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Winter-themed ask memes!
  • ☕ : our muses are in a coffee shop drinking hot chocolate together, watching the snow fall outside.
  • ⛄ : our muses are making a snowman together/ trying to outdo each other’s snowman (specify!)
  • 🌨 : my muse knocks at my muse’s door during a snowstorm.
  • 🍁 : our muses are playing in piles of leaves/ your muse is trying to stop mine from diving into a pile of leaves (specify!)
  • 🕯 : my muse was trying to be cute and light candles but accidentally spilled the wax and burned themselves/ set something on fire (specify!)
  • 🎁 : my muse is going to give your muse a present… what a lovely surprise!
  • ❄️ : snowball fight!
  • 🍴 : my muse is trying to cook a warm seasonal meal, like a dessert pie or a meat pie, and it smells delicious/ is going terribly, terribly wrong.
  • 🏔 : our muses are hiking in the wilderness and a blizzard is beginning to brew/ they are lost/ need to pitch a camp. 
  • 🌬 : the wind kicked up and blew something of your muse’s possessions, such as a pair of gloves or scarf, towards my muse (specify what it was!)
shit my history prof says

some of the bullshit that’s come out of his mouth between my Medieval History and Western Civ 1 transcribed into RP sentence meme form. have a party with it, change pronouns as you need to.

  • “You shouldn’t walk through fire. That’s why God made it so hot.”
  • “Well, I’m ___, so of course I need a GIANT GUN.”
  • “I don’t care what fancy magic armor you wear, if a fat man with no pants hits you with a cleaver, you’re dead.”
  • “He’s like a walking encyclopedia of useless shit.”
  • “___ scared the shit out of everyone back in the day. That’s something that hasn’t changed.”
  • “And it was at that moment I realized there would be no peace.”
  • “At my age, the only thing that scares me is an IRS tax audit.”
  • “You can’t even get me to walk up a block to get a sandwich.”
  • “Come on, it’ll be fun! Do it for Jesus!” 
  • “This is one thing Europe is good at. Exporting violence.”
  • “I’m sorry, I find it a little hard to believe that a bunch of guys smoking hash can attack anything. Unless it’s like, a pie.”
  • “One crossbow bolt later and I learned that toothpaste makes excellent makeshift wall Spackle.”
  • “The question isn’t why or how it could fall, the question is how did it last that long.”
  • “If you haven’t seen a breast yet you need to get out of the house.”
  • “First thing’s first, I’m kind of an asshole.”
  • “And that’s why my girlfriend doesn’t take me out to nice places anymore. Which is good, because I didn’t want to go in the first place.”
  • “Moral of the story? When something isn’t yours, you treat it like shit.” 
  • “I like woodchucks. They’re the fat kids of the forest.”
  • “When the wind blows it’s like Satan’s hairdryer.”
  • “This cognac’s so expensive it’d be cheaper for me to do crack.”
  • “It’s like you know what they’re saying but you’re having a stroke.”
  • “No one likes you when you sleep with their wives and husbands and children.”
  • “Don’t do that. You’ll get warm. Then you’ll get sleepy. Then you’ll get dead.”
  • “This war takes fucking FOREVER.”
  • “It’s like going on a road-trip with Stalin. Like, there are fun times, where you’re in Vegas and drinking together, but then you’re digging your own grave in the desert because he thinks you cheated at blackjack.”
  • “He’s pretty much his sugar daddy.”
  • “Children are like little drunk people.”
  • “If you’re going to go all the way to another country and then still eat McDonald’s, you’re kind of an asshole.”
  • “How many prostitutes can you put in a boat? Let’s find out!” 
  • “I say it’s a dead dog story, but I promise there’s a funny ending.”
  • “It’s like crack, if crack was cheese.”
  • “Picture a Playboy mansion gone wrong.”
  • “It’s like living in some bizarre fantasy porno.”
  • “He smells like something from the X-Files.
  • “There are a lot of ways to die, but not many quite as stylish.”
  • “Why? Aesthetic.”
  • “If you’re looking for a back tattoo this is the one you want.”
  • “Why does he succeed? He has a plan. Sounds stupid, but not many people have one.”

I decided on a whim to fire up the first episode of Utena again tonight, and something about this sequence struck me for the first time.

