else ever had and I listened to you intently… studied you and replayed you until I had memorized you perfectly.
Then you pressed the stop button one day and I didn’t hear anything from you for a long time…
The sudden silence was painful and lonely so I kept replaying you in my mind to keep me company… over and over until I thought I’d go insane. Eventually I tried to fade you out in the hopes that I’d forget you and I’ll admit that you are quieter now… I suppose it’s only natural that the more distance there is between us the quieter you become and the more time that goes by the more our conversations fade away like echoes.
You were like my favorite song once… but lately I’m forgetting all the words and I don’t know how to feel about it… But the one thing I do know for certain is that somehow I had known you long before I knew you… That is why you were already so familiar to me that is how I know that even if you were to fade to a mere whisper… it would only take a single moment with you for everything to come flooding back to me once again. And as much as I miss the sound of your voice…
I know that wall of silence is the only thing keeping the emotions at bay.

How do I even begin to explain what happened today?
oh yes, Simon Le Bon is very rude.

He was the first to show up at the hotel door. He was trying not to be seen, but cmon dude, it gets really hard when you’re wearing lemon green clothing and you’re over 6ft tall
I called his name and he waved before turning around to leave
I shouted “Come back Simon!” and he just made a signal with his hand for us to wait. He never came back.

In the next 30 minutes the sweet sweet Roger came downstairs. All the rumours are true - He’s lovely. Took pictures with all the fans who were waiting and was really kind.

Then, a long time passed. I went to the store on the corner of the street because I needed a bathroom. On my way out of the store I received a call from my boyfriend “JOHN’S HERE, HE’S LEAVING” I came rushing down the block, everyone looking at me. I was wearing platform sandals and ran as clumsily as I could, so fast I almost ran into… John Taylor. In the flesh. He’s SO TALL and SO HANDSOME. Also a gentleman. He looked at me and smiled, amused by my whole mess.
I just went “Hi John!” totally making an embarrassment of myself. He turned around and we took this picture. There was a whole line in front of me and yet, my mess called his attention. He touches you when he takes pictures. He put his hand on my back. I don’t recall exactly the feeling. But we all here spent quit some time thinking about those hands, heh. His feet. So big. Unbelievable.
Before he left I said “Sorry about the embarrassment!” and he laughed. I died that exactly moment.

I turned around and spotted a tiny blonde man almost getting crushed by the crowd. I rushed there as well and grabbed my letter, with a selection of my drawings inside it as well. It was difficult to reach him, but I gained his attention by shouting I had some artwork for him. He turned around eventually, I showed a couple of them and he said “Oh, you painted this! Very good, very good!”. NICK RHODES LIKED MY ART. That’s it, I can truly die happy now.
Then, he left with my gift for him and got inside the van. I was one of the few who gave them presents, so it’s official: Duran Duran saw my art.

I’ll post my present in the next post.
I have no words to describe how it felt. I wish you all could be with me that moment. I’m still recovering myself… And I still have two concerts to go!

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what'd you suggest to a teenage boy who just found to not be cisgender but still heavily struggles with gender identity, who doesn't even know who he is for real?

Honestly it’s amazing how visible and accessible gender nonconforming people and even icons are and it’s insane to me like young teens are reading the discourse… but also i feel like it must be bringing about such a new scary pressure and visibility! When I was 14 I wasn’t even in a place where I could say I was gay, and being asked was humiliating. I feel grateful for getting the chance to feel things out for a long time before anyone in real life asked me what my pronouns were bc I could not handle being put on the spot like that. But maybe you’re more comfortable with that?
Anyway i can really only say what helped me and it was doing not saying! I was too embarrassed to talk it out I just started wearing what I wanted to wear and changing my body how I wanted to change it as it went, and honestly investigating what was causing my daily discomforts. Don’t rush into meeting any kind of milestones for trans identity, remember it’s okay to push off answering that looming question of who you are, gender identity isn’t gonna give you all that anyway. Change or try something easy you’re interested in doing and see how it makes you feel! For me i couldn’t say or see where I was going until I was like 85% there and that worked perfectly for me. I know that the discourse on here makes it seem like there’s a kind of exact demarcation between trans and cis, but in reality people use a ton of different language to describe enacting similar bodily rituals and maintaining similar public appearance. I think once I figured out how I felt better existing I found a name for it.

