what us this bullshit

FAKE Bisexuals? Yes, its true.

There are fake bisexuals. 

Little known fact.

Up to 40% of self proclaimed “bisexuals” are actually just a swarm of bees in a trench coat desperately mimicking human form following a colony collapse. 

Be kind to them, they have lost their hive.

after all this, i just saw a really old white lady offering her seat on the bus to a middle eastern girl so she could sit next to her dad.
she kept gesturing and smiling because the kid evidently didn’t speak german, and it was the cutest thing ever.
we need to remember that all is not lost in the world.

Out of Spells

Our sorcerer ran out of spell slots while sieging the Earth Temple in PotA.

Sorcerer with French Accent: What, I can’t anything. Like its bullshit. Can I use mage hand to Anal Probe them or something?

Me: Ten pounds of force

DM: Umm, I guess. Roll a d20.

Sorcerer: 18?

DM: You make it, umm the enemy loses his concentration and is upset.

Everyone bursts out laughing! It’s been a running gag now, no more fireballs, just probing

  • McCree: Oh, what, Talon is giving us prisoners now? Dude, that sounds like bullshit, I smell a trap.

  • D.Va: Talon isn’t that smart.
McCree: Okay, normally I would agree with that, but this is the purple one, she’s pretty crafty. She’s a lot like me.
D.Va: Like you? Shit. Then do I have time to put in my earplugs and hide all our food?
McCree: Up yours, dickhead.
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You know what i love about part 2

Everyone is used to josephs bullshit except for stro, stro is the only one who actually takes him completely seriously, which makes sense the last time stro saw joseph was the fight with santana. And stro keeps this mentality up until kars becoming the perfect life form, WERE FUCKED, WERE DOOMED, b..but then, whats that?..


and look at that! Stroheims all ears! He trusts joseph, JOJO HAS TO HAVE A WAY TO DEFEAT THIS NOW GOD!!


Look at stro, hes so eager to hear what this plan is!


look at that chuckle, HIS PLAN MUST BE BRILLIANT IF HES ACTING SO CONFIDENT!!!……And then it happens…

this is the face of a man who just realized the person he put soo much faith in has the mentality of a child, and now might die because of it.

The bourgeois political apparatus wants people to “get out the vote”, is SUPER EXCITED about you voting, because it gives people the illusion that they have the power.

We don’t have the power in this system, though. Power rests in the hands of those who control the economy and the resources: the capitalists. You can’t expect a system that runs on class divisions in the most important aspect of social reproduction to be sufficiently democratic. Our working lives aren’t democratic – our working lives that reproduce society daily – so why should the political apparatus that maintains the working day be genuinely democratic??

I still recommend voting as a means to use what little bullshit power they present you with, but just realize that qualitative changes won’t happen until people start organizing outside the Democrats and outside the electoral system more broadly. Everyone in power has accepted that capitalism is the “end of history” and understands politics as merely managing economic crises when they happen, not as a means for people to proactively meet their needs and hold real political power.

We need a labor/socialist party ASAP. Pour class conscious sentiment into it and focus it primarily around grassroots activism and labor organization. A concentrated attack over the last several decades from the establishment has decimated the left’s popularity, but recent capitalist crisis and growing class consciousness is reversing the tides. For that reason, now, we need to take advantage and build a party for the working class and eventual socialism. Reforms are good, as they’ll show people what’s possible and what their mobilization yields, but eventually we need to accept that a social revolution will be necessary to fully unravel capitalism and replace it with a genuine people’s democracy.

Now is the time. Propagate, organize, agitate, revolutionize.

Mr. B, the Devil Himself

I need to talk to y'all about Mr. B, our fifth/sixth grade mathematics teacher. I was too scared of him to see how much of what he did was completely bullshit. He…

- Told us that if we didn’t make it to class in time twice, we would get detention. (Keep in mind our class was right after lunch, so we would have to sprint to our lockers from lunch, then all the way to the other side of the school. In 2 minutes.)

- Locked a student out and hid in the corner / shut off the lights until he went to the principals office, then unlocked the door and turned off the lights when he came back.

- Still claims that he locked him out for a “game.”

- For our unit on probability, our only assignment was to play the lottery or some sort of game for our grade. We gambled. For grades. My friend nearly failed his class because of this.