There’s no shortage of people pointing out just how obviously not a boy’s uniform that is.  We all see it.  The jacket is not the right color, what is with that skirt thing, no one else is wearing hot pants, etc. etc.  The jokes are too easy, and there’s also a good deal of very insightful meta about how Utena’s sartorial distinctiveness is part of what marks her out as one of the “special” “chosen” people whose position the show interrogates, or how her dress is less a “boy’s unifrom” and more of a “prince’s uniform” and the assimilation of “prince” into “male” in the narrative system, and that’s all good as far as that goes.

But I’m struck by a much more basic thought.  Utena asserts herself to be wearing a boy’s uniform, and the rando teacher agrees with her assessment.  At the same time this dialogue is happening, in some of the very same shots, the camera shows us actual Ohtori Academy boys, wearing actual Ohtori Academy boys’ uniforms.  And just so we know exactly what we’re looking at, this episode has also made sure to show us actual Ohtori Academy boys wearing actual Ohtori Academy boys’ uniforms since the credits, and in multiple shots leading up to this point that have multiple Ohtori Academy boys in them.

This was done on purpose, and there is no plausible way a viewer could miss this.  If you can see the screen, you can see that Utena is not in fact wearing the boys uniform of Ohtori Academy.  You can see that these two characters are saying things - appearing to believe things - that are just not true.  At four minutes and thirty seconds into the first episode of the show, you, the viewer, are presented with a contradiction, and a choice.  Whom do you believe?  The characters living in the world?

Or your lying eyes?

The joke is that, for all the wisecracks, nearly 100% of viewers will write off the obvious contradiction as a stylistic choice.  Yeah, that doesn’t look like the other boys’ uniforms, we’ll say, but I’m sure they just did that to make the character distinctive.  Because we’re familiar with that kind of maneuver, the artistic decision to make the main characters visually obvious by depicting them with implausible features or implausible clothing, we figure, eh, it’s a trope.  And we decide to ourselves that, artistic tropes notwithstanding, the character dialogue is basically trustworthy.  We note Utena from that point forward as a character who wears a boy’s uniform.  We describe the show’s protagonist as being a girl who wears a boy’s uniform.  Shoujo Kakumei Utena becomes famous as an anime about a girl who wears a boy’s uniform.

She isn’t.

It’s like the show is Police Chief Wiggum: “Listen carefully, and watch me wink as I speak, OK?  Here are the students of this academy, the girls wearing puffy-shoulder sailor suits, and the boys wearing puke-green jackets and white slacks.  And here’s our protagonist, a girl wearing a purple jacket and red hot pants.  And here is some dialogue where these two characters talk about the “boy’s uniform” she’s “wearing,” wink.  Yep, definitely a lot of character conflict all centered around this girl who “is” wearing a “boy’s uniform,WINK, WINK.”

The characters of this show cannot be trusted to describe to you what is happening in this show, on even the most basic level.  They are all eating so deeply from the trash can of ideology that narrative overrides even basic physical facts for them.  And so are we.  And that’s why the show can tell you the plain truth right from the start… and just count on you to ignore it.



noun | kiln | kiln

An oven or furnace capable of holding hot fires and maintaining the heat necessary to drive nearly all moisture out of something heated in its interior.

In art, kilns are used to fire clay and porcelain pieces to their hardened final states in what is known as the bisque firing. Next, a glaze firing is used to affix decorative glazes. Due to the extremely high temperatures needed to successfully fire either of these processes, they would not be possible without a kiln.

Art History Glossary: A helpful list of art and architecture terms to support curious rookies.

Imagine your OCs

Christmas Edition

-Which OC gets way too excited for Christmas? which one hates/gets stressed by Christmas?

-which OC starts celebrating Christmas before December? which OC hates when they do this?

-imagine your OCs putting up the Christmas tree. Which one hangs the ornaments at the top, and which one is too short to do that? Which OC just sits on the and is there for “Moral Support”? 

-Imagine your OCs sitting around a fire wearing sweaters and drinking hot drinks. Which one has the ugliest sweater? Which one has the cute sweater? What drink does each have? (Hot cocoa, Coffee, Tea, Eggnog)

-Imagine your OCs getting into an eggnog drinking contest. Who started it? Who wins? Who breaks up the contest?

