what vegans make

hey? friendly reminder that it’s better to go 90%, 80%, or even like 50% vegan than to not try at all? (besides, no one can be truly 100% vegan, and we know that)

i’d infinitely rather talk to a vegetarian who has attempted going vegan, than a carnist who has never done any self reflection in their lifetime

pretty much all vegans will acknowledge that not everyone can go all or even most of the way vegan, but reducing some harm is better than turning a blind eye and not even trying

lifeandthoughtsandtravel  asked:

I know that you are a reptile tumblr but I was wondering if you knew if it were healthy for dogs to be vegans? I'm just curious because of some vegans that have animals and they make them vegans... is it harmful towards the animal or is it completely safe? thank you :)

It’s an absolutely horrible idea. Dogs cannot be vegans and thrive. They’re not vegetarians and they’re not even really omnivores in the same way we are- while dogs will eat everything we do (and more), feeding them a vegan diet is terrible for their health. A lot of vegans who make this decision will blather on about supplements in the vegan food or about how you can make artificial amino acids or how dogs can survive on it so therefore it’s safe, but dogs can also survive eating Ol’ Roy, the worst dog food in the world. Surviving isn’t the same thing as thriving! A dog’s biological structure means that eating plants and only plants isn’t going to work well in the long run- so let’s look at some of the reasons why dogs need to be fed a diet based in animal protein. 

1. The canine digestive tract is not good at digesting plant matter.

Plant matter is really tough to break down! Meat, on the other hand, digests quickly. Carnivores and herbivores have differently structured digestive tracts that work with their diets. Let’s look at a rabbit’s digestive tract and a dog’s.

See how a rabbit has a functional cecum, while the dog’s is just a little snub of a thing? The cecum is an organ that plays a really important role in non-ruminant herbivore digestion. It’s a large pouch where cellulose and tough fibers in plant-based food get broken down. Dogs, like humans, don’t have one that’s functional for digestion. 

In addition, herbivores like rabbits have very long, complicated digestive tracts. Their food sits in there and breaks down over a long period of time. An average adult rabbit (with a body of about 40 centimeters long, we’re not talking the giant breeds or the dwarf breeds here) has about three meters of small intestine. In American units, that’s a 15 inch animal with almost 10 feet of intestines. A dog, on the other hand, has a small intestine that’s about two and a half times the length of its body- so for instance, a dog that’s two feet long would have about five feet of small intestine. There’s neither enough time nor space in the canine alimentary canal for dogs to fully extract the nutrients they need to survive. 

2. Dog drool doesn’t have amylase.

Amylase an enzyme that converts plant starch and glycogen into simple sugars. Herbivores and omnivores typically have amylase in the saliva, which starts to break down those starches immediately. This means by the time the starches hit the intestine, they’ve already started to convert into something that’s actually useful. Dogs, however, only produce it in the pancreas. There’s no salivary amylase in dogs or any other carnivore. This means that digesting plants and converting their energy into something that’s actually useful is really inefficient for dogs; they can only get something like half of the energy and nutrients they’d get from a comparable amount of meat. It also means that to digest plant material, dogs’ pancreases have to go into overtime to make enough amylase, which can lead to severe pancreatic strain.

3. Dogs can’t digest cellulose.

While the dog pancreas makes amylase, something it doesn’t make is cellulase. Granted, herbivores don’t make it either- in fact, very few animals do. Termites are one of the only animals that make their own cellulase. Herbivore digestive tracts have a reservoir of symbiotic bacteria that produce plenty of cellulase. We’ve actually talked about it- it’s what goes on in the cecum! The bacteria in carnivore ceca, however, is linked to the lymphatic system, not the digestive system. 

There’s also the issue of their teeth not being adapted for a plant-based diet or even the way they eat being good at taking in plants- but the same is true for anything that’s not animal carcasses, including kibble and wet dog food. That’s just evidence that defines them as opportunistic carnivores; what makes a vegan diet so bad for dogs is their digestive biology.

