what up fishes!

Can I just say how intensely proud I am of Shia LaBeouf for taking all the crap, all the criticism and abuse, from the media, from the legal system, from FUCKING NAZIS, that he does and still getting the fuck back up again. He’s not a perfect person obviously, but he is a good one and I wish I had even half his courage and fortitude. He astonishes me and I love and support him and his message.

free speech isn’t dead

the berkeley tag is filled with spitting little right-wingers so imma break my “my tumblr is a drumpf-free zone” to put in a word of support for my family of color:

milo yiannopoulos is a piece of scum who supports someone that threatens the safety of marginalized communities. students exercised by exercising their freedom of speech to tell him to get the fuck out.

maybe the only thing i have to say is - next time aim for barrows hall instead of the MLK student union??? barrows was named after a racist colonizer and it’s in need of a facelift anyway. 

it’s not freedom of speech if it only protects cis white scum.

free speech isn’t dead. it’s alive, kicking, and it’s hella pissed. 

i am a proud uc berkeley alum. go bears. 


h e y but what fucc is a hood and how do u draw i t

hel p me ​@friisans help me ur sanses r rly charming and i lo v ethem

I know this might be a little out there, but uh…

What if we all just strove to keep our fish as ethically as possible?

After taking a 3-4 month unintentional hiatus from this blog, I drunkenly decided to log back on after something reminded me of the sunshine boy and I realised..

I need more blogs to follow, so pls - like/reblog this if you do - I need more TCC blogs to follow.

Been wanting to draw Momo and Todoroki’s daemons for awhile! 

Momo with her house mouse, and Todo with his osprey~

They make a good team, no? X’D