what was my life before you

Ok so about season 4

Ok so what the fuck was up with the shafting the team gave keith this season?

Like, he’s on approved missions, he’s gathering intel on the enemies movements with the blade, what are you guys doing while he’s doing that

bringing in supply ships? ok good you dont need voltron for that

air show? why not just record voltron doing its job and send video footage of that to all the potential allies? lets you do your work and by the time the galra get there hands on the footage you should have packed up with your saved ship or pilfered supplies and been gone, the universe can live without lances rope dancing with red (and bless the red lions patience for allowing that display i would have wagged the rope)

spreading out supplys?plenty of hands for that if you trusted some of those allies you made to help you, its basically for appereances anyway your not even using the lions.

You guys approved of him going on these intel missions, he is getting information the enemy Does Not Want You having, there is a new type of quintessence to worry about! who knows what there using that quintessence for they might revive zarkon with it (oh WOOPS already happened guess we should do another air show after finding this out)

and the butt fucking keith gets for the doing the job he said he would! like-

“dont talk to me about how your mission went immediatly go help them grab these four supply ships stuck in space obviously they need you right now and not allura and blue who are already here and always ready to help those on her side”

“Oh look who finally got back from his important mission and not helping us get supply ships back to base when we clearly needed him and not allura who is doing-uhhhhh I dont know what but not this you should be HERE jerk omg”

and then shit hits the fan while keiths working, there was no attack planned by voltron at this point, it was a routine day, keith was already on the mission before everyone got attacked, nobody tried to stop him from the imformation gathering mission becouse they did not plan anything that required voltron

the attack wasnt.keiths.fault. and all that came from the attack was a good thing in most peoples eyes 

the attack could have happened anytime, hell it could have happened when pidge was looking for her brother or when pidge hunk and lance were getting supplies last time without allura and keith

and when he gets back from his mission

OH when he gets back

You cant fucking look at this image and convince me they were not gonna bench keith or tell him to go with the memora permanently with how angry they were

they only calmed down in my eyes once keith said “I know I fucked up and I’ll leave now that im not needed you dont have to say it yourselves” 

and just- what they say to him before that moment

(he has nothing to be sorry about damn it)

he was doing a job that needed to be done, that you need done and have been writing off as unimportant compared to your air shows, its like saying its voltrons fault for a galaxy having its life force drained across the universe while voltron is saving a different galaxy(which by the way, voltron isnt even saving planets if voltrons doing fucking air shows)

and then he says “hey if theres anything good about this at least shiros piloting the black lion again im gonna complete my very important information gathering mission and spend more time on it now that shiros back in the pilot seat” 

and SUDDENLY  everyone is totally happy with him doing the mission! there making sappy good byes and saying “oh yeah we dont need you here anymore sure totally go complete that mission we were mad at you for doing for these past few months” 

he’s been trying to tell everyone how big this damn mission is and there only now listening when there angry at him and hes leaving!

this episode

really really soured every episode voltron wasnt in battle

I couldnt fully enjoy pidge and matt reuiniting, epidose 4 had to be skipped I was just, couldnt care after this episode

Im pretty sure Im not articulating all the points and how this episode made me mad at team voltron, but its what im able to get out right now, ill probably talk more later




hey what up hello i’m getting my hair dyed as type but i’m mare, i’m 21 (also you might’ve known me as ongwu before i ya know deleted it like an idiot), i’ve been following a.c.e since dec of 2016 and they’re my children (lol @ almost all of them being older than me) and park junhee, that life ruiner, is my bias

feel free to cry about the unit and mixnine with me bc i love suffering

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For how long are you going to keep doing the LKD comic replies?

Technically I’m willing to do this as long as I having fun doing it and you all enjoying this too ! 
But I planning to end this by making three more comics (similar to a story about a dice I did before) to finish it all!

1) how Dice get the title “king”
2) about his parents
3) I not sure how to describe it but I hope you will enjoy it :)

Truth vs Fear

If the truth in my heart was tangible,
I’d carve it out,
And lay it bare before you.

You’d see how I long to hold you in my arms,
To tell you you’re the one for me,
That I need you.

I’m hoping you’ll see the light in my eyes,
Recognise it,
And be fearless to tell me if you feel the same.

I’m cursing myself out,
Wishing my fear didn’t control me like so,
Or I’d have shouted it from the roooftops,
For the whole world to know,
You’re the love of my life.

But what’s the use of writing it down,
Staining paper with ink and tears,
What’s the use,
If I’m afraid to proclaim my truth to you.

