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Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory will include two new female characters in the Digimon adventure! Introducing Erika Mishima, a genius capable of hacking into the EDEN network, and Fei, a violent leader of the hacker group called Zaxon. Plus, new Digimon like Wormmon and Griffomon are joining the adventure - check out these screenshots and let us know what you think in the comments! 

Bandai Namco’s New Project Trailer Analysis

While its unclear whether or not this is a new From Software game this trailer does elude many secrets to observant viewers.

The Ace of Spades has a long history of thematic symbolism, and many sources brand this card as a symbol of death. Death as you know, holds deep significance in the Soulsborne games. On the other hand, this could just be Bandai Namco riding the ol’ trend train.

Next, let’s take a look at the weapon we’re shown.

Take note of the over-the-shoulder carry, a fighting style frequently used by From Software. What’s strange is that the character is only using it with one hand, the other being free. Perhaps this is a foretelling of off-hand weapon combinations utilizing guns and blades, not too unlike Bloodborne.

There’s more. Something here doesn’t quite fit. It’s the bayonet.

You see, knife bayonets weren’t popularized until WW1, as they proved to be more viable than traditional bayonets when used in modern combat. I wonder what implications this has on the game’s universe?

Regardless of the development team, this game looks like it could be quite interesting. What do you guys think?

How DR3 Future Arc is going to end. |Theory|

So, Future Arc is so far into 7 episodes, and things are getting more intense with 10/9 survivors in the series. This could be my last theory, as the anime will end in 5 more episodes.

After episode 7, I wanted to bring up this theory again from when episode 2 of Future Arc was released. That’s right it’s about this.

If you haven’t heard of this theory, it’s pretty much goes like this.

In the picture you see you know is what determines everyone’s fate in the game. What I mean is:

  • Everyone’s who’s walking to the left will get poisoned or break the rules.
  • Everyone’s who’s walking to the right will get killed or rather murdered.
  • Everyone’s who walking towards us will survive.
  • An this had been proven false, but I’ll mention this anyway, everyone’s who walking forward or north (like Tengan) is the traitor/attacker.

Now, after episode 3 and 5, I thought that this theory isn’t really gonna hold water at all, but after episode 7 and what happened to certain people in the those 6 episodes (excluding 7) I think there’s still something to this theory. 

Before I continue with my speculation, I want to let you guys what IS confirmed in this picture.

Chisa’s fate: Ever since episode 1, Chisa was confirmed dead and she was walking to the right which means she was murdered.

Bandai’s fate: Since he was walking to the left, he died by breaking his rule, meaning he got poisoned and not murdered, by the attacker. But there is still something weird about him that I’ll mention later.

Great Gozu’s fate: same with Chisa. He was walking to the right and was killed by the attacker. 

Seiko’s fate: Again, same with Chisa and Great Gozu, she was also walking to the right and was killed by the attacker. 

These has been confirmed deaths so far. What I’m gonna say now is all gonna be under speculation.

So, I’ll start with Izayoi.

Izayoi’s fate: Since it’s also been confirmed that he died, what hasn’t been confirmed is how he died. Since we saw him laying down on the rubble and stabbed with the dagger knife, it’s been thought that he was murdered by someone, but after further inspection, some noticed that Izayoi had some sort of powder on his face (thanks to Kirigiri) and upon looking at his face he had a purple looking smudge on his left side. What I’m trying to say is that he died by breaking his NG code. In other words poisoned. It would make sense, because in the picture above, he is walking to the left, and if we to go by the theory that everyone who’s walking to the left will die of poison or breaks the rule. They will share the same fate as Bandai. But since this is pure speculation and hasn’t been confirmed yet, I can’t say I’m 100% right.

Tengan’s fate: As we had seen in episode 5, he was killed by Munakata and even knew who the attacker was, so since the original theory that everyone though that he was the traitor/attacker was proven false after Tengan confirmed himself that he’s not apart of the Remnant of Despairs. Though what I do think about that “showing his back to us” means that he was killed in a different way and was witnessed how he died by someone and/or witnessed the crime of the attacker. It would make sense, because we saw him die right in front of us, unlike Seiko, GG, Chisa.

So far, I explained everyone’s sad fate, and so far it connects to the picture above.

Now, I will speculate to how the rest of Future Arc will play out.

I will say right now who’s gonna survive the killing game.

As far as I’m concerned the people who will survive are Ruruka, Makoto and possibly even Ryota, because so far they are alive and if going by the theory of the people who walk towards us, means they are gonna live.

