what u think is natural

ok aside from the obvious, i just love yoi’s usage of gay imagery and symbolism. like Victor’s homages to Johnny Weir and John Cameron Mitchell (both are openly gay men), Seung-Gil Lee’s rainbow costume (looks exactly like the pride flag), Yuuri’s dance to Eros (references the god of mlm), and the Nishigori triplets blue-purple-pink color scheme (bi pride flag).


Say hello to PI Mo

Gotta love starfleetrambo Tads design

The Todorokis at the mall
  • Shouto: Excuse me? I lost my father. Can I please make an announcement?
  • store clerk: Of course.
  • Shouto: *leans into the mic* GOODBYE YOU PIECE OF SHIT

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Haii~ just wanna try asking whether you can try to compile jihyos past photos&current pics bcuz I wanna see her difference&up till nw its difficult to see exactly what is her changes bcuz shes so natural. Its okay if u think its a hassle and sorry..

I don’t mind it all! Now friends let’s go back in time to where all the Song Ji-Perfection all began, shall we?


2003 Debut with Wishing Stairs

2006 Goong Era

2007 Jumong/Sex is Zero 2 Era

2008 Frozen Flower Era


2010 Beginning of Running Man

2011 Detectives in Trouble/Gyebaek Era

2012 Jackal is Coming Era

2013 Mandate of Heaven Era

2014 Emergency Couple Era (YAAAASSSS!!!!)

And there you have it! I hope you all enjoyed our adventures through the life of Song Ji Hyo… I SEE NO DIFFERENCE FROM THEN UNTIL NOW… I can assure you that Ji Hyo is a natural beauty… (=^・ω・^)y=

  • wearing makeup: i like you better with the NATUrAL look. GIRLS look BETTER when they arent wearing MAKEUP. thats what i think. the NATuRAL LOOK.
  • not wearing makeup: u ok? u sick? lookin pale and tired. u ok? need a nurofen?

derek malik nurse has an army of hair products what the fuck do u think his hair naturally looks like that?? biNCH. u kno his ass spends 30 minutes in the hair aisle looking at curl creams and sulphate free shampoos and conditioners. that child wore his hair in cornrows until he was 15 bc he didnt know how to manage his goddamn 3c/4a curls shut the hell up 

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What do u and your followers think drives human nature? Just by simply watching the news or looking at everyone outside what would you say drove us as a species? Thank you v v much this is for my philosophy! I hope you have a wonderful day lil' cherry blossom

well we have this crazy survival instinct so even though as a species we have refined and civilised ourselves, the basic instincts are to fuck and to feed, and to do this until we die. but our higher consciousness objects to this because to survive until we die is an oxymoron and makes no sense to the philosophical mind (what’s the point, what does this mean, why are we here?, etc) and we crave answers an truth and a sense of fulfilled purpose and as u can probably tell I have absolutely no idea what drives humans except that what drives me is the innate need to enjoy my existence and love deeply and create beauty and receive answers