There is one exception to this rule, and that is when a vet prescribes a vegan diet for an animal with significant food allergies or other dietary issues. This is not something vets do unless it’s the best course of treatment for the animal. 

Veganism isn’t the same thing as being an herbivore. Herbivores don’t have a choice; their bodies aren’t built for eating meat. While they might take in animal protein on occasion (deer, for instance, will eat birds sometimes), their teeth, their digestive systems, and their metabolisms all work together to make eating plants the best way for them to survive. A rabbit’s not a vegan- it’s an herbivore. Only humans can be vegans. To be a vegan is to make a choice; it’s to evaluate your place in the world around you and to renegotiate your relationship with all sorts of things- your own body, the food industry, the people around you, and of course the animals you don’t eat. Responsible vegans understand that humans can thrive on an all-vegetable diet; they know that we evolved to be really, really flexible when it comes to the source of our nutrition. While humans are biologically omnivores, we can make that choice.

A dog can’t, and it’s not humanity’s place to force that on them. There are some pets that thrive on an all-vegetable diet. Rabbits, tortoises, finches, hamsters, snails- but not dogs. 

If you’d like more information, this is a fantastic write-up, complete with sources! This is a good, short article written by a vet. This is a blog post that talks about some of the other nutritional deficiencies, particularly involving D3. This is another great writeup with diagrams!

The Best Vegan Mac and Cheese (v/gf/nut-free/soy-free)

That’s right - a vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free mac and cheese that is the absolute best that I’ve ever had. I made this for Christmas Eve, and my whole extended, non-vegan family loved it. This is a biiiiiig batch that makes about 2 party sized trays, so definitely half this recipe if you are making it for a dinner-casserole size. I was going to do this recipe again in a smaller batch and post it another time, but I just had to share it with you all. I hope you really give it a try! I’ve done mac and cheese in the past with a roux and daiya, and I’ve seen it before done with potatoes, carrots, and cashews… So I thought I would combine the roux method and with potatoes and carrots to make this incredibly creamy, deceptively vegan, mac and cheese. Next time I do this, I’m going to find a way to not use onion powder and garlic to make it fodmap-friendly. 

Remember, this makes two large casseroles - cut this recipe in half if you are making it for an average dinner

- 1 900g bag of macaroni (use gf if needed)
- 4 tbsp olive oil
- 4 tbsp All-Purpose flour (use gf if needed)
- 1 946ml box of original rice milk (or use any unsweetened plant-based milk)
- 1 cup of diced carrots (boiled til soft)
- 2 ½ cups of diced white or yellow potatoes (peeled, and boiled til soft)
- 2 cloves finely minced garlic
- ½ tbsp onion powder
- 1 cup nutritional yeast
- salt and pepper to taste (maybe ½ tbsp each)
- bread crumbs and vegan cheese shreds for baking (optional)

1) Prepare your noodles according to the package instructions, set aside until needed
2) In a large sauce pan on medium heat, add oil and flour and whisk until smooth. Add half of your rice milk. Increase heat to medium high and continue to whisk until smooth. Add the garlic, and remove from heat.
3) In a food processor or blender, blend the carrots and potatoes with some rice milk until smooth. You don’t have to be too precise with the rice milk because it will all end up going in the sauce.
4) Put add the blended veggies into the sauce pan, and return to medium heat. Add salt, pepper, onion powder and nutritional yeast. Also add any remaining rice milk. Continue cooking until fully warm. If it is looking too thick, you can add about ¼-½ cup of water to thin. At this point, you can add in your noodles and mix. Serve warm.
5) If you wish to bake your mac and cheese, add the pasta to a lightly greased casserole dish, sprinkle with bread crumbs and vegan cheese (if using), and bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes, until the edges are brown and the bread crumbs are toasted. 
6) ENJOY!!

All of this food for a little over 56 dollars. If I take out the 4 meat substitutes, it would be even cheaper! Veganism doesn’t have to be expensive, but of course if all you buy is convenience food, the price can stack up quick.

