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I don't follow you but I've seen a fair amount of your posts scattered throughout tumblr and I wondered what made you decide to run or start a blog like this one, the whole advice thing, and how you're somewhat of a.. foster daddy, for lack of a better term, to all the daddy-less littles that migrate to your blog, is it because you enjoy helping people, giving back to the ddlg community, or because you get some sort of fulfillment from it, or maybe both? -a curious girl


did a warm up with victor in my outfit (well, almost). That sure is a fun thing to do, recommend everyone ХЪ



With a little help from my friends, of course. I may be biased, but I think it would make a GREAT gift for, like, anyone.

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i was laughing with someone recently about “tumblr user unpr*tty” and this seems like a good time to remind people that there is literally no point in censoring yourself if you wanna talk shit because i can’t vanity search, if i try it’s nothing but tlc lyrics and a k-pop competition of some kind. this is also why you have to @ me if you wanna show me something and we’re not mutuals.

Beauty and the Beast isn't what Tumblr's been saying it is.

I can completely get over Emma Watson being Belle for the sheer amount of representation that’s in the film. What representation? 

 Let’s begin (spoiler alert!):

1. Black People in France. Yes, honey. For the first time in my life, I walked into a widely released period piece that doesn’t ignore the existence of black people. Not as mere servants and slaves, but as actual fucking court members and townspeople. Also, interracial couples. Y'ALL. 

 2. Le Fou. I was concerned about this, but he actually undergoes character development. He eventually abandons Gaston and has a change of heart (Disney-style, but I’ll take it). The scene with him “dancing with another man” at the end is led up to- it’s not just random. It doesn’t send the message that gay people are stupid and deserve to be mistreated (Mrs. Potts literally tells him he deserves better), which were my main concerns for this film. TL;DR, the LeFou plotline isn’t what Tumblr made it out to be, I promise.  

 3. The Gender Fluid Character. There is a scene in a which a character normalizes a man in a dress in a positive way. I was expecting him to be mocked, but this doesn’t happen! (Also, I believe this is the same character LeFou dances with at the end). 

 4. Belle teaches a child to read/ LeFou realizes he can’t read. Watson aside, the actual perils of living in 17th century France are explored, like the Plague, and also the importance of literacy. As children’s literacy is very important to me, I LOVED this. 

There’s more, but I think the representation needs to be supported (listen, I almost never see myself in a period piece, I was expecting this cast to be vanilla as hell) and Disney needs to know that we want more of it. 

 ALSO: to the white and non-black POC who straight up lied about the representation in this film, I SEE YOU.

I don’t know about my German mutuals, but I’m honestly super concerned about the elections this year and I really don’t get those strange “ha, we’re better than Trump, Germany is the last liberal country remaining yadda yadda yadda” posts. The latest polls show that the AfD (Germany’s right-wing party) could be the third strongest force in the Bundestag. Might seem less scary when compared to the U.S. or other European countries, but what you need to consider is that no right-wing party ever managed to be that powerful after the second world war. Actually, no other German right-wing party got even close to the success the AfD is having right now. German tumblr is acting like everything is fine…you know what made facists like Trump that successful? “Liberals” and “progressives” remaining silent about racism and right-wing assholes.