- Gave us homework and never checked it until the last day of the semester, right after he told us to clean out our notebooks and with no warning. It was a test grade.

- Only gave us 2 tests, 10 pages of notes, and 10 quizzes throughout the year. However we had 4 projects.

- Told us stories about how a man walked into his classroom with a gun when students were talking to scare us into silence.

We were TEN!

No matter what happens, no matter what bullshit they throw at us. SasuNaruSasu will always be the most beautiful, logical ship in the series. We have an entire series of proof and no canon can change that. Naruto and Sasuke will always be soulmates. Naruto will always be the sun to Sasuke’s moon. They’ll always be each other’s best friends. They’ll always be each other’s first kiss. Sasuke will always be an incredible character that suffered through terrible injustice (to say the least) that he didn’t deserve, who was misunderstood and demonized when all he wanted was justice, he will always be the “heroine” of the series, no matter how bad they try to make it someone else, no matter how hard some people try to call him a villain. Naruto will always be an incredible character who never gave up on Sasuke, even when everyone else did. The one who pushed through till he was able to understand him, till he felt and shared his pain. The one who smiled and dusted himself off when he failed and tried again. They’ll always, always have a connection that will undoubtedly last through millennia. Nothing can ever change that.

Keep your head high. Our ship and our boys are amazing.

The industrial revolution was the real downfall of mankind. Not to say that an old fashioned telephone and fridge wasn’t useful. But what about all that other bullshit the world started producing and advertising on TV how much you need all that stuff? It’s the wrong road, because human intelligence should be used to solve the problems of starvation and injustice, teaching people to get back to farming instead of moving to factories, teaching people to love and share instead of abuse and hate. Tell me one good reason why human intelligence cannot be used for good instead of evil, to save mother earth instead of destroying it.
—  Sereno Sky, author of “Lonely Traveller”

listen go watch dirk gently’s holistic detective agency it’s basically a modern steampunk surrealist time-travel detective mystery involving a corgi that everyone wants to have, a missing girl, two white dudes who are both dumbasses and a badass black woman, a crazy scientist from the 1800s, and a kitten that’s actually a weapon, and many more strange confusing things and it’s awesome and actually engaging for once and none of your faves die

i feel like there is a cutoff point where people no longer deserve respect. i don’t think respect is some inalienable right given to all. respect should be based on reciprocity and if someone doesn’t respect the very existence of others then no, they don’t deserve respect. that’s not to say that they can’t change and earn that respect back, but there are certain ideologies which don’t deserve respect and certainly not the people who hold them. wanting to ~respect~ everyone regardless of who they are is what gives us bullshit like a tiny handed tangerine for a president and fucking dickard the “dapper” neo-nazi. 

i believe the protection of minorities is more important than respecting the people who threaten them. always.

Honestly, I’m still mad that they’ve written Kira off the show. Like if you’re not able to keep including a character as interesting and cute as Kira in the story, you might as well stop writing at all.

Is this not their relationship, though?

Based on this :)

What I genuinely don’t get about this election is how POC could even THINK about voting for The Cheeto, let alone actually do it. I. Don’t. Get. It. I’m baffled. White people, I get. We’re fucking racist even if we did vote for Hillary. But Latinas? Black people? Asians? What. The. Actual. Fuck. Stupid. Fucking Stupid. Capital “S”. I’m struggling to remain civil to my Latina roomate who voted for him and uses bullshit excuses for it. Like, what the Fuck you Stupid woman. You. Are. A. Minority. You. Are. The. First. He. Comes. After. 

Now as for the Cajuns, the Irish, and the Germans - the white groups that were discriminated against in the past - who voted for him. DO YOU NOT KNOW YOUR HISTORY?? 

My fellow Cajuns, do you not remember that as little as two generations (or perhaps a generation) ago that you were beaten for speaking French? That we were kicked out of Acadie because of the greedy Brits? The nasty stereotypes made against us? 

To the Germans: WWII. Do I need to say more? 

To the Irish: you need not apply. Centuries of discrimination both at home and here.

Yeah, we’re celebrated now but I can guarantee you that history tells us a much different story. If you voted for the Cheeto, you are a disgrace to those who fought to give you a better life. You fail to remember your own history. 

she gave everything for this, she left the disappointment of the olympics as soon as possible and went straight back to the spirit to carry on battling for the championship, missing out at the last hurdle is fucking heartbreaking.