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I WOULD PAY YOU IF I HAD MONEY BUT I DONT, IM SO SORRY ;-; But I'm obsessed with Bungou Stray Dogs lately XD and I just can't stop thinking about how Ryunosuke Akutagawa and Saeran have so any similarities (both angsty, emo kids with issues lolol), or how Atsushi Nakajima is such a big Cinnamonroll like Yoosung. So maybe Saeran as Ryunosuke OR Yoosung as Atsushi? ^-^ Or just anything with BSD is good for me, hehe ;p(SORRY FOR THE LONG MESSAGE AAAH >~<) ~🏵

OMGOSH TYSM that means the world to me T^T I’m watching BSD currently and I’m really enjoying it! Saeran as Akutagawa is so fitting XD Maybe his ability Rashoumon is a parallel to his Unknown persona! Thanks for the request :)

Yes, ML does seem to be treating certain characters unequally

And no, it’s not a case of the show treating Marinette better than Adrien. 

(Note that this is spoiler heavy after this point)

Now I don’t want to jump ahead of the game, but does anyone find it even a little bit strange that of all the spoilers and promo clips we got of the new season so far, Chloe and Adrien seem to have the most heavy material, story wise? But for Marinette and Alya, we don’t really know what’s happening with them at all. 

And for Alya, it’s more understandable given her side character status, and we do know she’ll be getting a miraculous eventually. But in terms of what her storyline could be we have no idea beyond that. But for Marinette, our main character, we know very little about what she’s getting up to besides the most basic hero stuff, and ship related issues. 

Compare that to Chloe’s inevitable redemption arc, and the 3 parter on her family being akumatized. We have plenty of information on her this season to generate interest and guess at where her arc could go. Then there’s Adrien, who’s dad is the villain, who’s mom is missing under mysterious circumstances and could potentially be another villain. They’re more connected to the lore of the miraculous and what the entire story’s main conflict centers around. 

This whole set up just seems very strange to me. I don’t want to jump ahead before we know for sure, but that fact that so many BIG spoilers have been dropped on us already, and nearly none of them center around Marinette’s character is… concerning. Or even Alya, again. We know she gets the fox miraculous and we’re getting more into her siblings, but then what?

Also another big issue I’m finding more and more upsetting is Marinette’s parents and their lack of character depth. The lack of Tom and Sabine’s screen time on the show is concerning to me. They’re usually present as a unit, usually there to play ‘good parent’ until the scene doesn’t need them anymore, and that’s it. And again, no spoilers regarding them at all that could give me any sort of clue as to what we have in store for them. We’re meeting Marinette’s grandmom, yes, and I want to assume this means we get an episode strictly about the Dupain-Chengs, but that’s how Kung Food should have gone, and even Sabine was no where in sight for that episode. We learned more about Adrien in that episode than her own parents, who by right should have been present at the least. 

I’m not trying to necessarily call out the show for something nefarious, but it sure is an annoying coincidence that the two rich, white kids and their parents in this show are seemingly getting more depth to their story arc than our biracial main character and her poc best friend. 

Here’s to hoping I’m totally and 100% making a mountain out of a mole hill. 

I may have just written the first part of a TOG College AU and God why is it so hard for me to post the actual fics I was supposed to post instead of starting brand new ones (I’m sorry everyone 😂) 

So, some info:

  • College drama
  • NSFW (of course)
  • short and sweet
  • focusing on the female characters pov!
  • first chapter is coming out now yay

Hoseok: Yoongi hyung? I’m boreeed.

Yoongi: Come sit with me i just need to write this and i’m all yours.

Hoseok: You can do this later tho.

Yoongi: No i can’t baby boy it’s really important.

Hoseok *whispering*: But… Hobi has been thinking about daddy all day, i didn’t even touch myself, don’t you think i need a reward? Uh?

Yoongi: Oh my god

Hey kids! So here’s the thing

Seventeen is nominated for three (3) MAMA’s this year, and it’s normal to want your bias group to win, but here are some things we need to remember:

  • People are not obligated to vote, you are not less of a carat for not voting 24/7. Dont, by any means, go around bashing people because they aren’t voting or leaving rude asks telling them to vote, we are all carats, we all love the guys, so let’s be kind to each other!
  • Don’t get involved in fan wars(??? This should be a given, don’t go around insulting other groups or fandoms, let’s not become THAT toxic fandom. Remember we are doing this for the boys so just ignore other fandoms (especially if their being rude) and concentrate in getting svt the MAMA in a positive way (Do I sound like a hippie?? Yes. Do I care?? No! Keep it kind people!!! )
  • If by any chance we don’t win please don’t try to put the blame on someone else, I’ve seen big accounts (not svt stans, but still) calling people out just because they didn’t win. KEEP IT CLASSY, if we don’t win (which hopefully we will) don’t go around bashing people!!!
  • It costs you 0$ to just keep it nice, voting season can get ugly, let’s respect each other and just do this for the guys!!
  • Being mean to other people doesn’t achieve anything, at the risk of sounding cheesy we are kind of like a family, so be nice, be kind and above all be respectful!!

And to circle back to Web search, I got word that when Netscape launches this week, Yahoo will be the default directory. Got their own button and everything. So Comet is pretty much kaput.


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i wish i could contribute to this but ive never been high in my life. i kinda just assume whatever weird shit any high person would say would be something akin to every word that comes out of my one friend’s mouth. a good example being

and this is michael maybe

If you were saved by Leiftan during the 16th episode…

L - “Oh, good morning”

G - “How are you doing ?”

L - “Good, and you ?”

G - “Me as well”

“Leiftan… I know that I didn’t take the time to do it sooner and I really hope that you’re not angry with me because of it…”

L “Be angry with you ?”

G “I wanted to thank you… Thank you for giving me your mask back in the cave, in Balencia”

L - “Ah, it’s normal… It was my duty as a member of the Light”

G - “It was still dangerous, you could have been seriously injured, or even ending up dead.”

L - “Between dying and letting you die, my choice is quickly made.

G - “… I beg your pardon ?”

L - “I may have not thought it through when it happened, but I do not regret it nor would I ever act differently if I had to. I’m going now, I have a reunion. See you later”

G - “A-Alright…”

L - “By the way, thank you for visiting me… back when we were in Balenvia.”

G - “Huh ?”

L - “Eweleïn told me that you came.”

(He went back, winking at me)

  • Things I love and enjoy a lot: Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon English dub, Digimon: The Movie English dub, Digimon Adventure tri., literally everything about Meiko Mochizuki
  • Things I DO NOT love and enjoy: People who tell me not to like those things.
  • Things I ALSO DO NOT love and enjoy: People who claim they're superior for liking or not liking certain aspects of the Digimon franchise, anime, games, ships, etc.
  • Things I love and respect: People who have opinions on Digimon, but do not spread hate and do not attack people who enjoy Digimon differently.
  • Things that are perfect: Gomamon

My roommate just finished bingewatching Agents of Shield and the most important thing I got out of our conversation over it is that she thinks the show is going to have Robbie and Daisy get together because of “that look” at the end

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