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Kobold, also known as the Pale Goblin. 

legendarydragondefender  asked:

so i love the idea that Lance has this like, unknown-to-all internal power. Everything hints at Keith being part alien (prob galra) so imagine that being played up and the team looking into it and Lance sort of starts to fade into the background a bit... but THEN something happens and his space family gets hurt and he's like pushes to the edge and he just SNAPS and it's like AVATAR MODE (kinda) and turns out he's got some advanced alien blood or something and is super badass :D

i kinda worry that it would make him a tad op though? like, create too much of a disparity between him and the others, but on the other hand, he wouldn’t be able to use it often and the same thing would kind of happen in keith was galra? it would separate him from the others quite a lot. i just like super powerful lance…

hmmm, that’s definitely possible. seeing as his family is huge and so diverse, god knows what connections and bloodline(s) he has lmao. he’s probably like 1/16 arusian too. i think if lance did have that kind of power though, that he’d be trying to be more lowkey about it? 

kinda like aang too, because lance strikes me as the kind of guy who doesn’t want to be the centre of attention for having this power that makes him naturally “superior” to others—like he’d much rather get attention for something that he worked hard to improve himself on if you know what i mean haha (and also his mad flirting skills)

and so because of this throughout their missions and stuff lance is trying to prove that he’s not different from the rest and that he can do things just fine without making use of his power. but it becomes more of him being super stubborn and denying, refusing to use it and insisting that he can handle things by himself (ok, but it’s probably partially also because his rage-alien mode would leave a sizeable amount of destruction in its wake)

but obviously it’s not working out well for him or the team and he has to learn to accept it as a part of him and work with it to make himself a better and stronger paladin, and y’know, it does work out in the end and lance becomes the best paladin that he can be :3c 

I was on tumblr when the mako mori test was created as a concept, I saw the posts that lead up to it and like THE LEVEL of misinformation. 

The Mako Mori test was originally created in response to white feminism trying to fuck over pacific rim “because it didn’t pass the Bechdel test.” Thus, if your description of the Mako Mori test doesn’t have the word “woman of color” in it then you’re using it wrong. The test was created to address the issue that not all representation is the same for all women. To address that what is cliche and mediocre for a white female character might actually be amazing for a Japanese female character. 

 So if you apply the test to a white woman, you are missing the whole damn point. And if you use the test for imported media like anime or kdramas, you are also missing the point. It is not rare for a Japanese woman to have a character arc central to the narrative in an anime, like it is for a Hollywood blockbuster, because it’s from Japan. 

 Honestly, I’m amazed at how often informational posts about all the tests completely drop the “woman of color” part when describing the Mako Mori test, even though it is absolutely integral to its purpose.

It was night time on a hill top where Cray and Cotten Candy lay. Cray was staring up at the stars till he looked at Cc. He seemed to be a bit tense.

“Take.. my.. hand..” Cray sang softly as he gently reached over and gripped the others hand lightly. “I shall show, you a way..” Cc gripped his hand lightly and looked towards him confused.

Cray got up and pulled Cc up with. “Through the night and you darkest times..” Cray walked foward leading Cc off the hill top. “I’ll will be here.. For.. you..”

“Cause I.. I fell in love..” Cray sang a bit louder as they reached the bottom. “And thanks to you.. I feel whole..” he smiled a bit and led the other into the woods.

“And when I’m with you..” Cray lead them to a clearing. “I can’t help but here.. a melody..~” and with those words. The two herd the sounds of the night making a beautiful melody.

Cc slowly sat down Cray sitting next to him. “And I can’t help…Falling in love.. with.. you..” Cray sang softly and Cc smiled softly.

Spray Cray: @weezy-pup
Cotten Candy: @missladytale

Honestly. I just quickly whipped up what Cray sang buuut it could be close to a song I don’t know the name to at the moment.

highly recommended

Scroll all the way to the bottom of your YOI blog (or yuri on ice tag on your main) and just scroll up and read each post and relive the wild ride that was life when YOI was still airing. Relive the meta, the predictions, the fanart, the memes, the translations, the pain of waiting to see what the story would unfold next, the feeling of community that thousands upon thousands of people worldwide were watching (and freaking out) about the same exact thing you were. I truly miss it and I can’t wait for the season two rollercoaster to begin

The Secret

Request: Can you write an imagine where the reader is sort of an adopted sister, but not actually related to the winchesters, and she is secretly a supernatural creature (my preference would be siren but it’s totally up to you) and they only find out when she comes on a case and something happens that should have hurt her but it doesn’t because she’s supernatural. Thanks and I really like your writing! - Anonymous

Characters: Sam + Dean W. x sister!reader.