New Traditions (David Pastrnak)

Anonymous said:

Can you pls do a David Pastrnak Imagine please! Just pure fluff I need some fluff in my life rn lmao maybe something Christmas related too? Either way I’m good! Thank you so much doll! Xoxo

Word count: 1526

Author’s note: I love Christmas/holiday season so much you have no idea. Please send me all of your holiday imagine requests so I can cry into my mug of hot cocoa while writing these and watching endless amounts of Christmas movies. 

Originally posted by dad-marchand

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Hey not to be super nosey, but from your snaps it looks like you've gained some weight and just wanted to make sure you were doing ok.

I stared at this message for about 30 minutes before deciding if/what I should say back to it. I’m still not sure if this is even the right thing to say. I think this wasn’t meant to be offensive & you were worried about me but no.

Just, no.

I’m someone who’s struggled with self image for a long time, like, seeing counselors at age 10 young. I was unhealthily underweight most of my life but around age 20 got it together, then at 23 after my miscarriage the spiral happened again and to this day I am still at battle with myself over it. 

Right now I’m at a healthy weight for my height, no need to worry about it.

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As much as I'd love jikook to be gay, I think they're at least bi but not gay. They had previous relationship before, I remember that girl Park s**** (censoring the name just bc ya know) Jungkook dated in their predebut, the girl even posted on FC once. Also I remember that karaoke bangtan bomb when they talked about their crushes/ex-love and Jimin said he had one too. Now I'm sure they're not completely straight, I still have doubt about jikook being real. (P1)

(P2) Sometimes I’m sure they’re real like at 80% but the day after I start to doubt like na they’re just super close friends. I know it’s selfish but I’d be happy they’d be together. I don’t even know why it’s not even my own life lol. Do you feel the same?

1. fun fact, lots of gay men and women date people of opposite genders, before coming out. because it’s what is “normal” and they think they have to be that way. for example, take connor franta and ingrid nilsen. they both dated people of opposite genders before coming out, yet they’re both gay. 
2. and just because you have doubt ji/kook is real doesn’t mean they can’t be gay or bi????? 
3. shipping is purely to find out if they’re real or not? that’s obsession. shipping is thinking people look cute together and could be together.????

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I was with my girlfriend for 2 years and she broke up with me after and we've separated before because of our families and stress of this life , being young etc. she is. The absolute. Love of my life. She's moving away in May. But I guess I'm asking for advice because I want to be with her when life calms down and we've both grown and learned. We also love each other so much. I don't know what to do cause I can't imagine moving on, or seeing her move on. :'( #firstlove #lgbt

I’m so, so sorry for all of the heartbreak you’re feeling 😥 I think it is possible to try reevaluating in the future but you can’t let that hold you back from healing and moving on. You also should be open to the possibility of falling in love with someone completely different. I know it’s hard to imagine right now but you could meet someone who could make you so much happier than your ex did. Before my current girlfriend I was in one 4 year relationship and one 2 year relationship. When they ended I was so heartbroken and couldn’t imagine being in love again but now I’m with my current girlfriend and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. If you believe that you will be happy and in love in the future then it will make getting over your heartbreak easier. Good luck dear ♥️

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Hey Rick what was your life like before you met Mordecai?

“Well to be honest kinda boring but a slight bit more productive. Don’t get me wrong I fucking love Mordecai and I wouldn’t trade him for anything but I used to work on my magic, inventions, and diseases a bit more but when I do that now normally Morty will want my attention and trust me when I say this. He knows how to get my attention.”

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1, 6, 9

@flightlegacy | detailed writer prompts | (accepting)

1.  what sociocultural factors of your own life do you think influenced your choice of character and how you play them?

that’s a really interesting question to me because while I am aware of some similarities between myself and ferus I’ve never really put it into a specific sociocultural context before! 

I come from a working class family and due to various factors have experienced a period of significant poverty and … low key homelessness, and I’ve also moved around a lot in my life, usually against my will. I think that experience has definitely shaped my understanding of ferus’ transitional period between leaving the jedi and finally finding a home, and what that home means to him, and how much he idealizes it. I also base his general distinterest in material possessions besides a few key items on this because that’s true for me as well, but also his wonder yet paralyzation when it comes to choice. I get that, honestly, because suddenly being in control of your life when you haven’t been before, that’s kinda scary. 

this also left me with a loud political interest - I’m very concerned with social fairness and justice, and I’m always the friend who hassles the people around me into getting politically aware. I do think I draw on that a lot when I write about his resistance and everything leading up to it, and his reasons for leading the fight the way he does, and his anger towards the people in power and a system that doesn’t work (and the last one that didn’t work well enough). 

lastly, I am mentally ill, and I absolutely draw on that, very consciously, when I write about ferus’ faulty coping mechanisms, his subsequent crashes, his … everything, really. the guy’s not okay, and I want and need to portray that accurately, and so I pull a lot on my own experiences in order to do that. 

