what up drawing skills

I really wanted to draw Petyr in more violet colored attire after seeing this


BRONYCON IS FINALLY HERE!  And PD and the crew will be there in Baltimore this weekend!  Along with her mod.

Even if Blank Canvas doesn’t allow pirates in the vendor hall…

What will we be doing there?  Mostly vending, a couple panels, and seeing friends and fans of the blog.  I’m really friendly and love to say hi to all my fans.  Don’t be shy!

For vending, I’ll be at Table B12 in the Artist Alley this year.  And I have more than prints for once!  There will be buttons of your favorite characters, badges of the Mane 6, and the Pirate Dash-themed Shipfic cards.  Come on by and say hi and pick something up!

And panels?  I have two!  The first one is on Friday called Sketchy Friends.  Sketchy Friends is a fun and simple activity where you show up and draw ponies.  It doesn’t matter what skill level you have, the point is to draw and have fun.  As well as making new friends.  It starts at 12:30 in the afternoon and runs until 2:00.  Helping me on that panel will be @tambelon and @malwinters, along with a very special guest.  You’ll have to come to find out who ;3

And then late Saturday night into Sunday morning, we’re back for the Tumblrpon panel!  This year’s cast will feature the mods of @ask-king-sombra, @askopalescentpearl, @outofworkderpy, @thetalesofwildcard, @cloudchaserandflitterexplain, and @fisherpon.  Come get some tips and meet some great people!

That’s all!  Hope to see you this weekend in Baltimore!