Words: 2400+

[Angst, A bit of blood (not too graphic), Anxiousness]

Tags: @daughters-and-winsisters@evyiione

A/N: So, I changed the creature to a kitsune, sorry! It’s just that I started writing this while taking a short break from my algebra homework, and I just thought I’d look up siren later once I had more time to write. But then when I did, it didn’t really correspond to what I’d already written. And also, as  in the request, something happens to the reader that should have hurt her, which makes me think that it would be good if whatever creature she is, had some sort of, you know, super strength or healing powers or something like that — and sirens didn’t have anything like that, they just had telepathy, shapeshifting and some sort of venom that makes people fall in love with them. Again, sorry, and I hope it turned out okay even though I changed it <3

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You were currently feeling really bad.

Well, okay, you have been feeling bad for a long time. Years, even. Guilty, incredibly guilty, but very scared too. Terrified. You had been feeling anxious and stressed, and all this time you’ve had to hide it. Because what you were scared about was them finding out. And, well, meanwhile, you’ve felt terribly guilty about them not knowing. So, to sum it up, you’ve been in quite the dilemma for years. And you’ve felt so trapped.

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Zombie Apocalypse 
1. I haven’t seen a real person in forever, and I’m really sorry for kissing you when I saw that you were an actual person.

2. You and I spent hours before bed arguing over what to call the zombies.

3. I was raiding your campsite when I realized you have no food, do you maybe wanna come with me? I have lots of supplies.

4. You were hiding in a tree and you kept throwing acorns at me, and do yOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE DEAD PEOPLE EVERYWHERE WHY ARE YOU SO CHILDISH?! 

5. We were hiding out in a car, and I know we just met, but its freezing so let’s cuddle.

ok but what if isak had fallen asleep when he was playing that phone game in the bathroom. like imagine even just waiting at the sink for like twenty minutes and almost giving up until he hears isak snoring. him being like “are you kidding me this fUCkiING KID,, he ruined plan A already,, thi s is plan B and I am NOT coming up with a plan C” before going up to the door and violently kicking and banging his fists against it. then isak almost falling as he wakes up,, just imagine

  • What they say: I'm Fine
  • What they Mean: 👀Look👀 I 👎didn't👎 💢want💢 to start an 😡😠arguement😠😡 particularly😕😕, I was just trying to 😤stand up😤for Cis and Hetero people😎😎, Just 👍👍like 👍👍if you saw 👓👀❗❕something❗❕ 😰discriminating 😰😭against your own identity😭 you'd want to 🔇🔈🔉🔊say something📢📢📢🔔🔔. I think😢😢 that we're all just as 👿bad👿 as each other 😭😭because 👆although👆 you might not☁☁ think ☁☁that ⭐Cisphobia⭐ is a thing, When 👩👶👨people💂👳👷 take the piss or say things against Cis😑😑 people I actually feel✊✊ it😭😭, it hurts 💢😩😲me personally because I am 😭😭Cis😱, I 😤😤can't⚠⚠ help⚠⚠ it just as😦😦 much as Trans*😦😦 👶👨👦people👵👨👴 cant help being Trans*😕😕. 👏You 👏don't 👏get👏 to👏 say 👏that👏 its👏 not 👏Cisphobia 👏until 👏you👏 are 👏Cis👏 and have 💁🙆someone 💆🙅be actually 😷😷Cisphobic😷😷 ✌✌because✌✌ you never get people saying that 💢Transphobia💢 and 💥Homophobia💥 isn't real😡😡😡😡😡
Eleven facts..

I was tagged by a cool bean her name is @sonador-reveur.

#1. Loves rock and kpop with a burning passion.

#2. Only likes Japanese, Korean, punk rock guys. I have weird taste.

#3. Loves rainy and cold weather.

#4. I’m very shy and antisocial most of the times. For example when someone talks or messages me I don’t know what to say.