I don’t think I chose ferus because of these things at all, but the more I find these touch stones between him and me and stepping stones for shared experience and understanding, the more I lean on them to try to make my portrayal come alive and seem real. 

6. let’s say someone else was going to write your character - what are the main points of their personality that you would tell the other writer to focus on? what about outside of that? images/symbols/moments in their life/etc.

the key thing for me to remember - and that I want other people to remember - about ferus is that he’s incredibly emotionally driven. while he supresses this as a padawan and he is very capable of calm and patience, his main motivation once he leaves the jedi is always emotional and ideological. he wants to overthrow the empire because he believes palpatine is wrong and because he detests the genocide. he wants to save what jedi are left because he still feels ‘one with them’. he wants to help because it’s the right thing to do. and he wants to kill vader because he’s pissed. 

relatedly, his responses are emotional, and he’s very open with these emotions. he laughs, he yells, he rolls his eyes, he teases - he’s a very expressive character and sometimes his feelings can change quickly. my advice about him is to let him be emotional and act his feelings out. he’s not overemotional by any means but he’s not afraid to express himself and to act on his feelings, which makes him a very spontaneous character to write. 

I also always push that he’s a very angry character and that it’s important not to lose sight of that. he carries an anger inside him that isn’t readily apparent but it’s always there. he will snap, threaten, taunt, and push, and he’ll often switch to anger if he feels frightened or upset, because that’s easier. don’t be afraid of his anger. he’s still a good person, and that’s interesting and good to me. he’s an angry good person. let him be angry. 

but also let him have fun, because he’s absolutely a damn brat. 

as for symbols and recurring themes, there’s two things I find myself relating back to most. one is his guilt complex - he fixates a lot on what he does wrong, and this comes back in my writing a lot in that he’ll often think about darra, or roan, or other people he feels responsible for losing. they haunt him a lot, and so they’re very present, and often recurring in the canon texts as well. 

the other is the concept of home, which is hugely important to him - what is a home, what isn’t a home, how home has changed, whether home is a person, is there any way to go back home, his inability to make a new home … it goes on, but this is constantly on his mind. where he belongs, who he is, and what home means to him. 

oh actually make that three, because his heart: whether he has one or not and all the feelings he projects onto his heart, what he can carry in it, what he’s lost from it, the fact that both roan and him are killed by lightsaber through the heart … and relatedly, whether what he’s doing at any given time is right or wrong, and how he feels about it. this is recurring in the books and it always struck a chord with me, so I find myself invoking that all the time. 

9. when you see a partner’s response to a thread, what are common misconceptions/assumptions you see other characters making about yours? is that purposeful?

answered here!

Hi all. Things have been crazy at my house, but I wanted to step in before hitting the hay to give you a daily dose of logyn love and serious character comments.

I’ve been talking about this with my partner and just sort of, bouncing it around, but I came to a realization the other day of what makes Menace fundamentally different from the MCU Loki, and I can honestly just say it is Sigyn.

MCU Loki does not know what satisfies him and Menace suffered from the identical issues. From almost day one of Loki’s life he has been having a hole carved in him. It was an absence of Odin’s full-love, it was lack of respect and acknowledgement, it was being mocked, it was being told ‘know your place’ by a beloved brother… Slowly, but inevitably, he was having a cavern carved into his heart and his life, one that he was hungry and desperate to fill. He became jealous - a weed he never wanted to grow in that void, but one he felt helpless to uproot - and the hole yawned larger, and then came his revelation of his heritage and he started breaking. He began hemorrhaging from within, since the damage had already been done; that canyon was already weakening and the lies of his family, the betrayal, caused it all to crack. He turned angry, and bitter, and feverishly desperate.

Then Thanos happened and the pain never stopped.

But he has never known what satisfies him entirely. Love, affection, acceptance, acknowledgement, being worthy… He had begun to think the throne, or something akin to it, might ease the ache.