Let’s start sharing our groceries and prices to not only show being vegan can be affordable and cheap, but also give some ideas on what to make!

Vegan Gains: Meat eaters are so disgusting, they are contributing to the torture and holocaust of millions of animals!! How can you all be so heartless!!?!?!?

Vegan Gains: *films his grandfather having a heart attack and dying then wanted to upload it to youtube to push his agenda. Comes back from grandfather’s funeral and makes a video complaining that his family wouldn’t let him upload the video to youtube and then whines about how his family eats meat which is somehow worse than degrading his freshly dead grandfather online. Implies that his grandfather died solely because he was a meat eater.*

Vegan Gains: *Mocks a recovering anorexic man who got testicular cancer. Blames the fact that he ate meat. Says the man likes animal abuse because the man wears an anti-PETA shirt*

Vegan Gains: *victim blames the same man again after they found more cancer*
“I was right! He got cancer again. awww so sad :( And before you call me a sociopath, how about you consider that he makes fun of (PETA) ‘the suffering and death of millions of animals on a daily basis.’ So I don’t see why I should make a joke about his suffering and death. So who would like a “hahaha you’re gonna die of cancer tee-shirt” and now it looks like he’s gonna die of cancer and if you ask me he’s getting exactly what he deserves"

Vegan Gains: *Makes (satire???) video about how to kill humans. Comes off like a creepy, repressed murder fantasy and (unintentionally??) makes death threats to viewers*

Vegan Gains: *Mocks youtuber for her eating habits after she made a video talking about how her boyfriend recently committed suicide; implies he killed himself because she was fat.*
“The only people who finds [fat] attractive have fucking mental problems and you know it! So you know what? I want you to keep eating the exact same way you’re eating now- tons of meat, dairy, eggs and processed food. Get even fatter. Live a sad pathetic life of denial and misery, and then die young of a heart attack or stroke because that’s all a FAT PATHETIC LIAR LIKE YOU DESERVES!“

Vegan Gains: “I’ll be dead fucking serious- I’m a sadist. I like to hurt people. When I just beat the everloving shit out of somebody, I just get a warm tingly feeling inside like i’m being loved.”

Vegan Gains: "I fucking hate children. They literally make me sick. When I see babies in a commercial I literally gag and almost throw up and I have to look away and mute it. And when I see babies in a stroller, especially when they’re crying, I wanna put my foot through the fucking thing and step on it until its nothing but blood and pulp on the fucking pavement!!!!!”

Vegan Gains: "Most women only want to have children so they don’t have to work and so that they can be taken care of. Women also use children to control and manipulate you from leaving an unloving abusive relationship or to steal money from you after you break up. And I don’t give a fuck what you say ‘oh I love my man I just want to have babies with him’ Its. fucking. bullshit. Women trick men into having kids so that they don’t have to work and when the kid is 5 or 6 years old and it doesn’t make anymore sense for women to be stay at home moms and the time comes for women to get a fucking job, they try to trick men into having more children so that they can keep getting taken care of. And if they don’t get what they want, they’ll just break up with you and steal money from you until the kid is 18 and the threat of that happening is enough to trap men into these horrible fucking relationships.”

Vegan Gains: "I never said I liked people. I hate people. Some people say they hate people, but I really, really hate people. If I don’t have to work during the day, I try to stay up all night and work out, get everything done then, and sleep all day so I don’t have to interact with anyone.”

Vegan Gains: "I could admit that I fucking hate kids and that I just want to fucking stab people and turns out she’s a lot like me. She hates kids too and she has violent angry thoughts towards people and she’s a misanthrope and turns out she just really complimented me well” (she later dumps his crazy ass)

Vegan Gains: "Repzion’s a little fucking bitch. I fucking hate this bitch. Like I usually don’t have a huge issue with people I make videos about but yeah, if I had the opportunity, I’d kill him. Slit his fucking throat with this knife. Really like to use this knife on him. Like he really does deserve to die. He calls me a sociopath, I mean, he’s just a piece of shit, I don’t know if he’s a sociopath or not. He’s just a turd who should just be killed. Like, he’s such a smug little bitch, i’d love to just slide a knife through his throat and watch him just look all scared when he’s just dying.”