#5. Gets into fandoms and music just to forget about my problems.

#6. Book worm. (Stephen King)

#7. Likes to go jogging.

#8. Stopped jogging because of depressive feelings.

#9. Stopped showing up to school a lot even though this is the last year because of people I don’t want to see ever again.

#10. Is currently learning Japanese and likes to talk in the third person.

#11. Ships sangwoo x jail.

I guess I’m gonna tag some people. I hope you guys have a good day today. @rainy, @sangwoosbun, @philismyaesthetic, @mcrswsptv-trash, @viktorikiforov, @vicfuenteslittletooth, @hidekanesupportgroup, @piercetheveil-something-idunno, @yanderesimulatorheadcanons, @jngn-km, @bts-in-motion. Bye guys ^_^

these were legit the only most recent ones that i actually took on the same day so .. rip (u can tell what song i was listening to during dat second pic like 😪😪)
i was tagged bY THE BEAUTIFUL @ryoguk THNK U!! 💗💖💓🗣 k so forreal since im the same i rl talk to like no one exhept two or sth, imma just tag som’ (nd when i say some i rl mean some bc legit if u could i would put all of u,,, forreal) of my fav mutuals 😇 ;
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I just wanted to say thank you for not tagging Jack or Mark in any of your septiplier fics! It seems like such a dumb thing to say thank you for but a lot of people tag them in septiplier stuff when they've clearly said it makes them uncomfortable so thank you!! I ship septiplier but I also recognize that they're straight and in loving relationships so it's nice to see people respecting their wishes but still contributing to the septiplier community <3

Aww thanks so much that’s v sweet of you!!! As much as I think Septiplier is fun and cute it’s clearly not what the guys want and that’s okay. I love Signe and Amy too much to try and impose my shit on them. That’s why I don’t put my fics in the main tags and it’s also why I don’t write explicit smut. We as a community have to remember that just because it’s fun to ship people and write love stories about them, they’re real people with real lives and we have to be respectful of their decisions to just be friends. 😊

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Why do you draw seungbae x yoonbum when obviously sangwoo x yoonbum is canon ;)

Well,,,, honestly I like this ship bc it’s nice and I think they could make a good couple?? Ah,, but everyone can ship who they want and what they want like honestly ship seungbae with a tree idc

Kobi Dirke

Career: Architect 

Relationship Status: Falling for the cute boy in the next room

Partner: Tate McGavin

Children: None
Closest Friend: Raphael Graf & Mike Lamb
More: *explained in subsequent posts*

I was initially going to start completely over with their story because when I tried to do it originally in Anne Arbor Love, it sort of got derailed. Instead, I think I’d like to use the beginning of it from what I’d done before, cut it off at a certain point & then go forward from there. So I’ll be reblogging a few of their old posts under the new tag - Good Cop Bad Cop - rather than writing out a backstory here on their profiles ^__^

Tagged...? 4!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Tagged by @x-changes (hi!) to list 10 songs that mean a lot to me!!! TOUGH to narrow, but here goes ten WITH links!!!

1. Bruce Springsteen and the E St. Band -
Born to Run

The song I played when I left NJ on an early May afternoon as I hit Route 80 W heading cross-country to see AMERICA!!!

“The highway’s jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive”


2. Charlie “Bird” Parker - Now’s the Time

I used to get DRUNK after work, guitar in hand, cigarettes on the table in front of me, in the dark, when I put this song on, I knew only one thing…this was life.


3. Jose Luis Perales - Y Como Es El?

Spanish song (soy Colombiano!) that tells of a man who is watching his love pack her bags because she’s leaving him for another. So, as he’s watching her leave, helping her, worrying about her, and trying to let her go as he’s dying because he’s lost her, all he wants to know is…what’s HE (her new lover) like? I’ve been cheated on by almost every woman I’ve cared for, and I’ve always wondered, what is it that they did right that I did wrong…and this song NAILS it!


4. David Lee Roth - Yankee Rose

That intro…the fun…the riffs…everything…
Above ALL? I was introduced to Steve Vai! HE MADE THAT GUITAR TALK!!! My life would never be the same! My main idols play Ibanez guitars, I own 4!!! ENJOY!!!


