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I tried to redo an old drawing from last year. I wish I’ll continue to improve my skills that way.

Here’s the old (and yerk) stuff (I won’t redo the other one, it’s way too creepy é-è)

Wish you great holidays.  

you know a finale is horrible when the only thought you have afterwards is “haha okay this was fun, but where is the REAL finale”

Rewriting Wren Kingston’s death:

I wanna set this on 7x19, at Lost Woods after Mona revealed being Charlotte’s killer.

Spencer and the girls are on the outside, Wren arrives.

W: Spencer?

S: Wren?! What are you doing here? So nice to see you again, did you came here for Melissa? 

W: What? No, i’m here to talk to you and your friends, can we go inside? i don’t think we safe out here…

S: Sure. 

They go inside and Wren is glancing to the girls.

Hanna: What do you have to say to us?

Wren: I don’t have much time, so i’m going to hurry. I was on the A team, when Mona was A and when Charlotte was A too, you can talk to Mona later she’ll confirm!

Aria: So.. you’re saying that you are… AD?

Wren: No, i’m not AD, i know who it is… But you have to understand me, everything i’ve done was for Bethany, i was trying to find her, my half-sister, we both are your uncle Scott kids, Aria… we are cousins.


Wren: That’s why i break up with Melissa, after the cops confirmed that she is the one on Alison’s grave, I-i gave up on this game, flew back to London… but keep my friendship with Charlotte, like nothing of this ever happened.

Hanna: Wren, tell us who is AD, please!

Wren: AD stands for…

A SHOOT  ECHOES IN THE ROOM, Wren was shot right on the back, he is falling, Spencer runs to help him

“OH MY GOD! HOLD ON, YOU’RE GONNA BE OKAY, tell me who did this!“ she cried. But it was to late, Spencer saw the glint of his eyes fade away.

A mistery person walks in the room wearing A’s uniform…

“I’m sorry, but i don’t think he is able to that now” AD said on a british accent. “I’m AD”.

“Who are you?” Spencer said.

AD starts to take off the hood and speaks in a tone of mockery. 

“Hey sis, surprise!”

Everyone is mouth gaping, they just can’t believe on what they are seeing, AD is someone that looks just like Spencer.

END OF 7X19. 

(If there is any mistake on my english i’m sorry, google translate helped me, if you liked this reblog) 

teach your girl to say no, to spit no like fire, to never apologize for it. her spine: NO. her fists: NO. her teeth all NO together.

but first and more importantly, teach your boy to see no, hear no, understand no before it’s spelled out for him. have him take “no” easily, not as an excuse to keep trying.

have him feel “no” like a change in the air so that he can infer it without so much as a word. don’t settle for no as just as the dictionary definition, show him no in body language, in “i’d rather not,” in “yes, but i’m drunk.”

teach him that “no” is not “convince me,” teach him to accept it gently, without violence, without feeling that he’s having something “denied” to him. “no” is not “take it from my fingers.” no is a shrug, is “i’m not sure,” no is a look, a scared smile, a terrified giggle. No is in the pocket of her clothes, no matter what they look like.

have him assume “no,” not “yes, unless otherwise stated.” girls are not swings on the playground, he cannot be upset when they don’t “share” themselves with him. there is no sharing, she is not an object. of a girl he sees on the street who doesn’t give him her number or react well to what he calls her: teach him she is not taking from him what is due, she is not denying him, she has never and will never belong to him. she will be his only after explicit and repeated consent and only by that alone. 

do me a favor

teach him no.


i guess it’s a series now

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Devil/Angel AU

I don’t remember when we became like this. We were always holding hands and hugging , but now we are sitting next to one another, while the emotional distance between us grows.

We talk everyday, mimicking our old patterns denying that anything is changing. Our conversations showing a lack of interest. Our time together seeming forced. Our time spent apart becoming enjoyable.

I’m overly emotional, while you’re emotionally distant, how could I ever think we would work. You lock parts of yourself away, pushing me farther and farther from you. Causing me pain in a way I didn’t know you could cause. We avoid our problems hoping they disappear, while actually making them worse.

They say if you want something bad enough there are no excuses, because you do whatever you need to do to make it work. But you are always making excuses. Does that mean that you don’t want us anymore?

What really happened at Jungkook’s graduation

That moment when jungkook locks eyes with a girl for the first time in 3 years since he attended that school, but he low key ended up staring at her neck instead, like :

“ Girl? What Products do you use to keep that good skin hydrated ? Cause I’m a man and I shave my face and my neck at times so it makes it dry , but you know ,  I gotta figure out the beauty secrets to keep it softer than yours, cause there can be only one Beyoncé in this school and it’s me… * silent moment * Why you staring? ‘’

A few seconds later  

‘’ You won’t tell me the good secrets ? Okay, forget it.Whatever *hairflip* These girls ain’t got nothing on me #sassy jungshook. THAT’S WHY I NEVER TALK TO GIRLS. Y’ALL WON’T SHARE THE GOODS WITH ME.’’

My Personal Pain Reliever | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hi everyone! This was requested by anon. I’m sorry it isn’t my usual lengthy write-up but I just decided to keep this short and sweet tbh. I hope you guys still like it though! Enjoy!