-Imagine your OCs decorating a gingerbread house (or sugar cookies). Who makes the beautiful mansion? Who makes the box with too much icing and candy? (Who draws something inappropriate on their gingerbread and who smacks them?)

-which OC puts mistletoe in the best places to catch people. How does each pair of your OCs react to being caught together under it?

-imagine your OCs giving Christmas gifts. What does each OC give the other?

  • Keith, Guardian Spirit of Fire: the warmth of the sun, fire that burns through a forest paving the way for new growth, the Earth's core keeping the planet alive, volcanoes that erupt with awesome power, a candle in the night
  • Lance, Guardian Spirit of Water: waves crashing against rocks, unknown creatures of the deep, a glass of cold water on a hot day, the clean fresh scent after heavy rain, puddles to splash in
  • Hunk, Guardian Spirit of Land: digging fingers into rich dark soil, desert sands on the surface barren but teeming with life below, children making mud pies, picking earthworms up off the sidewalk and putting them back in the grass, walking barefoot
  • Shiro, Guardian Spirit of Sky: wind whipping through hair, looking up at the stars on a clear night, the endless blue of a summer sky, the feeling of standing on top of the world at the summit of a mountain, the grace and freedom of a bird in flight
  • Pidge, Guardian Spirit of Forest: the earthy scent of growing things, branches swishing in the breeze, the feel of smooth cool bark, growth and decay locked in a timeless dance, the resilience of plants that can grow even in the harshest conditions on Earth
december jily challenge

JILY CHALLENGE (@jilychallenge):

@gxnevras vs @lamelylimes

          wintery tropes + hot chocolate by the fire


The Gryffindor common room was alight with happiness that drifted in the air like snow. Students lounged on the couches, sat against windowpanes, all talking, laughing, and whispering to one another. The fire cast dancing shadows on the walls. Mugs of hot chocolate warmed the fingers of tired hands. A lilting tune ran under it all, riddled with cymbals and trumpets.

“Didn’t know you were a fan of musicals, Marlene,” said James. They were spread out in front of the fire, the six of them: James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Dorcas, and Marlene. The next day many of them would leave for home, but for now they were all together.

“Just West Side Story,” replied Marlene. “Most musicals aren’t worth my time.”

“What’s so different about this one?” Sirius asked.

Marlene shrugged. “Something about it.”

Lily sat on the carpeted floor, her back resting against the side of the couch. She had her legs straightened out in front of her so her feet could catch the heat of the fire. James loved to tease her about her toes, which were always, inevitably cold. She felt a familiar nostalgia in the air; this was their last December at Hogwarts. Next year, they would be spending the holidays out there in the war-torn world. She wanted to cherish the time she had left here, in this common room, where she felt nothing short of safe, surrounded by her friends, whose laughter reminded her of the crackling fire, the days they have spent together, and the happy childhood that had seemed to run away from her before she could catch up. She was seventeen years old, but she didn’t feel like an adult, not even close.

James nudged her shoulder, stealing her attention from the fire, which had begun to burn her eyes she had been staring at it for so long. James had grown up a lot in the past few years, but he still gave off an air of mischief, one that he would probably never outgrow. Once long ago it would have annoyed her a great deal, but now she found it endearing.

“Penny for your thoughts?” he said softly. The rest of their friends were laughing over something that Lily had completely missed in her reverie.

“Keep your penny,” she said.

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Hello~! Can I please get how McCree, Junkrat and Roadhog help warm up their s/o who's almost always cold? Thank you! <3


-if they’re out and about he will hold their hands and wrap them in his serape
-will be all over them if they’re standing around or in a line for something like food
-if they’re home he will wrap them in blankets
-will proceed to cuddle
-lots of kisses and whispered sweet nothings as he rubs up and down their arms through the blanket to help warm them more


-standing next to him is a pretty good way to warm up
-the dude runs insanely hot
-if they’re especially cold he will drop what he’s doing to catch fire to whatever he can
-loves that he can do that