Vegan Gains: “People need to be forced into veganism, because everyone just acts like a stupid, ignorant, apathetic, greedy child!”

Vegan Gains: It was just a joke!! I was being satire!!! I’m not hypocritical or a sociopath, YOU ARE!!!

*has 206,000 youtube subscribers* 

If these are the type of people representing veganism, why y’all wonder why nobody takes vegans seriously anymore??



MASSIVE stuffed sweet potatoes!!! JUST LOOK HOW THICK THIS IS😍😍
For real this potato was almost the size of my head!!

This was my first time making any sort of stuffed potato and LET ME JUST SAY I THINK I SUCCEEDED. It was SO GOOOOD I can’t get over it🙆🏼

You NEED to try these ASAP!!! 💕🌱🍠

@ people who are iron deficient

Turmeric is awesome for iron intake, one tablespoon has at least 15% of your daily iron. I easily passed my daily needed levels by adding 7 tablespoons into my tofu scramble (you don’t need that much but just showing how I don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day!)

Tofu is also really good, half a block of tofu will give you 25% of your daily iron and calcium.

A large flour tortilla has at least 15% of your daily iron (apparently it can be more than that )

So, if you were to make a serving of tofu scramble and roll it into a burrito, you can easily meet your daily iron intake and not worry about it for the rest of that day.

If you make a big serving of tofu scramble you can also save leftovers for another day for a really quick and nutritious meal.

