what was my childhood even

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The Tomlinson children didn't get to be children... Louis had to take care of his sisters... so did Lottie last year.. and Fizzy and the twins had to grow up too...

Ok no.

1- they all got be children just like any other children with siblings

2- almost 90% of the world has helped their parents/relatives with young siblings, that doesn’t mean they lost anything. In fact, this teaches kids responsibility and care

3- Jay was there for her kids always. So was their grandparents and dad

4- they’re siblings and they love each other and I’m sure Louis would give up everything to look after them (just like would the others)

life goes on, doesn’t it?
once upon a time we were the best of friends, but life goes on.

not every friendship ends in a feud or a bitter, ‘you left me.’

some friendships, like yours and mine, never truly ends but will never be the same again.

once upon a time we were the best of friends,
but now though i call you my friend and you call me yours,
it’s never going to be what it used to be.

it doesn’t hurt.
i’ve moved on, and so have you.
some friendships just aren’t meant to last forever, and i at least had the honor to be a person you called your best friend — even if just for a few years.

but not hurting does not mean not missing.
there are times when i tell myself that i think you miss me as much as i do, but why do either of us never reach out for each other?

is it because we know?
or is it because we’re scared?

some friendships, like yours and mine, remind me of ice in the arctic. we don’t melt but break apart.
you’re still my friend and i yours, but i haven’t had the time to go beyond, 'hi, how are you?“ in far too long.

you’ve changed, and so have i,
and that’s alright.

it doesn’t hurt, but there are many memories of our friendship that would only be the same if i share them with you.

maybe one day i’ll reach out again and revisit those days with you.

—  mind the gap; for it has gotten bigger than i last remember ( but the word ‘friend’ will always hang in there between us ) // k.s.
Robbie Rotten is Literally a Troll

With the huge increase in popularity in the Icelandic Children’s TV show Lazytown, I quickly noticed that the original drafts had some root into icelandic folklore, for instance, Sportacus was originally an elf. In the kid’s tv show, it seemed to have discarded those cultural roots in place of something more Americanized- making a trickster elf into a superhero. It seems that all trace of Iceland has been erased (except for Magnus Scheving’s accent), but there may be more down the rabbit hole. 

I’m studying Anthropology, and have been a Storyteller for many years, with an emphasis in folklore from different parts of the world. When I noticed that the original Sportacus was an elf, I was quite intrigued. How much matched up with traditional Icelandic folklore? So, I looked it up. 

The most common nordic/ Icelandic folk tale is about beings called huldufolk (hidden folk) which can be recognized as being fairies, elves, and trolls. 

Sportacus matches up closely with the stories of the elves. In fact, he was one in the drafts that didn’t quite make it too far out of Iceland. However, Sportacus still has a lot of traits that match up with the elves from Icelandic folklore. One prominent story that comes to mind is a story about a town that loved to dance, and when the sheriff of the town banned dancing, the elves sided with the townsfolk who loved dancing to run the sheriff out of town. Does that sound familiar? An elf siding with someone who loves to dance to keep dancing and other activities alive in the town while stopping the person who gets in the way is essentially the plot of every single episode of Lazytown. While the original Sportacus was a lot more cruel in his tricks, the current Sportacus certainly bears resemblance to the original when it comes to motivation. 

Now on to Robbie Rotten. Who is he? In the show he is a lazy, rude, disguise wearing, and antisocial man who looks very different from the majority of the citizens in Lazytown. He is also the tallest character, and has purposefully distorted features. Given these traits, we can compare them. 

Trolls are creatures that are dim witted and easily outsmarted. They dislike most people and prefer to live in caves underground to avoid interaction. They are humanoid in nature, though often are shown as being larger than the average human. Their features are also distorted from humans, like having exceptionally long noses or chins. They are also considered to be clumsy, lazy, and poor mannered. 

The hobbies of trolls are also quite telling- they enjoy kidnapping people (even if they do not know what to do with them afterwards) and disguising themselves to trick humans

Robbie Rotten spends all of his time making poor schemes to trick the humans of Lazytown. Many of his plans involves kidnapping one of the citizens of Lazytown, though after they’re captured he often doesn’t know what to do next. He ultimately wants to be left alone in peace and quiet in his underground cavern. Most notably, he uses disguises to try and accomplish his goals, just like many trolls do in traditional Nordic tales. 

The only Troll characteristic that Robbie does not possess is the aversion to sunlight, but hey, no theory is perfect.

Sweet Tooth

Lily and James were best friends growing up, but when he moved away and they drifted apart they thought that would be the end of their friendship. But fate has a funny way of working out, and Lily can’t keep herself away from the brownies in the grocery store.

written for @jilyfest + read on AO3

Lily had gone to the grocery store to buy tea. That was it. Really. She had no idea how so much ice cream had gotten into her basket. Perhaps she had picked up someone else’s by mistake.

Who is she kidding? She wants some comfort food and this was what was happening. It was all her stupid sister’s fault. Having her as a bridesmaid in her wedding and making Lily watch what she ate in order to fit into that ugly purple dress. Lily couldn’t pull off purple. Petunia knew it too. The wedding is finally over now and Lily is flat-sitting for the newlyweds. She doesn’t know why she had agreed to it but the deal was made now so she may as well stuff her face full of the chocolate she’s been craving for months.

