what was i thinking oh sorry i wasnt thinking what i was doing


Imagine: Dylan not being able to take his eyes off you, his interviewer, and when the interview is done he asks you out for a coffee

“Okay, on to the next question. Do you think Stiles is going to stick with Malia or is his feelings for Lydia starting to crawl back?” I looked up from my badly written note with the questions on it, and was met by Dylans warm, chocolate brown eyes looking at me. The seconds went by and he wasnt answering nor taking his eyes off of mine. “Uhm, Dylan?”

“Oh, sorry! Uh.. I… what was the question?” I noticed the blush starting to form on his cheeks while he looked down on the ground and licked his lips. What was going on?


“Well, thank you so much for this opportunity, Dylan, I think we got everyting” I looked back at the guy with the camera and saw that he was packing his suff, and then I looked back at Dylan. He was looking at me the same way he looked at me earlier. I held hand out for him to shake it, which he gladly did. But when we were supposed to let go, he held on to my hand a litte tighter. I looked up once again and noticed that Dylan was trying to say something, but his words stumbled upon themselves.

“I.. would you, you know.. maybe, i dont know… just if you want ,of course… maybe.. go out.. for a cup of coffee, or somehing..?”

Wait, what? Was Dylan asking me out on a… date?

“Umh, I… I dont unde-”

“But only if you want, of course! You really don´t have to, I just-”

“No, no! I, uhm… I would love that.. actually.”

His face was lit up and a smile spread across his face. “Oh, really..?

“Yeah, why not? Are you questioning my answer? Do you want me to change my mind?” He laughed at my comment and fumbled to get his phone out of his pocket.

“No, absolutely not,” he laughed. “So…-”

“Y/N. My name´s Y/N.”

“Well, Y/N, may I have your number?”



The Answer; Entirely New

Where did we go; what did we do?
I think we made something; entirely new.
And it wasnt quite me, and it wasnt quite you.
I think we made someone; entirely new.
Oh, um, well I just can’t stop thinking.
So, um, you say I was different.
And you hadn’t before.
Of course not! When would I have ever?
I’m so sorry; no no, don’t be!
And now you’re here forever!
What about you? What about me?
Well you’re here too.
We’re here together.
Mm mm mm mm mm.