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I agree some of your post, but don't you think that you went so far with all these management bullshit. Those tweets is from Lauren herself, not the management. Have you see the face Lauren made when C part coming?She hates her, and they all are..I believe there was "some" relationship between C and L, and its became their past now. L give that mad ex vibe. Stop with all these management control them. Have you see how happy L high 5 with the p/vp maverick during pca?shows that mutual agreemnt

1) Lol I literally am arguing that Lauren tweeted that herself in an act against what her publicists have fed to the media and how the media responded, Read my posts properly before putting words in my mouth. 2) Unlike you, i don’t pretend I know for sure the nature of Lauren’s personal life and relationships on this blog. You don’t know either so I advise you to not mould your entire theory around who you think Lauren is/isn’t fucking - It makes your argument weak because it’s pure speculation. You are also basing your theories on ‘a face Lauren made’ and a 'high 5’. That’s pretty weak evidence. 2) “stop with all these management control them” - lol i literally just posted a massive thing about how I don’t think “management control them” but that there are certain concrete legal rights the label has (eg. publicity clauses, gag clauses, social media ownership etc…) that prevent the girls from being able to fully control their public image. This makes life difficult for them if they don’t like the type of publicity their label chooses to pursue. 4) This is based on reading actual mainstream books and articles about the industry. I do not claim to know the nature of their personal relationships with each other, although I have speculated that their were problems in the group. I am simply showing people that the girls don’t have a lot of control or rights so you should think and educate yourself before judging them when a lot stuff is out of their control.

I think you (and others like you) need to understand that that the 5H machine is massive. we are literally talking about a tonne of label employees from Epic (including their publicity department), syco, probably people even higher up at Sony, a team of managers (more than we were shown in that team pic), at least 3 PR firms, at least 2 social media management/consultancy firms, the media outlets that their team have a relationship with (e.g. Billboard) and the list goes on… I’ve mainly only highlighted the people involved in their PR and this number of people is already in the hundreds. it’s a massive money-making machine and the girls are the face of the operation and unfortunately have their personal lives and images used as part of the schemes. I do not think that there is some evil force called 'management’ who 'control the girls’. It’s much more complicated than that and there are actual provisions in place that leave the girls with little control over how they are presented to the public. Simply in concrete legal terms. Just because the girls get on with some of their managers, it doesn’t change the fact that they are not given much say over how their public image is managed (in fact I would think that that part doesn’t have as much to do with their day-to-day artist managers). This is about what is written into their contract with their label.

okay while i love the entire episode, my favorite part was when varian goes, ‘you’re flynn rider!’ and eugene goes, 'no, you don’t know what you’re talking about. i’ve never seen you before in my life. you can’t prove anything!’

i die of laughter everytime

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Can I have headcannon for Revali and Sidon birthday surprise for their s/o ? I enjoy reading all your writing, it makes my heart goes warm and fuzzy. I keep screaming ahahaha so cute ahah in my head all the time!

Absolutely! And I’m glad you like it!

-Mod Pinks

Birthday surprise for s/o


  • Remembered
    • But could not think of what to give them for the life of him til a few nights before
  • On the special day, he surprises them with a glider he made for them to replace their old one
  • They then go flying together, and he uses his soaring abilities to get them all the way to the Divine Beast
  • Once there, they eat together and enjoy the view, watching over what feels like the whole world
  • Might teach them to shoot from up there, to avoid actually hitting someone


  • For someone who totally forgot until someone mentioned it the night before, he does manage to pull off an excellent surprise for his love
    • To be fair, he is a prince. A lot of things pile up on his plate, and while he does his best, some things will slip his mind until the last second. 
  • The day of, he takes his s/o to the place they went on their first date with a picnic basket, away from all the crowds.
  • They go swimming together, and he gives them a particularly pretty shell as a way to commemorate their day together
    • The best way to not admit he forgot to get them a gift
  • And that night, after dinner by the window, he gives them a night full of praise and… other things

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I'm so happy you mentioned A Little Chaos. It was something Alan Rickman poured so much effort into as Director before his illness, it was so many years in the making, and then it just sank without trace. Makes me sad. So yeah. :)

I love that he also used his film as an opportunity to nurture young talent! I looked up the composer after being blown away by the score and figured it must be some old person but no, it’s some cellist younger than me (lolsob what have I done with my life? Certainly not scoring a lush beautiful film for ALAN RICKMAN.) who only had one or two small credits to his name at the time.