She rounds the corner of another aisle, thinking that if she finds some brownies she can make a kick ass sundae, when she sees him. It takes her a moment to recognize the bloke who’s standing with two different packages of cookies in his hands, trying to decide between them. He goes for chocolate chip. That was always his favorite.

“James?” she says his name before she can stop herself.

Her childhood best friend whips his head around and gapes at her. The first thing she notices is that he got new glasses. Then she wants to slap herself because of course he did- it’s been twelve years for heaven’s sake.

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  • <p> <b>what she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> so newt scamander has shown excellent prowess in not only using magic as shown by him using wordless spells even though he was trained in verbal magic and sure it's for saving time onscreen and all that but it says something and it's meant to show us this man knows how to use magic and he's shown apparating constantly without splinching and often with jacob so an added person plus he has an entire world in his suitcase with a shit ton of different climates and spaces and that's gotta take a lot of maintenance to stay functional and has insane knowledge on most species and herbs not to mention he literally extracted an obscurial from this girl which tbh doesn't sound simple at fucking all and he's also got to know how to use this magic correctly and efficiently so as to avoid trouble i.e. he smuggles magical creatures and traveled all over so he HAS to be able to hide his tracks so why did he not have a moment to obliviate jacob? he's asked a few times throughout the film and he never responds and i think it's because he empathised with the fact that this is a Muggle Plagued By A Completely Stale Life working in a canning factory and that that small moment of magic he witnessed could give him the strength drive and hope to lead his best life. Newt Scamander didn't obliviate Jacob Kowalski because he /wanted him to glean strength from the knowledge that magic is real because he is good at heart the way few people are. Newt has proven he toes the line between criminality and lawfulness but he wouldn't willingly expose or endanger the secrecy of magic folk so there is no explanation as to why he "neglected" obliviation if it weren't deliberate and sure there were a few times he ignored using some kind of mending or reparative charms to cover his trail like in restoring the jewellery store or the wrecked attic and others but there was no time for him to do so since he almost immediately had to apparate away or deal with some other loose creature so these are not examples of his character since he repaired the giant wreckage of Jacob's house and maybe that was because he cared about Jacob but they hadn't progressed as friends yet and what's more likely is he is BY NATURE aware of how to act cautiously with magic so nothing else makes sense other than him not obliviating on purpose to give Jacob a little bit of light and since we established he wouldn't endanger the statute of secrecy he knew that even in letting Jacob know what he knew it wasn't enough to uncover the magic community and even if Jacob spoke out he wouldn't be believed any more than most people and he could be obliviated eventually if he posed a threat but this actual angel newt scamander always sees the best in everyone so his first thought was that he had faith in Jacob not to rat out their community or at least not out of malice and to just admire this memory of this world he had with reverence and im not crying you're crying<p/></p>

I can’t even imagine what my childhood would have been like if instead of being that weird kid who wanders off during class and does weird things with their hands and doesn’t play like they’re supposed to, I was just…. “this is Tyler. they’re autistic like Julia on sesame street.”

childhood-sprouted wings & girlhood-raised flight, but taking to the skies has never been so hard.
—  NINETEEN // d.s 

Watched Teen Titans at like 3Am… fell like it…

I need to learn to doodle faster and to stop it from getting out of hands…

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you said you love period tv dramas? can you rec some?

yes!! sure (these are pretty much all british mainly bbc) (also some of these are like tv films)

  • 1864 (Danish) (2014)
  • An Inspector Calls (2015)
  • And Then There Were None (2015)
  • Birdsong (2012)
  • Call The Midwife(2012 - Present)
  • Dancing On The Edge(2013)
  • Downton Abbey (2010-2015)
  • Fingersmith (Lesbians!)(2005)
  • Grantchester(2014)
  • Larkrise to Candleford(2008-2011)
  • Life In Squares (about Virginia Woolf)(2015)
  • Northanger Abbey (2007)
  • Parade’s End (2012)
  • Peaky Blinders (2013 - Present) Please, I implore you to watch this.
  • Penny Dreadful (2014-Present)
  • Poldark (2015)
  • Pride & Prejudice (1995)
  • Ripper Street(set after the Jack the Ripper Murders) (2012-Present)
  • Robin Hood (2006-2009)
  • Tipping The Velvet (also lesbians)(2002)
  • The Bletchley Circle(2012-2014)
  • The Borgias(2011-2013)
  • The Game(2015)
  • The Go-Between(2015)
  • The Great Fire(2014)
  • The Hollow Crown(2012) (Set to return 2016)
  • The Lady Vanishes(2013)
  • The Passing Bells (British-Polish) (2014)
  • The Scandalous Lady W (2015)
  • The Tudors (2007-2010)
  • The Virgin Queen(2005)
  • The White Queen(2013)
  • Victoria (coming soon itv) (2016)
  • Versailles(French-Canadian)(coming soon to bbc) (2016)
  • War & Peace (2016)
  • Wolf Hall(2015)

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it's embarrassing to admit, but what that bpd person said it's true at least for me I mean, I am borderline and I love the idea of someone telling me what to do and manipulating me even bc of my childhood trauma Do you think it's stupid??

No, I don’t think it’s stupid.

and i’ll never say that i’m sorry

sequel to heart out of a vending machine.
grant got hot, and now it’s time for the annual sleepover.

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  • someone: haha yeah i've never seen or read harry potter
  • me: okay... that sounds fake but okay