what was I THINKING

Idk about you, but I think Hux has absolutely no concept of leisure time or spontaneity. He´s obsessed with timetabels and has his day structured to the last second. So when Kylo wants sexytime he´ll be like: “Didn´t you get my updated schedule? I´ve made time for you next thuesday between 1700 and 1730, if our supply from Ban-Satir II arrives on time (edit: it never does)”

Lucy: Natsu, you are so dead for making me worry like that!!
Natsu: I’m dead? You’re dead
Lucy: What for?
Natsu: No, like you’re dead
Lucy: No I’m not…?
Natsu: But….????
Gray: You gonna fight me or not
Natsu: Shut up dude, let me get through my confusion
Juvia: Gray-Sama!!!
Gray: Juvia?? But, you’re dead!
Juvia: Juvia is not dead…?
Lucy: …And here we go again

  • me: *stays inside reading CLAMP manga for days*
  • me: *goes to work*
  • co-worker: hey how are you whatchu been doin with your time
  • me: *sprinkles sakura blossoms, feathers, etc., stares wistfully into space* time...is not that which we know...but merely that which we seek...to know...for the sake of...that person...
We both fell for each other, but now I’m the one falling apart. I want you, but you want her.
—  10:07pm// journal entry #13