Given the themes of the story in loss and aging and legacy it’s just SO tender and bittersweet and touching to know it was one of his final, beloved pieces of work. Yes, bits of it are melodramatic and the storyline isn’t perfect but damn I’ve never yet come out of a theatre thinking a movie had nothing to improve. And, I mean, looking over some of the reviews, the worst anybody can come up with beyond that is calling it an “anachronistic feminist fantasy about an 18th-century female landscape designer” and I’m like YOU HAD ME AT ANACHRONISTIC FEMINIST FANTASY. “Everyone’s playing dress-up”, well, shit, isn’t that living the dream?

If I want to watch a documentary I know where to find one, and as long as a film is faithful in general to the confines of its era, character-driven deviations from historical stereotypes in the name of narrative impact are fine by me.

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Hello!! If you can I need some help finding a fic. It is a viktuuri first time fic where things went wrong and were embarrassing and not perfect (somehow that made it perfect tho idk). It was Yuuri's first time and it was in a hotel after a competition. I seem to remember that it had a lot of hits and was a one-shot. I think I found it before I had an ao3 account. Thank you for your help and everything you do for the fandom 🙏🏻🙏🏻 bless. Your blog brings brightness to my life everyday 💜💜

I know I have read this but I can’t remember the title! Have you checked out my first time list? It could be on there!

Anyone know what this fic is?

For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.
—  F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Patsy x Delia Headcanons

This is what happens when I spend too much time daydreaming in my car…. Please enjoy a few of my musings (more under the cut), I’d love to know what people think :)

  • Before Patsy’s father dies he gives Patsy her mother’s engagement ring, which he saved during the war. He tells her to give to the right person, when the time is right… 
    • “Preferably whoever you murmur about in your sleep, you obviously care about them immensely Patience and if I learned anything in my life it is that you cannot let the people you cherish go even a day without being reminding them”
  • Because Patsy in no way desires to take over her father’s business after he dies she inherits its stock and holdings, so much so she wouldn’t have to work another day in her life but…

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Working on My angsty Steve Series while I enjoy my 
Adult drink in my Thor cuppy.

So here’s my summary for those who want to know.
    Your life couldn’t get more perfect, an Avenger, engaged to Steve Rogers, your life was better than you planned. That is till your twin sister shows up, shady as they come you knew better than to trust her. Mirrored features, but two completely different people. She’s stirring up trouble in your perfect life, but what happens when Buck falls hard for her and you know she’s up to no good?Can you convince him she’s bad news before he’s too far into her web?

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Hey so… 

It’s come to my attention that certain parties may or may not be going around spouting bs about me, telling stories and looking for an ax to grind and the means to prevent others from speaking with me.

Let me be clear, before I go on, that I have no interest in starting up any sort of drama or fighting. I don’t want any trouble. But there is cause for me to believe something is going down. 

That being said, if any of my mutuals or friends are being contacted regarding me and my personal life, I… guess all I can really do is ask that you give me the benefit of the doubt. Talk to me if you’re approached about me.

I’m not about making people pick sides.

What I am right now is tired and anxious. I’m not going to drop names or give out any information, so if you’re a party involved in the slander, take note that I just really, really don’t want any trouble. I only want to be among friends and get back to feeling like the world doesn’t hate me.

I’ve done everything possible to stay out of this person’s hair for a long time now, and I’ve never mentioned the party in question on my blog, so no one jump to assumptions, please. I’m only asking that my friends just… be here for me, and that those looking for a fight politely just fuck off and let me be. 

So I was Writing and Noticed...

that I may not be writing exactly what you guys are looking for in match-ups, but I really don’t care.

Now before you, all start unfollowing me because I “don’t care” let me explain. I do care (way too much) about what you guys think of my posts, what I don’t care about is what those posts are. I made this blog to write whatever popped into my head, the one thing I was missing before was a prompt (see where this is going).