Request: Hi can I ask for a Zach x reader where Zach finds out the reader’s on her period? He gets flustered and googles what to do… thanks :)


“Babe, I can’t go to the game today, I’m so sorry. I’m having really bad period pains and the slightest movement would cause the most excruciating pain you can ever imagine.” I tell Zach over the phone. It was their big game today and it sucked that I couldn’t be there to support him.

“Wh-what?” Zach mumbles on the other line, I can imagine him scratching his head, with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. The thought itself made me shake my head and smile.

“I’m on my period Zachary, you know the 3-5 days females bleed from down south?” I ask while I’m curled up into a ball on my bed.

“N-no, y-yeah, I know what a period is, no.” he stutters and I giggle at him.

“I’m really sorry baby, I promise I’ll make it up to you soon. I won’t miss another game, ever. I’m sorry.” I say, I can hear him sigh from the other line which broke my heart.

“It’s okay babe, don’t worry. As long as you get some rest, that’s what matters.” he answers but I can still hear the disappointment in his voice.

“Good luck Zachary. Do your best okay?” I reply softly.

“I will Y/N. Feel better soon baby.” he says and we both bid goodbye to each other.

After ending the call, I suddenly realize why Zach was acting so flustered while we were talking. It has only been about a month ever since we started officially dating and this is actually the first time that this has happened since. I smile at the thought of him being so confused and worried at the same time. A couple of minutes later and the pain on my stomach causes me to doze off.


Later that day

I hear a faint knock on my door which makes my eyes flutter open. However, I just couldn’t bring myself to move an inch. Luckily, I heard the door creak open before I even had to prepare myself to get up. To my surpise, a pouting Zach Dempsey comes in and places a couple of bags on my desk before walking over to my bed and leaning above me.

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You, 40's Boys.

Bucky Barnes/Reader/Steve Rogers.

Warnings: SMUT. Threesomes, filth, oral sex (MR), sloppy seconds, Bucky and Steve being kinky fuckers, dirty talk, lots of pet names, unprotected sex (this is fantasy, y’all know you have to use protection), lots of manhandling, literally Steve and Bucky passing you around like a rag doll (because that’s my jam).

Word Count: 2071.

Rating: 18+


Ummm… Well @kittykitty-mewmeww sent this and this last week for @bucky-plums-barnes Sinful Sunday and I just had to write it, here y’all go.

And I’m spoiling my wives too @thecrownedrose and @sexylibrarian1

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Finn Balor/Jeff Hardy/OC: Reader uses the boy’s moves without their permission. It winds up being helpful though.

Warning: a slight Daddy kink, choking, I think thats it

Yeah so this happened and I don’t know where it came from.

@sammiielli @hardcorewwetrash @the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @alexahood21 @alexispoo @kinkymaminicole @ambrosegirlforever

As I sat on a cart backstage I hummed a light tune to myself. I was beyond excited to wrestle tonight and I hoped that my new gear would show that. As I sat there messing with my wrestling gear top I heard two familiar voices. I looked up to see Jeff and Finn arguing about something. I smiled at myself while jumping off the cart and walked up to the two men. “Hey boys. Do you guys like my new gear? It’s not to showy is it?” I did a small turn poking my ass out just a little.

“Yeah baby it looks good. All the men here are gonna get in trouble if you don’t keep your distance.” Jeff said as he raised an eyebrow. He pushed my hip making me turn again. I giggled at the contact.

“Finn, you have anything to say?” I bat my eyelashes at Finn and grabbed his hand.

“Do you always flirt and tease this much?” Finn said as he looked between me and Jeff.

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how do i love thee? let me count the ways + click on gifs for relevant quotes

Anyways Grandpa Stilinski roasting Lydia while also serving the hottest tea and Mama Stilinski shutting her screaming ass up will always be the best parts of season 6

That’s just facts

Please stop✨

I know that I’m putting myself out there and I can’t expect rainbows and sunshines but I just wanted to say something and I think that I’m speaking for the majority of girls.

We DON’T want to see what you carry in your pants.
We WON’T respond to you if you send us nudes.

You could be Leonardo DiCaprio himself and I wouldn’t respond to you.
It’s just disgusting and uncalled for.

Don’t call us sexy, hot etc when you text us.
Don’t call us princess, little one, baby etc when you text us.
Don’t ask inappropriate questions.
Don’t call us hoe or bitch when we don’t respond.
Don’t refer to you as daddy while talking to us.
Don’t harass young girls that don’t even know what they are doing.
Don’t tell us that we are bad girls and that you want to punish us.

And to all the girls out there:


A real dom wouldn’t send you nudes after 5 minutes of talking .
A real dom will try to earn your trust and submission and that takes time.
I have known myself for 17 years and I don’t completely trust myself.

IT’S not LOVE sweetheart.
Don’t be so keen on having a daddy, good things take time.
Don’t look for a daddy, wait until the right person comes into your life. He needs to be your best friend and boyfriend before anything else.

You can’t just jump into the kink/ddlg lifestyle.

If you need to talk to someone feel free to message me but please stay safe and out of toxic relationships.