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tfw you wake up to discover david tennant has a hipster beard and a pierced ear in ‘you, me, and him’


SiblingTale: During the War

Before and After Photoshopping =3= comparison

Why haven’t I been uploading any art recently?

It’s because of THIS art!

Originally it was just a random sketch of Neve. Then BAM! This appeared. So I spent like a month colouring this QwQ

Of course I ain’t really pleased with the colours because I have limited colour pencils and I kinda rush some parts.

So Ya~

Anywayz here are the Characters:~

•Undyne’s Dad
•Undyne’s Mom
•Unnamed Monster
•Unnamed Human


I bought watercolours today and decided to try them out! Bill is my first victim ♥

anonymous asked:

Hello! How did you pick your name? Fantakoi is just not something I would ever have thought of, so I thought maybe there was a story behind it. I would love if you would share that story with us! Please keep drawing forever! XOXO

hello cutie i picked my name years ago at like 6 in the morning after spending the night with a friend and drinking too much (probably soda okay) and then well ? i have no idea why but somehow we talked about goldfish and because i love puns something like this happened: they can grow as big as koi fish and even much bigger and they look like kois too and they’re orange like fanta. so a goldfish is really just a fantakoi

my friend told me to change my username for fun and i said okay and i wanted to change it back later. i never did……


various pics from my grandparents’ property from over the years (requested by @836pm) :) it’s basically a bunch of mushy wetland right on a small lake, it’s so gorgeous and it makes me feel like a kid every time I’m there. That tree is a giant willow tree, my sisters and cousins and I climbed in it all the time and yeah, I spent a couple of weeks up there every summer that I can remember, lots of good memories are held there :’)

Fic Fishing

When I started reading fanfiction I was a deep sea fisherman. I sailed to far off journals, blogs and archives trawling through all the fic I could find. Schools of drabbles, delightful pods of oneshots, whales of epics that I followed for days just to hear them sing. True, there were some downsides, storms of limited downloads that kept me from the fic, jellyfish and seaweed disguised as fic to swamp me, unexpected kinks like sharks that tried to maul me and not a coast guard to post warnings in site.

Gradually I lost my taste for the expedition, staying closer to home, sticking to the rec sites in the shallows. When the supermarket of AO3 opened its doors to me it was great! All the fic I could want with neat ingredient, nutrition and allergy labels! A store directory to search for exactly what I need! But my trawling skills got a little rusty and I had no patience to search through the seaweed any more which did seem to get washed down the aisles occasionally.

These days I hang around the Tumblr fishmarket, buying bits and pieces from those who still fish, nipping over to the supermarket when I have a craving for something specific, listening to tales from fishermen even older than me (Back in their day you needed to fight off pirates, subscribe to zines and walk over frozen seas to find the fic) and generally have a much more fun time than when I was only going to the supermarket by myself.