what was i doing orz

“I think we ought to live happily ever after,“ and she thought he meant it. Sophie knew that living happily ever after with Howl would be a good deal more hair-raising than any storybook made it sound, though she was determined to try.

"It should be hair-raising,” added Howl.

“And you’ll exploit me,” Sophie said.

“And then you’ll cut up all my suits to teach me.”

-Diana Wyne Jones, Howl’s Moving Castle

Painted on borrowed time so lots of messy details sorry argh >_<;;

One of my favourite Ghibli movies , and the book made me love it even more! <3 I was always afraid to draw fanart for it, because I kept feeling like I would mess up (and I did lol); well in the end I listened to some advice and just went for it aha.

I actually have the footage of the drawing process but still thinking about making the speedpaint because there’s a lot of rushed work and messy details that’s kind of embarrassing ;; we’ll see.

I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…


Converse High

let sheith lie in an alien flower meadow 


“Marry someone who you love. Marry your soulmate, your lover, your best friend.” (x)

Happy (belated) birthday sweet newtongirl!!

As always, I’m very sorry about the delay (2015 must be the year I deliver birthday presents very late) but I hope you will still enjoy this married MakoHaru comic through their live because I know you appreciate domestic/married MH as much as I do (*ノωノ) 

I’d have loved to draw the whole poem but, too long, not for me ;_;


Anonym hat gesagt:
You draw so well! Can you teach us how to draw in your style? Like head, face, body or something..? Have a nice day, sir!  


first of all thanks so much! and aaaa making tutorials is always challenging for me because most of the time i don’t know what i’m doing myself orz, and my steps and approaches vary a lot, but i try to break it down here! kinda

there are a lot of great tutorials for constructing faces and all! i’ll refrain from doing this here now because i would probably end up talking a lot of nonsense T_T but a good thing to do is always looking at references, observe your friend’s and family’s faces and movements and try to bring this in correlation

what i can do is to show you how i approach my scribbles i guess?

this is like… my usual way of doing things here (bigger version):

1 - first step is always a rough idea of what i want, with an accent esp on the eyebrows and nose and a general direction of the face

2 + 3 - most of the time i draw over the rough scribble on the same layer and try to define the expression. the transform tool is my best friend in these steps, because i tend to draw heads and esp upper headparts waayyy too big. this is also the time when i remind myself that it would be great if a body was involved orz…
oh and i use a lot of references here, a picture of the character’s face in an attempt to get the proportions right

4 - outlines on a new layer, add some details here and there. this is the most frustrating step because outlines turn never out like i want them to be 8)

5 - outline layer on multiply + some colors
i posted tutorials on how i usually do this part here and here

i really try to not go into too much detail at the beginning because i get easily stuck either by trying to get a specific expression or getting the proportions right too early? i have the feeling of wasting a lot of time here fumbling around with stuff, and that’s annoying. so yeah try to keep it simple at the beginning

i also highly recommend this tutorial by makani!

i’m really bad at this erhgh, i hope this little insight is at least a tiny little help to you!


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

anonymous asked:

fran-sama how you hands?? how do draw??? sgkshsksg i honestly love how you draw hands, could you please do a small ?? sketch?? to show how you draw them? im sorry but pls ilu qvq

TBH I’m not really confident in the way I draw hands just yet, they’re definitely the hardest part of the body to draw for me, but this is more or less how I go about them! As you can see my hands are incredibly semplified what are fingernails even and usually the smaller they get the less I bother with them (oops)

Anyway, as far as learning to draw them goes the easiest way is to draw them a lot, sadly and obviously o<-< I spent a lot of time filling pages with copied hands actually, both from my favorite artists and from real hands pictures, but while that’s a great way to start to grow confident with the shapes the best thing to do is to try and draw them as much as possible attached to actual people - it helps with proportions and expressiveness a lot, in my experience

and don’t be scared to use references, like, really, I use my hands as refs a lot while drawing and often look up specific positions I can’t reproduce on my own, hands are really expressive and can move in a whole damn lot of ways, there’s nothing weird in not being able to get a position right without visual imput 👍

In which I’ve officially became a KnightsP but am still stuck deep inside the Servamp hell :’D

I suppose the Ra*Bits uniform would look adorable on the smol son too, but personality-wise, I feel like Misono would fit in Knights more xD