But then Menace reunited with Sigyn, and he suddenly began to realize this - she satisfies him. He wants their life. He wants what he can have with her, and that is why… the throne? He would accept co-regency if it was offered, but he no longer sees it as a possible means to satisfaction (he no longer actively wants it). Sigyn satisfies him. He loves her, and wants what they can have, and he is okay with that being his everything.

It is why he seems to have found some measure of happiness, even when he is still so broken in so many ways.

What he has with her isn’t broken. He is. And he still has so much pain he does not know what to do with it, lots of times. He still is bitter and in pain about his past, but

Their relationship? Her? It is enough.

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So, this is gonna be a lot... I used to troll you hard and you always believed me for some reason so i’m gonna list a few of the things I made up that you should probably disregard before I delete my tumblr..: •made up the whole “i’m a friend of a friend of camila’s and know when lili and cole announced their relationship” and the “Ian was at SH’s aparment and I know what happened” all made up • made up where SH stayed on their 2 day getaway (hotel is real but i made it up) 1/2

• stuff about being and insider and knowing that there’s gonna be an announcement • that I know pt in real life and she’s weird and we went to school together or took some classes together and i just found her account - completely made up  There are more. I’m just good at lying and maybe even am a patalogical lier and can’t help it. I do feel bad! Just disregard those things. Also yes I had different ips for all the lies. Sorry!!!!!     

Orrr…..you’re lying/trolling now and just searched my blog??

Because you:

  • Can’t spell (which since you’re from a foreign country makes it clear English isn’t your first language), they could
  • Can’t string together a coherent sentence, yet they were vastly more eloquent than you are (again, English clearly isn’t your first language)
  • Had completely different voices (and again, yet here you’re barely able to cobble together a coherent sentence)
  • If you feel so terrible and are about this and have a blog, you wouldn’t do this on anon, you’d PM me—because you probably wouldn’t want to risk humiliating someone you had punked, no?
  • Why would you delete your blog? You can still troll with or without one. You cold simply resolve to not do this and be more positive on it.
  • How did you manage to obtain different IP addresses from across the world? I mean I get it’s possible to do, but that’s quite elaborate, no? Like, you might want to seek some professional help if you really did so. PLUS….much of this was done before I had reinstalled my stat tracker—-and you’d know that, if you had been around….   

So I’m going with, were those people trolls? Maybe yes/maybe no….are you one, now taking credit? Oh unquestionably, but please, prove it to me! Because just as I don’t believe people claiming self-diagnosed mental illnesses, being self-made millionaires, being “industry insiders/bosses at well know journalisms”, etc…..I have no reason, whatsoever, to believe a greyface, who’s suddenly so remarkably active in my ask box and looking to be a dick…..so prove it!

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Moodboard and old book And lightening?

[I did old books, so here is moodboard and lightening.]

Moodboard: Do you feel you had a happy childhood?

It’s debatable. There were certainly a lot of happy moments when I was very young, but they are outweighed by a significant amount of unhappy or upsetting memories. Of course, I in no way had a “normal” home life, even as a young child, so my situation has always been like that.

Lightning: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done while drunk or high? 

I haven’t been high before, and have no real intentions of ever being, but I have been drunk before. Thing is though, I’m a sleepy drunk and I usually just drink some water and go to bed if I’ve been drinking. 

I think the worst thing I’ve done while drunk was eat a whole block of cheese with pickles and crackers while watching a livestream. I’m pretty responsible when I drink, and I always tell someone I trust if I know I’m going to be drinking in case something does happen, and I never drink in an environment where I don’t feel comfortable or 100% trust the people I’m with.

Notes to the girl whose house I live in

by reddit user JJX2525

It took me a week to find where you keep your wifi password. A whole week! I was really worried you’d thrown it away, but lo and behold, there it was in the cutlery drawer of all places. Everything about the way you organize things confuses me. I guess because you live on your own now you just put things any old place. I know there was someone else before, I heard you talking about him on the phone. Johnny, I think? Jimmy? Anyway, I know because you said it was tough being alone. But you’re not alone, of course. You have me!

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“The F*** you starin’ at, PUNK?!

(The drawing is transparent!! Please do click on it to see it correctly!)

I love these books so much jfc. I wanted to make something other than the 15 pages worth of sketches I have in my notebook, and so here we go.


Here it is! My FemBTS Selfie Series.

I did Vmin just cos and then I though you know what lets commit!

WELL DONE TO THOSE GUYS I am so proud, I’ve been a fan since just before Fire and even though I discovered Big Bang and 2NE1 when I found BTS my life was ruined. They are everything I want in a group, so well done and thank you!