5. Derek and the Dominos- Layla

A man goes from comforting a friend to longing after this woman he shouldn’t have. That guitar intro? The dueling solos between Eric Clapton and Duanne Allman?? The piano second half??? THE YEARNING?!?!


6. Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses

Only think I’ve ever been truly, 100%, wholeheartedly in love with someone. She happened to be a blonde. I played this on piano/guitar for her. I used to write for her. Only woman to fall in love with me because of me and my writings…She lived in CO and I in Jersey. Sigh…EVERYTHING about this song…is her. “As I dream about movies they won’t make of me when I’m dead…”


7. Rachmaninoff’s - Rhapsody on a Theme from Paganini - Love Theme Somewhere in Time

This version is pretty, but…they’re all beautiful. My favorite writer is Richard Matheson. Most know him from I Am Legend. Some know him from What Dreams May Come. Fewer still from AMAZING Twilight Zone episodes. But those that know him from this Christopher Reeve / Jane Seymour movie based on his book…know love is boundless, magical, and timeless. And this song…


8. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch -
Good Vibrations

“Do you feel it, baby? I feel it, too…”

Come on! This song is FUN!!! Sometimes music just needs to be it!


9. Don Henley - The Boys of Summer

I play this every Labor Day weekend. Reminds me of my childhood, the video is beautifully shot, the song is perfectly written, the guitar sounds AMAZING, and when I lived in CA, it brought even more meaning. Youth lost, love, life, death, letting go…


10. Metallica - One

My parents realized I had an ear for music when, not knowing how to play guitar, I picked up a beat up acoustic and learned most of this song by ear. The rest is history.


If you stuck around for all of that, THANKS!!! Hope you enjoy and watched and listened and share!!! I won’t tag anyone cause I was late to this party (SORRY!) But if you do it, tag me!!!

-H. Murcia 1:40AM 1/16/2017

i was tagged by my love jacqui @hipstersteve so here u go

  • Nickname: B/Bri
  • Star sign: Taurus
  • Height: 5′6″
  • time right now: 11:51PM
  • last thing I googled: “average filming time frame for a indie movie”
  • fave musical artist: All Time Low
  • song stuck in your head: My Sharona - The Knack
  • Last movie I watched: The Walk
  • Last show I watched: Elementary
  • What are you wearing: pjs and a hoodie
  • When did you create your blog: 5 years ago today
  • What kind of things do you post: mostly sebastian stan and his various characters
  • other blogs: aesthetics/photography blog, one direction blog, all time low blog and @mcusuggestion
  • gender: female
  • Hogwarts house: I used to feel more slytherin but i’m v much ravenclaw
  • pokemon team: excuse me
  • moral alignment: neutral good
  • fave color: blue, pink, grey, black
  • fave characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, TJ Hammond, Hernando Fuentes, Gina Linetti, Peter Pan 
  • dream job: Director with a focus on cinematography 

I tag anyone that wants to do it + stuckysquad

~Get To Know Me Better Tag~

I was tagged by @handfulofcyanide​.

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

- Nickname: Syl

- Starsign: Gemini

- Height: 5′4″ (I think?)

- Last thing I googled: Patrick Bateman.

- Fav music artist: The Dandy Warhols.

- Song stuck in my head: Hash Pipe- Weezer. 

- Last movie I watched: Evolution.

- What are you wearing right now: Jeans, a Supernatural t-shit, a sweater, and my grilled cheese socks.

- When did you create your blog: About a year ago.

- What kind of stuff do you post?: Serial killers, mass shooters, and dumb jokes.

- Do you have any other blogs: Yup.

- Do you get asks regularly?: Not really. I get them when I ask for them, or when I poke at the discourse with a stick.

- Why did you choose your URL?: Because I like learning about Ted Bundy and geography.

- Gender: Girl who dresses like a boy.

- Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff.

- Pokemon Team: I’m a proud member of Team I Don’t Care.

- Fave colour: Blue.

- Average hours of sleep: Seven, maybe?

- Lucky number: Every number is lucky for me.

- Fave characters: Patrick Bateman (American Psycho), Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds), Debra Morgan (Dexter)  -I watch a lot of serial killer stuff, okay?

- How many blankets do you sleep with?: Two.

- Dream job: FBI agent.

- Following: 2,561 people, apparently.

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