what was i supposed to do w the WATERmarK

I decided to go ahead and try something new- experimental busts
full size preview: [link]
ranges normally from $15-$30 ($5 down payment) for one character, $23-$45 ($10 down payment) for two. price varies heavily upon character complexity, I always give quotes before sending the down payment invoice to make sure the client has a chance to back out or get the funds together so they’re prepared before going through with it

-more examples can be found under the bust tag
-I get free range to do kind of whatever regarding style and rendering, but theme n pose/expression suggestions are still very welcome n wanted so I can get inspiration and try to show the character accurately
-large enough to be printed as a badge (comes w/o name by default, make sure you tell me what you want on it if its suppose to be a badge)
-comes w/ shrunk size and a watermarked full size for public viewing, unwatermarked and transparent bg full size for private use
-go to my commission site for how I price my commissions, my policy, FAQ, and how to contact