Your guys asks give me the inspiration to write whatever pops into my head (in response to your asks), and that’s the one thing I love to do.

Now, I know I have mentioned this before, but the reason I’m posting this now is due to a specific ask I answered (but haven’t posted yet). I LOVED writing this specific ask, and I would not stop talking about it with anyone that listened. Eventually, as I was explaining the short-story I wrote to one of my best friends she questioned it.

“Isn’t this supposed to be mushy and cute?”

That’s probably what you guys want right? Mushy, cute scenes where your S/O shows their love through cliche action and flustered adorable messes.

The ask I wrote was NOTHING like that.

It was a Match-up mind you! You had a bonding moment with your S/O where their love for you is blatantly obvious. But, can we be real here, the Transformers Universe is not all sunshine and rainbows, there is some dark, sad, and gritty stuff (the story is literally about a war for crying out loud!). If you’re in any relationship with a bot there will be danger at one point (and even based on your personality maybe several points). So what I’m trying to say is…


I am trying to put as much content out there as possible so I don’t care if you drop in the asks and be like “Yo, can you do [this ask] again, but [different more specific request]?” I can assure you I will say yes 100% of the time. Let me repeat, I WILL SAY YES 100% OF THE TIME.

Thank you for listen, I hope I didn’t bore you. If you stuck to the end I can assure you I have bought a shitty desktop computer to use and am currently doing final editing on 4-5 answered asks (though this post was completely made on my phone, RIP).


it don’t work like that, abandon everything you used to know // i can’t learn from your mistakes, i gotta make them on my own // all the hurt you wanna save, what’ll make me who i am // loyal friend and thoughtful lover, won’t take shit from any man // see, i know life isn’t fair or free // never turn your back on family // and even though you love me, let me be.

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Hamilton as quotes from my School
  • <p> <b>Alexander Hamilton:</b> I've had bags under my eyes for the last decade what's new?<p/><b>John Laurens:</b> I'm only a /little/ gay for my best friend.<p/><b>Lafayette:</b> How you say, shut up before I kill you?<p/><b>Hercules Mulligan:</b> I had to give up sewing once I lost half my body weight in blood from stabbing my fingers.<p/><b>Angelica Schuyler:</b> What's it called when you have the hots for a guy you can't have? My life.<p/><b>Eliza Schuyler:</b> I may look like a cinnamon roll but I will hurt you.<p/><b>Peggy Schuyler:</b> No it's just my goal in life to be beautiful and forgotten.<p/><b>Aaron Burr:</b> I will hit you with my chair if you don't stop talking to me.<p/><b>Thomas Jefferson:</b> That place is better than here and I've never even been there.<p/><b>James Madison:</b> I've accepted death the minute I was born, this world hates me. *sneezes*<p/><b>George Washington:</b> I'm going to die because of you all... *downs second red bull in two hours*<p/></p>

the times my son, harry james potter, was the sass king

  • there’s no need to call me ‘sir’, professor
  • it’s just, you can’t break an unbreakable vow. I’d worked that much out  for myself funnily enough.
  • wow, I wonder what it’d be like to have a difficult life 
  • whatcha fell ova for? I didn’t do it on purpose
  • the task is two days from now. really? I had no idea 
  • did you think we’d be staying in five-star hotels? finding a horcrux every other day?
  • but I am the chosen one
  • tell them I mean no harm. I’m sorry, professor. but I must not tell lies.
  • listening to the news! again? well, it changes every day, you see
  • yeah, you can have a word. good-bye
  • I know what day it is. well done. so you’ve finally learned the days of the week
  • just do what I did, harry! what, drop my wand?
  • an interview? what do you mean? I mean a reporter asked me questions and I answered them
  • It’s time you learned some respect! It’s time you earned it.
  • they stuff people’s heads down toilet the first day at Stonewall. Want to come upstairs and practice? no, thanks. The poor toilet’s never had anything as horrible as your head down it — it might be sick
  • Sure you can manage that broom, Potter?… Shame it doesn’t come with a parachute — in case you get too near a dementor. Pity you can’t attach an extra arm to yours, Malfoy. then it could catch the Snitch for you.