-gives them a huge plush blanket
-will always carry a blanket or jacket for them
-gives them warm food or drinks
-keeps them close in public
-will be very snuggley in private
-will give them a “massage” with warm oils (it hurts more than anything but they can’t say no)

okay but do you know what angers me. Jason and Reyna were best friends for years. Like, parallel to Percabeth best friends probably. Before Hera, they probably had movie nights and sparred together and she probably won at everything and when one had the flu the other would make them stay in bed all day and run up and give them soup every few hours. They’d take turns buying each other hot chocolate and Reyna would experiment with cooking Spanish food for them and Jason would feel like he had to give something back so he’d cook for her and set the kitchen on fire and they’d end up ordering pizza. Jason and Reyna knew each other for years and when he was missing, Reyna would have been out of her mind with stress. Not only was she running this entire camp on her own, but her best friend was missing. And then, he comes back, and she probably hadn’t slept that night and she’d left that bit out of her braid because she knew he liked it and Jason ignored her. She watched Percy and Annabeth run to each other like this was all they’d been waiting for for two thirds of a year - which it was - and she watched them kiss and hold hands and Jason ignored her. Reyna probably accepted that he had a girlfriend. She’s not an unreasonable or jealous person and I 100% think that she went “okay, we’re still friends like always”. But Jason ignored her and showed Piper around the city and barely acknowledged the years of friendship they’d had and it angers me a lot okok

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*gasps* Tythan circus au but with the gang and they're all different things? Like Mark's probably ringmaster, Amy and Kathryn are... jugglers maybe? stage makeup? tech helpers? fire breathers?, Ethan definitely does acrobatics of some sort, maybe something aerial, and Tyler's a big cat tamer (there's constant concern between Ethan and Tyler because they have relatively dangerous jobs), and I'm not quite sure what Bob and Wade would do but yes they're like family and just love to entertain?

Okay this is gonna be more hc style, bc I WANT TO TYPE SO MUCH FOR IT BUT I CANT. It would kill me. I’ll come back to it probably. BUT FOR NOW.

-Ty would be a fire breather bc he’s so hot lol.
-Mark would totally be ring master bc he has THAT VOICE THO.
-he’d also be the big cat tamer but not. He puts on the pink mustache and pretended to be someone else for that part bc he’s a dork and it makes people laugh
-Eth would do all the gymnastics, tightrope, trapeze, all the shit
-Amy and Kathryn would be the super pretty girls that ride on the elephants bc why the fuck not.
-okay, so bear with me on this one, it’s more of a carnival thing than a circus, butttt wade would be a bearded lady xD don’t ask why. I just like the idea of it.
-Bob would be like the running gag guy. He just stands off to the side looking unimpressed for the sake of comedy.
-they’d all worry over Ethan the most bc he refuses to have nets at the bottom bc he think that ruins it
-Mark is like a dad and makes sure everyone is good before they start and never over works them.
-but it’s called the Markiplier and friends show bc you know how Mark is. Big headed piece of poop.
-people worry about ty bc while his isn’t too risky, he just gets stupid with it alot. Like “HEY GUYS LOOK AT THIS”
-they all have the cutest costumes

What the clans smell like maybe

Some of these are not creative sorry

Water: seaspray,sandalwood, blooming rosehips, hot sand

Shadow: dirt after rain, myrrh, mossy, dried violets, burning leaves

Fire: burning cedar, dragons blood incense, those cinnamon pinecones they sell around Christmas

Wind: the smell of fresh air after opening windows for the first time at the start of spring, mint and rosemary tea, burning lemongrass

Nature: fresh mead, floral breezes with a hint of something darker, pine and frankincense

Plague: ever sprayed febreeze over the trash instead of taking it out,

Light: sugar, water lilies, chamomile, fresh hay bales

Lightning: coffee, new car smell, that smell old heaters give when turned on, heat storms ( they have a smell but I can’t explain it)

Earth: juniper berries, maple, warm autumn days, brown sugar

Arcane: glitter glue, old books,

Ice: the sweet smell of first frost, pine, oncoming storm smell, wet earth,

Beastclans: the shit pile behind the farm I work at, a zoo

So now that it has been declared that they want the new heroes to work together more, I thought of something cool. Individual heroes have special moves right? Well, what if heroes that work and fight together have special combo moves? Here is a list of special combo moves for class 1-a I thought of, feel free to add to this:

Fire Smash: Shouto’s hot side creates fire and Izuku creates air pressure with is kick or punch. Similar to what Shouto and Inasa did in the fight against Gang Orca.