Truth Or Dare? - Oli Sykes

** WARNING: Smut ahead! **

I’ve been friends with Matt for years, and this year, he invited me to go on tour with his band, Bring Me The Horizon. I’d met Oli, the lead vocalist a few times, and I’ve met one of their guitarists once, but I’ve been kind of distant from the rest of the band besides Matt. I’ve listened to their music quite a bit, and I wouldn’t lie and say that I don’t like it.
This is their 3rd day touring on this tour, and obviously, my 3rd day on the bus with the guys. Things were a little awkward on the first day, but on the 2nd day, I got to know all of the guys better and I got very comfortable around them.
While they were out performing in the venue, I stayed back in the bus, mainly because I’d had a horrible headache. I only wore a black lace bra and panty set as I walked to the fridge to get a bottle of water. I couldn’t stand this headache any longer. I looked through the drawers on the bus, looking for ibuprofen pills, but I couldn’t find any. It was nearing 10:30pm and I knew the guys would be back soon. I truly didn’t care if they saw me, half exposed. I just wanted to get rid of this headache.
I searched through my bag, thinking that I had brought a bottle of pills. “Oh!, finally!” I exclaimed when I found the bottle of Advil pills. I swallowed down 2 of them. I was feeling tired, but I knew I wouldn’t sleep, especially after the guys came back. I searched through Matt’s bag, and grabbed one of his Drop Dead sleeveless t-shirts. Yes, I knew DD was Oli’s line, and honestly, I didn’t know why I hadn’t bought clothes from there yet. I grabbed my MacBook and sat down on the front lounge couch. I went to the Drop Dead website, and well, let’s just say that I ended up spending over £300. I decided that I wouldn’t buy the clothes yet, until the end of this tour, so I just favorited the site, and moved on to scroll through Tumblr.
Around 10:45, I heard fans screaming outside the bus. I only smiled, knowing that the guys were outside. I’d had the heat on in the bus, and I rolled up the shirt to where it stopped at my breasts, because I’d gotten hot and I didn’t feel like turning the heat down.
As soon as the guys came into the bus, they all looked at me with wide eyes. I closed my MacBook, and looked at them, confused. “What’s wrong?” I asked, before getting up and walking to my bunk to put my laptop away. I felt them watching me, then heard them mumbling to each other. Once I’d gotten up, I cooled down a bit, so as I was walking down the hall through the bunks and just as I was walking into the lounge, I put the shirt back down. Matt stepped forward, “Is that my new Sega Drop Dead shirt?” He asked, sounding aggravated. He was like a brother to me, I knew he couldn’t stay mad. I shrugged, then looking down at it. “I guess it is.” I said, a cheeky grin pulling on my lips as I looked back at him. He groaned, then rolled his eyes. “At least put some pants on, I can’t have my best friends staring at your ass.” He said, then plopped down on the couch in the spot that I was sitting in before. “Hey!, I was sitting there!” I got onto him, going over to him, and slapping his arm. He cringed, and grabbed his arm, then started laughing as he scooted over onto another part of the couch. “Fine, I’ll put on some fucking pants. But I don’t want to!” I said, turning around, and just to get their attention, and to make Matt mad, I put my hands on my ass, then squeezed it a little.
After going to my bunk and putting on a pair of really short jean shorts, I walked back to the lounge. The guys were talking, but I barely paid it attention. I put my hands on my hips and faced Matt, “Is this better for you?” I asked, a bit upset as I twirled in a circle to show him that I was covered up. “Barely.” He mumbled. I just rolled my eyes, and sat down back in my spot on the couch, that I had made Matt move from. I saw Oli staring at me, but as soon as I looked up into his eyes, he looked away from me quickly, a soft blush coming to his cheeks.
After the guys stopped talking, and me sitting there awkwardly, listening to their conversations, things turned silent for a minute or two. I saw Vegan, the other Matt, looking like he was thinking about something, maybe considering something. “What’s up, Vegan?” I asked him. He looked to me, shrugged, “We should all play Truth or Dare.” He suggested, not only talking to me, but all of the guys also. “Yeah, we’ve never played with a girl on the bus before.” Oli joked, then laughed a bit, and he earned a glare from Matt. I caught him, and playfully hit his hand, “Oh, relax. You try to protect me like you’re my father.” I said to him, feeling annoyed with Matt. “Close enough.” He mumbled. I just ignored him to keep from going off on him, and smiled at Vegan and Oli. “I’m up for it.” I said, then looking at Lee, Jordan, and Slim. They all nodded and agreed, and so, we started playing. “You first, Vegan.” I said to him, smiling. He looked around, then smiled at Matt. “Matt, truth or dare?” I knew asking truth or dare with Matt was never fun because he’d always pick truth. “Dare.” He said, smiling. I was quite shocked, and I was impatiently waiting for what Vegan would make him do. “I dare you to… Take (Y/N)’s shirt off.” Vegan said to Matt, and a smirk pulled on my lips, but Matt..his eyes went wide. “Well, it is your shirt, isn’t it?” Vegan asked Matt. Then, Matt sighed, and I stood up. He looked up at me with pleading eyes, but I only smirked and shrugged. Matt stood up also, then grabbed the bottom of the shirt, and slowly lifted it, over my breasts, then as I put my arms up, he slid it off of my body. Then, I began to shake and grind my hips, “Ooww!” I screamed, then giggled as Matt’s face went bright red. I softly hit his chest before he sat back down, laying his shirt next to him. I sat down next to him, and waited for him to speak up. I already knew that this Truth Or Dare game would be so much fun.