Now about Kirigiri and Munakata, if you can see in the picture they are also walking towards us, but what you don’t see is that some people change their direction while they are walking. Those people are: Munakata, Kirigiri and Bandai. 

That’s right, only those three change direction.

It only happens midway, but in the beginning they are walking to the right, only to change direction and face us, like Makoto, Ryota and Ruruka. (Mind you, those 3 only walk in only one direction, as I have said previously.)

Now what does this mean? 

Well, what I think is gonna happen is that, maybe both Kirigiri and Munakata are gonna face a death or life situation, and are supposed to die, but they somehow avoid their death. After Episode 7, Monaca said that one of the 78th class will die, and at the end of Episode 7 it was insinuating that Kirigiri was in danger and Munakata is going after her or something. (It could mean that Naegi’s nightmare is a foreshadowing to what’s gonna come, where he dreamed about Kirigiri being killed by Munakata.)  But if Kirigiri’s going to avoid her fate of being the one killed from the 78th class, who’s gonna die then? Well, I’m pretty sure you have figured it out already, but…

Asahina’s fate: The one who’s gonna get killed (most likely and I do not want to believe this myself) is Asahina. In both of the pictures she was walking to the right, like Seiko, GG and Chisa. At first after Asahina was shown alive in episode 3, I thought that this theory was just a coincidence and didn’t mean anything, so I dismissed it, but after Monaca said that one (or more) of the 78th class will die and that it will be Makoto’s fault, I think it’s trying to say that Asahina will die (for real) by the attacker. So far, Asahina’s is the only one with Makoto right now, and I got the feeling it won’t end well for Asahina.

Now about Bandai changing his direction.

It only happens for a second, but right before everyone goes to sleep, Bandai is seen facing his back to us, like Tengan. Now, I have no idea why this happens, but my thinking is the same what I think happened to Tengan. Bandai was witnessed by everyone how he got killed. No one else is facing their backs, so I’m guessing this means that they will stop showing us deaths on screen. Izayoi did not show his back in the end or anything. He was just going left, since he was killed off-screen, like Seiko, GG and Chisa, I think this connects.

Anyway, now that explained, what about the futures of the other characters. I’m talking about Gekkobot, Juzo and Kizakura.

All of them are going on their directions, so what will happen?

Juzo’s fate: He is walking left, which would mean he is going to die by breaking his NG code and get poisoned. What I think will happen is that he will get desperate and will punch someone. That someone could very be Munakata, because of his character development, but since he’s also not showing his back, like Izayoi, he could potentially die off-screen and/or die alone with no one to witness his death. That’s the vibe I’m getting.

Kizakura’s fate: Not much can be said about Kizakura, other than he’s walking to the right, like GG, Chisa, Seiko, Asahina and at the beginning Munakata and Kirigiri. What I think will happen is that Kizakura will sacrifice himself for Kirigiri as seeing he is with Kirigiri so far and I feel like this could mean that Kirigiri is gonna split up with Ruruka and Ryota, with those 2 avoiding the danger. But that is too iffy to me, so I can’t really tell.

And last but not least, Gekkobot, since she was facing us the whole time, I think it’s fair to say that she’s not going to get “killed” or destroyed in this case. Since she’s now under control of Komaru and Fukawa, it could mean that they could protect Naegi and Asahina as well.

And that’s about sums it up. It could still very be meaningless and all this time it’s been misdirecting us, but who knows. If this is how Future is gonna end, then I’m gonna be okay with it. (Beside Asahina dying for real this time, I don’t think I can handle her dying again.)

Thanks for reading. :)


Attention Digi-Destined!  For the 20th anniversary of the Digimon franchise, Digimonstory Cybersleuth: Hacker’s Memory will feature the Legend-Arms Digimon Zubamon as a new playable character!  Zubamon is capable of transforming his arms into multiple weapons to slice and dice his foes!

Plus, players can also jump into the new Domination Battle mode, where you direct team members to defeat hackers in an all new strategy battle! Check out these screenshots and let us know what you think! 

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom just hatched matching Tamagotchis
'90s co-parenting goals.
By Neha Prakash

Tonight at the Met Gala, an annual star-studded fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom wore matching Tamagotchi’s!

The theme of the gala this year was technology, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom went retro by rocking original white Tamagotchi P1′s from 1996. We love the look and think this was a super cute idea! What do you think?