Explosive Carrier: A pretty silly idea but it could be useful when Izuku and Katsuki set their differences aside. Basically Izuku carries Katsuki while running and Katsuki lets out explosions behind them to make them go faster and to keep villains at a distance. Only really useful if trying to a scape or if Katsuki needs to blow up a lot of stuff in a short amount of time.

Thinking of it now, this would work with Katsuki and Tenya too.

Gravity Smash/ Gravity Dunk: Originally I thought of this as Izuku’s and Ochako’s special combo move but really it works with any of the other students with a strength quirk. Ochako makes herself lighter and the strength quirk user throws her at a villain, then she makes the villain float. I guess they could also throw her to the top of a building or something to help out civilians too.

Electric Gravity Smash/ Electric Gravity Dunk: Same as the last one but instead of throwing Ochako, they throw Denki as a human stun baton.

Explosion Smash: Same as Fire Smash but instead of Shouto making fire, it’s Katsuki’s explosions.

Taped Rain: The same move that Ochako and Hanta used in the first part of the hero provisional licenses exam. Hanta puts tape on some rocks or what ever happened to be near by and Ochako floats it up and then lets it drop.

edit: I fixed the text.

Jikook (ft. Yoonseok) Internet Friends AU 16


:-) All of this is in Hobi’s perspective

Where Jungkook and Yoonseok decide to pull a prank on Jimin

Wow we got some violent Jimin here LMAO Yes I’m talking of Danger’s Jimin, that was hot. He be showing his hidden fighting skills. This is yoonseok talking bc I needed someone to say what was happening. Aren’t they cute ^u^ The prank was basically Jungkook going w a mask and molesting Jimin. Such originality. TWO DAYS TWO POSTS WOW LUA IS ON FIRE //sighs If u want to request, ask, or say something, go ahead!

Sorry for the small mistakes and I hope you like it!



  So guess who came over? Colin. Yes, the very same one. The childhood friend, the guy who has been fighting for my love for decades now…yes that Colin. 

  “Look, Max doesn’t scare me. He said he’d set my house on fire or something. In the end I dropped the case because of what it would do to you Carla.” he tells me.

  “That’s nice of you Colin but-”

  “Can we talk? I mean just like old times?”

  “I mean sure but not for long, I don’t think Hugo would like seeing you over here.” We do talk a bit and even in the hot tub. I mean he was kind of close to me but it was nice to connect again with a childhood friend. 

@ironette99 prompted:  They are watching a horror movie, and Person A is cowering behind Person B, until a cockroach appears and Person B freaks out

I can almost GUARANTEE that this isn’t what you imagined but it made me laugh out loud as I thought it so there.

It was winter, it was cold, they had a fire and hot chocolate. What could be better than to bundle up together to watch a movie?

Zapping through Netflix, they found a horror movie that looked half way decent. Something about people and witches in the woods.

Melinda loved nights like this, as long as they didn’t become to frequent. Last year after she had broken her left foot, she had been doomed to stay on bedrest for almost three days! Phil and she had watched so many movies during that time. On day three she had been willing to walk on her hands just to get outside.

But every once in a while, especially after kicking ass and keeping the world safe, it was nice to cuddle up with her husband.

The first couple died within the first two minutes and it was bloody and gloriously unrealistic.

She leaned her head against Phil’s shoulder and he pulled the blanked over the two of them.

This was great!

Suddenly Phil sat up straight as he stared at something to the very left of the TV, pushing her forward in the same movement.

“What the hell?” she mumbled and looked into the same direction. Next to their decorative plastic plant (others kept dying whenever they went on missions), crawled a cockroach.

“Steve is back!” Phil said and jumped up. “I thought we lost you, little guy …” he mumbled as he collected his pet.