“Uh… Slim, truth or dare?” Matt asked Slim. A concentrated look and a smirk came to Slim’s face, and he hesitated, before he said, “Truth.” I booed at him, and he just shrugged, chuckling. After Matt asked Slim a question, and Slim’s answer was no, he smirked, then asked, “(Y/N). Truth…or dare?” I smirked also, and crossed my legs, then crossed my arms over my chest. “Dare.” I spoke, my voice slightly smug. “I dare you to take your shorts off…seductively.” He dared me, smirking. The others laughed, except Matt, and I saw Oli give Slim a certain look. I stood up, but said, “C’mon guys, this isn’t a game of ‘Let’s get (Y/N) naked.’” But, I went along with the dare anyway, giving them a bit of a strip tease and a little movement in my hips as I discarded my shorts from my body.
Other truths and other dares were played, and our game was coming to an end. “Oli..truth or dare?” Jordan asked Oli. Oli smiled softly, “Dare.” “Okay, I dare you to kiss (Y/N).” Jordan said, quite smugly. I was a bit shocked, but I couldn’t deny that Oli is hot and I wouldn’t mind kissing him. “What..kind of kiss?” I asked Jordan. He smirked, “A passionate, at least 5 seconds long, kiss.” He told me, smirking. I stood up, “You think that I won’t do it,” I said before Oli stood up also. I then took Oli’s shirt and pulled him closer, still looking at Jordan, “But, you are wrong.” I told him, before facing Oli. I wrapped my arms around his neck and his hands softly laid on my hips. I then pressed my lips to his, and we kissed. His lips were soft and his hands on my hips brought butterflies into my stomach. I couldn’t deny that he was a great kisser, and a part of me didn’t want it to end, but it did, after 8 seconds. After we pulled away, I stared at Oli for a moment, before we both pulled away, and I sat back down. I could feel myself blushing, as my face was hot, and I just knew that it was as red as a tomato. “Well, that ends the game.” Vegan said, as all 6 of the guys were staring at me. I just laughed and got up, heading to my bunk. As I was pulling on an Of Mice & Men t-shirt, Jordan said, “(Y/N), you know that Oli would fuck you if you let him.” I was quite shocked, but at the same time, my heart fluttered and my stomach turned. I simply could not deny that, well, I would let him fuck me, and I would love it. I just laughed and shook my head as I walked back to my seat. “Yeah, definitely.” Oli spoke up, his voice lacking confidence but a cheeky smile was plastered on his face and his cheeks were as red as mine were before. I only smiled at Oli, and I picked up my phone. I stared at the picture of Matt and I as my phone wallpaper, before looking up to the time, then laying my phone back down.
“Matt?” I asked, looking over to him.
“Yeah?” He asked, his eyes not moving from staring at the wall.
I began to laugh, before asking, “You remember that time in sophomore year when we smashed all of the jocks’ lockers in the guys locker room after midnight?” I began to laugh again. It was a wonderful memory. He began to laugh hysterically, and what was so funny wasn’t just smashing the lockers, but it was that, that night, I gave my virginity to him. “Yeah, and we went back to your place, and that was when your dad and Miranda, were in like..Baltimore, right?” He said, laughing a bit. I nodded, laughing also, but thoughts of my step-mom, Miranda, brought back bad memories. “Oh, and that night we broke into 7 houses in one night, and playing pranks on the popular kids?” I asked. He laughed and nodded, “That was the best! Dude, I wonder if Nathan ever grew his eyebrows back.” He laughed, looking at me. I couldn’t help but to burst out into hysterical laughing. “And when we got caught smoking weed under the bleachers? We never got in trouble for that.” Matt laughed. I nodded, “We were so bad. We were like the ones caught up in the druggies, then we were with the emo kids for a while.” I told the other guys, laughing a bit. “But, we both moved back to the UK in late junior year.” Matt said, and I nodded my head. “Wait, why did you two always move together?” Lee asked. I sighed a little bit, before explaining, “My mom and dad got divorced when I was 13, then my dad re-married his ex-wife, Miranda. Matt and my step-brother are cousins.” I told them. Lee looked confused, as well as a few of the other guys, but I just shrugged, “It’s complicated,” I said, “but, Matt and I were already best friends before my parents split, so it was kind of nice.” I told them, smiling a little at Matt. “So, basically, you lost your virginity to your step-cousin?” Jordan asked, laughing. My face turned bright red. He was the only one in BMTH besides Matt that knew that. “Uh..yeah.” I mumbled, and Matt chuckled, but he was also blushing.

