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I am a girl who loves my island/And the girl who loves the sea, it calls me/I am the daughter of the village chief/We are descended from voyagers/Who found their way across the world/They call me

I am Moana!

If I tell her [Emma] what I did, she’s not gonna want to marry me.


When I heard this line I literally burst out laughing. Of she’s going to marry you H00k (whether she stays married to him by the end of the season is anyone’s guess)! Obviously attempting to murder the family she spent years searching for wasn’t enough to deter her from being with you so why should killing a grandfather she never met take marriage off the table? So you lied to her by omission, it’s not like you haven’t lied to her many times before, what’s one more time? She was able to sweep all of that under the rug without so much as breaking a sweat so I don’t think there’s too much worse you can do. For some reason she still insists on being with you despite how much of a bunghole you are so I don’t think you’re going to have any problems. Lol, who do these people think they’re trying to fool with this faux angst with C$. 


Cuz you’re not fooling anyone, except C$/H00k fans that’s not very hard to do.

when you realize ultra talented queens were eliminated for the sake of derrick’s journey toward gluing her brows down


So, to commemorate the end of a 5 year journey and the final episode of the season - I’m TBT to the earliest interviews I could find with OTA.  Up first is baby Stephen Amell at the Pilot screening at the Paley Center this took place before the show aired on the CW.

2.  David Ramsey - I’m not sure where this came from but it was filmed during the pilot I believe.  My favorite part is “a nice looking tough guy”

3.  Finally, Emily Bett Rickards in an interview from April 2013 shortly after being made a series regular.  My favorite part is how adorably flustered the KSiteTV interview becomes towards the end.

These three are why I’ve watched for the last 5 years, why I have a twitter and tumblr blog, and met some pretty frakkin’ cool folks.  Have a nice weekend!

when u make crafts bc u love Eugenides but then they’re disturbingly relevant to your life



thank you bones week day 2: eleven temperance brennan character growth moments
- Brennan’s journey to believing in love is by far my favourite. From not believing in love at all, and merely calling it a chemical process. To being jealous of her friends who believe love transcends science and reason. To then finally realising she loves Booth. She’s come such a long way. And she finally has the love she deserved all a long.


Hiya, here’s the final birthday piece for the hooker.

I don’t know how to do textures, please don’t kill me. 
(Limited palette is “Hunting 4 Happiness” by Alter_Ego)

SINCE SHE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL I HAD TO coughstrycoughs REDRAW IT ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡

May Kirishima Touka be always with us, amen.

costis in thick as thieves is so different from costis in king of attolia!! i love it!!! part of that’s a pov thing and part of it is that king of attolia is, like, ENTIRELY the story of costis getting manipulated and thrown off balance by eugenides, while thick as thieves is more like ‘costis successfully keeps kamet alive for 200 pages all by himself’