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Hermione, Showing Draco How To Text
  • Hermione:
  • Draco: 3>
  • Draco: Wait how do I turn the 3
  • Hermione: ... Um...
  • Hermione: < + 3 = ♥
  • Draco: Oh nvm, I got it
  • Draco: Ɛ>
  • Hermione: Wait what the hell

Monster Falls has captured my heart and run away with it. Have some Deer!Dippers.

Also I should note because I am a biology nerd: Deer!Dip would probably be based off of mule deer colors/antlers, if he was ever a deer long enough to have full-grown antlers. No White-tails live in CA/OR, but Mule deer are abundant.

Also, fun fact: Mule deer “stot” to show off fitness or prowess or to just show off to a predator that they’re to weak to catch them. I like to think that Deer!Dipper probably enjoys stotting a lot once he grows accustomed to it and  sees that being half-deer is pretty badass actually.

oikawa making kags smile ft my headcanon that oikawa wears crop tops and that kageyama actually has a sense of style. bc i am oikage trash this distracted me from my commission and took up way too much time to be a simple warm up




I’m just so happy y'all Jinhoo is coming to bless American soil with his best look im cryin so ugly rn Niel tysm ;uuuuu;

EDIT: lol nvm…
Texting Tom (Holland): POC Actress

This is a little short I literally came up with. For those who requested stuff, I’m working on it lol! Some stuff just comes to my head more quicker bt don’t worry I gotchu!

Reader is in NY and Tom is in LA. They text, and yeah. I don’t have the energy to do that fake iPhone thing, so I’m just going to make reader in italics and Tom in bold!

Warnings: Cursing, extra fluffly couples, sexting and unwanted dick pics (No I will not be posting a real dick lmao)

Tom is in bold and Reader is in italics. 

Good morning love. I know it’s 4:30 in NY but I miss you and can’t wait to see you again. Love you. ❤

I’m trying to sleep! Love you too, though.


Don’t make that face! You know how I get when my beauty rest is interrupted 😴

I’d hardly call it beauty but text me when you wake up.

10:30 (Where Reader is and 7:30 where Tom is)

Did you just call me ugly, Thomas?


Refer to your last text…

Oh haha, I love you 😀

I’m rolling my eyes at you! So what are you doing rn?

Thinking about you…always

I’m blushing. So I just found $10 on the street! YAAAAYYYY!

I’ve never seen a rich person so excited about $10…

I’m not rich. But what can I say? I’m an enthusiastic person! So what should I do with it?

Put it towards our future children's trust fund. 



HA! You should be a comedian, like your father. 

Rude…I gotta go. I’ll text you later love!

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The Durin’s Try Flirting

Fili to his One: It’s destiny that we met.
Kili to Tauriel: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Bilbo, Fili, Kili, and Tauriel:
the Dwarves:
Smaug’s corpse: …
Dale: …
Mirkwood: …
Everybody: WTF THORIN

has this been done yet?

insp: (x)
(IDK where the original audio came from.)

GOT7ing: Heal-ing Highlights

- got7 casually swordfighting with pool noodles ft. ppl running a marathon behind them

- markson having a duel with their “noodles” ;)

- jb dribbling a basketball on the fucking GRASS damn who knew that was even possible

- captions: “GOT7 remains doing their thing” nice, very good yes keep doing the thing

- queen junior sitting on his own picnic blanket with a lil grass moat separating him from peasant6

- why does jb look like he’s drinking out of a play doh container

- “aww junior is folding the picnic blankets what a good mom–wait nvm i take it back”

- “lmao yeah jacksons gonna pull out a heart agai–THAT IS NOT A HEART”

- js: *proceeds to wave the not-a-heart in front of the camera for 30 seconds* jackson stop there are children behind you

- always full of surprises jesus damn you guys are just killing me today

- youngjae: *holds starbucks while swordfighting* mokpo style


- princess mark dabbing (i can never look at this word the same way again) his mouth gracefully with a tissue

- mom + dad taking a nap on their picnic blankets while their 4 screaming kids play in the back 

- bambam: *flips the bird twice* ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

- *mark + js whipping their “noodles” wildly at each other* me: guys can we keep this pg please

- “YEAH I WANT BASKETBALL MAN” forreals tho a got7ing ep isnt a got7ing ep without some youngrish

- jb: [starts randomly breakdancing on the grass] boi y u always gotta be so extra

- the k-trio vs. amerithaikong ft. referee youngjae & junior transforming into david beckham

- [jr hits the cameraman] “are you ok?” bambam: “is the camera ok” BOI 

- someone pls take the ball away from junior he is murdering his children

- junior: *kicks ball into bambams face* aw bby are you ok are you-*ball comes over* MOVE BITCH MOMMAS GOT A GAME TO PLAY

Take off his bandage dramatically. Not even bother to test moving his finger.

Slowly pulling out the sword (made by Ikoma).

Chill guys, you’re not doing mirror match - -’’

Kurusu: See? I’m faster!
Ikoma : Fuck, your sword weight like less than half of my gun -*-. 



This looks like he’s 100% acting on his reflex now. (I bet he must have been cursing his muscle memory when he breaks his sword trying to stab Zombie’s heart)

Acts cool…

Forget that, I’m at war.

THIS IS TOTAL UNNECESSARY! Even Ikoma couldn’t help but rushed to his side.

Ikoma: What was that pose?
Kurusu: nvm I just waiting for you to enter camera.

Kurusu: Or we won’t get this perfect shot
Ikoma: I see…

The good guy always follows his bro.

I’m dying, no complain.

The struggles of Starlights

Ken stans: “aww hes so cute!..wait..hot? no…cute?”

Hyuk stans: “what a cute kid!..nvm hes a man? nope hes satan”


Ravi stans: “Man, hes kinda cool. *ravi acts swaggy* ehh..cool?”

Hongbin stans: “WHY SO PRETTY??more than me?? ABS AND DIMPLES NO”

Leo stans: “*Leo does anything* OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE /dies 10 times a day”