After staying up for 2 more hours, talking, I was tired and ready to go to sleep. I stood up, stretched, causing my shirt to rise up a bit, and yawned. “Well, guys, I’m going to bed. Tired.” I told them, before giving Matt a hug, then walking towards my bunk. I quickly took my t-shirt off and threw it back in my bag. After climbing up into my bunk and after the guys said their goodnight’s to me, I said, “Goodnight guys.” I smiled as I closed the curtain, then cuddled up into my blankets.

“(Y/N)… Wake up,” I heard a voice telling me as I was being shaken awake. I woke up quickly, and opened my eyes, to see that it was Oli waking me. “The guys are gone.” He told me after I looked at him. I was quite confused, and half asleep. “Okay?” I asked, my voice weak, and still confused. “We’re in the next state, and they went for breakfast, but I stayed back.” He told me. Instead of saying “ok” again, I asked, “What time is it?” “It’s like, 9 o’clock.” He said, glancing towards the front of the bus. I groaned. My usual time to wake up, is around 12. “It’s like, the middle of the night, go back to sleep.” I said, quite ill that he woke me up, and I turned on my side, with my back to him. I heard him sigh as I closed my eyes, and the next thing I knew, he was up in my bunk. I mentally groaned, wondering what the fuck he wanted. I flipped over on my back and glared at him, to see him sitting in my bunk, staring back at me. “What do you want, Oli?” I asked him, before briefly rubbing my eyes. “I wasn’t lying about last night, you know.” He told me. For a moment, I was confused, but then I realized he was talking about what Jordan said. The sound of Jordan’s voice played in my head, then the look on Oli’s face and his voice came into my head also. “Oooh, so, that’s what you want.” I said, laughing a bit. My eyes fell downward and, of course, there was a bulge in his sleep pants. I looked back up to his eyes, and a small smirk pulled on my lips. Slowly, I sat up, “You’re in luck this morning, Sykes, because you’re not the only one waking up horny.” I told him, before placing my right hand on his upper leg, and my left hand on his left shoulder. Within a second, my lips were on his, and he immediately kissed me back. He wrapped his left arm around my waist, and placed his right hand on my right hip, before softly laying me down once again, and leaning down to keep kissing me. But, that’s not how I like things to go. I pulled away from his lips, and smirked at his useless try at dominating me. He was confused, but, I spoke. “I guess you don’t understand how I do things, Oli.” I pushed him off of me, then switched our position to where he was laying down. Slowly, I straddled his waist, and leaned down to his face. A look of confusion, mixed with excitement and lust filled his sparkling caramel colored eyes. My eyes flicked from his eyes to his lips as I ghosted my lips over his. “The only few times I’ve let a guy dominate me from start to end..is when I lost my virginity, and the next couple times after that. Let me explain my game to you, Oliver,” I started, my lips brushing his at times while I talked in a soft tone, “I dominate you, until you can win dominance over me. And, trust me, sweetheart, it’s not easy. So… Good luck.” I said to him, before moving my lips to his once again, and we went straight into making out. His hands instantly placed on my hips and rubbed them, before rubbing his hands to my back, then my bum. His slightly calloused hands squeezed my ass, and I couldn’t stop the smirk that pulled on my lips while Oli and I kissed. I knew that Oli would take control of me earlier than I’d wanted, because for the past 3 days, I’ve been having a crush on him, and my heart steadily fluttered and pounded.
His big hands rubbed their way up my back as we still kissed, and he took the clasp of my bra in between his fingers, and quickly unclasped it, making the bra fall from my chest since it was strapless. I quickly grabbed my bra and threw it aside, before slowly rubbing my hands from his shoulders, down his chest, then down his torso before grabbing the hem of his shirt. We pulled away from each other’s lips briefly so I could take off his shirt, and as soon as I dropped it on the mattress next to us, his lips were back on mine and his tongue was back in my mouth. He’s such a great kisser, and I went weak. My hands made their way to the waistband of his pajama pants, and instead of taking them off of him or pulling them down, I rubbed my hands over the hardness in his boxers. He nearly gasped but instead, he moaned, loudly and had to pull away from my lips. I instantly knew that he was super sensitive down there, and I found myself getting even more turned on