This is part of my Remember The Happy Weekend Extravaganza

Let me just let you know a thing. Breaking up sucks. It’s not just likr, “Wow I’m super sad. Wondering what he’s doing right now?”. It’s like white hot coals on the inside of your chest and up in to your throat, burning all the time, even when you aren’t thinking about it. Then you see something that reminds you of them; a show you watched or a shirt they had or literally nothing at all just a thought pops into your head, and your chest catches on absolute fire. You don’t cry because it’s kinda sad, you cry because it literally hurts so bad to think about. And then you wonder if they are feeling the same way, and get angry when you realize they’re probably living their life and doing fine. After about a week or so you text them saying “Maybe we could be friends, I miss you…” and you expect them to reciprocate because you were literally best friends for the entire time you dated. Then they text back saying “That’s probably not a good idea…” and you break down in the middle of a Fred Meyers while people stare and ask if you’re going to be alright. But you aren’t alright because that’s the thing people don’t really tell you about breaking up. It’s not just the loss of a significant other. It’s the fact that after however many months or years you were with them, you are now not ever able to talk to them or see them again. You can’t talk to or see their families, their kids, their friends that you always hung out with together. You can’t call them up when you’re feeling sad because they don’t want to talk about how sad you both are. They just want to stop hearing your voice and wondering if it would be rude to block your number. Your best friend now wants ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with you. And if you’re forced to see them in everyday situations, be it work or school or the local grocery store. They stare at you blankly or avert their gaze and all you can think about is the look in his eyes when he told you he loved you, the love he had in his eyes when you were sleeping together, the tears in his eyes when you were comforting him over a loss, but now there’s just blankness. No feelings left for you. And then you realize you have to move on. And it might take weeks and it might take years but then you finally do it, you move on, but that doesn’t make it any easier when you see them struggling and you see that their life is a mess and you just ask yourself, is this my fault?.

  • Percy: Welcome to camp half-blood...
  • Nico: WHATS THIS? WHATS THIS? There's satyrs everywhere! WHATS THIS? There's nymphs in the air! WHATS THIS? I must be dreaming, wake up Nico, this just can't be here! WHATS THIS? WHATS THIS? Is there something wrong? WHATS THIS? It's just Apollo kids singing a song. WHATS THIS? Everyone seems to be fighting but happiness is flowing and there is no sight of a bully have I possibly gone daffy? WHAT IS THIS?! There's children riding pegasus instead riding horses! They're avoiding hot lava, instead of college courses! There is cabin for each God, oh I can't believe my eyes! My game of Mythomagic is now here, and alive..OH WHATS THIS? They are offering food in the fire? Why that looks so unique..inspired! They gather round the fire, singing songs, telling jokes, all of it is required! WHATS THIS? In here, why its the God of wine, how queer, who would ever think? And why? He has the weakest attack points yet I find him amazing and fan girl till I'm crazy! Now correct me if I'm wrong, this looks so fun, this looks fun! Oh could it be, did I get my wish? WHATS THIS? Oh my, what now, they're playing capture the flag? But look, we encounter an old hag. No clue. There's a prophecy telling the future and now a quest is revel and Jackson made a promise, I find him very, very cool and now I can sleep peacefully in dreamland...WHATS THIS? They are chase by a monster, in a junkyard it seems, I can't see Bianca yet I hear her screams, this can't be happening, oh what on earth did I just see....That Jackson! He lied! He didn't kept his promise! At all! I knew I shouldn't trust him! Now there is an empty place inside my heart and just can't lose it and makes me want to tear down a wall! I need to know! I got to know! What is this I am feeling! WHAT! IS! THIS!?!
Things Said To or By My Siblings Pt.2 :
  • “I neeeeeeeeeeedddd thaaaaattt!”
  • “You didn’t.”
  • “Oh god you did.”
  • “What the h e l l are you watching?”
  • “Can I help you?”
  • “Your cologne reeks.”
  • “Turn that on and I’ll kill you.”
  • “Holy shit he’s hot.”
  • “God you’re such a meme.”
  • “This anime is trash. I love it.”
  • “Kill it with fire.”
  • “I found your stupid bumble bee.”
  • “It died…”
  • “I think we need a code word, only we won’t let him know. So it’ll really fuck with him while he’s out, and we send it.”
  • “What do you mean you don’t know?”
  • “They’re like my own personal google. When ever I can’t find something I ask them and bam they’ve got it.”
  • “I think I need to learn how to use google.”
  • “I said FIGHT me! Not BITE me!”
  • “You need to either go to bed now, or you don’t get to sleep.”
  • “But I don’t wanna wear pants!”
  • “Because fuck skirts.”