because I’ve never been with a guy this vocal. As I rubbed him, I could feel the outline of his dick, and holy fuck, he’s big. His breathing became unsteady and labored, “Don’t tease me..please..” He breathed, and that brought a smirk to my lips, but when I saw how his face was a bit flushed while I kept rubbing him, I felt a little bad for him. I love teasing guys, but this morning, I won’t tease Oli. I pulled my hand away, but quickly grabbed his pants and the elastic waistband of his boxers, and pulled both of them down and off of him. And as soon as I put his clothes aside, he had taken control over me and got me onto my back, and was straddling me while pinning my arms down. My breath also became unsteady and I looked up into his eyes, “Nice work, Sykes.” I told him, smirking. He made a weak smile, before putting my hands together and holding my wrists down with one hand, while his other hand quickly got me out of my panties. I watched as he laid my panties on top of our small pile of clothes. He swiftly grabbed my thighs and wrapped my legs around his waist, and I smirked as he leaned closer to me. Softly, his chest pressed against my own, and he had one hand rested on my shoulder while the other guided his rock-hard cock to my entrance in between my legs. I laid my hands on his back, and he stared into my eyes as he pushed into me slowly. He felt a lot bigger than any other that I’d taken before, and I couldn’t stop myself from closing my eyes and letting out a weak gasp. His other hand fell onto my hip after he started thrusting his hips into mine, and he bit onto his bottom lip to suppress moans. “Fuck, you feel so good.” He moaned/breathed, and I felt my stomach churn at just how sexy that was. I ground my hips up into his once or twice, and he let out an accidental whimper. “Fuck me, please.” I desperately begged of him, as I dug my nails into his shoulder blades. He groaned, and began to thrust into me harder, at a normal pace. I let my head fall back and rest on the pillow, and I felt his hand that was on my shoulder rub down my side. He then held my hips with both hands, and made harder and slightly faster thrusts. The pleasure was so much, better than any other that I’ve ever felt. “Ooh..” I moaned, then gasped as he changed angles and began to hit my g-spot with every thrust. I couldn’t stop myself from dragging my nails down his back, which made him groan in between moans. With him being so vocal, it turned me on all so much more, and I was loving it. I let out a small moan with every thrust, but I tried to silence them by biting my lip: which didn’t work.
As I looked up at him, I could see the sweat beading on his face, and I knew that the same thing was happening to me. “Ooh, fuck..Oli!” I moaned, then gasped his name as his thrust gained faster. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach, but I held it back. “Ugh.. I’m close.” Oli groaned, and I knew just what to do to bring him even closer as I nodded my head at him. I rolled my hips up into his slowly, and did it a few times, and each time, I watched the pleasured look on his face and listened to the soft moans he let out. I rolled my hips one last time, and his thrusts became sloppier and harder. My lips formed in an ‘o’ shape, and I could’ve sworn I saw stars. The pleasure was so high as I reached my high, “Fuck!, Oli!” I whimpered, as I clenched around him. Just as I did, he whined my name softly, then moaned as I felt him filling me up. Once he came down from his high with gentle thrusts, his body collapsed on top of mine. I laid my hands on his shoulder blades and rested my head back as I tried to catch my breath. He nuzzled his face into my neck, as his breathing was also unsteady and heavy. He even placed a few lazy and inconsistent kisses on my neck.
After catching our breaths and our heartbeats went back to normal, Oli pulled out slowly, then laid down next to me. My mind was still processing what had just happened, and the fact that he just gave me the best orgasm of my life. I turned my head to look at him, and I found that he was looking back at me. A weak smile pulled on his lips, and I couldn’t keep from smiling back. “How about you and I go out for dinner for the show tonight?” He asked hopefully, and I saw the light in his eyes. Just then, I heard the bus door open and heard voices filling the bus. I then smiled at Oli after glancing at the curtain covering the front of my bunk. “Yes, of course.”

A/N: Wow! That one was so long.. I hope you guys like it! I was rushing to write the end of it because today is Valentine’s day and I want to get you guys as many imagines as possible! Please send feedback :)

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